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Two more held for illegal entry! Claim they got approval from ‘local agent’

Two more persons have been apprehended for illegally entering the British Virgin Islands.

Charged with illegal entry and violation of an immigration ordinance are 35-year-old Bahamian, Kadren Knowles and 36-year-old Grenadian, Kybian Joseph.

The duo pleaded guilty when they appeared before the Magistrate’s Court on Friday, September 4.

What the court heard happened

The court heard that on the day in question, members of the multi-agency task force were patrolling on land when they spotted a vessel on the sea in the vicinity of Little Thatch Island. It was reportedly travelling easterly towards Road Town.

Officers reportedly witnessed the vessel arrive at the Ashely Ritter dock in Road Harbour so the law enforcers immediately proceeded to the location.

Upon arrival, the officers reportedly observed a white fishing vessel with two persons on board.

The men were reportedly asked to identify themselves, the court heard. Knowles said he was the captain and Joseph was identified as the crew member.

Local agent implicated

The officers asked the men their point of origin. The offenders indicated they came from the Bahamas, sailed to the Dominican Republic and then to Puerto Rico. From there they sailed to the territory, the court heard.

The men claimed Grenada was their final destination.

During the conversation, the men said they contacted an unnamed agent in the BVI who said they could refuel and stock up on supplies to continue their journey.

Asked if they were aware the borders were closed, Knowles reportedly said: “Yes, I am aware but we still came because our agent told us that it would be ok for us to come.”

Asked if they had received permission to enter from an Immigration officer, they replied ‘no’.

They were subsequently instructed to sail their vessel to the police marine base and were later charged.

The court heard that investigations are still ongoing in relation to the ‘agent’ that was mentioned earlier.


In the meantime, their attorney Stephen Daniels told the court it was necessary for his clients to stop for fuel and food supplies given the length of their journey. 

He further informed the court that the owner of the vessel had contacted the local agent who arranged to pay ‘Immigration fees’, among other things.

Daniels said the so-called agent collected $2,800 from his clients. Evidence of the transaction came in the form of a letter and Western Union receipts; all of which were submitted to the Crown.

He said the agent also confirmed via WhatsApp messages that the offenders could come to the BVI.

He said his clients “are innocent parties” because of the misrepresentation of the agent. The defence attorney said it is a fitting case for a non-custodial sentence or even a suspended sentence.

He then asked the court not to record a conviction in the matter because that would have adverse effects for the men. Knowles and Joseph were subsequently remanded for quarantine purposes and will be tested for COVID-19.

They are scheduled to return for sentencing on September 22.


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  1. Curfew says:

    Dem hear the borders are closed where them going?? Risking ppl health out here smh kmt

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    • Sea fearer says:

      They admitted they heard the borders are closed, but their agent who they were in contact with told them they had the hookup for them to enter. Maybe they thought the agent is close to the government and could pull some strings

  2. No name says:

    Who is the “so-call agent”?

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  3. Name the local agent says:

    Why is there no name – must be a belonger – if it was an island person the name would be public.

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  4. Doh says:

    Nice job Belongers

    You swindled these men under the guise of safe harbor access to refuel and resupply. You know who does that? Pirates. That’s right, effin pirates. You’re welcome

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    • Just saying says:

      You know the effin border close and you still paying the pirates? You have no excuse, you just a bad! Talking froth about “AGENT”.

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  5. JVD says:

    As long as they were not spotted coming into JVD.

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  6. Are you High!? says:

    I thought the boarders were CLOSED. Why are the police taking these people ‘to the police station’??? Are you trying to get us all sick? Can someone grow a brain on this island please?
    If this was my Rasta Gardner, I would ask, “Are you high?”
    Might as well just open up all the boarders to everyone. This system is not working. If we all going to die anyway, please let us make a few bucks off of them tourists before we pass!

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  7. Really says:

    Why are we troubling these men and putting all this pressure on ourselves? Give them some food, fuel de boat and push them off. Then turn on those in the BVI who set them up and send them up the ghut…
    Seriously why …. look at what the other fishing boat going to cost the BVI.. when he finished with us we going to be broke!

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    • CBL says:

      they are telling lies and we know it. they damn well know that the borders are closed. Were both the agents and those two men up to something other than needing fuel and food? have they been here before? How do they know to bypass the ports of entries and go to a side dock where they thought it was safe? the police made a mistake by not watching their moves. someone would have probably come to pick them up? our police don’t know how to catch big fish with one try.

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    • Joshua says:

      The other puerto rico Captain did not even enter the country, He was offshore 6 miles outside Norman Island Drifting waiting for permission too come in!!! All they had to do was turn him away, He was simply trying to follow the law!!! But they brought him in confiscated his boat and he been in jail for three months. He was not fishing and can prove it as U S Vessels have a satellite tracking system that reports to the U.S. Govt prove he was not fishing!!! I worked own these boats and I know! It been all over the news all over the States. When they done with the BVI it will hurt Tourism plenty!

  8. Dede says:

    Don’t waste our resources putting them in jail. Fine them, give them some food and fuel and send them on they way. Oh before the go make sure the have official test results so no one can claim we exporting sick people on them again.

    As for the agent, the need to be arrested and charged for this to the fullest extent on the law. Well know the boarders closed and the current situation and encouraging this nonsense. The need to named so that they can be publicly flogged on these blog site.

    People the longer we continue to engage in this reckless behavior the longer we stay close. This means our industries that rely on tourism will suffer serious possess and maybe hard for some to come back. According to Claude a meeting need to be held. Sad part is some of them mothers working in these same industries. I wonder if the realize they’re robbing mommy also.

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  9. Talk All says:

    Why do people continue to be protected …this Agent could be working in these departments. A lot of side jobs been going on and Govt well aware of it but it’s who scratching who back.

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  10. Joke says:

    Looks like Custom’s is picking the low hanging fruit. Throwing the book at people who have made a genuine mistake while local boats run freely. Same thing happened with the fishing trawler. Now we are paying to house the crew and store the boat at Nanny Cay.

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  11. Belonger says:

    The agent was definitely a Belonger once again making money off the backs of down islanders. The hateful and criminal Belonger will do anything to people as long as they make money doing it. Who is the so called agent? Who is he related to in the government, investment club, police or customs and immigration? The agent should get 10 years for causing attempted murder of the people of the Territory.

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    • Definitely says:

      “The agent was definitely a Belonger once again making money off the backs of down islanders.”

      The poster was definitely one of the newer racist foreigners come to make money off the backs of belongers, once again feeling small and lacking attention.

      All this after the regularization process that made people from their homeland into belongers.

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    • Want2kno says:

      Enforcement of regulations is a challenge…why isn’t this “agent” identified? Where’s the transparency we hear so much about or is it only for some & not for all?

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  12. Dede says:

    Sorry meant to say loss not possess. Please accept my apologies.

  13. VG says:

    If its illegal activity, seize the boat, and sell it. That’s how to deter and make some money to fund the boarder protection.

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  14. CEMENT says:


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  15. M Opinion says:

    The borders are closed, therefore, no vessel is to be entering the Territory. It goes then that when a vessel is seen moving in territorial waters, they ought to be turned back towards the direction from where they were coming. In this case, the captain acknowledged that he knew the borders were closed. Why are the lives of people in this Territory being put in jeopardy by entertaining persons to dock up and land if for health reasons the borders were closed in the first place?

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  16. Ajuc says:

    These so called agents are the ones who should be on trial. Set the men free they were duped by probably our own unscrupulous people.

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  17. Yawn says:

    And y’all say the barge man them aint working. You got to be idiots to believe the stories from criminals. You really think they will say we tried to smuggle in for drugs or any illegal purpose? It’s always gonna be an excuse to draw sympathy or to cover up knowledge of wrong doing.

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  18. 007 says:

    Which country approves entry via Whatsapp? Certainly not Grenada or Bahamas or any country on earth. This is a pre planned alibi. Lockdown or not them things got to move. It didnt stop $27 million from trying to go Rock.

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  19. true says:

    If the agent named and can be proved is the same agent that informed the US Puerto Rico fisherman that they could enter then their trade license needs to be revoked.

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  20. @Yawn says:

    The report clearly stated that authorities were patrolling on LAND when they saw the boat heading to town and trailed them then went to the area where they docked. It stated nothing about marine patrols.

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  21. Me says:

    Is this agent the same agent for the fishing vessel that Mr.F** was the Capt.I want these agents id’s to the public cause this withholding this info.from the public.Same as the 44 footer boat with illegals no transparecy what so ever

  22. Concern says:

    This is just a political gimmick, the whole system is in jeopardy

  23. ReX FeRaL says:

    Their a**es are wrong.

  24. ? says:

    They send the money to one of the money transfer agent here so the name of the agent will be on their receipt

  25. conscience says:

    Who are or who is the local agents the public needds to know

  26. what says:

    Bull s***. Coming from all the highly affected Covid countries. This is outrageous. As if it cannot get any worse. Hope the Police were all suited up in infectious protective gear. Is that named dock a legal port of entry?
    …Shouldn’t waste resources on them. Send or escort them back out to sea, let them keep going to their intended destination. Find the agent and prosecute him/ she/them for their reckless behavior.

  27. Hold dem coast Guard says:

    Nature’s Little Secret has more corrupt agent …, The people with the slip holes are not the exp … It is those who can bribe and pass the dutchy under the table .Dey go tun on one ah nother soon . The well is beginning to get dry ….. No nationality was named ayo know why ..,,,,

  28. You people sickening says:

    Why the name if the agent is so important. It just goes to show how you people like mixup. Let the authorities deal with that person/persons. I am sure the authorities are handling the matter.
    I am sooooo sick of the story of belonger….down Island. Mehnnn why stay in someone’s country if you feel you being treated bad?. Who is the foolish one?

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  29. joshuoa says:

    Let them go, arrest the agent! Same thing for Captain Foy on the Puerto rico fishing boat! It sounds liken there is a corrupt agent and Immigration official. The BVI`s will have no Tourism with all the bad press going around when all this Covid stuff is over!!!

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