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Two charged as police seize gun, cocaine in separate searches

A man and a woman have been charged while another person was arrested in connection to respective gun and drug seizures at the weekend.

Charged with ‘keeping an unlicensed firearm’ is 41-year-old Dwight Callwood and 22-year-old Pia King, both of Butu Mountain.

The Royal Virgin Islands Police Force’s (RVIPF) Special Investigations Team recovered the weapon while executing a search warrant at a home in Butu Mountain Friday afternoon.

“A second search carried out in the Cane Garden Bay today (Saturday, March 6) yielded a large quantity of cocaine. One person is in custody in the relation to this seizure,” the RVIPF reported.

Investigations are ongoing in these matters, police said.

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  1. Slack law says:

    Slap on the wrist and the beat goes on…

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  2. What!!! says:

    Great work by our police officers, thank you.

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  3. Ahhhh says:

    Ahhh the lovely Belongers. Give dem a fine, slap on the wrist and tell them not to get caught next time. What religious people they be. Lmao

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    • 007 says:

      You know what’s so funny? Belongers can be anybody from anywhere as the constitution doesn’t disqualify any nationality or country from being a belonger. If belongers are given preferential treatment you should blame the expat police, expat prosecutor or expat judges. Also every case that was appealed and conviction overturned or sentence reduced was done by an expat. You blaming the wrong people.

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    • Bvigurl says:

      You should go back to your lovely wonderful fair and crime free country if you are unhappy in the BVI. No one is making it mandatory for you to stay.

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  4. Yep says:

    I hope they had a search warrant

  5. Oh god says:

    Why pia just why

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  6. EU Citizen says:

    This drug distribution s**t should be over soon if the COI does what it’s supposed to do. Never would I have thought that the BVI is a cocaine distribution center before the 2,300 kg catch. I thought it was mostly money laundering before…
    (Tourist industry seems to be just a front.)
    But I guess it explains the too many killings that would otherwise be hard to explain…

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    • Ignorance says:

      I trust that your ignorance is really due to the fact that you truly don’t live in the BVI. For your information many and most of persons in the BVI work hard and earn abs honest living just live everywhere else in the world. Also many here also work hard and earn their living from the tourism industry.

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  7. What!!! says:

    “EU citizen” well you dont know jack , our islands have been used to tranship drugs to the US mainland for many many years.

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  8. Citizen says:

    I hope your perfect EU citizens would stop consuming these drugs. That way, the trade would not be necessary. EU dope heads seem to be the root of the problem. COI or no COI those EU Citizens will find a way to get their dope shipped to them.

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  9. Hot girl summer says:

    Tons of dem girls you see on social media acting up are a huge encourager in the drug life. Don’t know how anyone can feel so good wearing bloody money. Lock all them up.

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  10. Oh Dwight says:

    This guy is really filling out his list of criminal offenses. But the parents will testify that he is a good man and wouldnt hurt a fly. Lets see now; manslaughter, assault with a vehicle, domestic violence, criminal damage, and now possession of an illegal firearm. One of the C family finest, pride of the stock.

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