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Two Belongers arrested for illegal entry, RVIPF reports

Two men have been arrested for illegal entry in the British Virgin Islands.

Charged are 35-year-old Julio Samuel of Cane Garden Bay and 24-year-old Danny Dennevil of Lower Estate on Tortola.

The men, who are BVI Belongers, have also been charged with breach of curfew.

A police media release on Thursday said local law enforcement officers had observed a small vessel on route to the BVI through the Sir Francis Drake Channel on an unspecified date.

The vessel was reportedly heading into Frenchman’s Cay.

Police said Samuel and Dennevil were later apprehended after being observed walking away from the vessel towards a parked vehicle.

“They remain in custody pending their appearance at the Magistrate’s Court,” the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force stated.

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  1. Curfew says:

    Put them in quarantine for 2 weeks and make them pay for it. Or should I say make their moma’s pay for it. Were they over in the USVI doing s drug deal or going there to get laid? Make them quarantine

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  2. Smh says:

    Is your own people smuggling coronavirus into BVI. Shame on them. Lock them up for 6 months.

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  3. Meh Son says:

    Who is going to pay for their quarantine? Certainly not expats taxpayers.

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  4. let them pay says:

    Let them pay 8,000 per head for their security please.

    Not sure if those costs should be paid by work permit holders.

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  5. Father Time says:

    Surprising, I don’t see any “born here” people commenting.

    Cat got your tongue? What a set of hypocrites.

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  6. Old says:

    What a thing. To big men

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  7. Send them back says:

    If they like STT so much then just send them back to the USVI and extinguish their BVI citizenship forever. No sense wasting time and money on quarantine, court cases, lawyers, prison, etc. just boot them out forever.

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  8. Anonymous says:

    Expats rejoicing but the last names tell another story.

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  9. That how says:

    That is how they can bring in Covid 19 and then we will be screaming where did it come from?? Where did it come from?? Oh yes quarantine fees for them too.

  10. Watch says:

    And the strippers who come and go weekly while the police turn an eye

  11. BuzzBvi says:

    Why do they think the rules do not apply to them? Could be a plan for expats too if the fines are less than $9000 and they get put up in Balo for free for a couple of weeks.

  12. Hmm says:

    Bet if was something to praise them about that statement would have never come out your mouth. About last name. What last name has to do with it. Them born here. Fahie ain’t a BVI last name either. So stop it. Take your knock when you have to. Always trying excuse behaviour based on names. They grew here, they learned the culture and behaviour of the climate they grew in.

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  13. informed says:

    I want to see a break down of $8000 fees, Some one is pocketing a lot of money for a $2000 service. The numbers just don’t add up.

    Put in a hotel with 36 rooms $150 night $2100. where is the other $5900 go. Something just does not add up.

  14. Huh says:

    What?? All this is happening and those who are taxpayers are locked out.

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