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‘Untrue accusations’, Premier refutes claims by Director of UK OTs

Premier Andrew Fahie in the House of Assembly.

Premier Andrew Fahie is refuting claims by the Director of British Overseas Territories, Ben Merrick, that he and his government caused engagements between the United Kingdom (UK) and the BVI to deteriorate since becoming elected in February. 

In a September 2 letter addressed to the Premier and released to the public, the UK official expressed his disappointment towards the Fahie administration after a number of important meetings — including ones with UK minister responsible for Overseas Territories, Lord Tariq Ahmad — were cancelled. 

Responding a day later on public radio, Fahie referred to the statement by Merrick as “PR (public relation) games that are being played” and confirmed that he and his government have consistently been in contact with the UK.

“I don’t know if there’s a template for how much you have to be involved [but] we have been writing. I have had letters that I’ve written to the same Mr Merrick telling him that these are the areas that we are working on. We are given timeframes on certain things that we have been working on so I do not know what messages are being relayed to him through his local representative (Governor Jaspert). So, I’ll have to ask what do you mean by that?” Premier Fahie said during the Honestly Speaking with Claude Skelton Cline radio programme on September 3.

Gov’t met with Lord Ahmad in June

He further said he and a local delegation had met with Lord Ahmad in the Caymans Islands as recent as June 2019.

“I had a meeting with Lord Ahmad [and] I’ve spoken to Lord Ahmad more than one time. As a matter of fact, both Mr Ben Merrick, Lord Ahmad — all of them I’ve written to them even about concerns with certain things that’s happening here with the Governor that I feel was constitutionally breached,” Fahie said.

“We’ve spoken about other areas that we’ve been working on, so I would have to now come to the public and show them all the letters I have sent to the UK. So I cannot understand how the BVI-UK engagement ‘dramatically reduced’ since the VIP took office.”

We told UK we were new and needed time

Premier Fahie further said they had also made it clear to the UK after being elected that the Fahie administration was a new government that needed to do “research” to ensure it was “fully knowledgeable about all that’s entailed in the loan guarantee”.

“[We told them] we need some time to do that,” Fahie said.

 Fahie said he believes Merrick’s letter of ‘untrue accusations’ was a mere plot to damage his reputation as Premier.

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  1. King liar. says:

    Hon.Fahie I believe Mr. Merrick. You tell too many lies and it’s becoming overbearing. I really believe that you should check that matter out with some professional. You play on the lack of understanding of various matters by the voters and you mislead them into thinking what you want them to think for your own benefit. You’ve lied soo many times in the House of Assembly over the years and those lies have increased since you became Premier. I truly hope that the BVI public would wake up and see through you just like Mr. Merrick. You and your gang of liars and corrupt people are going to destroy this territory.

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    • @King Liar says:


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    • Not2Sure says:

      When Fahie first made his comments, I had grave reservations about them. They just sounded highly unlikely. So I was not surprised to read the letter from Ben Merrick confirming that (i) there had been no change in the UK Government’s position over the past two years, (ii) there was no plan to take over BVI’s financial arrangements, and (iii) Fahie had basically been ignoring requests to discuss these matters with the UK Government for the past six months.

      I think Andrew Fahie still has a lot to learn about what it means to be a Premier and properly represent our Territory.

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      • TO Not2Sure says:

        Since Ben Merrick is so intelligent and have so much ideas and integrity then can all you few haters of the Premier who keep blogging many times under different names please tell me then why Ben Merrick do not go and solve the mess in the UK? Why can’t he write to them in the UK and tell them how to solve it? Are we still in a slave mentality to believe persons like him because of their ethnic background that they are always deemed as being truthful? Let us wake up as a people.

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        • Na says:

          you dumb ^&^$%$$ that is not the reason we believe Mr. Merrick, its because we cannot trust or believe andrew since his lies are being refuted at every turn.

          it is not a color issue, it is an intelligence issue and if you refuse to use yours, we are unable to help you.

          Mr. Merrick is doing his job, the UK and its heads of government need to do theirs to get themselves our of the mess they created of Brexit.

          further if you are so sure that you know the answer as to how to get them out of it, why dont you tell them!

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          • To Na says:

            A man from the uk write a letter and because you hate the Premier you believe him over your premier just so. What folly.

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          • Get it Right says:

            We believe Merrick over the Premier because the Premier is constantly l***g.

            Time and time again he l**s. WHY?

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        • Context says:

          Mr. Merrick is one of almost 350,000 civil servants in the UK. What are the chances that he would lie about a paranoid Andrew from a tiny BVI?

          I put my bets on Mr. Merrick.

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        • PROBLEMS says:

          Problem with people like you is you see colour in everything. Your boy Fahie is a l**r and wants UK money or backing but without any oversight.

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      • PROBLEMS says:

        It hard to learn anything when he seeks to be king. To have his cake and eat too. Not a fan of the previous administration but why did things not deteriorate to the extent they are now

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      • BVI strong says:

        Andrew Fahie isn’t no a**-licker… and that is why Jaspert and Merrick has a problem with him. Orlando, Myron, Mark and the others danced to the white people’s tune like good little house slaves, so Jaspert and them liked that. Millions missing under NDP and Governor not concerned. But he concerned about a new government that ain’t do nothing yet. Stay strong Fahie. We with you on this.

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    • Lizabeth says:

      So the aircraft money was a lie?

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  2. Well Sir says:

    Once you are caught in a lie,it becomes hard for one to believe anything that comes out of your mouth.

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    • @Well Sir says:

      I find it difficult to believe Ben Merrick. The Premier needs to keep pressing forward because the UK are worldwide known liars.

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      • Independent says:

        The foundations of the relationship between the UK and its Overseas Territories are partnership, shared values and the right of the people of each territory to freely choose whether to remain a British Overseas Territory or to seek an alternative future. No one is making you remain an OT.
        The UK’s fundamental responsibility is to ensure the security and good governance of the Territories and their peoples. This requires the UK, amongst other things, to promote the political, economic, social and educational advancement of the people of the Territories, to ensure their just treatment and their protection against abuses, and to develop self-government and free political institutions. The UK government is ambitious for the Territories and wants to see their communities flourish with strong and sustainable local economies and world-class stewardship of their extraordinary natural environments. If you don’t want that, then vote to become independent.

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  3. Know what? says:

    The UK should just cancel out on giving the BVI a loan. Let the BVI figure out this on their own. Maybe Mr.Trump will be willing to assist the BVI.

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    • @Know what says:

      The UK was never giving the BVI a loan so I don’t know why so many people are repeating this nonsense. The UK is saying they are willing to guarantee, i.e. directly provide the backing for loan funding up to GBP300Mil, which is around $400mil USD for the purpose of recovery. It doesn’t matter who the BVI goes to for the loans, the UK has agreed to back it up to that amount with certain conditions. We are not obligated to borrow all of that or any for that matter, it’s entirely up to us to decide. What they are saying is that if we do intend to borrow under this agreement there are certain terms that must be met. Not sure why the Premier is playing games on this and dealing with us as if we cannot read and comprehend.

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      • then says:

        let me tell you why.
        it is because Andrew wants to control the money, he wants to do what he wants to do with it. give out contracts how he wants to and to whom he wants to.
        without benefit of tendering and by exempting all the ministers of his government to whom he will give them, with thin substantive reasons as to why an exemption is necessary or valid.

        it is because he thinks we are fools.

        that is why.

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  4. Hurry says:

    Fahie: “We’ve spoken about other areas that we’ve been working on, so I would have to now come to the public and show them all the letters I have sent to the UK. So I cannot understand how the BVI-UK engagement ‘dramatically reduced’ since the VIP took office.”

    Hurry up come because we want to know the truth. Make it today because we do not have much time with the end of September deadline and your referendum. This is now a matter of national emergency on the part of BVI Government (VIP) to act.

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  5. NEW? says:

    #Premier Fahie further said they had also made it clear to the UK after being elected that the Fahie administration was a new government that needed to do “research” to ensure it was “fully knowledgeable about all that’s entailed in the loan guarantee”.

    But you didn’t tell the voters that when you were campaigning for premiership? Now you got to deal with the BIG “intelligent” boys you crying newbie. Well, time is of essence for BVI. You spent too much time calling out the NDP over past actions the populace knew about. That time should have been spent on this sensitive and critical project. You never heard about critical path analysis as a man of finance? When we use to go primary school they would tell us pull up our socks. Pull up your socks Premier. Critical times now. And we do not want to hear no more about the NDP – they gone long time.

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  6. Now that the heat is on says:

    He is running to England with his delegation. I agree, the UK should disqualify Tortola for the loan. Big man want to run things his way and continue to keep lying. Let him figure things out on his own. I ALSO BELIEVE MR.MERRICK.

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  7. NO!! MR. PREMIER says:


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    • Big Advise says:

      Mr.Fahie, I think you should step down from your Position and put Ms.Decastro in the seat. You as Premier is a l**r and is pulling the Country down. You have no idea what you are doing. The only thing you know how to do is lie and twist things to work in your favor.

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  8. Dman says:

    Some of the pigeons carrying the letters must have gotten lost.

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  9. vip heckler says:

    I knew all along that Andrew Fahie was not premier material. It was just a matter of time before the rest of the population found out

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  10. This says:

    This is exactly the problem I have with politians in general and even more so with the premier. If you are running for office you need to already be knowledgeable about the role, not figure it out as you get there. I’m not saying you will know everything but it’s looking like the premier is just not fit for this position. Prepare yourself for the office then run for it.

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  11. granny says:

    “you reap what you sow”

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  12. vip heckler says:

    I know by now that every one regret voting VIP ALL THE WAY. We needed a coalition government

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  13. Exposed says:

    Premier Fahie voted for the establishment of the RDA. He fully well knew what the UK’s position was on the handling of the loan guarantee. But at that time he was only interested in getting in government and being Premier so he was playing games. He wanted to be close to the same Governor so he could carry false news on the NDP administration. Now that he is Premier, the same trap he set for the NDP he has fallen in it. When you’re digging a grave for people you must always dig two. Fahie and his goons want to be in control of the money and we all know what will happen it this is allowed.

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    • To Exposed says:

      What foolishness in your blog. The Premier informed the public in the House of Assembly over and over that he was given certain information while he was in the opposition about the RDA and since he became the Premier he found out that the information was not factual. So what foolishness are you speaking. SMDH.

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      • lol says:

        What information regarding the load guarantee was he given while he was in the opposition that he find out now is false? Tell us what exactly cause he hasn’t.

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  14. Jerry says:

    Fahie, Fahie…FAHIE. For the love of me, I cannot understand why every time you open your mouth its either:

    1. You’re a “victim”
    2. You’re a “savior”
    3. Its a bold face lie
    4. Its something to make people think twice
    5. Its manipulative
    6. Always got to blame somebody

    Please do not make foolish mistakes when it comes to the UK.

    As much as you may not want to hear this, you need Hon. Frasier’s help. Do not play proud, please go to him and ask for help. These are desperate times.

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  15. Fahie says:

    Fahie you are not a leader. The people of the BVI gave you a chance and you F*** it up. I regret giving you and your party my X. ??

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  16. Okay says:

    The gov and his gang blogging all day again but the truth shall prevail.

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  17. WOW says:

    Imagine there are people in BVI who still feel that our old time slave masters are at it again making persons feel that once you are white you are right.

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  18. ok NOW says:

    We all can see now that Foy has a problem with the truth

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  19. TurtleDove says:

    Too much energy being put into simple shit. This whole mess started with not wanting to be accountable. You can’t get money from a bank until you meet certain conditions. What’s the fuss if England want to put some conditions in place? Especially after what they have seen with both governments in the past. From what I have seen the people of the BVI don’t trust the government either. Take the money spend it wisely and meet your obligation to the people of the BVI and thank England for lending us that much money when they have questions just like the people here do…..

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  20. VILander says:

    I believe the local b/c the UK wants him to be rushed into agreeing to the foolishness that the NDP was agreeing too. The UK loyalists and the NDP loyalists are united on this and trying to make it look as if they are the majority but WE THE PEOPLE NEED MORE DETAILS AND INFORMATION ABOUT THE CONSEQUENCESOF AGREEING TO THE LOAN GUARANTEES. Why didn’t they just offer us a loan? WHy are they so willing to guarantee a loan they didn’t offer.

    These British went to America & The natives agreed to their deal…where are they now? WE WOke round here

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    • No says:

      There is no rush! If Fahie wants to say NO tomorrow, the UK will accept it. Stop spreading foolishness, the UK is not forcing us to take the money, they’re saying if you want us to back the loans these are our terms. We also have the choice of rejecting it and letting the country become Haiti 2.0.

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      • VILander says:

        Then there was no reason for the comment if we aren’t rushing for it why should our pace of communication bother them? Did they misled their own ppl on Brexit? Why would we agree without all the fineprint magnified? Some you act like only brown small island ppl can lie, in history who have told the bigger ones? So settle yourselves at debate & let’s make points not shout opinions. Fahie isn’t perfect but we voted them in as a people b/c the other team wasn’t doing anything good, so let’s debate facts. Remember he would face the same consequences as the rest of us b/c he live here with us…some of you need a global reality check

  21. YOUTH says:

    Since this man from the uk is a saint and can be trusted then why is the uk in so much confusion and unstable.

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  22. PEOPLE FED UP says:


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  23. James says:

    If Merrick said that any new borrowing with be a breach of the Protocol then why not relax the protocol prior to borrowing? It is a trap and Fahie is right to look deeper into this matter. It is not because Merrick sits in London that he is without lie, double talk or ulterior motives people. Simply relax the protocol first or no thanks to the guarantee. We built this place once and we can do it again (then again with the comments I am reading we may not have enough people to do it).

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    • @James says:

      How can you relax the protocols when no decision has been made by Government as to whether they will take the loan and if they will take it, how much they will borrow. You cannot negotiate new ratios etc. for the protocols if you don’t have the hard facts. They will first have to agree on an amount to be borrowed, decide how much the loan funding will cost the Territory and based on that information, then they can negotiate new terms and extension on staying in line with the protocols. Some of us have a brain and actually use it, this is not rocket science like Fahie is trying to allude.

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      • James says:

        Good that you are using your brain. Why agree to a guarantee knowing that the protocol will be breached. Why let the BVI be in breach to then negotiate how to resolve it? Here is a question for you brainiac – why isn’t the UK accepting the Irish backstop on the EU’s promise to negotiate the backstop in the future? Does not the sample principle exist? They do not trust the EU, but BVI should trust them!

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        • @James says:

          The protocols were agreed upon in 2012 based on the situation on the ground at that time. All the Premier has to say is this is the amount that we would borrow, on this basis however, I would like the UK to grant us these concessions as it relates to the protocols BEFORE we finalize the loan process. Is that so hard? The Premier had a chance to show us his leadership skills and he has failed miserably. This makes Dr. Smith look like a Rhodes Scholar!

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  24. Wow says:

    Only 7 months in office and look at how the people have turned on Hon. Fahie and VIP! I think we need to hear from the other members of VIP on these issues because it seems as though they’re muzzled about issues even when it falls under their portfolios. Do we have a dictatorship Government in the BVI with a few persons behind the scenes pulling the strings? The board appointments and recent happenings are telling me that this is the case.

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  25. =) says:

    He just wanted to get his hands on the money from the loan and will prefer not to be accountable for it like the past government. typical bvi mentality, a man for himself and no accountability culture. Always trying to put the blame on others. Bahamas will rise before us.

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  26. NOnonsense says:

    The fact that the Premier is making this about race is a disgrace to him and the people of this Territory.

    Policitians who rely on rhetoric, such as that which the Premier has consistently relied upon in the course of this debate, show the falsity of their position.

    The BVI needs to look carefully at what is proposed and be honest about the conduct and administration of this government and its previous administrations.

    The governments, and some of those individuals members of government, of these islands have been unaccountable and have treated the public purse as their personal fiefdom for many years. No serious or modern democracy allows this in the way in which it can be facilitated here, and the conditions proposed in the loan guarantee simply reflect that.

    In light of that the UK government is seeking assurances and security of how it spends its taxpayers money (to which it is accountable itself). The well-documented and many crimes, of which they are crimes, will not and should not be overlooked. Nor is there any basis to suggest that they should.

    This Territory needs to wake-up to this. Comments regarding race, imperalism, etc. go nowhere in 2019. If the BVI wants independence, it should go for it. An island nation of 30,000 will not procure any position of global importance which the BVI currently enjoys under its current arrangement with the UK.

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  27. Monkeys says:

    Soon as white man talk, y’all against the black man. Fahie, do what you see best for the country and not what people in high places looking down think is best for them. The U.K. People do look out for their own. If you go against them, prepare for a fight

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    • @Monkeys says:

      So we should listen, and only listen to what the Black man says? Well check this,and this is a Black woman blogging. The Black man is dishonest and he will F**k you over in some way or another. I have dealt with different race of people and my own Black race have been the worst. At least the White race and other races stick together and help each other Blacks don’t.

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      • chupse says:

        Continue with those who stick together then! That right there is the reason why Fahie must tread carefully with this so called guarantee. History has shown that those who stick together always have ulterior motives and always to the detriment of the black.

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        • @Chupse says:

          Give me a break! You are suggesting that we are black and DUMB with your nonsense. You’re telling me we don’t have a BVI delegation that can accompany the Premier and read/understand what is placed before them? Responsible leaders, LEAD and not make excuses. If he is not up for the job he should lend some motivation from Mark and resign now!

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  28. Managing director says:

    Has everyone 4got about the suffering residents in the 1st and 2nd district impeded with toxic fumes? Recycling is being avoided time and time again and I am not hearing of the children that are left to wearing a ventilation mask indoors! I am disappointed that an actual plan an actual solution is being avoided.…link up a true solution that can assist our territory’s economy And unemployment percentage

  29. Strupes says:

    Fahie do not mind the few haters

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  30. Concern BVIslander says:

    It pains my heart to see the P R machinery at work, it’s trying to bring down one man. And we the people not listening or opening ours eyes to the bullish slavery mentality that’s going on from the UK.
    Its ashamed that some locals willing to gamble there children’s future away but the bible tells you a fool and his money shall soon depart.

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  31. Church and State says:

    Looks like you need to organize another church service, Mr. Fahie. And ask the great God of the universe to forgive your l***g and get you out of this predicament.

  32. Meeeno says:

    Maybe royal mail lose the letters Andrew sent. Ayou sent the letters via special delivery or recorded post?

  33. Well look here Y'all says:

    So we have a paranoid man running the Country. He probably cry like a baby when he is in the car out of sight to the mall security.

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