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‘Uniformed’ essential workers now allowed supermarket access

Commencing Wednesday, April 22, essential workers in uniform can access approved supermarkets on Tortola and Virgin Gorda.

A government-commissioned media release said these supermarkets are only allowed to serve persons with government-issued identification cards between the hours of 8 am to 7 pm.

“The approved list of uniformed emergency essential workers include Health Services Authority, police, fire, electricity, Water & Sewerage, Customs, Immigration, Her Majesty’s Prison, Waste Management, Ports Authority, Airport Authority, Adina Donovan Home, Safe Haven Transitional Centre, Rainbow Children’s Home and Special Services Centre, and the Department of Information and Public Relations,” the release said.

On Tortola, the approved supermarkets are Bobby’s Supermarket, Riteway Food Market in Pasea Estate and OneMart Superstore.

The approved supermarkets for Virgin Gorda are RiteWay Food Market, Buck’s Food Market and Rosy’s Supermarket.

“All other essential workers are to access grocery stores through online and deliveries services,” the release added.

Some residents, in the meantime, have been experiencing long waiting times as it relates to ordering food supplies online and having them delivered.

As for others who’ve been given government-issued food packages; several hundred deliveries have been made so far.

Persons are not able to leave their homes to shop personally because of the extended COVID-19 curfew that is expected to come to an end on Sunday, April 26.

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  1. imejuice says:

    More good news: this will help reduce the number of senior citizens and essential workers during the times Supermarket access is limited to them.

    • How? says:

      Exactly how? The soft curfew would have served a better purpose. The supermarkets are not machines. People are the machines and they are crying?

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  2. Shake my head says:

    This one so cally essential worker from Bvi Electricity Corp. who only probaly working there for no less than one year, want to be boosting and bragging he got pass to be up and down and it got people who hungry and cant leave them house. If you essential then you need to act professional and not like a lil child. Yes I’m mad.

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  3. This lockdown... says:

    …has now stopped serving any useful purpose. On Tortola, half the island is our there charging the other half $$$ to deliver goods. Not to mention those who are just ignoring the curfew. Meanwhile, people without the means to pay for delivery and who have not received a care package are suffering.

    End this lockdown now and allow people to access essential services whilst enforcing proper, sustainable physical distancing rules to minimize the risk of transmission.

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    • Concerned says:

      This is totally correct.

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      • Ridiculous says:

        It is getting ridiculous. When I left my station to come home today, I passed the RTW car park (which was full and very few in uniform), had to wait in a line of 10 cars at the traffic lights, and was in traffic all the way home. I did not see a single police man or any efforts to enforce curfew on my way to work or on my way home. I don’t wear a uniform although I do have an essential services curfew pass – if everybody else is shopping I don’t see why I should not do so.

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        • @Ridiculous says:

          I agree. Police are nowhere to be found and I believe that Government has given up on checking to make sure anyone is adhering to the curfew.

          They realised this isn’t working.

        • Dolph's says:

          Since March lockdown the traffic in Chalwell has increased 10-fold. It is the new highway to avoid the main road. The other day I saw two cars full of people and behind them a police car who had just overtaken a jogger! On the other side outside my house down came a rental car. If Police had a vehicle stationed by Rudy’s they would see all the comings and goings but would they do anything.

    • @ This lock down says:

      What a horrific, but true picture painted of modern day 21st century man. Those kinds of mental realities? direct result of imposition of western european valuesand other indoctrinations. Those kinds of mentals were not in existence among Blacks before contact with europeans.

      We have regressed so low, beyond all humanity decency and civility.

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    • Sad says:

      I didn’t sign up for the care packages cause I have a few instant noodles and crackers. But, I am worried about those who are in need of food and have no internet access or credit on their phones…And I know there were people out there who didn’t need the care packages, but signed up and got theirs…while those who at really in need, will get nothing **sigh**

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      • Dolph's says:

        My partner has a pass as essential worker and we have been buying weeks-woth of food packages for people we know in dire need. Two people didn’t have the money. One is out of work from the Moorings and the other hourly paid but no work since March. The third did have the money and a cell phone but doesn’t know how to browse the internet and order online (old person) and so as the other two asked for care packages. So far not one of them have received them and is Friday morning. They had food to last until last Monday.

    • Revisittheplan says:

      Totally correct. We now have the majority of people running around, delivering to the small group of non-belongers who don’t work for essential services.

      We need to open up the shops. Allow exercise. Practice social distancing. If the lockdown hasn’t worked, it won’t work now. The goal was admirable but govt and Gus, we need to revisit the plan now. If the cure doesn’t work but it irreparably harms people it is no good.

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  4. only now? says:

    No wonder they were keeping most of the food intended for the less fortunate for themselves

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  5. VIP says:

    What about farmers & fishers without them we couldn’t of get our local goods , they should have been able to shop too

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  6. Good says:

    Only today?


    Do these uniformed officers require a CURFEW PASS?

    Anyone can put on their uniform and walk in the supermarket since it’s not an entire Department is on essential duty.


  8. Local girl says:

    Instead of bitching about food, some of these fat a$$es on this island should be practicing the OMAD, lose some weight, get their BP down control their Diabetes and be able to walk up a flight of steps without panting like a damn Deer looking for water.
    Food is what is killing the blacks around the world and it’s not the lack thereof is going on this damn see food and eat diet.
    Yes most people on this island don’t take pride in themselves then they blame their spouse for looking at lean meat.
    All this nasty lumps of fat on this island makes us not only look bad but illiterate and gluttonous, All the Shamos whining about is food, not about Corona, just food,damn shame.

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    • @local girl says:

      As much as this comment is rude, it is so sad to see that this whole lockdown has become all about food. I hope people are staying fit as well and not only eating.

      The poor staff at the supermarkets are overloaded. I feel bad for them. The ones at home are only complaining about their orders. It’s not that easy.

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    • I does really wonder says:

      But who this idiot is? I’m all for anonymity, but statement like this is best we see who the idiot behind the statement is.

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    • @Local girl says:

      I am with you on this. Hate to fat shame but people here eat to much heavy fatty foods and most of the population here is over weight. There is nothing more unattractive than a overweight man or woman. stomach almost touching their knees and car tire rolled in the back. You can eat whatever you want but eat in moderation, instead of drinking nasty sodas, drink flavored seltzer water, or other flavored water. If you eat French fries, squeeze a little fresh lemon juice on your fries instead of salt the lemon juice takes the place of salt and get rid of the oil on the live in a hot climate, you eat heavy foods, it is going to make you tired, lazy and fat.

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  9. Yep says:

    So half the Island now able to shop ?

  10. Blessings says:


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  11. Agree says:

    The soft curfew would have been way better and more effective.

    The supermarket staff are already overwhelmed and stressed out with the volume of work and now allowing essential workers to go shop is adding to that. What kind of social distancing is that? They are all in one small building and the people locked down at home are only complaining about food. Anyone thinking about what the staff is going through??‍♀️

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  12. What says:

    With the number of people out and about tiday and the number if people inside the stores it would appear anything gained by this lockdown is once again lost … just like the last time. People serving friends and CONNECTED persons …. the entitlement society never ceases. Just sad to see the selfishness.I hope I am wrong but I think we are not finished with this because of all of the above.

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  13. Unbelievable says:

    So, does wearing a uniform mean you won’t get infected or won’t be infectious? This just means that there are 1,000+ potential new positive CV cases out there already. Congratulations to whoever decided on this … (not).

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    • Uninformed says:

      Clearly you haven’t seen the latest news from WHO, if you wear a uniform you’re guaranteed not to be infected. I mean I haven’t personally seen this but I assume that’s why the government are allowing this, I mean they aren’t stupid… Are they?

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  14. Local girl says:

    The way I see it, we’re going to get more positive cases, this idea was and is a stupid one, not well throughout.
    All I saw today was the entitlement mentality greed on so many levels, persons who really are in need are not taking care of, we’re no longer our brother’s keeper, it’s all about self, ma’an it breaks my heart to see that we have become a nation of ” All of self and none of thee.
    Come on Caribbean people, let us come together with our own contingent plan and show the rest of the world that we’re not just foolish men, from Jamaica in the North to Trinidad in the South. (We likle but Talawah) naturally courteous considerate and caring because we are ALL Islanders.

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    • @ Local Girl says:

      You sure you from here because the way we see it everyone is getting food with our tax money from the Government (the needy and those not in need but it’s their tax money too any way so why not) buy still..the set-up has gone wrong since Govt stepped in and overtook the supermarkets now those who ordered are waiting a week for their food.

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  15. Why bother ... says:

    .. to have a lockdown at all now? Shocking.

  16. Fiend says:

    I do appreciate the governments efforts in trying to keep us safe but we need to realize this will never work against an unstoppable force,best we can do is mandate masks immediately.

  17. wth says:

    no d.o.i.t all of you would hve been lost without us keeping the network up, just saying

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  18. Loud and clear says:

    If non-belongers never enter a comment when theres a grievance I will be surprised. So groups running up and down giving non-belongers is an issue. The issue should be they are not giving everyone. So if they were giving only belongers I guess it would bot have been an issue. I’ve been all over and I’ve never met an island with so much dislike in their hearts for their brothers and sisters who are of the same color. Smh… I feel so sad for the negro community

    • Dolph's says:

      So you mean it’s all right to be racist about Asians and Whites just so long as we like our Black brothers? That is a sh***y attitude.

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