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Undecided: Christian weighing whether to continue in politics

Junior Minister for Tourism Archibald Christian

At a time when the National Democratic Party (NDP) is gearing up for a major shakeup, the NDP’s Junior Minister for Tourism Archibald Christian has said he is weighing whether to continue a career in representational politics.

His statement also comes as the British Virgin Islands moves closer to the next General Election, which Premier Dr Smith announced will be next summer or, perhaps, ‘sooner’.

“I have not made any official announcement about my intention to run in the next election. I have not decided yet”, Christian told BVI News last week.

According to the junior minister, an announcement on his political intentions will be forthcoming in ‘due course’.

Just this week, Premier Smith said he will not lead his NDP party into the next election.

Christian’s journey mixed with good and bad

While reflecting on his time as a legislator, Christian said his tenure has been both a mixture of positives and negatives.

“It’s been good, it’s been challenging, it’s been rewarding but it is something that I haven’t regretted.”

Christian said he was pleased to make a difference in certain areas such as raising awareness on waste management in the territory, as well as highlighting the importance of being a litter-free destination.

“I would think that I have tried to assist many persons as possible with challenges that they might have experienced from time to time,” he further said.

Christian also described himself as a ‘team player’ who has been supportive of his ministerial colleagues for the last seven years.

On another note, he said he does not think the general public has a full appreciation of the importance of tourism. He described that as one of the challenges he has been experiencing as junior tourism minister.

He also said, despite ongoing training, there is still more work to be done in developing a culture of good customer service in the territory.

“Our standards, the way Customs and Immigration deal with visitors or even residents, anybody who comes into contact with visitors — these are issues that we have to deal with.

“Because, at the end of the day, financial services and tourism — they are both service industries which requires pleasant people who provide a good experience to the public.”

Nonetheless, he said the tourism sector is slowly being rebuilt to its pre-hurricane condition.

He then applauded the BVI Tourist Board for doing what he said was ‘good work’.

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  1. Adios says:

    Bon voyage

  2. No nonsense says:

    This man still resides in the 1st district? Well sah! I thought he went on the no return plane as a passenger. So after that big pay raise, no work to show for it in his district he will retire and earn $$. And i have to work 25yrs to get mine….! That must be one of the secrets in ” Nature’s little Secret”

    • Stupes says:

      That’s what your life is all about. What a set of jealous Tola people. Mercy me. No wonder some of you all can’t progress. Too much in envy in their brain.

    • Blah, blah, blah says:

      No, you who live in the first need to get up off your @$$ and go run and get yours too. Thats all. Then take a plane to whereever you want. Its that easy. Just do it from complaining or is it that you fraid to throw your hat in the BROWN ring??? He contemplating to leave it to you. Go for it!!! On the mark, get set, GO!!!!

  3. Whatever says:

    A huge waste of time, l—- duck, in———-, “sit/restchassdown”..

  4. Diplomat says:

    In other words, after two terms,nothing concrete to report. well, may be it is time for a respite.

    • Albion says:

      I was thinking same thing. That is a very, very small list of achievements to reflect upon after 8 years in office.

  5. Waste of time says:

    He ain’t gone yet?

  6. Faith says:

    You bloggers are so mean, nasty and negative. If you don’t have anything good to say about the man, keep your darn traps closed. Say about others as you would like others to say about you

  7. Wes says:

    Easy choice.. go home and put up your feet

    • Go run says:

      Go run next election. Put your energy to good use and stop showing your capability of just blogging crap. See if you get elected. That dude ain’t have y’all to study.

  8. The doc says:

    He already knew he is not running next election because he done say he only wanted two terms.

    • Albion says:

      He has done two terms, so now he gets a full pension for the rest of his life: 2/3rds of his legislator salary for the rest of his life, all covered by the taxpayer. Why wouldn’t he retire?

  9. Thats Right!!!!!! says:

    Secure your Bag! Lols

  10. Silent says:

    He has his retirement package in the bag so why return? His financial goal was accomplished. As far as waste management is concerned, the problems are greater than ever before so that was an absolute failure. There are no rules in effect where littering is concerned.

  11. Politician says:

    Pensión in the bag he gone through

  12. Law Abiding Citizen says:

    Please quit. You’ve made no difference.

  13. Political Observer (PO) says:

    Hon Christian, that is an un i———-e record of accomplishments after 8 years in the HOA. You rode an NDP into the HOA for the last 2 elections. The NDP is dangling off the political cliff. Now what are you going to campaign on for re-election. If you canto get anything substantial done when your party is in power, what can you get done when your party is out of power? Nada. Just take the generous retirement pay of 2/3 of a legislator’s pay and head into retirement.

    Something is rotten in the state of Denmark. Legislators can earn lifetime retirement pay of 2/3 of their salary for 8 years of continuous service; whereas, civil servants got to labour for 25-30 years to qualify for retirement. This is an inequity. A constitutional amendment is needed to correct this inequity. Politicians will not initiate the amendment so it will have to be demanded by the people. Another change that is needed is not paying legislators to live in their own home. Civil servants do not get a $2000 per month housing allowance; they get $0. Another inequity.

    • Denmark says:

      Go research who made this law and vote them in next time. All you like it just so! On that note, please stop being an “Observer” and enter the Political race in an attempt to make a real difference from on here crticizing a man who had the balls to run. GETS SOME BALLS or is it that you are a p^$$-?

  14. The Primary Walwyn says:

    Get lost Christian. You are un———, and very out of touch. Never will I forget your anti LGBT statements, your ———-a and just your general i—— stance on too many things.

  15. Votes here says:

    Christian, I’d give you one more chance. I think you can deliver…you just need to stop running with the pack and run out…you have the capability and capacity…know that it’s not group politics anymore and stand up firmly for what you believe it and get the job done.

  16. RealPol says:

    Really, what is there to decide? The annals of governing will show little to no signicant achievements in 8 consecutive years. Well, you did qualify for 2/3 of your pay for the rest of your life. Where can I find a gig like this? It is time to call it a day.

  17. true says:

    with Ronnie out he will follow

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