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Undercover racism in the BVI being used to divide and conquer

Premier Andrew Fahie

Premier Andrew Fahie has said he believes colonial authorities from the UK are using undercover racism within the territory to enact their modern-day slavery tactics. 

He further said he believes these so-called tactics are geared towards disrupting and controlling the BVI population by levelling false accusations at local government.

The premier gave that indication during Tuesday’s sitting in the House of Assembly, while laying the Disaster Management Bill before the House to undergo significant amendments.

The amended Bill proposes to shift the power of control from the governor to the Premier and his government during times of disaster.

“The Disaster Management Bill before us today gives the people of the Virgin Islands the hands-on control over this aspect of our resilience. It complements the principles that are contained in the Constitution,” Fahie stated.

He added: “As we make the amendments to the Bill to put it under local government, this transition in the administration of disaster management in the BVI is long overdue, so as many other things such as the archives and many other areas that we are going to be tackling while helping the economy.”

Time for BVI to awake and see racist and slavery tactics

As he debated the amendment in the House of Tuesday, Premier Fahie said the time has come where locals need to commence viewing the Constitution and many other things from a different lens and not from the view of how the colonial powers have programmed persons to view things over the years.

He said: “We come awake when we look through the laws when it’s dealing with an elected official. But we go to sleep when it’s dealing with the laws dealing with the Governor or any other entity that comes from within the Governor’s area. [This is] because we still have in our mind that we are not as apt in these areas as they are, and that is where we’ve fallen short and it’s not by accident. It’s by design, sad to say.”

“There are some coming out of the UK practising this colonialism in a modern-day form and we must address it and address it now, because we cannot sit by knowing there is undercover racism creeping in the carpet of our territory and we want to continue to ignore because of fear or because they make us feel that if we touch it, they will destroy us whether it is politically or otherwise like they have done in other territories,” he explained.

Fear used as a tool to keep masses oppressed

The leader of government business further said these colonial powers use fear and other political tactics to undermine governments.

He said they do so by painting a discrediting narrative to the masses to pave a path to justify their authoritative measures when they take action.

“When anyone exposes certain things with them, they go after them to try to destroy them and make people feel, ‘never touch that because if you touch that or touch them in ways that they don’t agree, they take it as an insult and they come after you’. They destroy your life, you family and everything,” Fahie stated.

“But they put it under lack of integrity. They put it under lack of transparency and they put it under lack of good governance. [It’s a] modern-day methodology to do what was done even before to try to keep us in slavery even now. And have us doubting each other and looking at each other through a negative lens. I say to my people and the people of all the OTs especially the Caribbean, to remember the words of the bible and the words of the late Robert Nesta Marley, ‘emancipate yourself from mental slavery’.”

RDA a prime example

Referencing the establishment of the Recovery and Development agency, Premier Fahie further purported his point.

“That is something that they put on us because they were saying that we’re corrupt and a lot of us just accepted it. Yes, there was another government in place but not saying anything about them. But that’s what they’re going to do with every government that comes and that’s what we have to understand,” he said.

“The first way to drive a torpedo in any sitting government by them is always to make it look like the government is not exercising good governance and then get a few of us to believe it and stand up and say we have to take care of our own affairs. No matter what government you have in the world, you’re going to hear these things,” Premier Fahie argued.

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  1. YOUTH says:

    Finally someone has the guts to address this issue. I admire the boldness of our prior to tackle the tough issues.

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    • REFERENDUM NOW says:

      Vote thumb up to remain with the queen:

      Vote thumb down for independence:

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    • Rubber Duck says:

      He seems very nervous, clutching at straws, always playing the racism card.

      They must be getting close.

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    • @youth says:

      Until we change our outlook to life, we would continue to trail behind our regional brothers and sisters in terms of development.

      It is VERY irresponsible for any leader to make such statements considering how sensitive racial issues are these days.

      Further, I true leader’s goal should always be to bring people together for a common goal, rather than making statements that has the potential to divide its people.

      I’ve always said that an election has consequences but at the rate this government is trending, the BVI might just be heading to a point of no return!!!

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      • Better or Worse says:

        Have race relations in BVI got better or worse since Fahie came to power.?

        Up for better.

        Down for worse.

        Dislike 30

      The VIP forget why we get rid of them the last time. They repeating the same f–k. A set of unelected people running the territory. The public service in a mess with victimization. CSK bashing the UK as cover for VIP fokry. The people are not deceived. I am solid VIP. The VIP is not the party I voted for. You lot are not VIP especially at the top. You are led by a b***y and his clique. If Marlon gets a good team NDP back in soon. What a shame. These people don’t listen.

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    • Bismarck. says:

      When you want more power, invent an enemy.

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  2. Clearly says:

    The black staff and Caribbean staff at the Governor’s Office are becoming less and less. This is troubling and needs to be looked into. This is not good.

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    • What? says:

      It’s not “less and less”; it’s “fewer and fewer”. Perhaps it’s this kind of lack of education that differentiates those in employment in the Governor’s office from those without employment there.
      It’s possibly a factor……

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      • @WHAT? says:

        It’s called dialect you muppet – stop trying to force your way of talking on the rest of the world. The BVI is not supposed to be the “Oxford English Dictionary” version of your preferred world order. Get used to the individuality of the beautiful BVI or cart ya m**** s****.

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        • Mindset says:

          This response is the mindset and the reason behind all the woes that the bvi face today..
          Any issues persons have and they dont like either they suck it up put their tails between their legs and allow people to abuse them or they leave …sad sad indeed

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  3. People says:

    This Governor is working over time to try to divide us in the BVI. He does not understand our culture in the BVI and does not care to understand. He needs to go now.

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    • Understand? says:

      What, that you are uneducated, racist and drug dealing nation? I think we all know that

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      • Thumbs up says:

        You just nailed it!

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      • Just stop the trump lies says:

        It is factually true the pink race is the most viciously racist on the planet, who uses the most deals the drug. Who are they trying to impress on BVI News? irrationally?

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        • ??? says:

          The pink race? Are you referring to the unicorns? It might be better if you would stop using whatever you’re using, before you cannot cross back the rainbow from lala land back to what’s called reality……

    • Simple says:

      I just dont get it..why in this day and age the bvi is still an overseas territory
      To me it’s quite simple get your independence and run your own affairs

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      • Meanwhile says:

        Meanwhile in the real world, successful independent nations require a stable thriving economy any mature, transparent institutions. We have none of these things without the help of the UK. It’s not enough to want things in life, you have to actually be able to achieve them. Otherwise , smart people give thanks for the help of friends and don’t go off on dome kind of victim trip.

      • Aint so easy says:

        The BVI cannot sustain itself. We can’t even feed our small population with local produce. Lets leave the independence thing to better developed countries

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      • Liston says:

        VIP should forge ahead with indepence. Sooner the better. I am wondering what will be their excuse for failing economy then. ???

  4. WOW says:

    All the disasters, pandemic and confusion start in the BVI from 2017 to present. This is from the day this current Governor came to the BVI. Now is the time for him to go back to the UK with his e–l.

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  5. FACTS says:

    Look what Gus brought to our islands, under cover r—-m.

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  6. Anonymous says:

    There are some governance issues with the gentleman, coming from a local/Belonger stretching back to when the shackles were cut , and whose roots go all the way back to the continent, but the notion posited is second and supported because it is accurate.

    But why are we surprised? do we really expect any thing less, more or great from those people?

    The question is what strategies, political, economic, social and other are we crafting for a path forward for our and future generations protections?

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  7. Not convinced says:

    Premier Fahie – you sir lack the necessary skills to govern effectively. You’re upset that your underhanded tactics have been brought to the light. If you had any integrity, you’d step down and apologize for mishandling the COVID crisis and destroying the BVI economy in the process.

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    • Gango says:

      Foy is doing what most ineffective leaders do. They
      push populist policies regardless of their benefit or otherwise to society then, when society realises they are not competent, they blame others for the situation. It’s not a surprise really. We all know Foy isn’t up to the job and we also know the Governor is the only thing between us and anarchy.

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    • To Not convinced says:

      They should seek you down and put you in the mad house where you belong.

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  8. Jim says:

    What undercover racism?
    You are being completely open with your racist views sir, no mistaking your thoughts.
    Very ugly words in a time of BVILOVE

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  9. This says:

    This F** is in need of some severe mental health help. His mind is deranged and he is trying to take the BVI down a dangerous path. You may want independence but not in the manner of which he speaks. Forget not where your economy lies and who are the ones that support it. Blatantly open of your racism to whites will have a global affect on the BVI.

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  10. Rattie says:

    We done know gus is a r****t

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  11. Finally says:

    These are facts. Let the foolish ones continue to be blind. No matter which Government is in it is constant attacks once their agenda is not being pursued and that agenda does not align with the needs of the BVI and it’s people. Why should it when we are not truly who they are looking out for.

    Research what goes on in the other OTs and you will see similar trends.

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  12. LOL says:

    Which Governor will assent to such a bill?

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  13. Premier says:

    The only person promoting racism is you.

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  14. Hmm says:

    But same treatments are being handed down from your people to our very own shipmates (caribbean brothers). Remember all of us came to these caribbean shores on the same boats.

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  15. Resident says:

    Fahie is feeling the heat, clearly. This is a giant smoke screen to distract attention. The recovery since the storm 3 1/2 years ago has been run by two BVI Governments and it’s been pathetic because they can’t justify the necessary loans to rebuild and invest. The performance of the BVI Government actually during and after Irma was pathetic. It’s not racist to call this out.

    What happened to all the Government revenue from 1990 to 2008? I don’t the see to the evidence it was spent on good quality infrastructure that would have been a good investment while times were good.

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  16. @Not Convinced says:

    Good Evening to you and Thank you for your comment. I am not convinced nor will I buy into what the Premier has said. He can fool whomever he likes into believing this crook full of S**t that he is spewing. Don’t get mad because the Governor READ AND PEEPED YOUR CARDS. SO SICK AND TIRED OF THIS CONSTANT CHILDISH FUED YOU HAVE WITH THE GOVERNOR. GO FOCUS THAT ENERGY INTO BUILDING UP YOUR COUNTRY THAT IS FALLING APART. MY GOODNESS, HOW OLD ARE YOU?

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  17. Patriotic bvi says:

    Some of us bvilanders are racist to our own caribbean brothers and sisters.and you politicians also oppressing people shut your mouth mr.fahie.

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  18. Blame Game says:

    It is so ironic that this Premier blames others for the very things he does himself. He who stirs the s**t pot should be made to lick the spoon!

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  19. Watchman says:

    BVI News this is lazy journalism with a bunch of quotes… this is not an article at all, this is a transcript.

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  20. Fear used as a tool to keep masses oppressed says:

    ” When anyone exposes certain things with them , they go after them to try to destroy them and make people feel, never touch that because if you touch that or them in ways that they don’t agree, they take it as an insult and they come after you. They destroy your life, you family and everything. ” Fahie stated. That does RING A BELL.?

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  21. Nonsense says:

    Andrew Fahie is the one promoting r****m
    The governor doing a good job
    Is some of the bvi ppl racist and bad minded

    For example this particular hotel on the highway close since March and still close, leaving the staff to suffer the ain’t even getting contact with the employees to let them know what is there plans
    The waiting on the employees to resign so the won’t have to pay them
    That is wickedness
    And I sure this foolish government will extend the layoff period again

    And them frighten coronavirus
    Only the wicked frighten to die

    Government keep siding with the wicked employers

    I’m waiting for the racial comments

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  22. DIG DEEP says:

    Until we begin to understand how we have been mentally enslaved there can be no mental emancipation. The door to our mental freedom is the same one that we have been programmed never to open. I can dance around the subject but its a hot potato that I simply cannot deal with neither can I publicly sympathize with or support anyone who has ventured into that arena. I want freedom but not at the expense of the TRUTH. Is the glass half full or is it half empty? Open the door that no man can shut.

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  23. Premier or d**++*+r says:

    What a d*++++ce of a premier, distracting from the real issues the BVI is facing. I’ve lived around the world but never come across such a racist nation, it’s belongers vs everyone else. PS – the UK, not only gives you a passport, access to free education but soon also the vaccine. This premier, allegedly a church going is the closest I’ve seen of a d****+*r and is the worst case scenario for the BVI. Let’s hope 2021 gets rid of him

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  24. Religion says:

    I was born and raised here but this man makes me ashamed
    of that. He is afraid, he has been like that since he was a kid, I know because I’ve seen him grow up. He is a c+++++t man that hides behinds politics to justify this unfaithful behavior. God knows what you are doing and will see to it that you are punished

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  25. scipio says:

    This is further disgraceful posturing by Fahie. Instead of joining forces with the Governor during this crisis, he is claiming to be “bitten by the hand that feeds him”.
    Trump-like insinuations about racism are designed to deflect from massive incompetence and corruption. Only a fool would not want rules about good governance, and the Gov has helped us mightily since before Irma. Fahie supporters should ask themselves these questions:
    Would you feel safe with authoritarian government – secretive, crony-ridden, corrupt, incompetent – without any recourse to independent appeal or beneficent oversight?
    Where would you get your Covid vaccines? Or assistance after natural disasters? Or funds to rebuild our economy?

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  26. Rass says:

    “colonialism in a modern-day form”

    But the devil would have you believe he does not exist. Modern day colonialism exists. Caribbean people stop the tit for tat this is the man that started the fast track regularization. If anything you should be praising him for inclusion and keeping the focus where it belongs.

    We need to break this narrative that black people, and native peoples, are incompetent and “good governance” springs solely from historically racist global serial oppressors.

    There was a time when human life was not equal, fact and this is who we look to as saints, capable of no oppression, no condescension. I recall in my lifetime when any common white person was special right here in these islands. Things change.

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    • @ Rass says:

      This government only did the fast track regularization because they wanted quick money, don’t be fooled they don’t care about neither BVI’landers nor our caribbean people.

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  27. You Mr. Premier says:

    You are a undercover R****T. Look at the way your local boys and girls treat the people from the other Caribbean countries and the people from the South America Countries. The Governor has nothing to lose, you do. Why are you so d**n OBSESSED WITH THE GOVERNOR? Oh, forgot. HE EXPOSED AND CALL YOU AND YOUR CRONIES OUT.

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    • Joshua says:

      Right on target. Time for the Caribbean to start hitting back. Let them call us down island let us call them what offends them the most. Ugly tolans. Why do the Spanish and Caribbean woman take their men away from them. Not because that they have houses and lands or good paying jobs but because we are beautiful and the are hmmm ugly. Hit them where it hurts, after each post where down island is mentioned respond with ugly tolans. Let them speak more often to their mirrors hoping that the mirrors would lie to them. Mirror mirror on the wall who is the ugliest of us all. Tolans.

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      • Snoppy says:

        “ Why do the Spanish and Caribbean woman take their men away from them.”

        Lol. White women too!

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      • There you go says:


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      • @Joshua says:


  28. Belonger says:

    This back and forth between the premier and the governor is so futile. Where is it getting us?
    In a time like this, all hands need to be on deck to keep the territory afloat.
    Mr. Premier, this kind of discourse is not going to help us. We are a small dependent territory that did not put anything aside for rainy day so please stop biting the hand that rescued us after Irma and the same hand that is helping us fight Covid.

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  29. Slave mentality says:

    Read some of these post and you realize that some of them are from slave mentality persons who are in denial of the truth. The Premier is on target.

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  30. Jump the fence says:

    I like this government. Covid was stress but better they handled it firmly than who wanted to step in to handle it. Their relaxed methods abroad prolonged this pandemic to the point that they have a new strain develop.

    We need leaders who aren’t friending up with people for the sake of being seen as high society, aren’t afraid to say what needs to be said and I know this one is looking out for the people. What did the representative from the opposition party say? He got more done in his district under who? Speak the truth

    Where would we get our vaccines? I get the feeling someone will push them whether we want them or not. Didn’t they test them first in Kenya and South Africa?

    Right now the majority of us aren’t willing to be “inoculated”, (why would they use that term) with something that can’t possibly have been tested for long term safety. Bill gates wants to vaccinate 7billion people, no ones ever done it. After not even one year of safety test, you’ve got to be stupid. Years later if they turn out to be bad then we will say, no one’s ever been as genocidal. Every capable country wants to make their own seems they don’t trust each other’s jab, but who would be so devious to create a bad vaccine…

    All the money for this problem goes into solutions that make money and may be ultimately unsafe.

    What is the best herb which is safe and used since antiquity, for combatting Covid even marginally? Any research there hmm.

    Something is better than nothing, that’s the logic behind these fast tracked vaccines that are only marginally effective right?

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  31. Yawn says:

    Call it what it is. The UK cant find any black person in the UK worthy of being Governor. They cant even find a black Police Chief. They force RDA on us and not one single qualified black person in the world they could find to be the head. You would have to be an idiot or extremely naïve to think that it’s a coincident that they only select white people to run an island that’s over 95% black.

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  32. LB says:

    It is because history of politics in these Virgin Islands have taught us that we can not trust you. You are more loyal to your pockets and your political party than you are to the people of the BVI. So we rather have the colonial oversight to keep you in check sir. Change your dirty political ways and then we might feel comfortable empowering you.

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  33. Earl says:

    So the UK are giving you vaccines for your country ahead of its own vulnerable people who need it ? Carry on !

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  34. Anonymous says:

    I see the words of the prime minister and I start to think how the immigrant treats everything that he says about fear and slavery, there is nothing different than how they treat people who come from another country. Work here to pay taxes to kill themselves working for to be able to feed your children and even so you locals abuse and mistreat without compassion they persecute you even if you pay. tax and you come talk about the slavery that supposedly there is on the part of uk double standards that is what you are

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  35. We are the BVI says:

    I am a white guy from the US that lives in the BVI (17 years). This guy needs to move to the USA for a bit and then come back and tell us about racism.
    Of course the BVI has racism, it is everywhere in the world unfortunately. BUT the stuff your are crying about is a paper cut vs. what goes on every day in the USA.
    The laws and rules in the BVI are all built around protecting the Belonger (it is your country, I get it!). This results in Belongers being able to do all kind of illegal stuff and there are no consequences. NO CONSEQUENCES.
    Not really the case if you are a down islander or a ex-pat trying to get a work permit. You even call us NON_BELONGERS (I have a card to show when ever you ask!). Might as well make us wear a Gold Star on our shirts.

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  36. Joshua says:

    Hon Premier sis,what you are trying to feed us we ain’t eating. You are clever at putting your spin on everything but we want you to know that we are onto you. You can’t fool all of us all the time.

    Undercover racism, open racism, racism period has been inbedded into bvi culture for many years. What you think white Britan is doing to black tolans is what black tolans been doing to black brothers and sisters for years. So tell me who is more racist, white on black or black on black.

    Oh yea get off your necks, when are you going to get off our necks. You are laughing at us by giving us belongership and then robbing us blind. England is keeping tola under the whip and under grip.

    The more you wriggle the more the noose is tightening. You accused the ndp of corruption and lack of transparency it was not England. You never knew that your masters would hold it over your own head.

    Finally Mr Premier be honest who is really down island. Tortola or your self governing intellectual superior neighbors. Thank you you have answered correctly. The latter.

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  37. Smh says:

    He’s such an embarrassment. I give up. I’m ready for the next election.

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  38. Manipulator says:

    What do UK get from BVI? Nothing but a headache!! And lots of bills! Fahie wants total control so no one interferes in his c*++**l dealings. I bet UK would get shot of BVI tomorrow if it could….

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  39. hmm says:

    We firing people for their political opinion and the premier would have you think victimization don’t exist and the governor lie… Millions in cost overrun on every project; law enforcement officers moving coke and corruption don’t exist… they just saying so to divide us… Is like… I don’t trust the UK or the governor…pretty much Caucasians in general… but at the same time our own unwillingness to do certain things that guarantee transparency and good governance like the freedom of information act and protection for people who report something wrong or un ethical or conflict of interest… As a matter of fact when the premier was opposition leader he said he would implement the law if his party was elected… we still waiting on that but we reach all the way to constitutional review talk now to give the government more power to circumvent the UK all together and we still have no Freedom of information Act/Bill

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  40. MK says:

    Premier Andrew Fahie is not a leader, He is a b***y, and when he can’t have it his way he looks for things that he thinks people will go along with.
    Andrew Fahie I pray every day that England will take the command from you and step in. Like they say time is longer than twine.

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  41. Bob says:

    We should all work together during this crisis with transparency, honesty and humility to help relieve the suffering of the people and move forward to a better 2021. We should be proud of our achievements and productive in rebuilding our economy. Instead its the same old c****pt government stealing from the people and blaming others for there own ineptitude and deception.

  42. WEW says:

    Oh the blame game. Now all the problems Andrew has created is racism’s fault

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  43. VI youth says:

    I think you mean nationalist. Ain’t nobody racist on this island

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  44. Political score points says:

    They talking at both corner of their mouths . The leader is capitalizing on who ma know don’t know . He wants power and influence . Don’t care a flying fish about racism . The hatred is how the indigenous BVI hate people from the other islands . Who you can fool .

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  45. Interested says:

    Listening to the Premier makes me so weary.

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  46. New Psychological Movement says:

    The American and British caucasion male living here and abroad appears to be on a new crusade to jettison racism and their inherited sins from their souls and pass them on to Black people.

    Every living Black person with and without an education knows about racism, who invented, who practices it, knows it exist in all levels of society and that only Black people are negatively affected by it.

    Who are they still trying to fool? They need to take urgent action to cleanse their soul.

  47. just another says:

    Black trump bvi full of them

  48. Liston says:

    This guy is worse than Trump. I guess he has his own version of reality

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