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UK didn’t send me with hidden agenda – Governor

Governor Augustus Jaspert. File photo

Governor Augustus Jaspert this week tried to allay fears that the United Kingdom may have sent him to take strong action against the territory’s politicians.

He declared that he has no hidden agenda.

Since the appointment of Governor Jaspert was announced recently, persons commenting on online news stories joined the guessing game as to whether proverbial heads will roll under the new governor.

Governor Jaspert this week told journalists that, while it is important for persons to express themselves, he is not overly concerned about the chatter from persons commenting below news stories.

Those persons are commonly referred to as bloggers.

“I hope that no heads actually do physically roll. I have to admit that I have learnt over many years not to think too too much about every single comment on a blog site – and you can obsess a little too much about them. But they are a good way of hearing what some people are saying,” Governor Jaspert said.

He continued: “I don’t come here with a set agenda in the lines of what some of the people in the blogs have been saying.”

Governor Jaspert, who made the comments during his first ‘meet and greet’ with the local media on Tuesday, reiterated his mission to form partnerships.

“The only agenda that I have about is making the state even better and taking this territory forward to the future. Now, in that, it’s one about partnership. It’s one about working with people…”

“But there are areas that people need to be held to account for. I expect the institutions to be holding them to account, and the governor’s role is to help those institutions hold people to account,” added Governor Jaspert, who was sworn into office last week Tuesday.


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