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UK Telegraph sensationalised story about ‘independence referendum’

Premier Andrew Fahie. (Photo from Fahie’s Facebook page)

Premier Andrew Fahie has denied telling a press outlet in the United Kingdom (UK) that the BVI is moving forward with a referendum that seeks greater independence from the UK. 

In a UK Telegraph news article appearing over the weekend and titled ‘Tax haven threatens to ditch the Queen amid corruption row’, Premier Fahie reportedly claimed that local officials were laying the groundwork for a vote on greater independence. 

But while speaking on ZBVI radio following the publication of the story, Fahie suggested the Telegraph misrepresented some parts of its interview with him.

“One of the papers ran a story trying to indicate that I stated that we’re threatening the UK to go independent but if you read the quotations of what was said in that article — I think it was the Telegraph — I was clearly stating to them, that’s not a call for elected officials. When the time comes for self-determination, that’s a call for the people of the Virgin Islands to make up their own mind,” Premier Fahie stated.

He further said the government’s job is rather to prepare the territory by ensuring sectors such as health and education are strong. He said the government’s role is also to ensure there are good governance systems in place.

“We prepare our people just like you prepare your children through primary school, through high school, through college so that when the time comes for them to go on their own — whenever that is — they would be prepared to handle it in whichever way they want to handle it. So that is what I was letting the media know. A few of them have taken it … to do sensational headlines. But we were able to be clear in what I said and when persons read the article they see clearly what I said and I stick to it,” the Premier added.

“According to The Telegraph, Premier Fahie said: “When it comes to that next move of self-determination, that has to be the decision and the action of the people of the Virgin Islands. Because as one of our older politicians who has since died used to say, and I quote him, ‘the voice of the people is the voice of God’.”

No corruption to see here

The Telegraph also reported that the Premier rejected any claims that the BVI is corrupt; despite an ongoing Commission of Inquiry examining issues of governance and potential corruption in the territory.

The territory’s leader reportedly insisted that anyone making those assertions “is trying to damage the BVI’s reputation, and is an irresponsible person.”

He further insisted that anyone that tries to brand the BVI as corrupt, needs to give an apology to the people of the Virgin Islands.

The Premier, along with a delegation comprised of Health Minister Carvin Malone and other government officials, is in the UK attending the annual Overseas Territories (OT) Joint Ministerial Council (JMC).

It is reportedly the first JMC in-person meeting since 2019 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

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  1. GTFOH says:

    Fahie should know better than to give an interview to any UK media. The UK headlines alone from certain UK media show their hatred for the BVI every time. That headline is full of vitriol and coming from people that voted for Brexit it is shameful and tasteless.”Tax haven threatens to ditch the Queen amid corruption row’ That’s a sensationalized, agenda driven headline that would make Fox news and the yellow site proud.

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    • wtf says:

      “the government’s job is rather to prepare the territory by ensuring sectors such as health and education are strong. He said the government’s role is also to ensure there are good governance systems in place.”

      So no chance of any change then.

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  2. Lodger says:

    So he was l**ng when he himself alleged corruption by the NDP, which is also being looked into by the COI.

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  3. Chz n bred says:

    This man is consistently denying one thing or another uttered by his forked and ambiguous tongue.

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  4. CORRECTION says:

    the BVI cannot be corrupt / its the people who is running the same BVI , and playing mind games on the people who put them there and with taxpayers 💰🤑💰

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  5. BuzzBvi says:

    Time for you apology then opposition Minister Fahie.

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  6. Liar says:

    Fat Albert once again l**ng. He thinks he represents the people. He represents he, himself and P. The man needs some pr**on time and soon. He allegedly walking around the UK like a Dictator making demands and threatening the UK. Sir Gary send in the Marines

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  7. Truth Seeker says:

    Sir, you were the one that stated that the NDP was the most corrupt administration in VI political history. Based on your, statement you should be the first to apologize. Or is it only locals can make such declarations? Your assertion about the past administration was a catalyst for the ongoing COI, if you don’t recall. You can’t have it both ways!

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  8. BLACK says:

    BOY you talk too much !!!!! your mouth is the problem……. you just talk to much.

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  9. Dear Honorable Overdrive says:

    You done got played son. I would tell you to play chess not checkers but it sounds like checkers is a game you’re still learning.

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  10. Belonger says:

    Anybody who chat too much must get themself in trouble.
    Take a leaf out of the book of great leaders.
    They spend less time talking and more time working.

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  11. resident says:

    foy nickname should be two face, he always telling two different stories

  12. God is at work says:

    When the great God of the universe is done with you, you will learn to stop calling his name in every deceitful sentence coming from your un***thful mouth. Be not deceived, God is not mocked. He will deal with you.

  13. They right! says:

    You like to hear yourself talk too much. That’s your problem. Talking the most doesn’t make you the most intelligent person. It shows that you are the loosest with your lips and this is not a good quality for a leader. The newspaper right to do it. You talk too darn much.

  14. RELAX says:

    Typical politician, foot in mouth disease rampant!

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