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UK denies the BVI’s recent request grants

Premier Andrew Fahie has indicated that the United Kingdom has denied the territory grants to assist with its battle against COVID-19.

Speaking in the House of Assembly recently, the Premier said this is not the first time the UK has refused to give the BVI grants during a time of crisis.

“In 2017, according to the former Minister for Works & Communications, the UK shut down the requests for grants to help the BVI people to cope with the catastrophic damage to the infrastructure, economy and social situation, following the catastrophic hurricanes,” Fahie stated.

“Here we are seeing again, in another catastrophic event, the UK is saying no to grants. The UK says it cannot afford to give us grants because its own finances are stressed. The UK’s money is for UK citizens, not Virgin Island citizens and not the other Overseas Territories,” the Premier added.

Thankful to the UK

Fahie, however, expressed gratitude to the UK for their assistance to the territory in the other areas where they have contributed.

“We do thank them for the areas that they have helped with which matched our $12 million to start with the preventative measures, and eventually we were able to be fortunate to get the test kits and other medical supplies from the UK which was a good complement to our efforts,” he said.

Grant request to pay unemployed

In late March, the Premier stated in the House of Assembly that his government was planning to seek funding from the UK government to assist local residents who had become unemployed as a result of COVID-19.

“In our plan, we also heard from the governor that the UK is willing to help the OT’s (Overseas Territories) and we are going to put forward that we want that all of our unemployed, for a certain time, be paid at least minimum wage from a grant from the United Kingdom,” he said at the time.

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  1. Oh man says:

    Wasn’t it only recently he was talking about more independence. Yet always ready to stretch his hands for money and cry when they don’t give to his terms. The UK is happy to provide loans if needed. This government just doesn’t want anyone looking into how they are spending the money.

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  2. Really says:

    The Foy hates the UK. He unleashes on the Brits every chance he gets. Now he wants money. Call up Africa and ask for money. Let’s see how the black brethren support the BVI instead of the white UK.

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    • concerned citizen says:

      You are so racist.

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      • Ok to racist! says:

        To be racist means to be for your own people…or if you believe that your race is more superior and stronger than another race…well the so-called African/black man has fit that bill. With over thousands of years of slavery by the so-called white man ,Chinese, arabs, east Indians, other tribes in Africa and so on… and Only short coming is they were taught to hate each other especially during slavery…read the making of a slave by willie lynch!

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    • WoW says:


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    • Odd Behavior says:

      Did he say he hate the UK? Did you and Fahie had a conversation and he expressed to you that he hate the UK? We can see that you are very uneducated because of you spelling. The Foy? Seriously? You can see you are not from the UK either, because the UK People of all kinds. Africans, Indians, Asians etc…. . You are not good at playing the race card, Dumb A%%.

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    • Too rude says:

      They too rude to U.K. acting like spoil children all of them, dont they know they are watching &listening to there every move i would have turn them down too if i was u.k. until they learn manners.

  3. Shep says:

    Where does the UK Gov get the money? Answer: not out of thin air but from UK taxpayers. Why would the average UK taxpayer want to give their money to you?

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    • @Shep says:

      Why should the UK continue to claim, own and have dominion over the territories then? Can’t continue to have it both ways Johnson. To do so is pure uncut hypocrisy. And hypocrisy is dietasteful, bad and ungodly.

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      • Jeremy says:

        The UK don’t want any ownership for the BVI. The situation it continues out of a sense of responsibility and duty.

        Declare independence. Your head will spin at how fast it is given.

    • Absolutely says:

      Absolutely correct. UK citizens are taxed. If the Territories want help from the UK then they should contribute in taxes to the UK.

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  4. Correct me if I am wrong. says:

    The VI Government just borrowed millions of dollars from the Social Security Board. Based on the requirements stipulated by the said Board, the majority of applicants do not qualify for assistance. IMHO; if applicants do not qualify for assistance from the money borrowed here in the VI; HOW will they qualify for any of the GRANTS; if the UK did grant the Government’s request.

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    • Tongue Fu says:

      @ correct me if I am wrong.

      Correction they did not borrow the money they got a grant that means they don’t have to pay back.

      The reason why some don’t qualify is because of worthless employers who deduct and do not pay in. They need to be locked up.

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      • Plus says:

        Plus, those who qualify are still not getting anything. Social Security says they are still working on claims and not sure when this process will be completed. It could take months!!!

  5. Indee says:

    I might get bash for this but during a press conference when you are at the podium is a mask really necessary?

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  6. hmm. oh really says:

    what crisis fahie???????? where is the new cases

    of covid-19???

    what battle?? greed is a sin.

    no new cases

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  7. The Truth says:

    Grant? When are they going to address the issue of reparations for slavery?

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    • @The Truth says:

      Reparations have been paid for the last 50 years in the form of welfare. Who exactly do you think is on welfare. Black mamas with a dozen kids. It’s time the Blacks start paying their fair share and that includes paying the U.K. for the support they provide.

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    • Rubber Duck says:

      Soon as they get the money off the Romans.

    • BuzzBvi says:

      As Soon as they can work out how to get money to the people who suffered the dreadful misery of being enslaved and that are no longer alive.

  8. UK tourism open July why not islands says:

    What crisis indeed. Zero covid cases for almost 2 months and still not willing to open borders like ALL other islands (Jamaica, USVI, Bahamas, Aruba, Antigua, Bermuda July 1, do I need to keep going? ALL OPEN and folks who have been cooped up are booking flights and wanted to spend! Thus being said and UK unwilling to help, time do things ourselves. Wake up BVI and generate your own revenue. Keep borders closed and of course you need a handout. Common sense people

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  9. Absolutely says:

    Absolutely correct. UK citizens are taxed. If the Territories want help from the UK then they should contribute in taxes to the UK.

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  10. AHA says:

    I am so glad when my God comes for his world money wouldn’t matter.

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  11. No one will starve says:

    Been thinking. How did they spend 2 million in food for distribution? Did we spend 2 million or just several thousands. Can they report on how this money was spent. Opposition (except won mart) please ask a question because inquiring minds want to know.

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  12. Not surprised! says:

    This government and it’s enablers trash the U.K. every opportunity they get, yet they got the nerve to be asking them for money. Talking out of both sides of their mouths.

    These people need to get real. What world are they living in?

    I’m sure the U.K. is paying attention to all their ramblings and acting accordingly.

    Normally, governments are diplomatic about their misgivings, and don’t say certain things out loud. But not this crew. They think they can express their grievances out loud and there are not consequences. They need to get real.

    Did they really expect the U.K. to give them a penny after all the crap they say about them?

    The BVI needs smart leaders who know how to get things done without burning bridges and acting like bullheaded teenagers.

    Elections have consequences, and the public will pay the price when they get things wrong. The electorate needs to pick better leaders.

    We are about hurricane season. God forbid another disaster as one can expect no U.K. grant either.

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    • Sunny says:

      Gid dont like ugly..premier love to much money.look at what you doing to poor ppl money at western union and money gram.

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  13. Sunny says:

    Gid dont like ugly..premier love to much money.look at what you doing to poor ppl money at western union and money gram.

  14. Ausar says:

    And many of you complain that a cartoon, depicting the Kingdom’s grip hold on the neck of the BVI, isn’t true?

    This incident serves to illustrate just that!

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    • Mad Max says:

      What? Because they won’t give money when BVI already has? That’s the same as murder?

      Another idiot.

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    • Anon says:

      Did you even read the article? The U.K already gave the BVI government $12 million, medical supplies, and test kits to manage the pandemic.

      • Ausar says:

        A measly 12 million is what the BVI should be grateful for, eh?

        Thank goodness I live in the US Virgin Islands where we can talk all we want against the American government when she’s at fault, and still receive annual benefits and even BILLIONS in times of crisis!

        Thank goodness those misfits two hundred and so much years ago, decided to leave the Kingdom and formed a ” more perfect union” by which we as Americans, living in the territories, can benefit from, regardless of RACE!

  15. Still waiting.. says:

    …for transparency on the $12mil of taxpayers money just spent

  16. E. Leonard says:

    My beloved VI, the UK is not into you. If you were to exercise your right to self-determination, eg, independence, it would not probably shed even a crocodile tear. The UK used and depleted the regions’ resources, along with free, exploited labour, to build its economy. Slaves, many current residents are their descendants, labour was the fuel that drove engine, the lifeblood that carried oxygen to build the economy.

    Everyone else benefited from Slave labour, eg, slave traders, plantation owners, industry….etc but Slaves and their descendants. It is public knowledge that the UK borrowed £15M to compensate some 3,000 slave owning families for lost of their property; slaves and their descendants didnt not and still has not gotten even a “hapeney.”

    Islands resources depleted, they cast them adrift with independence, a feel good exercise. The few remaining islands, ie, Anguilla, Montserrat, CI, TCI, Bermuda, and VI it probably sees as parasites and hope they will set sail some where. Covid-19, the most destabilizing event to hit the VI and other regional countries since WWII, the UK turned its back on the VI and its people. It looks like it told the VI to eat cake as Queen Marie Antoinette supposedly said to her French subjects. Mia Mottley, Barbados PM and leader of Caricom says advanced countries cannot see Caricom countries as invisible and dispensable; they do so at their own peril.

    Let’s take a peek at the UK’s position. The UK has the 7th largest economy with a $3.1T GDP and an approx 2020 budget of £928B, albeit with a £55B deficit. The UK has 14 OTs and even if had granted each say $10M for a total of $140M how would the UK be impacted? Would be bankrupt?

    The US help the UK during WWII through the Lend-Lease Act program. And after WWII, it benefited to the tune of approx $5B from the Marshall Plan, ie, a plan that bailed out Western Europe after WWII. Thus, the UK should developed a Marshal-like Plan to assist OTs devastated by Covid-19; the larger countries of the Commonwealth of nations should also pitch in to help small developing and emerging countries.

    Furthermore, advanced countries should come together and pool resources to help small developing and emerging countries impacted by Covid-19, eg, SIDS, Caricom…….etc. it is surprising they not done so as yet; global leadership needed. Advanced countries helping small countries help themselves against large unplanned migration to their shores, control the spread of diseases that may easily reach their shores…….etc.

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    • LW UK says:

      Why don’t you just become independent. Stop asking us for Our UK money for UK people. Why not tax your own residents that bit more? Or stop being so corrupt?

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    • Not surprised! says:

      If you were to exercise your right to self-determination, eg, independence, it would not probably shed even a crocodile tear.
      You know as well as the rest of us who are awake that our government past and present does not have what it takes to go independent.

      All they have done and continue to do is trash talk the U.K. appointed governors, and make useless noise about constitutional review.

      We need leaders that have the intestinal fortitude to just do it, or stop complaining. It’s tiring government after government.

      I for one does not expect the U.K. to make amends for its slavery past. In that vain, I do not see nor expect that they will financially give to the UK overseas territories a dime to compensate for it.

      The sooner all oversees territories understand that, stop begging and start thinking of ways to chart our own course, the better off we will be.

      If folks want to sit back and await the U.K to send money their way because of slavery, they will stay waiting. Not going to happen.

      And if you beg, at least don’t bite the hand that you are looking to feed you.

      It’s time for a new mindset. The U.K. is “not into” the BVI. Fact.

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      • E. Leonard says:

        @ Not Surprised!, “ You know as well as the rest of us who are awake that our government past and present does not have what it takes to go independent.“ I’m on record of not supporting political independence, though the VI people is entitled to pursue it under UN charter, before significant progress is made on economic independence. Self determination, which can include independence, is still an option though.

        “ I for one does not expect the U.K. to make amends for its slavery past. In that vain, I do not see nor expect that they will financially give to the UK overseas territories a dime to compensate for it.” I believe reparation is still on the table for Caribbean slave descendants for the abuse, exploitation….etc that our foreparents endured. Frederick Douglass said that no struggle no progress.

        The arguments/excuses of opponents of reparation are various, eg, colonialism and slavery is water under the bridge, it would be patronizing to the descendants, the colonizers/enslavers also should be compensated, it would bankrupt many countries, eg, UK. Hogwash! The descendants of Caribbean Slaves are entitled to reparation as other groups who were abused, eg, Holocaust, Japanese internment, Mau Mau, Rosewood race riot, Tuskegee Experiment…..etc. Reparation is not free assistance for Slave descendants, for the Slaves have already earned it. It is not necessarily a cash payment for every person of African descent. A process would have to be developed and fleshed out.

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        • Not surprised! says:

          Mr. Leonard. One can argue as you have that “The descendants of Caribbean Slaves are entitled to reparation as other groups who were abused,…”

          Its been over 400 years after that despicable fact. How long should we await compensation?

          I have no issue with that fundamental position; however, I and many others are not holding our breaths waiting for something to happen.

          I believe that we can walk and chew gum at the same time. In other words, chart our own course in spite of, and deal with such parallel issues as we forge forward.

          I do not see reparations coming anytime soon where we can afford to sit on our laurels and await it. The momentum for such a movement has historically not been there.

          Reparations if any will be a long process borne out of honest open discussions about the past. We should not wait for that to happen before we chart our own course.

          Now, post the murder of Mr. Floyd and the global protests around the world, a lot of changes are happening around the world.

          Statues of Christoper Columbus for example were beheaded or defaced in multiple U.S. cities, and similarly other slave traders statues were defaced and thrown in the river in the U.K.

          The black lives matter movement is bringing about unprecedented changes we could not have thought of a month ago.

          British insurance market Lloyd’s of London and pub retailer Greene King have issued apologies over their historical links to the slave trade.

          Lloyd’s of London, the world’s largest insurance market, said there were “some aspects of our history that we are not proud of.”

          “In particular, we are sorry for the role played by the Lloyd’s market in the 18th and 19th century slave trade.”
          The firm said the slave trade occurred in “an appalling and shameful” period of English history.

          Lloyd’s said it was committed to a number of initiatives including investing in positive programs to attract, retain and develop ethnic minority talent in the Lloyd’s market and donating to charities and organisations promoting opportunity and inclusion for Black and Minority Ethnic groups.

          UK pub chain and brewer Greene King also issued an apology regarding one of their founder’s links to slavery.

          “It is inexcusable that one of our founders profited from slavery and argued against its abolition in the 1800s. While that is a part of our history, we are now focused on the present and the future,”said Nick Mackenzie, Greene King’s Chief Executive Officer.

          “Today, I am proud that we employ 38,000 people across the UK from all backgrounds and that racism and discrimination have no place at Greene King. We don’t have all the answers so that is why we are taking time to listen and learn from all the voices, including our team members and charity partners as we strengthen our diversity and inclusion work.”

          The retailer plans to make a substantial investment to benefit Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic communities as well as to support diversity in its business.

          Money is now pouring in from corporate sources towards ethnic minorities to help right that wrong as these corporate entities recognize that inequality is bad for business, and businesses built on the backs of slaves and white privilege was wrong.

          To that end, we are on the right path to bending the arc of justice, but we have our role to play that not only uplift our own people but help ourselves and stop begging for handouts.

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    • @E. Leonard says:

      @E. Leonard, when you going to get it, not penny of UK taxpayer money for BVI ungrateful people. They forget when the BVI was an impoverished sleepy hollow that was supported by UK grant aid. The UK should have turn them loose as only good as a bird sanctuary. True, the US bail out after the war but it was not poor as BVI money so take a hike off that guilt train. I got to give it to you though you are persistent.

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    • Rubber Duck says:

      Windbag. Do you imagine anyone ploughs through this verbiage. Short sharp and to the point is better.

  17. Not surprised says:

    The grant money would just disappear with nothing to show for it. History shows that. If one thinks just because there’s a change in the HOA all is now right you’re wrong U.K. doesn’t want to contribute to another BVI Airways.

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  18. & says:

    Yes yes they know that you already taken away 7% from my child school money so you don’t need it ?blessing will fall on your shoulders

  19. Nonsense says:

    Fahie should be ashamed going to the UK. They have their own problems. Very selfish. Look at the UK tax-paying population who the uk will now have to feed because they have lost their jobs etc, compared to BVI. These people just have no form of creative thinking. Before you think of a proposal that may be beneficial to both parties and more foster a partnership as opposed to dependency, yuh out there begging. Losing his vision!!

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  20. LW UK says:

    Well done UK. Don’t give this place another penny

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  21. Great minds says:

    I wouldn’t let Andrew and the bar preacher manage my last dollar either good job UK

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  22. Hmmm says:

    I am not sure what to think of this. First off from what I have read before the UK asked for a plan from the BVI and other OTs with respect to COVID and its effects. Secondly, the UK donated quite a bit of medical equipment to assist the BVIHSA. Thirdly the Governor was on record saying that the BVI has sufficient funds to borrow/spend and do what’s needed. Are we getting the full story here?

  23. Jack says:

    Why would the UK give you money the way you guys treat expats and you don’t pay UK taxes. Grants are for tax payers. You have gone so far to make UK citizens unwelcome. You separate yourself for the uk and then go crawling back when times are hard. Keep digging that hole your in.

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  24. E. Leonard says:

    @Not Surprised!

    1. Anglophone Caribbean countries leaders requesting reparation for the abuse and exploitation of Slave labour is not begging. Businesses expect to be paid for goods and services sold, investors expect a return on their investment, employees expect to be paid when they work…….etc. So too Slaves should be made whole through their descendants with just compensation for their forced labour that built the UK economy. If other abused people or their descendants were/are entitled to be made whole why not descendants of African slaves? It has been over 500 years since the wicked abuse took place but if it takes 5,000 years, reparation is still deserved and their descendants should fight to the bitter end.

    2. Indeed, the VI people and government can and should walk and chew gum, ie, pursuing parallel actions simultaneously. The VI has been doing that for hundreds of years. For example, when the colonialists fled and abandoned the VI as an impoverished bird sanctuary, the hardy VI people had to rake and scrape to eek out a living to survive. I would be surprised if my beloved VI and brethren are not hard at work resetting the compass to chart a new course for sustained growth and development.

    3. It is tragic that it took the lynching of George Floyd in Minneapolis, MN, and the murdering of Rayshad Brooks in Atlanta, GA, by police for the scales to fall off MNCs and others eyes, eg, Lyodds of London, Greene King, NFL…..etc , for their profit making conscience to be pricked……etc. It does not take any courage now to support BLM, for supporting BLM is now popular and is a safe space to be in. Have these companies truly have had their road to Damascus moment or it is just convenience? Time will tell and actions are louder than words. Though they may been blinded for 100 of years, it is good that they have gained their sight, a conscience, moral fortitude…..etc. It is better late than never. Should we be impressed and join hands and have a sing-a-along?

    4. Public national statues should reflect a man or woman’s life body of work that reflects and embodies the core values of a nation. Statues of known racists should not depicted in the public square. And I’m impressed with the excuse that their bad attitude and behaviour reflect the times. Were there not good people doing good things in the same time?

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    • @E. Leonard says:

      @E. Leonard, the haters are out but no mine the haters. When cannot partake in the debate with reasoned counter points, they hit the dislike buttons like cowards.

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  25. Class Mate says:

    @ E. Leonard, the time you use to spend in the Pond bush when you scud school you were studying. Lol. You cooking on high octane high test gas. Teach Mac, Hulda, Irma, Linden, Murie, Harrigan…..etc are smiling. I will keep reading.

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  26. Not Surprised says:

    Mr. Leonard, I respectfully appreciate your thoughts, and I truly mean that. You are steep in our history, and that’s commendable. That imo, sets you apart from so many others.

    You make a great argument for reparation; however, I remain of the opinion that as much as reparation is due on behalf of our ancestors to us descendants of slaves, we should not as I said previously sit on our laurels awaiting that day.

    As a country and a people, we have to continue living and growing reparations or not. Despite there is a sudden awakening occurring at the moment relative to the impact slavery and racism has had on our people, one that has jolted the consciences of many as of late, at this moment in time, any movement on that front is good imo even though it may be self-serving.

    Let me be clear, I am not equating the request for reparation to begging. This conversation centered and emanated from the current governments now turned down request for grant aid from the U.K for covid-19 assistance. It is that request I refer to as begging. This was not about reparations.

    Not only do I consider it begging. I also thought the government had quite a bit of Hutzpah to make the request in the first place considering it and it’s cohorts or government supporting mouthpieces routinely trash the same U.K at every opportunity they get.

    The government cannot on Monday trash the U.K. and then turn around on Tuesday ask for grants, and expect a favorable response. Life, business, government, diplomacy does not work that way.

    Do things diplomatically, and professionally, and you get treated differently. Reparations is and will be a long term struggle. Meanwhile, this government and all overseas U.K. territories have to survive and live to see that day.

    I do not expect to see any financial reparations in my lifetime, and I believe some of the best things we can do as a people are:

    1. To get as much education as possible that would enable us to get better jobs and pay and lessen the economic disparity between us and whites.

    2. Take up spaces in every aspect of life.

    3. Build wealth wherever we can. Money and wealth is a great equalizer.

    4. Stop the infighting among us as people of African decent. Too often, it’s not the “white man” that is holding us down; it’s our very own people, who have not relinquished the chains of mental slavery, and recognized that at the end of the day, we are all in the same boat regardless of station in life just as were our enslaved ancestors on slave ships.

    At any rate, Mr. Leonard, your points are well taken.

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