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UK to cover medical bills for any side effects of AstraZeneca vaccine

The United Kingdom government will be covering all expenses associated with any negative side effects suffered by BVI residents who opt to take the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine.

This is according to the Acting Chief Medical Officer Dr Ronald Georges, who made the disclosure during a recent interview with JTV News.

Dr Georges said that under the present vaccine procurement agreement between the UK and the BVI government, the UK has agreed to cover all medical expenses that stem from any side effects linked to taking the vaccine.

“In delivering the vaccines to us, the UK has looked at some of these issues. So there is an indemnification that the UK government is providing for these types of issues. What that is, is that they are looking at the potential for risk and they the UK are covering it, because those are some of the conditions under which the vaccine is procured and is also being distributed,” Dr Georges exolained.

“So that indemnification that the UK gives to its own citizens in the UK is extended to the British Virgin Islands as well,” Dr Georges added.

Programme to monitor all side effects

The Acting CMO also said a monitoring system will be in place where all side effects of the vaccine can be reported and channelled to the requisite institutions.

“With the roll-out of a vaccine programme and a regular expanded programme of immunization, we monitor side effects, so you have a range of potential side effects with vaccines from ‘very, very mild’ to ‘potentially severe’, and there is a whole system of monitoring all of them. So that is in place and of course, [it] has to be expanded greatly for COVID vaccines because we are looking at the large numbers,” he stated.

“These events are reported to WHO, to CARPHA, to PAHO and there are also reported to the vaccine manufacturer. So there is a system in place for the monitoring of potential adverse reactions — all types of them — and this here will be expanded for this programme,” Dr Georges added.

Just last Thursday, February 4 the territory received the first batch of 8,000 AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccines from the United Kingdom government.

According to the Health Minister Carvin Malone, the vaccine will be distributed in phases, with the first set of eligible persons being frontline workers and the most vulnerable category of residents.

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  1. me says:

    Wow it better don’t have any ♡

    • Not So Fast says:

      A small clinical trial in South Africa found that AstraZeneca PLC’s Covid-19 vaccine doesn’t appear to protect recipients against mild and moderate illness from a fast-spreading new strain of the virus first detected in the country, according to limited results released Sunday.

      The trial, which enrolled around 2,000 volunteers with a median age of 31, was too small and its participants too young to draw broad conclusions on the vaccine’s overall efficacy in protecting against the disease caused by the coronavirus, especially when it comes to hospitalizations or death. However, its findings contribute to concerns that a mutating virus is rendering existing Covid-19 vaccines less effective and that shots will need to be updated to protect against new virus strains.

    • Yes says:

      You mean while I am drooling from the mouth and don’t know my child’s name, they will pay any outstanding medical expenses? I’d have to say thank you in advance. I’m not sure I’d be able to show appreciate the gift later.

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  2. Lol says:

    No side effects other than it makes bush tea taste like salt fish.

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    • Don’t Follow the Masses says:

      Feb. 5, 2021, 1:04 PM EST / Updated Feb. 5, 2021, 6:06 PM EST

      By David K. Li and Bianca Britton

      A Virginia minister died shortly after she received a coronavirus vaccination, authorities said Friday, though there was no indication the vaccine was at fault.

      Drene Keyes, 58, received her Pfizer vaccine at a clinic in Warsaw, which is about 80 miles north of Newport News, before falling ill, Warsaw police Chief Joan Kent told NBC News.

      Officials said they did not know the cause of death, or any underlying conditions Keyes might have had that could have contributed to her death, and said there was no evidence it was tied to the vaccination.

      Keyes remained at the clinic for 15 minutes after the shot, as recommended, before returning to the clinic later that day, Kent said. She was rushed to VCU Health Tappahannock Hospital, where she died Saturday.

      While an official cause of death was not immediately determined, Keyes did not die from any allergic reaction connected to the vaccine, according to state Health Commissioner M. Norman Oliver.

      “Preliminary findings indicate that the cause of death was not anaphylaxis, but it will take several weeks for additional information to become available,” Oliver said in a statement on Friday.

      “We can confirm that the death occurred within hours of having received the vaccine, but that is not evidence of it being related. We are currently investigating and do not yet know the cause of death.”

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  3. Pen says:

    If I was the UK I would have never send any vaccine to the ungrateful ppl in the bvi
    Start giving Andrew and his administration the vaccine first
    Follow by the bvi ppl first cause the are the godly ppl who say god always in there favor
    A day will come when the “down island ppl” as y’all call them will laugh at you ppl
    Worst than Irma is yet to come and it won’t be the virus, it will be something that ayo will watch y’all pride and richness go down the drain. Then ayo will die a slow death remembering how ayo use to treat y’all neighbors who are humans just like y’all

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  4. Nah says:

    Nah become Independent, don’t take the vaccine and let your witch doctors and voodoo men take care of you. It works so well in Haiti and the Foy wants this Territory to become Haiti. Leave the Brits alone. You hate them.

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    • Yup says:

      We wants to becum just like our brothas and sistas in Haiti mon. No white men telling us wat to do except Clinton’s. We poor, no homes, no food, plenty disease but we don’t have to answer to nobody, except da Clinton’s.

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      • Anonymous says:

        Nah, Yup and Pen are examples of poor huamity, who are filled with hate for our African Black people.

        These are the kinds of people and minds that do not want to to see the evolution of Black and self sustainability of people.

        These are the kinds of minds that would come to BVI with peanuts in their pockets, set a business and pay us nothing to serve them.

        These are the kinds of minds that would drag us back into bondage if they get the chance.

        These are the kinds of people that are living among us, establishing their own segrgated comunitis, schools and others.

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      • Yup says:

        There are those who are aware that the existing economic condition is a direct and continuing result of the evil white men have done over the years to that country.

        Who you trrryyyin to fool, fool.

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    • Nah says:

      There are those who are aware that the existing economic condition is a direct and continuing result of the evil white men have done over the years to that country.

      Who you trrryyyin to fool, fool.

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    • Cosmic Head says:

      Good Idea…

  5. Chosen says:

    Some of the leaders are saying it is safe and some are saying the UK will cover the medical bills for any side effects come on people read listen and understand this vaccine is not the answer christ is the answer

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    • Idiot says:

      Do you get a flu shot, Tetanus, polio? Of course you do. They work. So does this shot. Efficacy rates are lower than Moderna but better than nothing. Save yourselves and save others.

      Don’t be a prick and get one.

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      • Lilly says:

        Those vaccines you mentioned above are not the same. This one was rushed, and that is the problem with it. It will probably improve over the years, but right now its a risk to take it.

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    • Atheist says:

      You pray to your sky pixie. I will take the vaccine.

      Let’s see who fares best.

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    • @chosen says:

      Let’s be completely honest here, your christ has done a really poor job where this is virus is concerned. Keep believing in your magical, fictional, dress wearing fairy.

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  6. Chosen says:

    Jesus is the answer for the world today above him there is no other Jesus is the way

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    • Chosen says:

      And Jesus works through scientists and doctors to deliver miracles. This vaccine has a long list of side effects that is clearly published. Become informed.

    • :) says:

      No above him would be somewhere beyond the exosphere. Still not quite sure where.

      So you are right, nobody above him.

  7. Hmmm says:

    Will the UK cover funeral expenses too,just in case persons die as a result of taking the vaccine?

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  8. Mr.Gage says:

    A report just came out that in South Africa they have suspended the roll out of the AstraZeneca vaccine after ordering 1 million doses since it offers no significant protection against the new variant which has become dominant in that country so what’s the point of taking it?

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    • No point says:

      No point in taking it. Do what the African negroes are doing…nothing. Don’t take the vaccine. The population of the world needs to be thinned out and a few less … would do the world good in every corner including the BVI. Drink your bush tea and stay away from the vaccines……please.

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      • No Point says:

        The population of the world needs to be thinned out and a few less hatefilled European white men who have and are still causing havoc on the earth and other people, would do the world good in every corner including the BVI.

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      • To BVI News says:

        No point
        February 8, 2021 at 11:00 AM
        “No point in taking it. Do what the African negroes are doing…nothing. Don’t take the vaccine. The population of the world needs to be thinned out and a few less Africans would do the world good in every corner including the BVI. Drink your bush tea and stay away from the vaccines……please.”

        BVI News administration: You are aiding abetting blatant and vicious rcism and racial attacks on the people of the. BVI.

        This kind of speech should not be tolerated or posted for public consumption. As, it serves no prpose but to foster hate and violence against a people who have known nothing but hate and racial violence for centuries.

        Thereore, please stop publishing this sort of hate commentary.

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  9. Rubber Duck says:

    So the vaccine arrived last Thursday. They have known it was coming for a month at least.

    And there is still no information on when or how the vaccination program will start.

    Unbelievable incompetence.

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  10. Teacher says:

    What the price of death as a side effect???????

  11. LOL says:

    Why is everyone up in arms about the vaccine and pretending to be so ‘woke’? I am certain that the vaccine is much safer than most of the frozen items and other groceries from the supermarket which are loaded with GMOs and other preservatives. Every weekend, many of us drink a set of rum, eat a set of food truck greasy foods and are here acting worried about a vaccine. Don’t take it if you don’t want to, but don’t act as if you are doing your body any favors if you consume all the processed garbage that’s out there on a daily basis.

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  12. @Pen, Nah and Yup. says:

    Thank god, unlike the recent past, your attacks upon us, because of the weaponzed nature of our skin color, are no longer physical.

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    • WOW says:

      Was that a sentence that you wrote? Was it supposed to make sense. Are you a product of BVI schools? If so you get a pass because most can’t count beyond 10 because they don’t have more fingers and words are limited when written to no more than 3 letters. Remember Belongers are descendants of the slaves that no other island wanted.

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      • @WoW says:

        Don’t see the schools in UK or US producing any that count past ten either.

        At least e can also count to twenty because we also have ten toes. A fact, a racist is blind to.

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      • @Wow says:

        Question that you will not the truth to, but with a racist mom fact:

        Why in UK and America children taught by white women and men fail 95% of the time?

        Why in schools where the teachers are predominantly Black in the UK and America, the learning and passing rate far exceeds that of those white teachers who claim to teach Black children?

        Educational psychologist and others know the true answer to these and other questions Black people have been facing for centuries.

        And guaranteed, the answers are not that Black children can’t learn, or that white teachers can’t teach Black children, but that their innate racism inhibits them from teaching the Black child effectively.

        See, the question was answered for you.

        The seeds of learning and the develop of an exceptional intellect was born. nourished and developed right here over sixty five years ago.

        So you go look at your own inferior educations systems in the UK and other before trying to cast disparagement on ours.

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  13. hello? says:

    Can you hear me? …still not taking it

  14. Janet says:

    The vaccine has been on island for six days now and no mention of how to register for the vaccine has been announced. Did we forget to order needles to inject the vaccine with? I know we forgot to get fridges as they are storing it in Rite Way. How sad and useless we had months to get this right!

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  15. So why says:

    If the bvi ppl are so evil and wicked.

    Tell me, so why you still here? Ppl like you make me know you all who think just like you think you can come here and do as you please.

    Most of you all go on about bvi laws and such. Why you here if bvi the worst and it’s people.

    I will end with this advice, take the weekend flight home to where you are from. I assure you the bvi will not miss you and family of you have one.

    Tired of you people coming into my birth place and got crap to say. I am sure most time we the bvi did not call 90% of you all for a job.

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  16. :) says:

    Just a reminder for everyone in here calling people from the United Kingdom – ‘european whites’ or ‘european white men’ are from Europe.

    Not the United Kingdom. Remember Brexit?

    The level of education on this board is overwhelming.

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