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Two popular VG beaches to remain closed | No animals allowed at any beach

Despite government’s reopening of beaches across the British Virgin Islands, residents are prohibited from accessing at least two of these attractions on Virgin Gorda.

This is according to Minister for Natural Resources Vincent Wheatley, who announced in a recent statement that The Bath’s and Devil’s Bay will remain closed until further notice.

He also said that until an update is given from the government, no animals are allowed on any beach or in the water, and residents must not be seen walking their pets there.

Beaches to be closely monitored by RVIPF

With a number of restrictions imposed by government on beach usage — including a strict 6 am to 1 pm allowance period — Minister Wheatley said the most highly frequented beaches across the territory will be monitored by the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force.

He said: “Persons visiting any of the beaches must adhere to safe distancing protocols and mass gathering restrictions … Activity on the beaches will be closely monitored and the beaches may be closed should people not comply with the safe distancing protocols and mass gathering restrictions.”

Minister Wheatley said the list of Tortola beaches that will be monitored include Brewer’s Bay, Cane Garden Bay, Josiah’s Bay and Smuggler’s Cove. The list also included Long Bay Beach on Beef Island.

On Virgin Gorda the beaches to be monitored include Savannah Bay and St Thomas Bay. White Bay beach was listed for the sister island of Jost Van Dyke.

Only approved vending allowed

Minister Wheatley also said vendors with a valid license to operate on beaches will be allowed to do so, only if inspected, approved and certified by the Environmental Health Division and the Social Distancing Task Force.

“These establishments must meet all requirements related to COVID-19. You should all ensure sanitisation, safe distance and hygiene modifications of your establishments to facilitate inspections and certification from the Social Distancing Task Force,” he stated.

Hundreds flock beaches on reopening day

Meanwhile, hundreds of residents were seen on beaches on Tortola when the attractions reopened on Sunday.

More than 100 persons were seen at Smuggler’s Cove beach and at least 50 beachgoers were seen at Josiah’s Bay.

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  1. Animals? says:

    Since when to dogs on leashes spread covid-19?

    Stop pretending this is about the health of the people.

    This is downright bullying.

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    • guest says:

      it’s people who got us into this mess

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    • Keep up with the news says:

      If y’all would stay informed you would note that other countries had cats diagnosed with COVID.

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    • Comment says:

      Find somewhere else to walk your dog. Not our beaches! Dogs should never be allowed on our beaches anyway. You all care more about dogs than humans. You have issues with BVIslanders swimming at ‘our’ own beaches aka Smugglers Cove and Long Bay, Beef Island because you think they belong to you, but welcome dogs at anytime. Sick!

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      • i BET says:

        you are the type who (if you had a dog) wold have his dog on a chain outside barking all day and night telling you it is miserable…

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      • You bet says:

        Yep I care more about animals and especially dogs than humans. Especially ignorant and arrogant humans like yourself.
        No animal has ever stolen from me. No animal has ever lied to me or deceived me. Animals don’t leave trash all over the place and ruin their own environment. Only humans behave this foolishly
        And look at coronavirus… the whole world shut down by a virus spread between humans killing thousands. And you have the nerve to want to blame dogs?
        One day you may well need the help of a dog, to sniff out your dying body under the rubble of your house in the next earthquake, or to give you early warning of cancer spreading in your body or to help you live a more independent life when you go blind. I hope no dog is allowed near you and you can just suffer in your miserable existence.
        Uggghhh HUMANS. They make me sick

    • @Animals says:

      When? When many of you sleep with them and kiss on them. A dog should be outdoor not in your bedroom, or house. People stop Kissing animals on the mouth! The virus can be all over the dog’s fur etc.

    • ? says:

      Since when do you’ll place leashes on your dogs at the beach? Keep them dogs off our beaches!

    • Please THINK! says:

      Someone with Covid-19 pets their dog…you pet the dog…YOU DIE! We have to be safe. Listen to the government. They are trying to help you. Keep your pets on a leash and walk it somewhere there are no other people. We all have to stop being selfish and think about other people if we want to make it through this.

  2. Well Well says:

    I could guess who took those pics. The government should stop playing with you all and pave the access road. Enough is Enough! This is why you should not sell your property, especially by beaches.

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  3. Secret Bear says:

    The virus could also be all over your partner’s fur and you still kiss them.

  4. Virgin Gorda says:

    Can we please start to Surf, Stand Up paddle, Kite Board and single hand small sailboats?? These sports are made for social distancing! I need my fix. Please allow this activity for everyone’s sanity. PLUS showing photos of these activities in online posts will get visitors to start thinking about coming back after this is all over!

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