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United front | This transcends politics

Opposition leader Andrew Fahie believes the United Kingdom’s ‘public register’ controversy goes beyond political differences, as he and Premier Dr D Orlando Smith head to London today, May 14.

He has also called for prayers as they attend a series of meetings in relation to the UK parliament’s recent decision to impose public registers of beneficial ownership on the British Virgin Islands and other Overseas Territories.

Fahie said the present united front between himself and the Premier is to achieve a common goal.

“Given that this matter transcends politics and political parties, and given that this matter is a BVI matter and larger than any individual, political differences were put aside and our discussions centred on mutually agreed solutions that are in the best interest of the territory,” he said via a statement at the weekend.

“This effort is for all of us as one BVI people so that our ‘tomorrows’ can be better than our yesterdays,” he added.

In the meantime, Fahie said the BVI is not the only Overseas Territory whose leaders are uniting.

Government and Opposition Leaders from other Overseas Territories have also aligned and will travel to London to lobby the proposed public registers, which is an amendment under the UK’s Sanctions and Anti-Money Laundering Bill,” he noted.

During a statement last week, Premier Smith said his government will not comply with the amendment until it becomes a global standard.

The amendment is forcing the BVI and other Overseas Territories to implement public registers that reveal the names of beneficial owners of offshore companies registered in those territories by the year 2020. The move is feared to have adverse effects on the local financial services industry.

Meanwhile, the Premier and Fahie are expected to return from their UK visit on Saturday, May 19.

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  1. Sam the man says:

    The appalling nescience of our politicians is incredible….it really doesn’t matter if you don’t like it because it was being planned years ago….the UK tax payer basically has been fed up for years subsidizing the Overseas Territories of which the BVI is a small one admittedly but has to be bailed out and supported financially every year…it’s continued support of secretive financial affairs will now come to an end (thank goodness) and it will need to source other revenue streams…maybe Irma was the last straw as the island was so poorly prepared and needed the UK to step in and help it financially and with troops/resources which was expensive…the lack of appreciation was staggering and v ungrateful. If the muppet government we have doesn’t get its act together and comply the only other option is independence and I for one wouldn’t want to live in Haiti 2….Apologize and agree how long it will take to comply BVI…

    • Reader says:

      This is great news! (local). Its amazing how little is said when our leaders are doing what is right. When there was even a glimmer of disunity or division, there were so many people rejoicing and posting their views about it. The bible said it clearly: “they have eyes but do not see”, and “when they were in one accord the Holy Spirit fell upon them…”. To God (The Creator, Savior and Great Provider Jehovah) be the Glory! It is NEVER TOO LATE…

    • Here goes says:

      Where on earth do you get your facts regarding the UK subsidising the BVI? This regulation is pure hypocrisy, the UK’s governance of it’s own corporate structures are a joke and open to fraud and poor oversight. I would also add that this regulation smacks of racism to me (and I say this as a person who usually raises his eyebrows at the racism card); this policy is only being implemented on territories that are mainly afro-caribbean, territories such as Jersey and Isle of Mann which are mainly white are surprisingly omitted… The UK government is doing this purely as a desperate attempt to stay off criticism at home implementing it against people who have no say in the matter and for the benefit of a UK audience that have a very limited understanding of the whole process, a rather colonial attitude I’d say.

      • I born here says:

        Actually I think he has a point all defence spending, security spending and probably the many prison project over runs have been covered for years by the UK. Plus all the millions after the floods and hurricanes…but heh the Government seems determined to go independent!

  2. Cromwell says:

    Correction Sam the Man, the BVI has been financially self sufficient for many years, it has not cost the UK tax payer a cent. Yes, the Hurricanes caused the need for financial asdistance, but, the situation in the USVI was no different.
    Let’s get the facts correct.

  3. Respect says:

    I respect these two gentlemen greatly.

  4. Heights says:

    That picture is symbolic of the BVI I remember. A time where there was more unity and politics less divisive

  5. Smiling says:

    Prayer? So we can keep our dirty money registry secret??

  6. My take says:

    While I commend the two Honorables, I really commend the Leader of the Opposition for putting country above political party. I have new found respect for Hon. Fahie because most Opposition Leaders worldwide would not have done this noble and statesman act.

  7. Rubber Duck says:

    Open registers of anything are a bad idea regardless of the morality of BVI based businesses.

    People in the UK are plagued with cold calls, mail shots and foot in the door salesmen whose information , though they do not appreciate the fact, comes from the open to all Voting Roll. It is the law in the UK that all householders must provide the information that goes on the Roll. ( ethnicity included) and that that information is freely available to anyone who wants it.
    However I know of people who have refused ( quite rightly ) to provide their personal information to the Roll. Although they huff and puff the UK has never to my knowledge prosecuted anyone for refusing to comply with this absurd law.

    Registers of interests and ownership are simply abused when freely accessible by every crook, coman, identity thief and iffy salesman on the planet. Such information should remain private except to law enforcement. Which is exactly the current state in BVI.

    PS Within the last few years the UK withdrew the addresses of Company Directors from the information accessible to anyone. It is now private.

    Ask them why they did that Doc.

  8. The Muppet show says:

    Or is it L——- and H—-? Nobody will take these 2 light weights seriously – the P—— can’t even publish one set of audited yearly accounts in his tenure and now he’s crying about a clampdown on secrecy ? What jokers…As for F—– – he’s just an opp———— seeing what he p——- can get out of a free all expenses paid t– to the UK – have they tickets for the FA cup on Sat? He belongs on the NDP side where everyone fights for control and puts personal opportunity above the people….

    • To The Muppet show says:

      You sound so stupid. They will do just fine.

      • The Muppet show says:

        Maybe as stand up comedians – nobody in the UK even knows who they are…better to send Lorna Smith in she’d do a better job than all of the NDP jokers and hangers on!

  9. Maria Louisa Varlack says:

    No UK sanctions. No public registry. No money laundering. Pass the anti-money laundering bill.
    Step up to world class standard. Save the British Virgin Islands. Save the British Virgin Islanders. Pray to God.

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