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UK donates mobile clinic to BVI

From left: Governor Augustus Jaspert, Health Minister Ronnie Skelton, BVIHSA Chairwoman Ayana Liburd, and newly-appointed BVIHSA CEO Dr Ronald Georges.

The United Kingdom has donated a mobile clinic to the BVI Health Services Authority (BVIHSA).

A media release from government said the clinic was identified as a requirement to enhance local healthcare following a post-hurricane population health needs assessment by the Public Health England in the UK.

In handing over the clinic to Health Minister Ronnie Skelton this week, Governor Jaspert said: “This gift is part of the ongoing partnership between the UK and the Virgin Islands which extends to health services, vector control, infrastructure, water supply, electricity, the repair of houses, a cash programme, the police, prison and courts. The UK stands closely together with the BVI as we continue on our recovery.”

Skelton, in the meantime, described the clinic as an extremely valuable piece of equipment to help provide healthcare to the outer areas on Tortola.

“If it needs to go to Virgin Gorda we can easily do that,” the Health Minister added.

According to BVIHSA executives, the mobile clinic will be used help to deliver services to community clinics damaged in the hurricane.

They also said the vehicle will not only be used in disasters but will also be used to augment the services the health organisation offers.

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  1. critic says:

    This thing look like it cant get over no hill so better ayo take it anegada during the lobster fest and leave it over there

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  2. Subjects! says:

    If “mother country?” cared about her children’s future she would long ago, with her own resources [money and supplies] send in personnel from all branches of the military and have the ESHS campus completed and classes resumed.

    Given the historical norms, psychology and practices of the coloniser, however, that will never occur.

    It is a surprise that a medical van was donated and not the construction of another prison, although that prospect is probably around the near future.

    Lastly, the medical intervention is no less appreciated.

    Wonder if some or all them still view us as “subjects” who are not human beings, but something less than? It is known that some still do.

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    • Dumba** says:

      The Brits were on the island after Irma working and you crooked politicians demande that they leave. Learn about how racist your government is. The we’re afraid the white man would be watching what they are doing with the recovery money. Haha. The white man is smarter. No recovery money unless we watch how it’s used and who it goes to. Have a great day

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      • @Dumba says:

        Do the required long term disciplined study and and intellectual developmental work necessary needed to comprehend, discern, assimilate and master data, across the critical fields.

        When accomplished, such responses as was presented would become belittling to one’s self, not representing a mind of knowledgeable and developed intellect.

        And lastly, which comes first in the mental development process, an educationally nourished foundation developed into a rock hard base of non-reverse-able intellectual expansion, versus the exposing of juvenile attempts at intellect discourse to the world, whilst failing miserably, but only in disclosing an evident empty vessel/mind of knowledge of facts and mental acumen.

        It is an historic, human, personal, intellectual and racial disgrace that someone in the 21st, century would be so depleted of knowledge of self knowledge, historic roots and contributions to present day history.

        And is existing in an anus hole devoid of the historical development of the human race intellectually, economically, religiously and academically.

        To conjure up such total non-sense of misinformed nonsense should carry serious liabilities and should be punishable.

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  3. Oh says:

    Skelton was one in the HOA saying the UK don’t care about us and we don’t need or want anything to do with them, wasn’t he? Just checking.

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  4. Observer says:

    Hope it doesn’t become another piece of artefact like the Mobile Library.

  5. Observer says:

    By the way, anyone knows what happen to the million dollar road fixing machine that was parked up on the side of the road near the Queen Elizabeth park?

  6. Ausar says:

    Certainly, one is not enough!

    How about one for each of the major islands: “Tola”, “Jost”, “Gorda”, and “Gada”?

    True representation of health care should, primarily, be for ALL of the islands and secondarily, the outer lying islands and cays!

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