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UPDATE: Anegada plane was carrying cocaine

“Although there is potential for abuse, we do not believe it is as loose and uncontrolled as portrayed in the Premier’s statement.” — Former BVIAA board

Although local authorities are ramping up efforts to stem the flow of illegal drugs through the BVI, it seems offenders continue to elude them, using the territory as a transhipment hub for narcotics.

BVI News understands that the aircraft that was found at the Auguste George Airport on Anegada earlier this week was carrying cocaine. The aircraft landed and mysteriously caught fire shortly after.

Highly placed sources told our news centre that the remains discovered in the burnt aircraft reveal that an attempt was being made to transport cocaine from one point to another.

The plane contained several bags of cocaine as well as aircraft fuel and other materials needed for aviation.

It’s also reported that a car was found in bushes near to the airport and police suspect it may be linked to the downed aircraft.

Our news centre was unable to ascertain the amount of cocaine that was discovered but our sources say some of the drugs was partially burned. It’s also understood that the aircraft has since been removed and dumped by the authorities.

No perpetrators have been named and no further details have been released by the police.

This incident on Anegada comes a week after the UK Navy ship HMS Dauntless visited the BVI to provide assistance with countering drug trafficking in the region.

A release from the Governor’s Office said HMS Dauntless recently seized 1.2 tonnes of cocaine worth an estimated $175 million while patrolling an area in the Caribbean Sea. It is unclear whether the vessel will return to the territory to provide additional surpport.



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  1. Well sah says:

    The BVI is coming a drug haven . This is not good for tourism. We continue to bury our head in the sand with no vision … hating each other , instigating policies that pit people against progress
    Fighting down locals , expatriates, white man

    While drugs infest our shores
    Pointing fingures at each other
    Blaming game
    Little pockets of hate groups
    Well sah

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  2. Blind man says:

    The navy ship a waste of time. This seems to be the norm at Anegada plane landing in the wee hours with no lights and authority over there assisting with the shipment off load check into that officer banking deposits and you will see. Corrupt officer.

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  3. AND YET says:

    we have idiots hollering out that people are making it look like it’s only here alone dealing in dtmrugs / and the UK trying to make us look bad ( DUH ) when you all cannot get to hide your CLANDISTINE ACTIVITIES UNDER THE RUG , oh , it’d the colonialist masters want to take over , it’s been going on for years now , why you think the royal navy was blocked ? ? ? EH ?. ( we live here and we have to protect here and the truth have to be told, so it’s about what’s happening in other countries , they are reporting their crimes too / so why should it hurt you when it’s happening here and being reported , yet you hide and protect your families knowing that they are destroying the country’s good name , you and them is the problem ( honestly speaking

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  4. Hmmmmmm says:

    I am sorry but I have difficulties believing some of these stories from these UK officers without seeing the information and pictures for myself. These people are masters of deception and many of those UK officers do not want to go home so they could very well be the ones orchestrating these things. How they can’t find no body on small Anegada for these shipments? This is the second one and no one to be found? Give me a break. I know some uninformed minds will start blogging against this post because but if you understand the history of Britain you will see that my suspicions are not far fetched.

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  5. Kokane says:

    IDIAT! How is it bad for tourism lol what you think the tourist want.

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  6. Distraction says:

    They getting smarter… that’s a dummy load the big kahuna can get in elsewhere. Trust wat y’all found was probably bad work anyway.

  7. Lobsters says:

    are not happy with these drug incidents on their island and reefs. They might all move over to JVD where there is no airport.

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  8. YES TO UK says:

    @Kokane If you don’t think it’s bad for tourism you will find out when the numbers start dropping no one wants to go to a place on vacation when they think that there is a chance they could be shot by a stray bullet or something else. This place needs cleaning up and fast the best place to start is with the government.

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  9. LOL says:

    What else is new I wonder how long this has been going on??? well after two in a row does that mean they will up the security at that airport???? We all know probably not

  10. @ HMMMMMM says:

    you can use whatever name you want ( blondie ) we know it’s you again with your racist lyrics , and it’s more than far fetched you are far out ( like some place else ) drugs and guns are being seized by the police so muck unsolved murders so muckmh corruption going on in our own back yard by the entitled one and protected by our own BVILANDERS , yet you singing your racism / colonialism and slave masters song / and not a word on those crimes , the devil really got his hands on you , or is it the curse of the WIG ?

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  11. @kokane says:

    The tourists want to know they won’t be shot. Either in cross fire, like at the pier park, or because the place has no law and is just a run down, corrupt cartel hellhole.
    Most BVI people the same.

  12. Secret Ways says:

    I believe that some of these past and present politicians as well as some police officers is involved in this drug trade that is now plaguing the British Virgin Islands just like the one who is presently living in Miami now.

    You mean to say that two (2) planes caught with drugs in Anegada and no one was held responsible as yet. Unless the owner of the planes escape to one of those sister island by speed boat.

    Check the rich-man islands.

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