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Trump tests positive for COVID-19

Trump. (Photo Credit: Joshua Roberts/Getty Images)

US President Donald Trump has tested positive for the coronavirus (COVID-19).

President Trump made that announcement in an early-morning post on Twitter on Friday.

First Lady, Melania has also tested positive.

President Trump’s October 2 Twitter post

At age 74, Trump falls under the ‘high-risk group’ for serious complications from COVID-19.

Describing Trump as also being obese, American news organisation, CNN has said the COVID diagnosis is “the most serious known health threat to a sitting American president in decades”.

Trump’s announcement comes a little more than a month before the November 3 presidential elections; at which time he will face Democratic challenger, Joe Biden.

The Republican president has, most times, refused to wear protective face coverings and has been captured on multiple occasions not social distancing. Amid the pandemic, he has also held relatively large political rallies as part of his 2020 election campaign.

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  1. Trump says:

    Best wishes to the best US President and friend to the Black man world over. May he and his wife get well soon and return for another 4 years of lifting the Blacks out of poverty.

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  2. USA says:

    That is what you call a dose of KARMA.

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    • America says:

      Hope everything turns out well for him and his wife. However a big dose of Karma. He knew since February how deadly the virus was and he hid it. Face masks were to be sent out in the mail to everyone, he said no. Having people packed up at rallies mask less. Talking about maybe you can vote 2 times, talking about having people watch polling sites on Election Day. And the list goes on and on.

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    • Just says:

      Just the answer from the racist n***as of the BVI. It is our hope that you drown in your racism. Let’s see what the US does to the BVI based on these racist comments. Remember whose currency you use, where you travel through to go everywhere and where you buy all your needs. You like karma? Just wait for it.

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      • SMH says:

        US Currency been here before Trump and will still be here after November 3rd 2020. Ain’t crap he could do! So you go wheel and come again! Nonsense!

  3. Reply says:

    First, I wish him and his wife along with other staff members infected with covid a successful recovery.

    Now, this outcome was inevitable. Trump has been reckless and irresponsible in his behavior.

    From denying the virus existed publicly while privately acknowledging it’s deadly potential, downplaying the pandemic stating the virus was a hoax and made up by democrats, refusing to model responsible social behavior by not wearing a mask and telegraphing that to the world, and having mass rallies despite every health expert advised otherwise.

    He thought he knew more than trained scientist, but he was wrong. Science always win.

    He has been simply obstinate in his overall behavior relative to covid.

    Even on Tuesday during his first disastrous presidential debate he ridiculed Biden for wearing a mask. Now this.

    His reckless anti-science antics has placed him, his family, the country including his ardent supporters life and health at risk.

    With over 7 million Americans infected with covid, and 208 thousands dead, he has not shown proper leadership during this pandemic, and I would argue made it worse.

    He did so because he is a sick man who thinks he knows more and smarter than anyone else on this planet. His narcissistic personality did him in, and will be his undoing.

    A lot of people I know have very visceral feelings about Donald Trump that I could not repeat here. I have said to those people, I wish he would have a humbling experience that will show him that no matter how much money he says he has, title he has, he is no better than any other human being. He goes to the bathroom like everyone else.

    Ms. Karma has hit him and she always have her say.

    I hope Trump recovers from this virus and come out a better human being. I think his presidency was over before he got covid. This development will certainly seal his faith.

    The lesson for all others who think like Trump is to take head. Listen to the health experts, socially distance, and wear a mask for God sake. Protect yourself, family, and others, and stop being ignorant jerks.

    Covid will get you if you ignore it. It’s all around us and will be around us for sometime even when an effective vaccine or treatment is found. So do yourself and the world a favor, don’t be like Trump.

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  4. Black Nationalist says:

    This is OUTSTANDING NEWS! There might be some type of god after all.

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  5. Comical says:

    The Babylonian Emperor without clothes has finally been exposed.

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  6. The Truth says:

    In he backside

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  7. fake news says:


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  8. LMAO says:

    You all really believe this f***ry! Wow!

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  9. Anonymous says:

    Now that’s KARMA wish nothing but good vibes to him & his family And may God have mercy on him??

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  10. Hmm says:

    He lie just an election gimmick. Can’t believe anything coming out of this man mouth.

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  11. granny says:

    “Who dont hear will feel”

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  12. Yawn says:

    And by next week he will be just fine, having little or no symptoms.

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  13. Full.a tricks says:

    Some kind of trick Trump up to… He realized he is going to lose the election..Trust me if Trump had want a secret test with secret results he would have had it… Something he up to that’s why he put that out there some kind of political trick .. We will see

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    • What trick? says:

      You give this man too much credit, he is not up to anything.

      I think he has seen the light and realized he does not want to go to the other side now and argue with God. You are looking at a frightened man.

  14. Lol says:

    Trump is absolutely BRILLIANT…. comes out with the news of being infected…Only to be cured a few weeks later when his vaccines roll out.


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  15. Free Thinker says:

    Politics is a game and the championship is on the line. Trump just scored a huge tree point shot to give him the lead with seconds remaining on the clock. Now Let us see how the other team will respond.

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  16. Lisa says:

    Karma is a b***h. Let’s see if clorox will cure him.

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  17. Mark says:

    Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.”Galatians 6:7

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  18. schemers says:

    Some of you are sick and wicked. Praying for others downfall, just wicked.

    • Reply says:

      You have it backwards. The “sick and wicked” one is Donald Trump. What world are you living in? If hoping that he is voted out of office come November 3rd is “praying for his downfall”, count me in. I’m going to pray harder.

      I’ll be happy when he is gone. The U.S. and the world would be a better off once he is out of office.

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