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UK fully backs Governor Jaspert’s Commission of Inquiry

UK Foreign Secretary, Dominic Raab has released a statement saying the United Kingdom government fully backs Governor Augustus Jaspert’s decision to launch a Commission of Inquiry (COI) to investigate alleged political corruption in the BVI.

In the statement, Raab said: “The UK Government is responsible for ensuring the security and good governance of BVI. We have a constitutional and moral duty to protect the interests of the people of BVI. We cannot ignore such serious allegations.”

Raab continued: “With this in mind, on Monday 18 January, the Governor of BVI, supported by the UK government, announced an independent Commission of Inquiry.”

The Foreign Secretary added that Governor Jaspert has told him about a consistent and deeply troubling array of concerns that local institutions and the community have brought to the Governor’s Office.

COI to be completed in 6 months

He said the Commissioner is expected to conclude and deliver his report to the Governor within six months. 

“At this point, we hope that the UK and BVI will be able to consider the recommendations together in a constructive manner that best serves the people of BVI,” Raab said. 

Problem too big for local authorities

The Foreign Secretary’s statement also said the UK is stepping in because the problem of alleged political misconduct is more than the BVI local authorities can handle.

“Successive attempts have been made to address these concerns through local institutions, many of which have done commendable work to bring them to light. However, the scope and seriousness of the concerns are now beyond local capacity to address,” Raab explained.

The Foreign Secretary’s statement also reiterated the information released by Governor Jaspert, saying the Commission will inquire into whether there is information to substantiate claims that corruption, abuse of position and serious impropriety has taken place in public office in recent years.

In the meantime, the BVI public is waiting on a press conference Governor Jaspert will host this week to hear further details about the upcoming COI.

Among other things, the public is anxious to know how the Commission will be funded and when the COI will commence.

British Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab. (Photo Credit: BBC)


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  1. Voter says:

    It’s interesting to read how the COI progressed in the T&C in 2009. Government was removed and the enquiry recommended criminal charges be brought against 13. The Premier was eventually apprehended in Rio in 2012 living the life of luxury….

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    • True but... says:

      The Premier in T&C was far more rogue than this Premier. He had private jets and was spending like a drunken, high sailor. Let’s see how this one plays out.

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      • 11 years later says:

        … and the proceedings are still running in the TCI high court (nobody has been held accountable and the defence are still giving evidence). Defence are hoping that the trial judge (there is no jury) becomes too ill and/or old to resolve the case.

    • Doh says:

      The U.K. is tired of the years of antics of the BVI.

      Time to root out the corruption and expose those who have squandered the public’s trust – and its money.

      • @Doh says:

        The United Nations now need to root out the corruption in the UK. No nation is above judgment for corruption.

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      • @ Doh says:

        … and the BVI is tired of the centuries of antics from you all! If it takes independences to get you all out of our presents then so be it!

  2. YOUTH says:

    This is colonialism all over again.

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  3. The Nation#1 says:

    Which part of the community? The white/UK community? Or the NDP supporters/cronies community??

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  4. Patriotic bvi says:

    – – – after being deported from the states for crimminal charges,he came back home and robb the hpier park project.he and many more should be imprisoned from crimminal act.that’s why they hate the governor so much corruption.they need to be behind bars.

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  5. Bvi says:

    I am happy that someone is taking a gstand.for to blong corruption has been brampant,and nobody is doing about just being sweep under the mat.most of these bigger heads that are invole.hate the the governor.because they know that gthey are crimminals.including c s c***e.

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  6. SMH says:

    What do you mean they fully back it? He couldn’t call it without their blessings! Slow news day? WTF??

  7. And says:

    the abuse of African Virgin Islanders by the imperialist continues. Sad, really sad indeed.

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  8. The Truth says:

    Hope this don’t back fire on those cheering.

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  9. speaker says:

    Please add the speaker’s alleged misuse of public funds in the D4 sagga.

    Call me for more tips Gus. I could help you draw the lines in tracing how the contracts and stimulus money went. You not going find it in paper, you got to sit outside the banks. Turn on the cameras and see who waiting for who as they come out the bank. Check their home and private hotel midnight meetings when the money passing in cash. kickbacks and greeze up hands to the max. Them too dutty

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  10. Leveller says:

    don’t make that karate kid black belt come over here and sort things out

  11. @ The Truth says:

    They will all be changing their tune when the Royal Marines that they are calling for return along with 2000 plus brits to recolonize their back side.

    Be careful what you wish for it may bite you hard.

    The British expat can’t wait to relegate you/us to second and third class status, and he knows that is the purpose of these initiatives.

    We had better wake up yesterday and get your eyes open.

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    • @@The Truth says:

      As a British expat I have no desire to see anyone relegated to second or third class status. I am pleased this COI is happening because corruption in the Territory is as plain as the nose on my face. What does upset me is seeing many BVIslanders who are not on this gravy train being left behind. They see their requests for trade licenses in their own country turned down because some crony wants to keep all of the opportunity to themselves. Not every BVI family has the “right” name. The best they can hope for is a couple hundred bucks from their district rep each election time to secure their vote. These small islands have enjoyed levels of GDP over 25 years which should have meant that the streets were paved with gold, instead they run with human sewerage. The people of BVI deserve better and these crooks on all sides politically need to be put in jail.

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      • What is Corruption? says:

        Its when a Single floor in a building owned by a Crony is Leased for a Five (5) Year term to house government Departments/workers @ 20,000 per month when a one year or two years at most would have been more than ample time to carry out the Repairs to government’s Admin Building. Corruption is when a particular individual, once manager of a prominent Phone/internet dominant company for several years now serves as head of *** while also serves as head of [a board]. Corruption is when persons, without any particular Skill, perhaps only that they voted for a particular political party sit on 3 and 4 statutory Boards collecting thousands per month; persons already holding jobs or Retired, (collecting Pension, Social Security and other benefits. So much Corruption and Cronyism….but only so much space in which to report. The Sad situation is that we refer ourselves to be a “Christian Nation”. GREED is a Disease and deadly Destructive.

    • @ @The Truth says:

      Why don’t you go meet them and sail back home with them!

  12. Anonymous says:

    “However, given what I considered to be attacks on the territory’s financial services – by the UK – in recent years, I’m beginning to believe that there’s something more sinister at play here. I could be wrong for entertaining this train of thought, but based on yesterday’s deliberate attempt to instigate global condemnation of the BVI, I’m feeling justified in my conviction.”

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  13. PRISON says:


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