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Unconstitutional for gov’t to block Governor’s Office from using GIS

Governor John Rankin.

Governor John Rankin has said he believes the Government Information Services (GIS) should facilitate the work of both the elected government and the sitting governor, without any hurdles.

The governor, who appeared before the Commission of Inquiry (COI) in a hearing yesterday, said there was a proposal and draft Cabinet paper created to effectively limit the communication services of his office.

The proposal, which came at the tail end of the former governor, Agustus Jaspert’s tenure, essentially espoused the view that it wasn’t the function of the information services arm of government to work with the governor. This was described as an old practice.

The move at the time left the governor’s office without access to the GIS and required the office to find other ways to publicise its own material.

“My understanding was A, that had not been the previous practice and B, it ignores the fact that the governor is part of government within the British Virgin Islands,” Governor Rankin said.

It was previously reported that under the proposed policy, communications from the Governor’s Office would need to be approved by the Premier’s Office before it could be disseminated.

But Governor Rankin said this position was neither practical nor in accordance with the constitution.

“The Premier has his responsibilities and I have my responsibilities, but I don’t think it would be the interest of good governance or consistent with the constitution, if any communication that I make required the approval of the Premier,” Governor Rankin said.

He added: “And obviously I would have been unhappy with any suggestion that any of my communications would be under a power of approval by the Premier or ministers.”

According to Governor Rankin, the government information services is there to serve government and he is a part of the government of the Virgin Islands under the constitution.

“I look to Government Information Services to assist me when I’m giving out messaging, for example in relation to preparation for hurricane season, in relation to the need for people to get vaccinated or any other matter of which I may wish to make an appropriate announcement. So, I think Government Information Services are there to serve the governor as they’re there to serve the elected government,” Governor Rankin stated.

In the meantime, the governor said he was happy to report that a practical way was found through that difficulty.

“I, for the most part, am content with the working as it stands with Government Information Services,” the governor said.


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  1. Governor’s bloggers says:

    Hope the Opposition can use GIS also as Rankin opened a can of worms

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    • Well says:

      That’s a political battle but administratively the Governor is a part of the runnings of in-power-government. He works alongside the sitting government. It’s unconstitutional period .

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    • OLD KING says:

      i think all of government should be able to use GIS ,not one set only , so who is government, even the opposition should have access to

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  2. heckler says:

    I wonder why is the VIP fighting all the governors that the mother country sent? Is it because they want to rid us of corruption?

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  3. TICK TOCK says:

    Their count down started, a short time remaining

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  4. HELP says:

    Why don’t we just shut this government down and move on UK?

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  5. Smh says:

    This dictatorship style of leadership that our dear Premier is trying to achieve is not going to bode well for us as a people. He needs to stop it!

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  6. @CARIBBEAN GAL says:


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  7. reporter says:

    As a resilient people we have to stand firm in our faith, pray without ceasing and rebuke this Pharaohic spirit that has taken over this country.

  8. Common sense says:

    Sadly, the Premiers 15 minute racist rant about slavery, reparations, and, despicable discriminatory outburst during his COI hearing finished him in the eyes of the UK. An individual like that has no business running anything, or, exercising powers over people’s lives. It’s all over bar the shouting.

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    • Huh says:

      Really! Why would you describe it as a ran against slavery, reparation and discriminatory outburst? Every time any black person/leader speak about the black genocide in Africa/slavery in the new world, repayment for hundreds of years of forced labour and the inequalities that continue to be meted out to people across the globe it’s given a dirty labels. Apparently history only affects us and bringing it up is discomforting to their kits and kindred. Isn’t that some entitlement ish. So you must control every part of the story. Really!

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      • Common sense says:

        Yes, really. Because the slaves and individuals who enslaved them have been dead for almost 200 years, no one today can change that, and, no one today is remotely responsible. Such language to good law abiding white people is insulting, and, not acceptable from a leader of a country, particularly a British country.

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  9. Anonymous says:

    If the governor is going to use our tax dollar to bash us to the world then we have a problem simple no GIS for them

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    • Umm... says:

      Better to have Willie use our tax dollar to pay for silly and unsanctioned legal fights… multiple times…
      Better to use our tax dollar to pay for more and more er government advisors and consultants…
      But wait… the Governor is consitutionally part of the BVI Government, and so it’s his GIS too!

  10. Really says:

    Do we have a bunch of Kindergardners running this country? God help us. No UK come and relieve us from this bunch.

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  11. Worst ting says:

    Do you fight with your parents ?

    We are one of the OT’s . The Premier just got in and fighting with two governors . Something wrong
    He is definitely going overboard!
    Sure his Cabinet members are having problems too but they are cowards . Do not want to make the party look bad .

    He put Whealtley Deputy because he cannot manipulate Malone . All ah dem afraid the open their mouths
    Yes massa! No massa! Who enslaving who now ?

  12. What you call dat!!! says:

    This is the only medium I can voice my concern without fear of reprisals:
    A lot of activities in the BVI are unconstitutional but it is being done and everyone complains in SECRET

    Driving over the hill this afternoon I was appalled at the overhanging of bush on the roadside in the Seventh and Eight Districts .

    Just a few feet away from the end of the district ,even the blind can see the stark differences at the side of the road with areas already cleaned . I pass a open back truck above Matcha with a workman cutting bush and loading on the truck .


    “Bad mindedness! ” Vindictiveness!! “Cronyismnes?” “Injusticeness” ah coining words of Leadership !

    We pay taxes too! We are part of the BVI . True leaders look out for the well being of the entire county , Not to make the Leaders in Opposition look bad and the Deputy look like a jelly fish!!!

    If we have to improve as a territory this mentality has to ? stop!

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