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Trump loses US presidential elections! Joe Biden elected

President-elect of the United States, Joe Biden.

Donald Trump has lost his campaign to serve a second term as President of the United States.

He was defeated by his Democratic contender, Joe Biden.

His running mate, Kamala Harris — who is of Jamaican heritage — is set to become the first female and first black vice-president.

In the meantime, the result makes Trump the first one-term president since the 1990s. However, the incumbent has indicated that he does not plan to concede and maintains he is the real victor of the elections.

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  1. LOL says:

    The white house is FOR BIDEN not forbidden

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    • Wrong says:

      The election is not over. Don’t celebrate you savages.

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      • good luck says:

        This toxic, racist, idiot, fear monger, rapist who lies constantly and these Trumpsters follow him and believe his lies. What planet are they on? He even hired a panel to look into corrupt voting back in 2016 and they found ZERO FRAUD. He is a cry baby with 1000 other law suits and this one is a joke…..His whole life is full of lies and not one intelligent person believes him except the red neck, low life, trailer trash, racist people who drank the cool aid and joined his CULT.

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        • Truth says:

          “What planet are they on?” The same one you are on. They just have a diffent way of looking at the world. That’s ok. Relax. Embrace difference. Nothing to see here.

    • Hmmm says:

      I hope the VIP is watching as this will be their fate in just over two years. Kick out after one term…

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    • Congrats says:

      Congratulations to Biden and the negro of America. The negro will now be taken back to the days of Obama where there will be more unemployed, more in poverty, more murder, more uneducated and lower wages for the negro. This is a historic moment as we all push the negro back to where he belongs. Thank you Joe Biden. We welcome you!!!

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  2. good riddance says:

    A breath of fresh air but fumigate the white house first

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  3. Insanity says:

    How much is “a lot”, Donny boy? For the next few weeks, it will be a pleasure watching you and your followers running around on the stage of public and legal opinion.

    End this nonsense and concede now, it will better for your mental health.

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  4. from the future says:

    fake news

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  5. STENCH says:

    At last the stench of racism that Trump brought to the Caribbean will begin to recede from the BVI

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  6. Reply says:

    I am thrilled Donald Trump was voted out of office today. Many of us can breathe a sigh of relief tonight. I have been voting for Presidents since Jimmy Carter, and IMO, Trump is the worse president who has held that office over my lifetime.

    The U.S. and the world will be a better place without him running the country, or him being the leader of the so called Free World.

    For 4 years, he championed division, saw America as red vs blue, xenophobia, hate, racism, bullying, lies after lies, anti-science, anti-climate change, brought out the worse in many Americans, and sucked up to dictators.

    He dog whistled to racist every opportunity he had. He heartlessly and mean-spiritedly separation children from their parents at the southern border, many of whom died in government custody.

    To this day, over 500 of these children’s parents cannot be found to be reunited with their children. How ungodly. Who does this?

    A large portion of the country was just tired of his madness day in day out, his man-child ways, and play ground name calling. Every day his narcissistic personality disorder was on full display.

    Under his lack of leadership, over 200,000 Americans have died of covid with 7 millions infected and counting with over 100,000 now being infected everyday.

    IMO, he is a fast talking bully con artist who is a flawed and immoral man who courted and won over so called Evangelical Christians despite his documented immoral behavior such as articulating grabbing women by their private parts, sleeping around on his wife with Stormy Daniels and other women, and being a serial divorce.

    I will never set foot in an Evangelical church since these are the values many of them seem to endorse. I certainly would not tide a penny of my hard earn money in such churches who clearly are working against my own interest and those of people who look like me or share my values. Their churches are ones I shall not enter and avoided like Covid.

    Which begs the question: How can these so called Evangelicals Christians overlook his immortality, xenophobia, and racism and still vote for him? The answer is they are no different than Donald Trump. They can overlook his outrageous shortcoming because they identify and share his thinking.

    Now, I have seen many of you on this forum and elsewhere in the BVI support this man which is interesting especially if you are a person of color. Truth be told, Donald Trump does not care for your kind unless you are cleaning his hotels. Remember you are from a $hit hole country as per him.

    Now, you have a right to support whom you wish, but if you are/were a person of color doing so, you need to ask yourself why.

    At any rate, I am happy he was voted out. I hope the Southern District of NY finishes the job.

    Lastly, for those who have made nasty comments about America, let me say this to you: America is a good county unlike any country in the world where no matter who you are that with perseverance and hard work you can achieve your dreams.

    Like any other country has its good and bad, but IMO, it’s mostly good. I am grateful to the United States of America which has given me an extraordinary opportunity to fulfil my dreams and live my best life.

    Something I could not have achieved here in the British Virgin Islands. I will forever be grateful to that country for all that has done for me and my family.

    As a person of color, yes there is racism in America, but despite it dreams can still be realize. I am living testimony.

    The fact that America elected its first black president not just once but twice, the fact that as of today, you have for the very first time in America’s history the first Black, Indian, Jamaican, female Vice President who happens to have graduated from a historically black school (my alma mater>>Go Bisons!) is a testament of what is achievable in the U.S.

    There is no perfect country. America is not; neither is the British Virgin Islands which I equally love.

    I trust that with this new administration, they can get covid under control, and for our sakes here in the BVI that will decrease our likelihood of covid coming to our shores, and our borders can safely stay open in the future, and our economy bounce back.

    I am happy that the wicked witch is dead! Now I don’t drink but I will make an exception tonight. I have a bottle of Hennessey on my shelf that has never been open. I’m going to break the seal just now, have me a shot, play me some Peter Tosh Equal Rights and dance on his political grave. When the Hennessey kicks in and my legs grow tired, I’ll go to bed.

    It’s been a long 4 years. We all deserve a shot. Cheers!

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    • lol says:

      So you agree with same sex marriage?

      So you agree with increase in taxes?

      So you agree that transgender people can use whatever toilet they feellike they identify on any given day?

      You agree ? Then yes you are a democrat……..but are you?

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      • Reply says:

        Like many Republicans you seem to have a laundry list of grievances that involves other peoples’ lives. How about living your own darn life, and stop worrying about others.

        So you agree with same sex marriage?

        It’s not up to me nor should it be to agree or disagree with what two consenting adults of the same sex so in their lives. I know of two same sex couples who were with each other for over 25 years. Both eventually got married when it was legally permissible to do so. I was invited to one and had a great time.

        You need to mind your own business. If you don’t want to marry a person of the same sex, don’t. You are free to do that, but should not be free to tell other people how to live their own lives. Mind your business. It’s simple

        So you agree with increase in taxes?

        Yes. Trump tax cuts have put more money in the pockets of those who already had millions and are billionaires. Living in America comes with a price. The country gives you the opportunity to make all the money you want, and every citizen should pay their fair share of taxes instead of hiding it in offshore accounts.

        I expect my taxes to increase as I am in that 1% people talk about. That’s ok. It’s only fair. I drive the same roads as everyone else. Their repair needs tax payers money.

        So you agree that transgender people can use whatever toilet they feellike they identify on any given day?

        Here you go again worrying about the wrong things. If you go into a rest room, do your business and leave, and stop looking around unless you want some transgender love.

        You agree ? Then yes you are a democrat……..but are you?

        I am not stuck on labels. I consider myself a hybrid. I am liberal when it comes to individual rights, and conservative when it comes to crime perpetuated on others.

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    • Just Wrong says:

      Oh MY. Bravo!! Standing Ovation. Well said. Thank You !!

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    • Anonymous says:

      Racism in America didn’t start with Donald Trump. Electing Obama wasn’t a moment of America being great. The same America that elected Obama also dealt him a bad hand with a Republican senate to ensure that he was a lame duck president. He couldn’t even pick a Supreme Court judge because they blocked him at every turn. He had to executive order his way to get a lot of stuff done instead of going through Congress as they usually do.

      America is the only place where police can kick in your door late at night, shoot and kill the tenant then have the audacity to turn around and sue the occupant for distress, A neighbor called police to do a basic wellness check because of an opened door at night and they emptied bullets in the female tenant who was playing video games with her nephew. This America you speak of you can survive a gruesome car crash and limp miles away for help only to be fatally shot because the homeowner thought it was a burglar because black people don’t live in the neighborhood so it must have a robbery attempt. America is still racist at heart even though Trump lost he got the 2nd most votes for a president ever that says it all.

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      • Reply says:

        I agree that racism did not start with Trump; however, Trump fanned the flames unlike no other president in memory because he is a racist imo. He just believes he is superior to others.

        You characterized the racism that exists in America quite well. The issue with the opposition to President Obama’s legislative agenda is part and parcel to the racist underlying of those who hold power.

        The fact that 70 million people still voted for Trump despite all his racist dog whistling is troubling and demonstrates that not only is America a deeply divided country, but also demonstrates that racism is alive and well.

        When Biden/Harris speaks about systemic racism, this is what it looks like. America and the U.K. have never been able to get beyond their original sin: slavery. These two countries were build on the backs of African slaves who they never considered as equal, and over 400 years later cannot get themselves together on that matter.

        Nevertheless, while I don’t see this problem going away any time soon or totally, I believe the younger generation of tomorrow will be a more inclusive set of Americans and the walls of systemic racism will slowly fall.

        Interestingly, despite systemic racism in America, I have done quite well…thank you Jesus….knock on wood. Education and money made quite a difference in my experience in how I have been perceived and treated.

        With my understanding of how America works, I have been able to avoid most hiccups. Also, how you conduct yourself relative to others make a difference in the response you get. Being your best, carrying yourself with dignity and respect, and just living your life regardless of what is going on around you makes a big difference.

        Lastly, not all whites are racist. I have not ran into a white person in my years in America who I can categorize as a racist. What I have encountered however is barriers to advancement based on race. In other words, systemic racism. At some point in ones lives, every black person in America would have had such experiences.

        There are many many decent white folks in America. Much of racism stems from ignorance and a portrayal of blacks as criminals in the media.

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        • UK says:

          Britain and the US clearly have issues about race but they are not the same at all. It’s quite wrong to lump them together. Britain never had slavery actually in Britain; certainly since about 1750, and I don’t think before that. That’s avoided the systemic neurosis in Britain, you have in the US about race.

          • Reply says:

            Your comment is sadly and embarrassing in error. Come on. This is basic high school history.

            The UK was knee deep in slavery within and in the oversees territories.

            I cannot believe you wrote that when in this day and age you have answers at your finger tips via the internet.

            Please revisit that history. Specifically google uk and slavery and educate yourself.

            How do you think black folks got to these overseas territories? They certainly did not travel voluntarily.

            The wealth of the UK was built on the slave trade both within the uk proper and its oversees territories. Nothing is wrong about that fact.

    • Bystander says:

      That is a really well thought out and positive analysis. Thank you.

  7. Irony says:

    It’s good that Biden won – choose the less dumber one from the two stooges. But what is kind of funny – people with US passports obtained from USVI voted and bragged on FB – and yet – never paid a penny to the IRS. If you vote and impact the future of a country, pay your taxes. P.S. – the second hard truth is – the dumb republicans are not smashing and looting businesses and private residencies. Imagine if Trump won… It’s a hard pill to digest, but it’s true. The good thing from this for the BVI – Biden’s tax plan for wealthy people (40%) might bring extra profit to the BVI, as more rich people will use offshore structures to save on tax. And what people don’t realize – this will only damage the US already crashing economy even more. Peace!

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  8. lisa says:

    Lock him up.

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  9. Lesson for Foy says:

    Let this be a lesson to Foy.

    Being a stubborn a*****e as a leader does not get you re-elected.

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  10. Kick fahie out now says:

    Andrew Fahie next in line to get kick out he is the most w****d man on earth
    Trump just racist but he was a good president he don’t take s**t from ppl or should I say other countries
    He speaks the truth even through sometimes he makes no sense
    Unlike Andrew Fahie that man telling ***s he l** so much that he keep lying to protect one l**
    And the best part is the man going on his knees and pray to show ppl he care what a w****d man lol
    Where as Donald Trump is special he speaks what comes to his mind

  11. Zagred Smith says:

    fake news

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  12. Truth says:

    US just voted against Trump, not for Biden.
    Biden will raise taxes and go back to the usual political corruption. I suspect more unemployment and dismantling of the already weak middle class.
    You are so distracted by the media and their hate for Trump that you are OK with the Dems, the ones who are looting, rioting, and destroying the US. You are OK with Biden who voted for the Iraq war. The rich will hide their money down here to dodge the coming tax hike. If you think it will only effect the top 1% you haven’t been paying attention.

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