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Unacceptable roads, sewerage | Smith promises 20-year development plan

A 20-year national development strategy to include addressing the troubling issue of the territory’s faulty sewerage network are among plans being proposed by engineer and Territorial At-Large candidate for the Progressive Virgin Islands Movement (PVIM) Shaina Smith.

Smith laid out her plan during a recent PVIM rally in Road Town.

She said it is unacceptable that the British Virgin Islands is still being affected by this lingering issue.

“I have already shared with the team that in our first 100 days in office we must create a 20-year national development strategy that will direct the development of our country to a more stable future. This will be the guiding force for recovery and development initiatives and to ensure that priority goals are achieved.”

She said the strategy will include an economic and fiscal policy to increase revenue and to address inefficiencies and wastage in the public service.

“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail,” she added.

Unacceptable, sewerage fix overdue

Smith said addressing the sewerage and other issues are also on the PVIM’s agenda.

“For years now we have been contending with the same issues – our roads, our water supply, wastewater management.”

“Just the other day I was driving through town and I had to roll up my windows because of the (sewerage) smell. This is totally unacceptable in this 21st century and we cannot have access to the monies and the technical capacity and still have infrastructure that is not to international standards.”

Smith said if elected, her team will be addressing the matter.

“That is one of the things that are within our plan to look at as part of the recovery to ensure that whatever work is done, it is done to international standards and it is maintained as well.”

In the meantime, another PVIM Territorial At-Large contender Curnal Fahie also bemoaned the state of Road Town and the wider territory.

“We are in the capital, and the roads in the BVI are some of the worst I have ever seen. Our infrastructure is so horrible … because we are not putting the right people in place to do the job and this has to stop now.”

“I will advocate for proper paving. This [road] patching is foolishness. It is costing us money because we have to go to the mechanics. Every little rain, Road Town flooding, everything in Road Town floating. We truly have to fix it. It is quite embarrassing that a capital that is always under flood water,” he added.

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  1. Yawn says:

    Blah blah blah! From PPA, to NDP to VIP, they were all the best parties when she was a part of them. Shaina and Dancia should’ve formed a party called the DNP – Do Nothing Party.

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    • Rubber Duck says:

      wtf are the development agency doing?

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    • @Yawn says:

      Just a point of correction Shaina was not an elected official with either of her previous affiliations and it is quite obvious that you can get nothing done if you don’t have a seat at the table. I dare you to give her a try. It will be unfair to cast this judgement on her if she was never given the chance to prove otherwise.

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    • Concerned says:

      She is saying the rightnting. Not still talking an airport than is nit NEEDED and cannot be afforded

  2. Dman says:

    Make it a five year plan, Shaina.

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    • Deh Watcha says:

      How about the 5year plan being for achieving some key milestones in the 20year plan.

      A 5year plan is good but the BVI needs some longevity in their planning structures.

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  3. pvim heckler says:

    Unfortunately those inferior chinese road paving equipment that your leader imported, all failed contributing to the dilapidated road conditions

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  4. Concerned says:

    Thanks for your concern promises.You and people in your new party were in the ruling party wasted a lot of tax payer money on these issues and without a clue .What magic do you intend to perform ?

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  5. Maybe No One Should Vote This Cycle says:

    Just so tired already of these eyes on the green wanna get rich quick cookie jar, and their implausible promises.

    Yet, as of this moment, not one single candidate, party or at large has addressed the most critical of all issues, the horrific economic condition of the middle, low to poor income family, mother, father, child, children, private and public employees, who are surviving on misery salaries, but are remaining silent despite their misery.

    Still, every four years we hear the same campaign themes and slogans about roads, sewerage and others. And, every four years one looks around and neither roads, sewerage, others or salaries, or the misery index of families, children or employees had changed for the better, but politicians appear richer than before they were elected.

    The only change we see are the rich, business holders and politicians getting richer, while every one else struggles along.

    Truth is, some are tired of working their assess off and not getting any semblance of economic hope from neither their salaries nor their prospective elected officials.

    Perhaps they are thinking that all is well with the voting populace. But then again, we know that they know all is not well.

    It is just that they are only caring about their own forward economic growth and not that of others.

    With about three weeks before election day, it heart breaking that not one candidate has spoken about sorely needed economic relief for the populace, private and public alike.

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    • @Maybe No One Should Vote This Cycle says:

      I’m assuming you have not listened to the numerous rallies and FB events as you would have heard this from Ronnie with his plan to increase the tax free amounts and give public servants a 13th check.
      Shaina and Sandy have highlighted the plight of women especially single parents who are paid next to nothing and are living under the poverty line and the families that are affected.
      I have heard this on the VIP podium as well. So everyone seems to be well aware.

      I do agree that despite this as you have pointed out nothing has really been done to bring relief. So I encourage you to take a listen again and make choice on election day. Please do not give up hope.

  6. Lily Ann says:

    Who did the highway road?? locals or Outside contractors?? Because the highway never have pot holes yet … someone enlighten me

  7. ! says:

    Girl, nobody likes you or really care what you have to say. Go sit down, flip flopper.

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  8. E. Leonard says:

    Among other critical needs, the VI needs a National Development Plan (NDP) or whatever name is used. Other residents have advocated for such a plan, eg, if my memory serves me, think Douglas Wheatley some years ago advocated for such a plan. The NDP should be formalized by voters; and codified into law; an election is being held on 25 February and it would have been ideal if the NDP was on the ballot for voters to vote on. Nonetheless, once the NDP is passed, every government would be obligated to adhere to it. Any major changes to the NDP would either need to be taken back directly to voters or to the HOA where a 662/3% or 75% vote would be required.

    The BVI is in dire economic straits and strong leadership and effective planning is needed to dig itself out. The way forward requires a world class/First World physical infrastructure,ie, water, sewage, road, port, electricity, drainage, gas, telecommunications……etc. To make this happen, will require tens of millions of dollars for design, construction, maintenance and operations.

    Further, the modernization may require additional taxes, fees…..etc. Modernizing the physical infrastructure must be seen not as an expense but an investment in future. Modernizing the infrastructure is urgent and important and must be a top priority on the national bucket list.

    • NPolitico says:

      Why name the plan NDP; NDP leaves less than a sweet taste in many mouths. Good suggestion ruin by a poison pill. It is all in a name. Nonetheless, such a plan is needed. The BVI cannot continuously be charting a new course with every new government. As you noted, regardless of what alphabet soup government is in power should be following the plan. However, if this is to happen, the electorate must make it happened, for the policians may not have any appetite for it. Let’s start a competition for a name change. I will suggest national improvement plan ( NIP).

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