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Two held with nearly $1M on vessel at WE dock | Duo denies knowledge of money, court hears

Anthony Anglo (left) and Kalik Aaron.

Two men from the neighbouring United States Virgin Islands who were allegedly caught with $804,550 worth of undeclared cash in a vessel at West End have denied knowledge of the monies.

Twenty-two-year-old Kalik Aaron who is also a BVI Belonger and the son of a well-known local businessman, along with 23-year-old boat captain Anthony Anglo are jointly charged with failing to declare monies to Customs.

The duo was also charged with untrue declaration. 

They both pleaded not guilty to all the charges when they made their first appearance before Senior Magistrate Tamia Richards on Wednesday, October 23.


The court heard that about 2:30 pm on October 19, the accused duo entered the West End Ferry Terminal on a 30-foot speed boat that was coming from St Thomas, USVI. 

They reportedly only declared some motorcycle helmets on a Customs declaration form and reportedly said ‘no’ on the said form in response to the question of whether they were in possession of cash amounting to $10,000 or more.

The court heard that during a search of the vessel, a black duffle bag was found in the bow of the boat containing the cash.

When confronted, both men allegedly denied knowledge of the cash, the court heard.

The police were then alerted and the men were arrested and taken to the Road Town Police Station where they maintained they had no knowledge of the cash.

During an interview, Anglo reportedly said they were transporting the helmets for Aaron’s father. However, his co-accused, Aaron, refused to participate in an interview.


Bail in the sum of $150,000 was granted to Aaron. He was must pay $100,000 of that amount upfront while the remaining $50,000 was signed with one surety.

Aaron was also given a 6 pm to 7 am curfew, told to surrender all his travel documents, and report to the Road Town Police Station no later than noon from Monday to Friday.

The magistrate also ordered the police to make inquiries at his Havers Estate home to ensure that he is complying with the terms of his bail.

His co-accused Angol was denied bail and will be on remand until the conclusion of the trial.

Angol’s lack of ties to the territory, the likelihood of him fleeing, and the nature of his job as a charter boat captain were among the reasons the court outlined for denying him bail.

In the meantime, the Crown also made an application for the cash to be further detained pending further police investigations into its source.

Their matters were adjourned to November 14.

Attorney-at-law Stephen Daniels represents Angol while defence attorneys Patrick Thompson and Reynela Rawlins represent Aaron.

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  2. Red says:

    Collision on the fast lane

  3. The boys says:

    Run tola!

  4. spend wisely says:

    Eventually after this money is turned over to the Crown, Government, please do not invest in any more planes.
    Invest some in the Customs Department who found it. Get them the tools and the resources that they need to do a better job and in situation like this, invest in their safety as well which is very important.
    Next, rebuild the High School and fix these terrible roads that we’re driving on.
    Please get this money out of the Police hands immediately before some turn up missing. Deposit it in the Bank until the trial is over.
    Word on the street was $833,000 now the news is saying $804,000. I hope this is not the case again with them dirty cops.

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  5. Reply says:

    $804,550 worth of undeclared cash? Interesting. I was wondering where my money diapered to. Thank God those guys found it. Where can I claim it?

    No need for the Crown to make an application for the cash to be detain pending further police investigations into its source. It’s mine, and it’s legit. I got receipts.

    I’m staring at a big bill right now. That cash would come in quite handy.

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  6. repeat offenders says:

    never get locked up it seems…

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  7. Justice says:

    Well, well, well, well known…if everybody knows and those placed to ensure law and order the Righteous Judge will step in. Jesus take the wheel on this one. Time for exposure and time for justice. Time to move people out of positions that see injustice, that see the perps of crime and do nothing. Lord take the wheel of this territory and expose all the filth that goes on…time for Justice Lord. Time for Justice.

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  8. Handy says:

    That money will come in nice and handy to pay the $150K bush cutting contracts.

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  9. true says:

    as in the US they should seize all his assets also and check that they were lawfully gained.

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  10. Ok fellows says:

    AND I OOP.

  11. LOL says:

    Look at the picture, looks like he is cursing them police them. In a little while somebody is going to come and claim it was theirs and will get the money out of custody.

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  12. Please says:

    I thought there were no more dirty cops after all was said and done.

  13. Blimp says:

    The treasury should really put serious resources into the detention and enforcement of these delivery crews. It goes to show it’s an easy way to increase revenue without additional taxes and at the same time skims the scum off the island. Surface! Keep it up guys, some impressive results recently!

    • Snoop Dog says:

      I guarantee that. We all could be pulling in millions a month by stopping the bad man. Remember the stories of the Wild West and his deputies? Let’s put out the bounty on the drug dealers and human smugglers. I bet there are 10 more boats a day just like this one coming into our territory but they aren’t checking in.

      So, let’s solve this problem by putting out a bounty. Anyone who catches em can keep half the loot. What ya say?

  14. Mr.Gage says:

    Why them Aaron always in things?

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  15. Anonymous says:

    Boy ohh boy… Here we go again

  16. Son of tola says:

    Boy ohh BOY…. Here we go again.

  17. Revenue says:

    Everybody keep turning a blind eye to these things. Everybody know the real type of business the f****y in on both sides. Keep playing the fool. This island is silent and deadly.

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  18. Online Now says:

    Why give him bail? Surely, if you want him to talk, you should keep him locked up.

  19. Poor mans says:

    They say this is a big rich town but seems like I just come from the poorest part

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  20. Smh says:

    I would love to see that God minister into these young men life .I am tired of seeing this young men on the news. Anything is possible 🙁 #Oneday

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  21. Move alone says:

    They going turn that other boy, he done a f@%k if you ask me..

  22. tigguh says:

    then they walk around pretending like they attained what they have legally. MS Anybody could get money doing d**gs!

  23. Ai ai ai says:

    The same who was acquitted of attempted murder charges last year?
    This place a joke when you have such uns****y characters roaming freely… family’s business needs an audit by the tax authorities…

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  24. Irony says:

    Tax authorities???Hahaha….I saw what you did there.

  25. BVI Islander says:

    The feds are the ones who need to arrest them boys them ( Then they can have a reality check). Word on the streets are that the l*****d boys are in the feds doing some serious time.

  26. Sis O' de Soil says:

    It’s unfortunate that this young man hasn’t learned anything from ANY of his multiple run ins with the police. It’s just sad at how his mom has to stress over his many infractions. His bail should’ve been denied too. But… according to the ol’ peeple dem…’tis to know

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