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Two more arrested, charged for Snoopy’s murder

More than a year after making a single arrest in connection to the murder of Devern ‘Snoopy’ Stanley, police have now made two other subsequent arrests.

Charged are 30-year-old prison inmate Kareem Durrant, and 24-year-old Dakheme Cheltenham of Belle Vue.

“The two men … were arrested this morning (March 7) and charged this afternoon following a lengthy investigation by the crime team,” police said on Thursday afternoon.

Both are expected to appear before the Magistrate’s Court on Friday.

Members of the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force (RVIPF) first arrested and charged 27-year-old Vicardo ‘Scar’ Farrell for Stanley’s murder back in November 2017.

Farrell’s matter is still pending before the court.

Stanley’s body, in the meantime, was found in Rouges Bay nearly two months after his family reported him missing on June 5, 2016.

Pathologists said he died from a blunt force trauma to the head.

Devern ‘Snoopy’ Stanley

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  1. MM says:

    Karma caught up with there behinds. If they got ratted out. GOODDDDD!

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  2. Ohhhh says:

    Good job police department for taking them off the streets. Good job. Pro Bono advise to the rest of you who have killed and is still walking the streets thinking you are good, when you least bit expect it, the law will be kicking in your doors.

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  3. Anonymous says:

    Awesome…..good work.

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  4. Yellow Canary says:

    Karma to the fullest.Good job crime team. Take them all down.

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  5. Mommy often say says:

    When you open your spout/mouth to talk you better know what you are saying or who you are saying it to because the spout/mouth shall be your downfall. Dumb idiot thought people feared him. Enjoy the view from the hill fools.

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  6. Insider says:

    Is his brother next to be arrested?

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  7. JAMES says:


  8. Hefe dawg says:

    Please loose broski! I jus wan us live happy again mehn!

    • @Hefe Dawg says:

      Reality just set in for your broski, he is now wallowing and reeking in his own filthy pull up training underwear.

      • @Hefe dawg says:

        Your broski got his wings clipped by FIVE O mehn,deal with it.Send him some baby pullups and a tickle me elmo blanket. Cause guess what, your broski is going to be calling the house on the hill home for a longgggg time.

  9. Z6 says:

    How tf ayo going lock up our only shooter dehman

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  10. This is how you do it says:

    All you have to do if you are afraid to snitch,write the person/persons name on a piece of paper, seal it in a envelope and find a way to get it to the Police commissioner and let the crime unit start putting heat and pressure on the person/persons. It works. There is to many criminals walking around thinking they can get away with what they have done because people is afraid to talk. Stop letting these criminals hold you hostage from doing the right thing.

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    • Rest Haven for HOES says:

      You have the longest paragraph. YOU IS MY PROFILE NAME.

    • @Hefe dawg says:

      Your broski got his wings clipped by FIVE O mehn,deal with it.Send him some baby pullups and a tickle me elmo blanket. Cause guess what, your broski is going to be calling the house on the hill home for a longgggg time.

  11. The living tribunal says:

    May justice be done

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  12. Clung says:

    Whole block full of clungs n wannabes

    • Just next door/speed dial says:

      So should we deploy some true bangers to clean up the block from the posers or what. We don’t operate like the fake posers on the block and we don’t open up if innocent people is around. If it take a week to watch the target and the target movements we will. Just call us the ELITE FEMALE EQUALIZERS. And you know Females is more vicious and bad A** when they have to handle things.

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  13. Y yall Mad says:

    Did Snoopy Shot the man on the Beach. what yall think?

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  14. OZYMANDIAS says:

    See these man on the hill leader is the definition of ALL HEART and NOOOO BRAINS. How you follow a person like that I don’t know. Where I’m from man like he can ONLY BE A SHOOTER TO DUMB TO GO ANY FURTHER.

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  15. @Rest Haven for Hoes says:

    What’s good BOOB,you running SCURD or WHA.

  16. Steelo says:

    This man come up balo crying and he a shotta on FB..only the VI mehson

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  17. Tola. says:

    If you all wasn’t at the beach and didn’t see what happened stop listening to hear say.

  18. SMH says:

    Woman hold your head and cry…cry because you did your best, but the son was disobedient. Old Folks say ‘you judge by the company you keep’ so sad, but yet so true!
    Pray for our youths because they are gone astray! Let God be the Judge!

  19. Shoot shoot pow pow says:

    Wondering if facts man dirkie have any info on the crimes but holding the facts from the law enforcement? The man say no one get left being when he leaving people (community) behind everyday.

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