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UK offers help to develop TB Lettsome Airport

The UK Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) has pledged to support the BVI government in its work to expand the Terrance B. Lettsome International Airport on Beef Island.

It’s unclear whether the FCDO’s support will be monetary or just technical expertise, but Works Minister Kye Rymer secured the commitment recently after leading a delegation to the United Kingdom where constructive conversations were held with the FCDO.

The minister said the talks with the FCDO were a bid to ensure meticulous planning and adherence to international standards as the government has commissioned the development of a comprehensive business case to determine the way forward for the development of the territory’s main airport.

Minister Rymer said the FCDO recommended that the business case should adopt His Majesty’s Treasury Green Book 5 case model to ensure a robust and well-considered approach to the project.

The BVI Airports Authority, under the guidance of the government, recently published a Request for Proposals to develop the business case that will determine the financing model to be undertaken for the expansion of the airport.

Minister Rymer said feedback was also received from a number of stakeholders who provided invaluable insights that will serve as the cornerstone for the direction of the airport expansion project.

He said the public’s input is invaluable, and the successful company that will get the job to develop the business case will be tasked with fostering an inclusive dialogue, ensuring that the community’s voice is heard and considered throughout the development stages.

The minister said this commitment to transparency and public engagement underscores the government’s dedication to a project that benefits and resonates with the broader community.

“The collaborative efforts between the government and the BVI Airports Authority underscore a shared vision for a modern, efficient, and world-class aviation facility that meets the evolving needs of the territory,” the minister said.

He added: “As we embark on this transformative journey, the government of the Virgin Islands invites all stakeholders and community members to stay informed and engaged. Together, we are building the foundation for a brighter and more connected future.”

It is believed that the expansion of the TB Lettsome Airport will greatly enhance the BVI’s tourism product and by extension, the local economy. However, successive governments have failed to complete the undertaking, despite many promises and business models aimed at achieving the goal.


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  1. Expansion says:

    is needed to increase the efficiency of the main BVI airport on the ground. However please do NOT:

    1) Lengthen the main runway
    2) Commence above ground access for passengers.

    St. Thomas and St. Martin main airports were much more island and passenger friendly when everybody was on the ground not walking through air bridges to/from their aircraft.

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    • To @Expansion says:

      And both are empty most of the times! All we need is more reliable and frequent connection to them!

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    • A Capitalist Who Loves the BVI says:

      I’m still not at all sold on the need to expand the runway. What’s the combined number of of hotel rooms and rental villas in the Territory? Is there really a need to increase the airlift on a per-flight basis by accomodating larger planes – and at a staggering cost?

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  2. Gimme a Break says:

    We can’t get good Road is big airport we going get?

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  3. Again! says:

    Not those white slave masters offering to help out the BVI again. When will this tyranny end?

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    • To Again says:

      For all of them who think what they accusing the local government of doesn’t happen with these UK Officials and professionals on a regular basis then they are mistaken. They have it down pack in such a professional way they make wrong look like right. They have mastered how to channel money to themselves through friends and family and key rich supporters. Research and check their history on projects in the UK especially those they helped other countries with and then this will be an education in itself even during covid. The facts do not lie.

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  4. Continue to fool fool the people says:

    Why Rhymer don’t tell the people that the airport and no other project is going to be built without the UK’s involvement? This mind playing game he’s on just to look good is not doing justice to the clamp down economy.

    1. They are not allowing them to borrow because they can’t without approval. 2.

    They can’t get the roads built because they don’t have the money.

    3. Launa took over Trade so the big companies can come to get for approval and she looking out for her Brother’s interest so you know the greasing hands she intend to get before bringing the policy back.

    4. Sowande the puppet is just securing his four more years so his pension is as good as gold while the others travel the world to accomplish nothing.

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  5. LOL says:

    The minister said. Rymer said. He said. Meanwhile we didn’t hear anything from the FCDO. Only what Rymer said.

  6. idea says:

    We don’t have the proper infrastructure in place to cater for mass tourism. Extending/expanding the airport can have a negative effect on the economy when you consider the cost involved and just to have unhappy tourists. Maybe Government can share with us their study, so we can have a more educated view of the project. From looking at the state of the island it is hard to conclude that we are ready!

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  7. Wtf says:

    Lets hope that the government don’t turn down this offer like they turned down the navy ships to patrol the border.

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  8. Smh says:

    We don’t need this extension… flights to Miami are good enough!

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    • @smh says:

      You really are in the bushes and is trying so damn hard to escape the bushes but to no avail. Who is to say American Airlines will continue their route from Tortola to Miami. This is 2023 and it is about time for the Airport to expand where you can fly directly from Tortola to any destination.

    • Wtf says:

      Only to Miami people trave?

  9. Hmmmm says:

    I hope the UK help in the airport do not be like when they helped St. Helena and other OTs and it turn out to be a disaster and a white elephant with huge corruption.

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  10. Britain Love. says:

    Britain truly love and care for the BVI. They not giving up on us. Our leaders need to stop playing the fool and step up and lead with passion, compassion and vision…Stop blaming the Gov and Britain for their failures..

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  11. Deliver this and secure a seat says:

    As a tourist that’s visited multiple times this year, please go ahead and take all support from the UK. We have multiple places to stay in the bvi coming through this airport. It’s just the connections from the UK and the US aren’t great and very costly. We use miles up to Puerto Rico or Antigua. I can guarantee a positive uplift in tourism if this is done so please make haste and ensure the main roads are repaved and has appropriate road markings as part of it. At least on Tortola.

  12. Hmm says:

    Don’t allow them they will mess y’all up like what they did in Palestine

  13. Cross Hairs. Believe it or not says:

    That colonial man making preparations for hisentry and stay.

    Britian, and by extension the colonial mind set do not do things on a scale such as this without self interest being front and center and ulterior motives.

    Appears none in the territory (locals) has learned anything from third catastrophe to hit Toa after Ir/Maria, the great Gus Hurricane.

    The place is cramed pack with agents of every discipline, profession and colonially appointed positions.

    We/tis territory is in the cross hairs of the man. Believe . it or not.

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  14. Redstorm says:

    Just love this!

  15. Turn them down.. says:

    U don’t like them. U don’t respect them. You don’t listen to them..Best you refused their help.

  16. Population CTL. says:

    Aviation fuel exhaust has a very high toxicity, A small island such as this should be vugikant about efforts to ensure the healthy air quality of our air. AND FOR NO Good REASON

    Why instead are there efforts to pollute the air East and join the Western End with its already deadly pollution with resulting high cancer rate and lungs issues,

    Is this a conspiracy with the billionairs intent and agenda for population control?

    Make Sense Please!

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