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Unethical! Skelton Cline slams USVI Governor’s VIP endorsement

Claude Skelton Cline

Political commentator Claude Skelton Cline has blasted USVI Governor Albert Bryan Jr’s weekend endorsement of the Virgin Islands Party (VIP) to form the next government, calling it an unethical and unwise move.

Governor Bryan told residents at a political rally in District 5 last Saturday that the VIP team had, among other things, ‘been through the wringer’ and was tried and tested enough to move the territory forward after the elections slated for next month.

But Skelton Cline, who has been no stranger to accusations of unethical behaviour himself, described the USVI governor’s injection into the BVI’s local politics as unprecedented. 

“Why would he inject himself in the local campaign politics of the [British] Virgin Islands?” Skelton Cline questioned on his Honestly Speaking show. 

He also slammed the governor’s camp for not pointing out the indiscretion. “Didn’t you all see anything wrong with this; anything unethical about this; anything unwise about this?” Skelton Cline asked. “[Anyone] offered any advice to the governor that, though you may have a personal choice, that you do not, you cannot break faith and a tradition with another territory?”

What happens when gov’t changes?

And while indicating the intervention broke with faith and tradition, Skelton Cline lambasted the governor’s endorsement as being ‘not right’ from any quarter. He further suggested that someone in the VIP should have seen that, despite any value the endorsement may have added. This was not the road the party should go down.

“That is uncalled for, that is wrong, that is unethical, that should never have happened,” Skelton Cline said of the endorsement. “And now, what happens when there’s a change of government and you still have to relate as [USVI] governor to whoever the premier is?” Come on. I mean, we got to be wiser. We got to be wiser than that.”

VIP defends decision

In the meantime, Deputy Premier Kye Rymer and Territorial At-Large Representative, Carvin Malone both defended the governor’s endorsement when they appeared on the VIP Let’s Talk show.

Rymer said Governor Bryan’s endorsement signifies a confidence instilled by the VIP over the past four years and pointed to the governor’s deep ties with the territory. He also explained that USVI-based voters come to the territory in boatloads and busloads during general elections — a provision he suggested is specifically catered for in the territory’s constitution. 

Malone commented that, while the endorsement may have been ‘troubling for some’, the party’s record of achievement speaks for itself.



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  1. This ? says:

    What was unethical is the amount of money you took from the GOV/ tax payers and they have nothing to show for it. You should humble yourself for you are no saint , sir clown .

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  2. LOL says:

    Consider the source. Why..why…just why what this guy says is worthy of these news reports? This guys has ethical issues of his own.

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  3. Styles. says:

    CSC is a questionable character….. BUT.

    He is 100% correct here.

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  4. Look who is talking says:

    You mean CSC again? Is it that he upset because the Governor took his spot? By the way did VIP spend any $$$ or pay the Governor for his contribution? Cline can imagine how much he would have made from VIP gain with those false unnecessary and outrageous contracts for consultation. When Gov. spoke for free. Im sure there will be no Bill or contract coming from him. CSC when will you stop?

    By the way, you said no clear path of winning for VIP is it because you are looking for your next horse to ride and cannot yet see which one? Thought it would be an easy decision to join your cousins, what’s the issue there? Inquiry minds want to know.

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  5. Hmmm says:

    Claude you in Mika Barry list you ain see she post it up last night she coming back in April shut your mouth

  6. No worries says:

    Most will ignore his useless statement the same way they ignore your babbling. Man of the cloth? Go back to Detroit, oh wait, they don’t want your opinion there either.

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  7. NDP Supporter says:

    What is unethical is how you used the NDP then the VIP and now doing the same with PVIM.

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  8. Resident says:

    what does this guy know about ethics

  9. Remember says:

    that even a broken clock is right twice a day.

  10. LMAOOOO says:

    Hear who is talking about unethical. CLAUDE GO SIT THE F**K DOWN YOU FUCKING LEACH!

  11. rattie says:

    shame on him just because he did not get the endorsement for his uncle blue team

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  12. ???? says:

    we want our tax money back run the money back and stop talking about ethics?. you for all people SMH

  13. Interested says:

    This is the first time I am agreeing with Claude Cline.It is worse than unethical.The VIO supporters have no standard,the same as their leaders,so they will denounce Claude.

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  14. Truth says:

    See them fighting for power cause they know not thee hour.

  15. musa says:

    bvi will have a new leader

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  16. Good Claude Bad Claude says:

    He is right. What is more alarming is the invitation by the VIP of the political leader of a foreign jurisdiction to participate in our local elections. I do not know where else in the world this happens. Foreign leaders can speak all they want from afar and the more critical issue here is how immature and amateur our leaders are. What of the integrity of sovereignty? Just because we’re not independent doesn’t mean that we’re not a country with our own ideals that should formally exclude interference from foreign powers in the selection process for leadership afforded by an election. Yet, the people we have chosen have decided in their folly to cede this sovereignty to a foreign power. I am so disappointed, especially in Kye. It is fine to come in fresh not knowing jackpoop but to be the same after four years is unforgivable. He has not grown/matured into leadership one bit and I should have known from his silence on the destructive behaviour of the former Premier which goes straight to character. If ayo decide to vote him out I cannot complain.

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  17. Citizen says:

    CSC has nothing to do with PVIM. Ronnie is the one person that won’t allow CSC to tarnish the Party. Take note and see for yourself. Stop assuming.

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  18. Citizen says:

    Claude has nothing to do with PVIM.

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  19. @styles says:


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  20. Truth says:

    I seldom agree with CSC on anything but I agree with him on this one. It matters not that he is the messenger. The truth is that it is unethical and wrong for the Governor of the USVI or any Leader of any country to interfere in another’s country’s politics especially at election time. Only God knows what composition of the next Government of the BVI will be. So how will the Governor take it if the VIP that he glaringly endorsed is not the one? What he did was totally wrong!!!!!!! WE AS A PEOPLE MUST BE WILLING TO SPEAK TRUTH NO MATTER WHO IT HURTS!

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  21. ReX FeRaL says:

    You have a undemocratically selected governor that does not look like you and you are not bi**hing about that.

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  22. Rubber Duck says:

    That twice i have agreed with Claude in a week.

    Somethings wrong.

  23. Fly, Away! says:

    Do CSC leave the territory? Putin has a few places he can visit! Can CSC go to Detroit and St Thomas? VG secede and join the USVI and put another chink in Clines armor.

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  24. Chat too much ! says:

    Hurry go up Balo
    He that humble shall be highly exalted
    The exalter shall be a base

  25. @ @ STYLES says:

    Simple ,we are one , so what’s our business Nissan his business too / those in these secret societies always lookout for eachother ?

  26. Jah Know says:

    This guy is a fraud but he’s right with this even tho he does this from time to time where he will show up in the media with nonsense talk then come again with what the people want to hear and make sense to gain likes.

  27. sample says:

    Claude you need to chill out because you are burning your bridge, you are still under investigation, empty barrel makes the most noise. What you are saying about my governor it doesn’t make sense cause you like confusion……….wait ah minute when last you visit the USVI?

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  28. @ JAH KNOW says:

    AH told y’aLL this guy is a GENIUS , Trump ain’t got nUttin on this hustler , and he already said Uall ain’t seen nUttin yet / pastor , consultant ,psychic and now messiah ~ so what next??? ? ( only heaven knows )

  29. Anonymous says:

    Governor Albert you are wrong. It’s illegal to support a foreign candidate/politician for office no matter how close the BVI is from us. Although you can have partnership with other leaders in the region. When it come to elections stay out of it.

  30. VItobone says:

    Governor Albert stay out of foreign elections. Are you the VI mini Trump?

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