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UK has weaponised ‘accountability’ to cripple, exert influence over BVI


Government minister Vincent Wheatley has said words such as ‘accountability’ and ‘good governance’ have been weaponised in British Overseas Territories and continues to hinder the functionality of government.

Wheatley said ‘accountability’ has become an instrument used by the British government to “exert implicit influence” over Overseas Territories.

He shared those sentiments in a recent session of the House of Assembly while raising fresh concerns that a fear of being labelled ‘corrupt’ has gripped many public officials who are guardians of the public purse.

“I ain’t going to jail for nobody”, is the mantra chanted by many public officials whenever asked to approve financial and other resources that elected representatives need to assist the public.

“Which is a worse evil: to have relief money sitting in a bank when a majority of our people face losing their homes, can’t pay rent, can’t buy food, can’t pay bills? Or to pay out relief funds to persons who don’t need it?” Wheatley asked before saying public officials have become so fearful that resources often go to waste before they reach the general public.

“We saw it happen. We had food here after the hurricanes on the festival grounds spoiling while people were in their houses going hungry. You know why that happens? They are afraid of not knowing where something is. They would rather know where it is although it is totally useless,” Wheatley explained.

Widespread fear frustrating legislators

He said the fear of not being accountable is so widespread among public servants that elected officials are often frustrated whenever they try to get government resources to assist the public.

“Elected members are often frustrated to death, trying to do what they were elected to do. The civil servants are not afraid of us but they have a fear of doing certain things. Every minister who ever went to an Accounting Officer has heard them say, ‘Minister, you ain’t going to make me go to jail’. And all we are trying to do is to help our people,” Wheatley explained.

The minister’s criticisms of accountability in government comes amid recent cries of many business owners who said they were waiting too long to receive their COVID-19 stimulus funds under the government’s Small Business Sector Grant Relief Programme.

Wheatley as well as Premier Andrew Fahie have said the cheques were delayed because of bureaucratic processes that have followed to ensure accountability in government.

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  1. Heckler says:

    Ask yourself one question: Who is really afraid of or against good governance and accountability?

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    • Really. says:

      Weaponized. Wheatley you and the rest of the c***ks in the government are s*****ng boat loads of money. The only ones trying to hold you accountable are the Brits. You, the Foy and the rest of your cronies operate without any transparency. Stop your rant. You and the rest like you need some down time at a British p****n.

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    • Honestly says:

      When it hinders getting aid to the people I am against it. If 100 good people get aid and 2 bad apples get in so be it.

      Better than food spoiling after a national disaster!

      Or farmers fishers & small businesses unemployed persons waiting way too long. When we were in need there was no aid now till you find ways to make it on your own.

      Reminds me of the what was it 300m loan guarantee for recovery long after Huricane Irma.

      That was not about the hurricane and to keep the people waiting for months is not about accountability.

      When you have a disaster you need a solution in a timely manner not after you struggle through with no help.

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    • Belonger says:

      First and foremost remember that the Belonger is always correct. Second, the Belonger knows everything, the most highly educated and is an authority on everything. Third, the Belongers are financial geniuses. Fourth, there is no racism whatsoever by the Belonger. Sooo, there is not a need for accountability. This is evident in the state of the Territory. Finest road system in the world. Finest trash and sewage system in the world. Finest health care in the world. The most honest, racially diverse hard working people in the world. An economy that depends on no outside help. The BVI is a light to which all other nations of the planet aspire to be.

      If you believe any of the above you deserve what you are getting from Wheatley, Foy and the rest of the c*****t gang.

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    • Boo says:

      Dictators, bullies, and crooks

    • @Heckler says:


  2. really says:

    C’mon minister so doing things correctly is the reason people aren’t being helped?

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    Vincent Wheatley I am so a shame of you right now. You and your choice of words has caused everything to go south with the BVI. Besides accountability should be a word used in all governments, businesses and/or agencies. That word should put fear in all persons that once you are dealing with people and/or their finances you should be held accountable. Ex. the signing of Claude Cline’s contract. Who is being held accountable for this? Who is being held accountable that he submits his reports? ACCOUNTABLILITY should always be ringing in YOU’RE ear bags.

    Wish we were under the federal government. All you guys would be in a orange jumpsuit locked away in some way out penitentiary.

    Let it ring in your ear bags!


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    • BuzzBvi says:

      Perfect. Vincent please show us what C O. S-C has done for his money. 16,000 minus company tax = 16,000. The only thing his has reported on so far is bad math.

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  4. Patrotic bvi. says:

    Yea,but the vip has done worse than the ndp ever must much corruption and lies is being told.

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  5. Dave Henry says:

    Adrew fahie must go.

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  6. Watchers says:

    The worst case scenario is that with this pandemic situation. This government has killed the country just making laws. This government has let me down. They needto go

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  7. Mr. Wheatly says:

    I knew it would only be a matter of time before I scope out the true person you really are. YOU ARE JUST AS FAKE AS YOUR BOSS.

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    • Lord have Mercy says:

      They want to Force their complicated, ignorant, account to no one, disregarded for all….Now they are complaining when someone is telling them what to do which they really hate….

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  8. schemers says:

    some people just don’t like being held accountable

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  9. Lol says:

    Did the bully made him say it?

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  10. sober says:

    or under the influence?

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  11. strupes says:


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  12. Wait, WHAT??????? says:

    They don’t want accountability and want independence? I hope people are paying attention to what is happening here!!

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    • Watching says:

      @Wait, What???????, Ohhh, we are watching and keeping tabs alright. And they want us BVISLANDERS to pack up and come back home to rebuild the Country. Yes, we definitely can but, at the end of the day is it really worth it?

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  13. Clown says:

    So you expect UK to drain them pockets without looking at ayo stealing the money? One term government you really are

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  14. Jokers says:

    Just because you don’t want to keep financial accounts and be held accountable it is now being ‘weaponised’? Start preparing proper financials and enforcing laws – after that you can start complaining!

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  15. Doh says:

    Waaaaaa. Crying baby, stomp your feet with a temper tantrum. Give me a break.

    The only weapons you will soon see buddy are the ones carried by the royal marines when they invade and occupy this backwards territory. Abuses will then end.

    Carry on

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  16. Perspex says:

    Accountability AND TRANSPARENCY !

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  17. Lol says:

    These folks playing straight from the dictator’s playbook

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  18. a tourist says:

    As a UK citizen that visits the BVI every couple of years (since 1991), I have seen accountability let alone governance disappear down the ghut and the lack of economic and resilience planning is quite frankly embarrassing.

    When you look at past government revenues in comparison to the actual population, everyone should be living the high life (before COVID). GDP per capita is actually only about $10k per person behind the UK. The lack of investment in infrastructure (no body bothered burying any power or phone lines pre Irma), for some reason ignored renewables (I am sure no one was getting a back hander for oil contracts), stifled any inward competition (well done guys you have the most expensive mobile data on the planet and a couple of your locals are doing very nicely thank you), oh and probably helped the dubious part of the South American economy thrive thanks to the lack of transparency BVI based companies enjoyed in the past, all in all it is pretty shocking.

    The VIP and NDP are both as bad as each other and a spent force blaming any one they can (mainly the UK) on their appalling management of the islands. It is time to either create a new political party with people that are not connected to politics/the regime or come back under the fold of the UK for a period of time until proper economic measures can be put in place then elect some one new (or vote for independence and end up god knows where). Sorry to rant but you guys want a nice functioning country to live in, I want to be proud of my overseas territories let alone a nice place to visit when we can travel again and the next generation deserve a well managed, environmentally aware and sustainable future.

    Rant over…..

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    • Rebel says:

      An Imperialist rant ew

      You said a lot many of it sounds good but is not relevant & there is hardly any substance to argue against its all anti government fluff.

      inward competition vs outward competition.

      Governments are not poised to hand out surplus money for us all to be living the high life.

      Government can do better and that is the political process. You forget we have a democracy.

      We live good. If we didnt there wouldnt be persons immigrating to the BVI.

  19. limejuice says:

    It is very good newsthatthe Civil Service is helping the elected Ministers inadvertently exposing both the Civil Service and themselves topossibly be open to suggestions of fraud. These checks will keep our BVI being recognised for it’s probity.

  20. Wellsaw says:

    Hon Vincent you can thank some of your fellow ministers who served in different capacities with the party in the past and your father in law and some members who sit on many of your government current boards for giving the UK reason to do such not to mention the NDP.

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  21. Mad Max says:

    Wow! Did he really say that? He should be ashamed of himself. Looking for excuses and blaming others rather than simply following procedures, keeping proper records and being accountable.

    Then begging for more funding from the UK!

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  22. Sad says:

    At this point, I think it would be best if you remain silent Honorable Wheatley. Probably if you close your mouth… you will be counted as wise. The things that comes out of your mouth are beyond c**p majority of the time. I like VIP, but your level of reasoning and putting out a statement that would signifies intelligence as a man in your position is next to those who goes to learn a trade because school was never a friend of theirs. Just be quiet…

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  23. Try make a difference says:

    Blame, blame, blame, They will soon blame their failures on us for been stupid…This crew has no clue..

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  24. ReX FeRaL says:

    How do you elected officials deal with incorruptible Government employees? Answer that question.

  25. L Hodge says:

    These ministers are c****pt. They put their families and friends first without considering the welfare of this country. It is time for the political and spiritual leaders of this country to do what is best for the country. These leaders are getting richer and richer; while, everyone else is getting poorer. Tortola is not in a position for independence. These so call leaders should not pick a fight with the UK- the hand that feeds them.

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  26. Traitor on Board says:

    Examine the Horns.!

  27. The truth to all of us says:

    That food was wasted under who …wen there were all fending for there self .thst why

  28. Virgin Islander says:

    This Minister is all about talking nonsense. Maybe one of d**k*n moments. He can place blame all he wants because he was at one time like us, but now his pockets are well l***d from his rich, w**** friends so he can rant all he want. Rest assured, God don’t like ugly and everything has an end. If the masses were holding Governments accountable, Balo would need additional spaces. SAME GAME, DIFFERENT PLAYERS!!!

  29. VIsLander says:

    Let’s not fight against words, especially those like Accountability. Without it there can be no good governance and it is never the problem. I have always heard that Raph T O’Neal was very accountable. The issue is efficiency and effectiveness. Having the responsible person accurately reporting to and following the instructions of the Accountable person. The Minister is Accountable the PS may be responsible. We the People and Stakeholders (Uk & Residents) have to be Consulted and Informed. This is simple, so fix the procedures and processes that prevent this and there is no systematic issues that create problems, only people who can be easily identified and managed.

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  30. Wow says:

    If BVI people still honestly thing the UK has the best interest of the people of their Overseas Territories at heart we are lost as a people. Let us not forget that when they sent they’re representatives/consultants to the BVI they said that we were better off as a bird sanctuary but we prospered. The fact is not that GOOD GOVERNANCE and ACCOUNTABILITY are not principles and standards to live by. It’s that it is equally used as an excuse for political and constitutional overreach by an external power in a unprogressive way. FOR EXAMPLE why has Monserrat never gotten off Aid (DEBT) from the UK? Why is TCI, a self determining territory, subjected to direct rule? Why is Bermuda governor approving Bills contrary to the decision of the HOA. People of the BVI like they dont understand they can’t comprehend something that’s bigger than them

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  31. Ajic says:

    A bunch of clowns. Since when demanding accountability for the people money is a bad thing? The governor shouldn’t have had to force you. This is something you should have been doing. This sort of behaviour is why you all not ready for any kind of independence. Independence will destroy this country especially if it is ru be unscrupulous people

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  32. E. Leonard says:

    Civil servants are the engine that drives the territory and are the lifeblood that carries the oxygen of public life. Though often maligned and caricatured, they are indispensable and the lives of residents would be chaotic without them. Their worth is valued in difficult and challenges times like these.

    Civil servants should not fear about doing their job in a responsible and accountable manner. Every civil servant from senior officers, i.e., permanent secretary to janitor has an assigned responsibility and a supervisor. He/she should perform assigned tasks consistent with laws, regulations, policies…….etc and must take ownership of how he/she performs assigned responsibilities. Civil service is highly bureaucratic and has a myriad of policies with A-Z details of how to performed assigned tasks. How to perform a task is not or should be a mystery.

    Moreover, as noted earlier, every civil servant at all levels has a supervisor whose responsibility is to ensure that subordinates performed assigned responsibilities in a timely, efficient, and effective manner consistent with policies. Further, any organization, agency……etc should not expect what it does not inspect. Inspections and independent audits to ensure work is done consistent with policies. What gets recognized and rewarded gets repeated.

    Further, expending finances may require different levels of approvals, checks and balances. The Premier, as Minister of Finance, would be bogged down if had he had to sign every requisition, disbursement…….etc. Instead, he delegates some of that responsibility down the chain of command. The chain of command has Thebes responsibility for expending resources. Nonetheless, total responsibility cannot be delegated away and the Premier still has the ultimate responsibility.

    For example, the Captain of a Navy ship can be relieved for cause if a his/her ship runs aground even though he/she was not up on the bridge. Furthermore, getting money out of the Treasury should start with the certification(s) of a document. Civil servants should dot the I’s and cross the T’s and they can defend themselves. Direction to disburse money from the Treasury should be accompanied by a signed document.

    • Supporter says:

      You talked about organizational structure, operation, responsibility, accountability……..etc, Nevertheless, you give the Hon Wheatley a pass on his interesting statement that the UK was weaponizing responsibility and accountability. You cut him and VIP team some slack as always.

    • Disinterested says:

      If civil servants operate with the existing policy framework, no one should be going to jail. If there are no polices, that is another issue and understand the trepidation. “ Direction to disburse money from the Treasury should be accompanied by a signed document.” Be wary of verbal direction to disburse money but the one giving the direction is hesitant to put in writing.

  33. Virgin Islander says:

    E. Leonard, always love your posts but I disagree with the statement that Civil Servants are indispensable. No one is indispensable. They are valued Employees yes, but they can be replaced. A lot of people behave a certain way thinking that they are indispensable but it is being foolish. Good comments always.

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    • E.Leonard says:

      @Virgin Islander, greetings! Welcome the feedback. The animating force of politics is conflict; no conflict, no need for politics. The common agreement in a politically open society is the agreement to disagree. Disagreement can be a healthy discourse. Politics is the art of compromise.

      For the sake of discussion, here is a sample definition of indispensable…….: absolutely necessary, essential, or requisite. To me, civil servants essential. Paradoxically, the same features that are used to berate civil servants are also their virtue.

      True, government has two means of delivering services,ie, in-house or outsourcing. Civil servants can be replaced but government still has to find other people to do the work. And the long-term cost may not be cheaper. Be wary of cost creep.

      Can the level and quality of customer service be markedly improve? Yes. Universally, workers typically do what they are allowed to get away with.

  34. Public eye says:

    Sit : Stop your nonsense . Stop blaming … for your govt incompetence . We see through you and your team hollow ability to navigate the country through this turbulent time. Five of you cannot micro manage stop fooling people

  35. No Corona says:

    Well Mr. Minister school chiĺdren want to know why you start bad spend govt money already by giving out a contract to build a wall infront S****a house here in vg. Is it because he is one of ur most loyal foot soldiers and supporter? His house is not the only one next to the main road how come you aint build none for the captain who house rite next to S****a own?

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  36. Revisionist History says:

    I was absolutely astounded and appalled by this statement. I mean did you hear yourself when you said it?

    Whose fault is it that we have a demand for accountability? Our BVI Government! VIP and NDP! What are you trying to do rewrite the history that led to this moment? We forget such colorful statements as “There is nothing wrong with putting our hands in the cookie jar” and many others that means that our appointed ministers were stealing the BVI people’s money and engaging in nepotism, cronyism, friendshipism, I don’t like you but we can make this kickback deal together aka allll are called CORRUPTION! And you come on here and make a statement like this?

    And what? We should swallow it? You picked the wrong crowd boss, we are tired and we have had enough!

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  37. smh says:

    We cant wait a whole 2 years to vote out these jokers

  38. Vip must go now says:

    Who ever calling Trump clown even though he might actually be one lol
    Think again cause in the bvi the get the most worst idiots clowns
    It will be best for the Queen to take back the bvi

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  39. Interested says:

    The current Governor in Bermuda is coming, Watch Out.

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