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University student allegedly inflicts severe stab wounds in BVI

University student Travis Osbourne hides from cameras during his court appearance on Tuesday.

A Carrot Bay man who attends a university in Florida, USA was placed on remand at Her Majesty’s Prison for allegedly stabbing another man while on summer break in the territory.

Twenty-five-year-old Travis ‘Bumpy’ Osborne – a full-time scholarship recipient undergoing studies in construction engineering – has been charged with inflicting grievous bodily harm with intent.

He was not required to plead because the offence for which he is charged is indictable. That effectively means his matter may be heard at the High Court before a judge and jury.


The court heard that the accused and an 18-year-old man had a scuffle in Carrot Bay on August 9.

However, onlookers quickly intervened and ended the fight. The two parted ways but the accused met the said young man in the Capoon’s Bay later that day.

The fight resumed and Osborne was left with a fractured jaw while the young man had to spend 11 days at Peebles Hospital to undergo surgeries for wounds to his left upper chest.

Other alleged offences during summer break 

The court heard that inflicting those stab wounds was not the only offence Osbourne committed since returning to the BVI for the summer.

Osborne is also accused of burglary and ‘harbouring’ — offences which he had received bail for on a previous occasion.

Magistrate Christilyn Benjamin therefore revoked that bail offer.

And despite his attorney Patricia Archibald-Bowers’ argument that Osborne is a good student who, until recently, was never in trouble with the law, Magistrate Benjamin said Osborne is likely to re-offend.

The magistrate pointed out that Osbourne is accused of committing all those offences within a few short months of each other. She further said that is cause for great concern.

Osborne is scheduled to return to court on October 4.

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  1. Shock Wave says:

    I guess all those Tattoos on him advocating —- spirits to make him do dummy stuff like those things. He best wise up!! Why he hiding from the Camera for by the way. Most ppl in the VI know Bumpy so why he acting dummy?? Rappers shouldn’t be camera shy!!

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  2. oh boy says:

    He has alot to sing about now

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    • Pumpkin says:

      {In R.Kelley voice}:
      ???? Ain’t Nothing wrong with a little ????
      Bump and Grind…. ????

      I dehyah waiting we goin’ mek you geh dat Grammy boi!!!!!

      ???? drops… ???? for the ???? ????

  3. For real says:

    Travis I warned you about them dirty people in carrot bay you hang out with smile in your face guess what they are not your friends nuff said

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  4. SMH says:

    Want to be g——, this is what he wanted, let him hold that. I watch this youngster from a little boy, quiet and doing his little rap thing in school. Fast forward and all of a sudden he is full of tattoos and talking all this g——– talk. These soft a$$ marsh mellow dudes need to chill out. Hard to believe this man is away on a govt scholarship base don his behavior. B– man, be b– man.

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  5. Took long says:

    B– attitude. ———- to Society. Your luck does run out eventually.

  6. Student says:

    What about his studies, will he be allowed to complete this mission?

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  7. Carrot bay says:

    wa University? He done get —– — of school so long he up deh like a b–. had a chance to do some good look at you now. Hope this change your view and get back on track

    • North breeze says:

      Boy breeze I warn you ovér and over those dirty hand fokes in carrot bay have no love for you keep as far away from them but see you will not listen I only hope when this is all over you will be wiser and smarter in the mean time hold your head high some of them did worst than you be strong.

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  8. HMMMM says:


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  9. SMH says:

    Student ask about studies smh. What dam Studies ? he needs to stay his backside in j— and pay for his ——-.

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  10. Smh says:

    A professional c—– if you ask me …og b— the c—–n ..stop acting

  11. Say so says:

    @student…he should have thought of that before the incident. Poor boy blend the hell out! Prayers for our youths..

  12. Yow says:

    He is at Balsum Ghut University now!

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  13. Well Well says:

    He had a point to prove lol real OG

  14. Vi says:

    He going have stiff neck trying to hide his face from the public

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  15. Reply says:

    What a terrible way to throw ones’ life away. College student on full scholarship accused of such behavior is just terrible.

    When you have much to lose, you sometimes have to try your darnest to just turn the other cheek, or simply walk away. It’s not worth staying and engaging.

    As for the accusations of burglary and ‘harboring’, this just makes matters worse.

    What’s going on with this guy? To make it to college on a full scholarship is quite an accomplishment. To then get in this kind of mess is just difficult to fathom, and throwing it all away. His parents has to be so disappointed. I would be. He screwed up everything.

    FIU is in session already, and he is certainly missing classes as we speak as he sits in jail. FIU will most definitely kick him out once they get wind of these charges.

    Message to young people: When you are blessed to get a college education, especially one that you do not have to pay for, count your blessings, act responsibly, avoid trouble, and fulfill your dreams.

    Trouble is always around the corner. When you are in such a blessed position, you just have to work a little harder to side step trouble.

    Anyway, I hope that when all is said and done, he will somehow, somewhere be able to complete his studies and move on with his life wiser and stronger, as he has clearly demonstrated that he is capable.

    As for the 18 year old who was stabbed, I trust he has made a full recovery.

    Stop the fighting guys.

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  16. ONE THING FOR SURE says:


  17. Fluffy says:

    What university student?please ask this man when last he went to class on the GOVERNMENT MONIES? PROBABLY THE ONE IN HIS BEDROOM CARROTBAY!.
    It is always said who dont hear will surely feel.Well mr.og!you have plenty (or more free time) to write lyrics now.

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  18. Riley Freeman says:

    no need to prosecute he just gave him a bumpy special

    • Night Vision says:

      WOW Riley you the only comment that made me laugh.

      And I do not find the situation it self to be funny.

      people have to realize *people* make mistakes. And young men have way more at stake than a older man or a woman. bet they wont f— with him again.

      now he has even less to lose, bet they wont.

      on the other hand, it really takes a higher perspective, a angel on your shoulder so to speak to cool off and realize how inconsequential other peoples talk talk talk is, no matter if it is infuriating.

  19. Flawhaaa says:

    Why yall Blasting the guy? HE gotten a Scholarship because he Did Great in School so what if he make Mistakes, got tatts and Rap. He got His Whole Life infront of him. Still I bet when he WIN A GRAMMY AWARD YALL WANT HE “REP TOLAAA’ STRPZ

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    • Example says:

      Perfect example,multiplied by hundreds of why this immigration influx from specfic regions has been a negative for the VI. His free Gov legal representation,his room and board at Balsum at the ripe age of 25years,his free elementary and HS education.
      He and his family took and gave z— to the VI. Multiply this scenario by a few hundred. Butyou will hear them sayin how they were dragged here to build up.—- down is what they have collectively done.

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    • WTF! says:

      Have you heard this guy rap? LMAO……grammy you say……smdh!

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    • Facts! says:

      Sorry to burst your bubble but doing well in school don’t have a thing to do with getting a scholarship. I know many people who are horrible at school and had ample opportunities to go away to “study” and made absolutely nothing of themselves. So many people here actually need that chance and cant get it. There’s this lady who went away to be a nurse for years, then change her profession to cosmetology, then stop going all together to be up and down doing lil jobs here and there wasting time, but wanna show out on the gram for likes……These people have that 1st district connection where they can get money to play the fool time and time again……

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    • Hmm says:

      Did you say “ win a Grammy”? I mean it’s ok to have big dream . High aspirations. But……..

  20. K.I.L says:

    Bumpy I pray you get through this and make a 360 and get back on your path to positive movements. I’m human and know we are not perfect.
    To Society: We can’t wait to see someone fall to tear them apart and that is currently what’s wrong with our PERFECT BVI. All the youths see is NEGATIVITY. FROM Church, School, Employers, Friends, Haters and Family alike.
    Instead of Judging, spread LOVE, Say Hello, Ask someone if they Need Help and don’t be a Hypocrite.
    I’m a young adult and have come back to the BVI and have experienced firsthand how the NEGATIVITY can get the best of you. From UNPROFESSIONAL EMPLOYERS, TO DEVIL SO CALLED CHRISTIANS to your own FAMILY who envy you (I’m not even being Negative, I’m keeping it REAL).
    Youths: Please Stop and think before you Act and prove Society WRONG. There are a lot of talented folks here in the BVI being KILLED by the DISEASE of NEGATIVITY.
    We are the future, let’s start by putting the right foot forward.
    Keep your head up High my Youth, this shall pass. Your future is still Bright!

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    • Bark says:

      Give me a break! This g— has been publicly making a n——— of himself over and over and nobody can talk to him. Mistake my a$$, human my a$$, stop doing f–k and take life seriously, everybody want to be a rapper and b– man not realizing that when the cameras and lights go off, those people making their millions are living in safe neighborhoods and sending their kids to top schools while we out there acting like a– holes like ‘we bout that life’.

    • @ K.I.L says:

      you mean180 degrees (go in the opposite direction) 360 you end up where you start

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  21. LookSee says:

    Plenty are like him in District 1.
    Vote guarantees obtained by messing with the minds and character of young people. When he was mimister of Educ he dumbed down the whole school population
    The workforce is still feeling the after effect.

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  22. y u hidin says:

    He going bruk off he neck man

  23. Kiss mi neck says:

    Why gasah neck bend up so oui? lmao

  24. Hmmm says:

    Neck bent like scarface OG bump for life. LOL!

  25. Well says:

    Y’all couldn’t wait to start bashing bump .. that’s y’all tola ppl any way

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  26. Well Sah says:

    What a disgrace and embarrassment, I pray that the youths look up to more positive individuals as role models. I hope he seek the help he needs to be a better person and contribute positively to society.

  27. i wonder says:

    is he a product of good to great?

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  28. west side says:

    I am happy to the young man’s wound was not fatal. We live on a small island where we all know each other no need for such violence. i honestly really want to see you win bump but this isnt your way. your smarter than this, find your inner peace and revert back to a positive way of life. all the best bro, Don’t mind the noise from all this bloggers they low key don’t want any good for the family much less their friends . stay strong. get well soon to the young man. peace and love brothers

  29. Hmmm says:

    All that og this og that, to end up [allgedly] stabbing a 18 yr old.hope u manage on the hill

  30. Ohoh says:

    Sorry about your mother.
    You must have good reason why you denigrate her and so publicly.

    • For real says:

      Hey ohhh you don’t worry about his mother she did not beg you for chit mind your own business go and clean your dirty house

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