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Trucking companies adding fuel to fire at Cox Heath

BVI News photo captured Monday, May 21.

General Manager of the Department of Waste Management Greg Massicotte wants private trucking companies to stop discarding garbage at the burning Cox Heath dump on Tortola.

The dump has been temporarily closed since the fire, which has been active for 13 days now.

Massicotte said dumping waste at the burning site could further stall the progress of completely extinguishing the fire.

“I understand there are still people carrying their waste there despite us telling them not to,” he told BVI News today, May 22.

“I want to stress to the public; please take all waste to the incinerator. We don’t want debris or garbage taken to that site – that site is closed. It’s kind of adding fuel to the fire.”

“We really need the public to do their part and follow the instructions being given to them. It is being given to them for a reason. We have a smoking site that still has internal fires, which means if someone is going to add combustible stuff to that area, you run the risk of whatever it is you are carrying to catch fire. And we don’t want any new fires down there,” Massicotte added.

The solid waste manager said the Pockwood Pond-based incinerator also has rules that need to be adhered to.

“We have persons going down there, dumping wherever they want to dump and doing whatever they want to do. But it’s a facility and it’s not because it’s garbage that anything goes,” he said.

Fire almost out

In the meantime, Massicotte said the Cox Heath fire is close to being completely out.

He said authorities are trying their best to extinguish the remaining flames. And while describing the process as ‘ticklish’, Massicotte called on the public to remain patient.

A number of communities on the western end of Tortola are affected by the smoke and some residents have subsequently evacuated those areas.

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  1. Oh says:

    “We have persons going down there, dumping wherever they want to dump and doing whatever they want to do. But it’s a facility and it’s not because its garbage that anything goes,” he said.

    Welcome to the BVI sir, that’s how we are and it’s not changing. But these same people complain that we need new governments etc. not realizing that WE ARE THE PROBLEM!

  2. Grrr says:

    If there was 24 hour Emergency service support there as is being reported then this wouldn’t have happened. But there isn’t. Why not get some security in place. Or is the plan to blame others?

  3. OUT OF PATIENCE says:

    Only a very small percentage could evacuate. Many are stuck as housing in the VI is very limited. We appreciate your efforts, but please do not ask us to be PATIENT unless you are affected by the smoke on a daily basis and experience what we are going through. Breathing this potentially lethal gas on a daily basis is suffocating in more ways than one.

    And the worst part is there is a general consensus that the fire was intentionally set to aid in getting the metal separated from other debris. If this is true, at whay cost? This would be very very sad indeed.

  4. Devon says:

    All this because there wasn’t a plan to pick up, sort out and store for sale and shipment to recycling facilities… seems people (Not all) are happy to live in it rather than doing the right thing for nature…

  5. No nonsense says:

    Total MISMANAGEMENT since inception. There was and is no opening and closing hours, no separation of waste and absolutely NO security before, during and after at that site. Any thing goes. So it will look like dem really want to kill us out in the 1st district!!

  6. Mr slate says:

    Who in charge of the Dumpsite, Massicote or the truckers? The site is a hazard and the entrance should be blocked and only accessible to Fire and Rescue along with solid waste personnel.
    PS can solid waste or Government do something about the garbage problem on Free Bottom Road.

  7. rigmarole says:

    Why is it that people can’t think? Why must we continue to make stupid mistakes that cost dearly. This situation was handled badly from the beginning.

  8. rastarite says:

    If ypou don’t burn it or bury it, WHAT IS THE SOLUTION. So may complainers and naysayers. C’mon give us your best answer!

    • Rasta@$$ says:

      No, that’s what we paying your @$$ for. Come live in the district in the mean time while YOU come up with a plan.

  9. Have to says:

    The best you can do is purchase a air purifier. The air in the house is cleaner and the kids dry cough and itchy throat cleared up.

  10. well, well well says:

    You obviously know who these truck are…. Why not fine them big time? Put a barrier across the road so they can’t get in to dump. They have been told and know the consequences so hit them in the wallet! Not rocket science.

  11. BLOCK IT OFF says:

    Simply block it off with some big rocks.

  12. Godsan says:

    As the English would say yall couldnt organize a piss up in a brewery.Not suprised by this or anything stupid that goes on here.

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