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Two repair contracts signed | Construction works to commence on VG in weeks

In a matter of weeks, work will commence on the third phase of the Bregado Flax Educational Centre (BFEC), and repairs to the Flax Administration Building on Virgin Gorda, providing much-needed employment for construction workers.

The BFEC contract, valued at $1.7 million, will be to completely rebuild blocks Two and Four of the facility as well as to replace their respective roofs and refurbish the science lab, the Information Technology lab, the art room, library, bathroom and other areas.

The contract was signed between the Government of the Virgin Islands, the Recovery & Development Agency (RDA), and Quality Construction Limited on Friday.

Flax Admin building 

The second contract inked was valued at $1.2 million to reconstruct the Flax Administration Building also on the sister island.

The scope of works will be to rebuild the structure and to refurbishing the internal part of the building.

The building is home to several government departments such as the BVI Post, Social Security, Inland Revenue, Labour, Immigration, Water & Sewerage, Environmental Health, Magistracy, Department of Motor Vehicles, the Civil Registry & Passport Office, and the District Office.

The contract was signed between the government, the RDA and Metro Construction Company.

Both contracts will be funded through the Caribbean Development Bank’s Recovery and Rehabilitation Loan.


Representative for the Ninth District where Virgin Gorda is located, Vincent Wheatley said he was pleased with the new contracts. 

“I am indeed very happy today, and I must commend Mr [Anthony] McMaster (CEO of the RDA). He and I spoke it must have been about a month ago, and I said to him, ‘Mr McMaster, in the Ninth District we are going to have some serious unemployment. Hotels closing, can you try and get some projects for me to bring jobs in the community?’”

Wheatley said he is elated to see the fruits of his labour coming to fruition less than a month after the request and that public servants will be once again working in a comfortable environment.

“I encourage you to use as many local persons in the Ninth District as you possibly can,” he told the construction company.

As for the school, Wheatley said he is pleased that when school reopens following the Novel Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) pandemic, the students will be back into their upgraded quarters.

Other speakers at the contract signing included Education Minister Dr Natalio Wheatley, Governor Augustus Jaspert, Deputy Governor David Archer, Jr, and Health Minister Carvin Malone.

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  1. wow says:


  2. Wow says:

    Quality Construction and Metro Construction. One and the same companies getting all the government work. Now with the head of the RDA they are getting this work as well. The crooked ways just don’t stop. Even with a pandemic and hurricanes the BVIslanders will not repent.

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    • Oh says:

      Tell us who else bid on these contracts that were qualified, otherwise stop the whining. We beg for locals to get jobs and when they get them its still a proble. $3 mil worth of contracts awarded to local firms and you are upset?

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  3. Why says:

    And why does it have to be the same local crooks tied into the government by multiple family ties. Perhaps there should be proper bidding and let companies outside the Territory bid so we see the real value of the work. Nah, that would cause some honesty. No need for that in the BVI

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    • Foolish says:

      And that my friend is the foolish sort of thinking that gets you no where. So you’re saying Caribbean Development Bank is crooked. You know what you have to go through to get a loan from CDB? Nah. You only looking chat. Bid for contracts where you are. As far as I’m concerned, you only looking money, then when you reach here, turns out your a waste of time. No thanks. We will keep quality.

  4. VG we need somebody to defend says:


  5. Wow says:

    Lawd at least a local contractor from VG should have gotten one. Mr. Wheatley you have to look out for your people more and that’s not the bad part , the bad part is not a local man in Virgin Gorda is going to get a day work on those jobs cause both companies have all expats working for them.

    • Well well says:

      So if a VG contractor get a job on Tortola is that a problem?
      If a West End contractor get a job East End, is that a problem?
      I thought it was one Virgin Islands. Competent contractors and construction companies should be able to get work in any region of the island.Is this the BVI love the politicians talking about these days

  6. wow says:

    It has been nearly 4 years. What were they waiting for?

  7. RDA says:

    The district rep does not have any say in who gets the job once the RDA is involved. Please understand that. They choose based on several factors and if a VG contractor neither applies for the work or does not meet the necessary requirements then you cant blame the rep.

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