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UPDATE: BVI back to zero COVID-19 cases

The BVI is again free of active COVID-19 cases.

Premier Andrew Fahie made the announcement in a social media post saying, “thank God for this good news”.

“We commend the efforts of everyone, especially our HEOC (Health Emergency Operations Centre) and Health team in this fight against Covid-19,” Fahie said.

The last person who was diagnosed with COVID-19 was a female returning resident who had tested positive while under quarantine.

The Health Minister, Carvin Malone, had assured that she hadn’t come in contact with anyone in the community.


Returning resident tests positive for COVID-19

A new person has tested positive for COVID-19 in the BVI.

Health Minister Carvin Malone confirmed the infected person is a female returning resident who recently arrived in the territory.

She was immediately placed under quarantine and has not interacted with anyone in the community.

The minister explained that she tested positive after undergoing a routine COVID-19 test that the BVI requires persons to do before they leave quarantined areas.

“She didn’t leave quarantine so the system has worked perfectly in terms of what is intended,” Malone stated.

He said the positive case doesn’t change the December 1 reopening date for the territory.

“It does not change anything … We have all our protocols and different apparatuses in place now because we have to learn to live with the fact that we are not completely out of the woods yet. The fact is that we would be getting cases from time to time,” Minister Malone explained.

He continued: “It is important to impress we continue to do all that is necessary to make sure on opening we would not have to retract any of what we’ve done. And we are in a good place and we understand the challenges that business have. We understand the challenges that individuals, who would like to travel freely, have. But throughout the world it continues to be a challenge on this. But we are coming to grip with it. All the infrastructure required to deal with COVID-19 has been mainly put in place. And we’re coming out with a package that will give us a structured and responsible opening.”

Do the right thing

The positive case comes amid Premier Fahie’s announcement that curfews and other restrictions are necessary because many persons aren’t diligently practising safety measures to control and/or prevent any potential spread of the virus.

The Premier also stands by tight restrictions which have been in place for several months now, saying the BVI doesn’t have the capacity to manage a widespread outbreak of COVID-19.

While commenting on the newest confirmed COVID-19 case in an interview with BVI News, Minister Malone reiterated that persons should continue observing protocols such as hand hygiene, cough etiquette, physical distancing and wearing masks in public spaces.

Persons experiencing symptoms related to COVID-19 including fever, cough, headache, fatigue, loss of taste or smell, sore throat, muscle aches, or difficulty breathing are encouraged to contact the territory’s Medical Hotline at 284-852-7650 to schedule an appointment for testing.

BVI COVID-19 Stats:
Confirmed cases – 72
Active cases – 1
Recoveries – 70
Deaths – 1
Number of Persons Tested – 5461

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  1. YOUTH says:

    I pray that they recover soon. Good thing the Government put in place this quarentine measure because it aborted any community spread.

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  2. Hmm says:

    If we had tested her when she landed, then we would have known 14 days ago. Why don’t we test on arrival?

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    • Incubation period? says:

      In my humble opinion, testing on arrival is a good idea, but ignores the incubation period for anyone that may have contracted covid-19 right before or during travel to the BVI. That’s why the proposed 4 day quarantine is understandable at this time. In time, we may have an over abundance of available and reliable tests that can detect covid-19 within minutes/hours of contracting, but until then, much as I would prefer it otherwise, I fully support the efforts of the Govt to keep us safe just praying that the economy will somehow manage to hold on. No easy decisions, but balance is necessary.

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    • Really? says:

      How do you know when she contracted it? If she caught it while traveling testing when she arrived would have showed negative….then what?

    • Lovely says:

      Yes, and then a retest a few days later to ensure that persons have not been exposed on their way. If you come from a Green Zone, then you should be free to move about during the 4 day period, but if you come from a Red Zone you would have to isolate – given the propensity of Belongers not to obey the rules it might be necessary for us to have quarantine enforced by security, and only for non-Belongers to be trusted. Unfortunately, this is sad but true.
      The system of testing on arrival, and retesting, works in other jurisdictions – but you have to have efficient testing and can’t keep people hanging around for hours at the airport or the port like happens with testing at the hospital tent.

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      • Scientist says:

        There is no 4 day quarantine period for Covid 19, it has to be 14days as per science, 4 days quarantine is your risk adjustment , Science never said 4 days

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  3. Clearly says:

    More and more we are seeing that it was good for the BVI when this Government ignored the naysayers especially those in the Opposition and put in these quarentine measures thereby avoided this place being filled with positive corona cases.

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  4. People says:

    I do not join the few who blog all day on this site critising the VIP Government for how they handling this corona and the economy. This is a major and challenging issue and most persons agree that they are doing an excellent job.

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  5. Soothsayer says:

    If the Test works – Why the False Positives?
    If the Masks work – Why the Six Feet?
    If the Six Feet works – Why the Masks?
    If all Three work – Why the Lockdown?
    If All Four work – Why the Vaccine?
    If the Vaccine is Safe – Why the No Liability Clause?

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  6. By stander says:

    Those test is wrong the young lady was tested negative the thursday got her result the saturday saying she can go home now they run those test again and it’s showing postive something is wrong why would they let her out if it was positive they are not talking the truth carvin you and your team needs some serious help stop lying to people

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    • Scientist says:

      Viral load peaks at 5 to 8 days, that is when the test positivity Rate is more accurate, out of those days negative result is a possibility

  7. Tongue Fu says:

    Who are these most persons you speak of ? Do they exist on planet earth or some imaginary illusion of yours? Was there a poll taken? Sounding just like Andrew as he said the economy is performing as expected without any statistics.

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  8. Heckler says:

    ..and 4 days quarantine will be enough for visitors?

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  9. D says:

    The whole truth about this was not told.

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  10. Truth says:

    Them need to look into this matter seriously I belive some of those test is contaminated

  11. LouRoome says:

    BVI tourism is dead. Time to move. Met some very nice people I’ll be able to visit around the world. Not completely the government’s fault but the lack of communication about opening and protocols have made them look unsure and incompetent. Look forward to coming back and visiting…but I’ll probably just go to a different Caribbean island where they are friendly and have better customer service. Comeon’ man

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  12. Doh says:

    Stock up. Shut down coming again

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  13. 2cents says:

    Hey the virus is going to do its thing. You can’t stop it no matter what ridiculous policies you implement. You can destroy the economy and kill residents by other means. If that is the goal — YOU WIN. Keep in mind that this virus is deadly to a very small percentage of people, the vulnerable should be protected and if you plan to develop any type of herd immunity in the community lockdowns won’t work. Remember the cure can’t be worse than the disease. Stop promoting all this panic and live life. Enough already!

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  14. Simple says:

    You should tested on arrival and is again tested 14 day later before leaving quarantine.
    Hope we have the rapid test ready for the tourists in December.

  15. Local BVISLANDER says:

    Wait you guys ain’t see nothing yet, by December 15th, the BVI will be infected with Covid, it’s picking up again here in NY and other states, so much so Delta has canceled flights to 16 states.
    Please my people brace yourself, it’s not going anywhere, plus it’s getting cold, things are going to get worse, I am an RN in NY and it’s looking scary for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

  16. Thoughtful Sailor says:

    What tourists? The fact is that the Government has yet to vote on its protocols for the marine sector, for sure, and probably several of the others. And this, after seven months. It sounds like we won’t know if quarantine is needed until the end of the month. In my many meetings with Governments of both parties, over the years, only one was ever announced more than two days ahead. Well, that is not how the rest of the world works. That is not how the tourist industry works. People plan, and choose, and look forward to their vacations. It is not unusual for people to book charters a year in advance, particularly for the Christmas and New Year’s charters. And, those who read sailing blogs will know that everyone interested in a BVI charter is watching carefully, and that the four day quarantine is the deal breaker; whether there is a quarantine or not, and how it is handled, needs to be announced NOW. Many potential guests have decided on doing something else, or going elsewhere. NO ONE will wait to book their holiday until they are assured of a workable protocol, in November. The Government will be smiling and ready to welcome visitors on December 1, but there will be very few to welcome. And then, maybe, those with their heads stuck resolutely in the sand, will realize how much the income of the charter industry spreads throughout the entire territory. Belongers, not just expats will suffer greatly. And, for those who say that “they will always come to our BVI” and “don’t threaten us”, get ready to learn the lessons that other countries have learned, when they failed to take care of the goose that lays the golden egg.

  17. Reconsider STT says:

    Traveling through Puerto Rico is too expensive, 2-3 time more expesnive than St Thomas.I wouldn’t travel if that is the only option, 4 days maybe acceptable, but the cost of the fight, plus the 4 day, plus the cost of quarantine…Sorry but who travel only the super rich who may stay on a yacht or private island.

  18. Eric says:

    A sad state of affairs that after 8 months the government apparently has still not prepared the hospitals, doctors and staff to handle Covid 19.

  19. Glad says:

    Tak time talk! Everytime we say so the whole place spike up back

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