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Turnbull wanted to join VIP last year, asked for Deputy Premier post


Second District Representative Melvin ‘Mitch’ Turnbull reportedly tried to join the Virgin Islands Party (VIP) late last year and asked to be seated as Deputy Premier if/when the VIP gets elected into government.

VIP Chairman Andrew Fahie made that disclosure during a conference with members of the media on Friday, December 14.

“In December 2017 we started a series of meetings with Honourable Turnbull who expressed interest to join the Virgin Islands Party at that time. However, I always made it clear that whatever you are going to do you have to do it correctly because, although we didn’t have members at that time, we wanted to make sure that we rebuilt the party on solid principles and foundations,” Fahie said when asked directly by the media.

“At one time he did request the Deputy Premier [post] but I can’t give what I don’t have,” Fahie added.

When asked how the discussions ended, Fahie replied: “I don’t really want to go into that …  I don’t know what ended it. It just ended but we have moved on.”

News of Turnbull’s reported move to secure a top position in the VIP comes days after the young legislator said he had also requested ministerial portfolio if/when the Myron Walwyn-led NDP was re-elected into government.

Turnbull is now a member of the newly-formed, Ronnie Skelton-led Progressive Virgin Islands Movement (PVIM).

The first term legislator will be responding to the claims later today, December 14.

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  1. Expat says:

    At that time with Andrew being the only prominent member I would have asked for Deputy Premier post too…was there anybody else in VIP other than Andrew as an elected official??? Why is this news?? The man wants to serve his country and feels that these positions will help him to better serve the people of the BVI? Is this a crime?? He is a politician for crying out loud?! I would want a politician with ambition…anybody knocking Myron for his ambition?
    I have respect for Mitch because he stood up and voted against the RDA when the others in the HoA didn’t like it either but still voted for it.

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  2. Struupes says:

    Why da boy don’t go siddown… Struupes. Power-hungry like rarse. Go worry about your position in the church and geh from here.

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  3. VICKIE says:

    This young man is power hungry. He is a new comer and he is going from party to party trying to be deputy. Boy cool out until you can handle that leader ship. People take a note this one looking for deputy they other one looking to push out FAHIE People I say be very careful in the coming election. We need people who really really cares about this ISLAND.

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  4. Huh says:

    2 krooks i dont know who 2 believe

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  5. Not2Sure says:

    He is like a little dog which keeps humping at every leg he could see.

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  7. Da 2nd says:

    Wants All Gets None

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  8. Power Hungry Preacher says:

    don’t be blind sheep people this is not your Shepard!

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    • PVIM DEPUTY says:

      This makes the new party look very bad. These PVIM just want power and when they lost the NDP internal elections they decided to form their own. Self above Country!

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  9. Switch again says:

    Ronnie needs to keep this Mitch person at arms length until he switches again.

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  10. Loyal soldier says:

    Our most valuable asset is our loyalty. No amount of money can buy that, and the last thing anyone of us want is a hypocrite in our midst.

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  11. Political Observer (PO) says:


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  12. Eyes On The Wall says:

    I initially had great promise for this young man when he first entered politics. I liked the way he stood up against the RDA which was good but the other patterns of behavior gives me pause. We have people like the late Hon. Christopher and Hon. Caines who have served longer than Hon. Turnbull who I am not aware of anyone of them going out “seeking” positions as more senior representatives. This 1st term representative needs to be seeking power under the guise of representation of the people. One other thing that leads me to the power grab is the comment from his brother’s Facebook who went on there saying “We crash sites”, referring to his brother’s switch over to PVIM. This comment again seems to more focused on being in the Limelight and being “Popular”. It turned me off completely.

    The pattern that I am seeing here is for a Power grab, which again is a sad situation when again the people suffer. Sometimes you have to wait your turn. I have lost confidence here. People don’t be fooled by counterattacks using loud words and forceful behavior. Being a one term representative when there were others there more senior in place looking for Deputy Premier position is a little self gratifying. Yes you have stood up and made some stands that doesn’t now make you Premier ready. Some people need to be humbled.

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  13. Musical Chairs says:

    I guess he want the position because he promise the other kids on the playground he would install vending machines with unlimited candies and soda in every school. What a clown.

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    • Bout right says:

      Not far off the mark. What CGB business benefited from a new generator because of Mitch. Yup that real critical,center of village activity,upstanding thug bar. Lie with dogs you get fleas.

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  14. No Mitch !!!!! says:

    When asked, Mitch stated, I really don’t want to get into it. What kind of childish games is this kid playing. He cannot be trusted. Hate to say this,but, stop being so thirsty, you are becomming a pesky little gant and it is time to pull out the RAID.

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  15. I TELL YAH says:

    Alvin had warn NDP about Mitch..

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  16. match says:

    Before you can run you need to learn how to walk. You are jumping the gun way too early into politics. I admire your confidence but if you don’t have a proper foundation for a house, it will crumble. Experience and wisdom surpass education at all times, remember that. This is YOUR country. You need to humble and take your time boss smhhhhh

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  17. LOL says:

    When people can stoop to such levels to get power and point fingers and make accusations when the shoe fits their very feet perfectly it’s laughable. I wonder who else was offered deputy premier or ministerial post? The school children know of others. Andrew you should be ashamed of yourself as one of the Senior Members in politics and going for the Premier of the Territory, this is disgraceful! I now know that I won’t be voting for you or any members of the VIP. You are claiming to be different from the NDP or Myron but this act has just shown the people that you are no different or better. It would appear that you realize that the seat of power won’t be as easy as you thought with the launch of PVIM, so your strategy is to bring down the very person who you were pursuing and others on either side just to win. So sad.. You can’t be a NEW PARTY and speak of change with the same old DIRTY POLITICS and ways. Tell us what makes you and your team fit. We sick of ayo and your childishness. That may have worked in the past but this new generation is not having it!

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  18. Saw it also says:

    Even if he deleted what he said, it is still on Face Book files. Only a lunatic would post Something like that. Well, what do one expect from a person who is getting slapped on a daily by the GROUND SEA.

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  19. My present to you Mitch says:

    A play Pen, pacifier, pull ups, sippy cups and baby wipes. Please kid,grow up already.

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  20. Mark says:

    And he here talking about transparency and integrity. Why he wasn’t transparent about these moves he try making before the media got their hands on it?

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  21. Me says:

    That’s why I’m not voting again.All power hungry ,All want to fly in God’s face,All money hungry,All are liars,All are crooks .Wait until.the fiasco is over then ur going to hear.More to this over/out

  22. Cambridge Analytica watch says:

    I think somebody paying bloggers to blog against certain parties and party members. Watch good.

  23. @Not2Sure says:

    Shame on you BVI News for allowing this post. And Shame on the paid blogger for posting it. It is defamatory.

  24. MT Shame On You says:

    First he was asking MW for a certain position then Andrew (VIP). All I’m going to say is that I don’t believe 2 of them can be lying and it sounds all too similar. Mitch, listen, you just got into politics and you’re already chasing after power like that? I’m disappointed in you because I expected better from you but it’s obvious that you should trust no man but God accirding to the good book ‘Bible’. Shame on you Mitch.

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