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UPDATE: Dancia Penn will join us as PVIM candidate, says Skelton

The Ronnie Skelton-led PVIM candidates for the next general elections.

At least one other person is expected to join the Progressive Virgin Islands Movement’s (PVIM) slate of candidates who will contest the next General Elections.

After presenting seven election candidates at the PVIM launch on Friday, movement leader Ronnie Skelton said: “Honourable QC Dancia Penn is expected to be with us.”

Penn will vie for the movement’s final Territorial At-Large seat.

The other three PVIM At-Large candidates that were announced are Apostle Curnal P Fahie, Shaina Smith, and Skelton.

Melvin ‘Mitch’ Turnbull, in the meantime, is seeking re-election for the Second District, taxi operator and sportsman Karl Scatliffe will vie for the Fourth District, recently-resigned Commission of Customs Wade Smith is the movement’s contender for the Fifth, and Jose deCastro has been selected as the PVIM’s candidate for the Ninth.

“We don’t have a whole slate of candidates but we have our eyes, our ears and everything else on other candidates,” Skelton said.


The Progressive Virgin Islands Movement (PVIM), moments ago, presented the candidates who it has selected to contest the upcoming General Elections.

The PVIM presented seven candidates, three of whom will challenge the Territorial At-Large seats and another four to vie for the Second, Fourth, Fifth, and Ninth electoral districts.

Their At-Large candidates are Apostle Curnal P Fahie, Shaina Smith, and party leader Ronnie Skelton.

Meanwhile, sitting legislator Melvin ‘Mitch’ Turnbull is seeking re-election for the Second District, taxi operator Karl Scatliffe will vie for the Fourth District, recently-resigned Commission of Customs Wade Smith for the Fifth , and Jose deCastro has been selected as the PVIM contender for the Ninth.

The political organisation announced its candidates inside thier campaign headquarters in Fish Bay on Tortola.

“The PVIM has a good balance between youth and experience,” said movement leader Skelton during his address at Friday’s launch.

BVI News will provide further details.


Shaina Smith



Wade Smith


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  1. Hmmm says:

    So NDP 2 has finally launched. Waste of time.

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  2. Former NDP supporter says:

    I have lost all respect and trust in Ronnie & Mitch.

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  3. My take says:

    I will not waste a vote with these power hungry people.

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  4. I dont know says:

    Umm BVInews where is this article “People Must Decide On Constitutional Changes To Election Eligibility–Skelton” what changes to those who can VOTE!

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  5. Just Curious says:

    Not seeing Archibald Christian in the seven or are those named so far with the rest to follow suit?

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  6. District two says:

    I voted for Mitch before. He had promise but he is to power hungry and arrogant. I will be voting for the VIP second district candidate this time and the VIP FOUR At-Large. No one could be as bad as Mitch and the two NDP parties.

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  7. poor ppple fed up says:

    them belly full and still hungry
    VIP stand a better chance.

    I sorry to say but this team is not for the country them for their own pocket.

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  8. BAD says:


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  9. LOL says:

    These same jokers were laughing at the VIP saying that Fahie can’t get a full slate of candidates. Now Fahie & VIP have a full & competent slate of candidates and these guys who were mocking the guy can’t find persons to full their slate. To me Fahie has shown true leadership in the revamping of the VIP. He deserves to be given the chance to be the next Premier.

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    • Not says:

      Fahie has a full slate but the quality is poor. PVIM h
      Has a more promising team. Hands down

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      • @not says:

        Nice try but anyone with sense knows that you are talking piddle. VIP has a solid slate of candidates who love the country and not the power like those in NDP 2.

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  10. pls.???? says:

    look joke Ronnie ur selfesteem is at stake.Mitch sorry,Wade who?Shaina pls,another preacherman,I’ll stop here this is comedy at the Grand Apollo im tje BVI

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  11. Hey says:

    where is Archie?Dancia kick.Fraser to the curb.People of the BVI DON’T BE.FOOLED THEY ARE.ALL POWER HUNGRY

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  12. Political Observer (PO) says:

    To form a government, the support/commitment of 7 elected members are needed. For PVIM to form the government with the candidates put forward thus far, it would have to run the table. What is the probability of PVIM running the table? It is possible but highly challenging. The talent pool for elected office is small and spreading that talent among so many parties create greater challenges for parties. IMO a major and serious party should be able to field 13 candidates. Suspect that PVIM will be fielding more candidates. Looking in the the crystal ball, a coalition government is in the offing. Is a coalition government the best choice at this juncture?

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    • lol says:

      We had a coalition government months ago and you saw how that worked, or didn’t.

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      • @Lol says:

        @Lol, the fragmented NDP was not a coalition government; its 11 members were from the same/single party. A coalition government IMO is a partnering of 2 or parties to form a government, eg, Israeli, German, UK(2010-15)……..etc.

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    • voiceofthevoiceless says:

      Early days yet but until everybody names their full slates it is hard to match pound for pound.

      I must say that early up the VIP appears the most united and organized of the groups so far. Couple years ago I said that once VIP elected a more likable Chairman that good people would gravitate to him. This is what has happened so kudos to the Leader. The VIP Gala the other night was well organized and a great initiative and a great start.

      PVIM launching on Friday at 4pm? They don’t want people to attend? Who do they wish to represent? A chosen few or all of the BVI? Not a good start seeing that they are many people already turned off by their departure from the ruling government. Add to that you are a new party who has to establish your brand on the eve of a crucial election.

      NDP still reeling from their dissensions and one disgruntled member who is holding on only due to respect for his leader so there is a lot of work to be done. Then the anti-NDP sentiment amongst the public is strong no matter how much they may try to re-brand this party as the new NDP the fact remains that two of the old NDP’s most influential characters are still leading this party. Add to that the first Lady may well still have an influential role to play as her son is a candidate and of course she is close to M and M.

      One thing for sure is that interesting days lie ahead.

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      • Joseph says:

        Come on now. 4 p.m. Tola Time means 6 p.m.

        Whey u from?


        If no rain fall people gon show up.

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        • voiceofthevoiceless says:

          4PM is 6pm tola time but this is a Launch and you want to set the pace right by starting on time.

          Also having your key speakers speak at 4pm is totally nonsensical and is poor strategical thinking.

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  13. stewie says:

    Why leave a strong viable party to form one that can’t even offer us a full slate of candidates? This man is on a suicide mission or wha?

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  14. Ah sah says:

    The NDP cronies blogging strong. We the people however will decide who WE want to take us forward. I honestly support Ronnie as our next premier.

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    • @Ah sah says:

      NDP and VIP cronies blogging like crazy, but we are voting for Ronnie and the PVIM, not all of us granted. But God’s willing hopefully enough to bring him hime. Even Mr. Picko, Drain the Swamp Man agrees that he was an Excellent Finance Minister. What do we need right now? A finance wizard who can take a million dollars and make it weep. We need Ronnie and the other members of the PVIM.

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      • 5th District Voter says:

        Picko is a misguided attention seeking individual. He has made so many videos and posts but yet to provide one single solution to the problems we face. He wanted attention on social media and he got it. If you think anybody with half a brain is relying on Picko for political advice well…….

        Ronnie was a great Minister of Finance of course. Why else would the voters send him home after four years on the job? Of course he was that good. Picko had a chance to follow up and ask why down west is left burning openly for so many yeaes under his watch and he didnt. We have totally lost our way when people can just post what they feel on social media and all of a sudden theyre heroes.

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        • William Thomas says:

          so because picko mr drain the swamp post how he feel he is attention seeking? At the end of the day this young man brave enough to stand up and state his opinions unlike alot of people who to afraid to do so.

          He ain’t hiding behind no internet moniker like you. Not faking for the public to gain likes whether he his opinion is popular or not he stands by it regardless. That’s a man i could trust because hes going to always say how he feel with out any hidden agenda in the pursuit to please others

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    • @ ah sah says:

      “We the people” is not representative of your self indulgent party and your claim to that statement sure indicates your conceit…

  15. MyPeople says:

    Why wasn’t Dancia with them today if she is in? Lord this woman always late and last minute and like to be in thing and her track record is she does not like to w— h—. Wasn’t impressed with Shania and Ronnie at the launch of PVIM. The life of that party is Pastor C. Fahie. He got what it takes. He is fearless and appears to mean well. Wade Smith and Mr. Jose DeCastor were very impressive. We are sticking with the old NDP. Afterall, they have stuck it out amidst the hard times. PVIM maybe in the future, not now!

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  16. Joseph says:

    Is this the same Ronnie Skelton who attended CVI on St.Thomas with numerous Eastern Caribbean students…back in the 1970s… got along well with them (or so pretended)and now h—e and d—-t Myron who was born in Tortola of Antiguan parents?

    All because he lost an internal NDP nomination for Leadership?

    I cannot believe it!

    Lord have Mercy.

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    • @Joseph says:

      There you go. Ronnie is the biggest hyprocrite and land S…e in the BVI. Keep dreaming Ronnie if you think the blue wave is going to put out the flames when the volcano start to churn. Come on Ronnie, you know you only pull the baby and Minnie Mouse in for numbers. Stay tuned for the rest of “Den of Snakes”.

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      • @Joseph says:

        ——- have blocked a few people from getting loans from the bank when they applied. He had his cronies who work in the bank deny the loan. I agrée, — is one of the biggest hyprocites this side of the Carribbean. — might think he runs and control S..t because his papi and mami was born on Tortola. ——, that BLUE WAVE is going to turn on you real soon.

  17. Well Well says:

    A set of Dead Horse

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    • Ok says:

      All morning got have dead horses but which one clearly presents honesty, trust, integrity, a mixture of all the things a government needs to lead, and more. Which group is more capable

  18. SMH says:

    Another name tag Church man! What a thing b4 the king! Plant your votes…it came in a …

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  19. No nonsense says:

    So this is the future head of the BVI for imported cheap labour. Mr. Minister in charge is a big advocate for China. And he done have the hook up. Watch out for industries from china coming here and we all wearing mask 24 X 7

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  20. Messenger says:

    For the QC if she or any of her family members happen to see this message. Please don’t get mix up in this. I have so much respect for you. I know you want the best for the country but in the midst if this political confusion even if you won the at large- PVIM- despite what their supporters say I am on the ground hearing the chit chatter). No one party will win outright this time around. It will be hard for you to carry out your agenda. Then the same people who encourage to contest will be up and down say she ain’t do a ting dem four years. No action. Reputation damage further.
    Still not too late to pull out. Better temporary embarrassment than long term embarrassment.
    Oh great Jehovah pls help her to see reason and save her good name.

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  21. the magnificent 7 says:

    ronnie, dancia, kedric, fraser, wade, mitch and vincent……………There you have it THE NEW GOVERNMENT 2019

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  22. Woww says:

    The race is with NDP and vIP

    Not PVIM

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  23. Please says:

    This is laughable. People have short memories. Dancia did nothing last time she was in the government apart from turning up at every event and having her photo taken. Why are we just recycling the same old. Let’s have some new inspired candidates with fresh ideas to take us forward.

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  24. I said it says:

    A brunch of tired looking people looking like they are waiting to board the loosers express. The little boy and grinning Minnie mouse looks lost in translation.

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    • @i said it says:

      At least when the ship sinks in the giant blue WAVE,Mickey Mouse will rescue Minnie Mouse. Can’t say who will save the drowning arrogant cocky child.

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  25. ooooobs says:

    Hnnnnnnnnnnnnnnmmmmmmm.very interesting and so so very entertaining

  26. Ms.Diva says:

    Now that the I am headed towards total failure and confusion party is formed, it is now time for me to send over a Wisconsin cheese curd platter and a blue pacifier for the out of control baby who can’t seem to comprehend what SHHHH means.

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  27. Once again says:

    BLAH BLAH BLAH once again. VIP and NDP bloggers are on here in their feelings, same feelings they accused PVIM supporters of being in. Come on out and ask your questions and concerns publicly, let’s see how we can address these and help to move this county forward. STAY tuned for the plan. MAKE SURE you listen well. Right now, I Hear FEAR Talking without having the FACTS, but everything in time.

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    • @Once Again says:

      Joke of the day…fear talking you say…these set of poppy show and their PVIM…Pompous Voices In Manipulation

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      • Poppy Show says:

        If you were confident in your leader and their party whether VIP or NDP, there would be no need to be negatively blogging and constantly about PVIM. So Yes, FEAR. People will come on here to read and have a joke but we all know where the real X is going! The time you spend attempting to bring PVIM down, use it to make your leaders look good on your end for this doesn’t distract the public from the TRUTH. But, carry on as you must.

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    • @Once again says:

      Ask questions from a group that canot articulate themselves or speak properly. Every last one of them need to take a class on how to speak properly. This is really beginning to look like a cartoon circus.

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      • Speak well says:

        You can speak well all you want, but if your character and intentions are DIRTY and FOR SELF, this doesn’t benefit the country!

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  28. @Once Again says:

    The kind of blows coming PVIM way its not even funny.

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  29. @Once again says:

    The only fear I am hearing is yours. No one want to get run over by a giant out of control blue wave.

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  30. The Truth says:

    lol Dubb? You can’t be serious.

  31. My view says:

    Hmmm we have too many pirates in politics. All this politicians reminds me of the pirates movie. They come as friends and leave you broke. They say one thing before they get in and when they get in they do another thing this is how pirates operates. To all new parties I wish you all the best and a successful campaign and please do not use Trump method to campaign because it will not work here.

  32. Eagle eye says:

    Dead before arrival

  33. Fashion Police says:

    @Bad, she also belive she is some type of diva. LMAO.

  34. Lol@bloggers says:

    PVIM yo large. You got to be the best of the crop or all the energy these bloggers expending to malign your wonderful characters and kick you down would not be wasted. They would save it to big up and praise their team of choice. Strategy is all that is. Blog negatively all day long, says NDP snd VIP so those silly people would not see the honest, capable, energetic and exvellent team led by their excellent leader, a financial wizard. Even @#draintheswamp said it correctly, Hon. Skelton was a wonderful Minister of Finance. We love PVIM but will not expend all our energy blogging against the competition. We will tell you daily as we move through your neighbourhood what we intend to do when elected. Serve you fairly and give you value for ypur taxpayer dollars. See you soon, ride the Blue Wave with us. We are not afraid of the competition. We don’t have to hide behind blogs and throw pitch forks. Democracy will prevail despite their evil tactics.

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    • melt down says:

      You don’t have to hide behind blogs, but you still blogging under a fake name. Yeah, I see we can take you serious.

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    • Wow says:

      So you calling us evil bloggers and expect us to support your party? Not every blog is politically motivated but dont worry, when you and your crew come campaigning to me and my family you will be reminded. There are many like myself who are voicing our opinions via this means. Keep thinking that calling people names and behaving as if nobody should question you and your movement and see how far you get. Based on what I have seen and heard thus far, PVIM 2019 = PEP 2015 and PPA 2011. Lots of noise and little substance.

      • Voice says:

        Y’all are too funny. I just don’t have the time to be bothered reading all this MUCK!! Whatever your concerns and questions are, you are free to ask them to clear your misconception about PVIM Candidates. PVIM is the best hope for the Country right now. It’s a new direction. One case in point PVIM don’t need to waste time blogging negatively about VIP or NDP. The PEOPLE are the focus here so blog away red and green, but the blue is the real team!

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  35. Before i forget says:

    The one with the dreads looks lost. BoBo,you are standing on stage with the rest of the hyprocites for numbers only.

  36. Challenge says:

    Ronnie, I challenge you to speak up on the wall, the pier park, the airport, west end terminal, conditions of schools, NHi Propaganda under the NDP ADMINISTRATION, the roads, the suffering of the people on all islands after the hurricane even in your designation as minister for health. Why should no blame be apportioned to you? Tell me what the other ministers did and said, versus you. No to NDP in every form – PVIM and the LOT!

    People, we have the power to determine who and who get a paycheck. Vote for who you know will work for you. Who has proven themselves worthy and who deserve a first chance. We are the employers. Fire the dead beats and get better people in. It is what we have patiently been waiting for.

    And to all the dead beats, know from now that your campaigning will be in vain, a waste of money and the time that the good Lord give us on this earth.

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  37. Easy says:

    NDP all the way! I want the hardest working Minister Hon. Myron Walwyn as my next Premier and I will support him and his team. We need action and substance right now, not talk.

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  38. P says:

    Well i am glad we have media. Let people vent if they want. One thing about this place is people canot voice their opinions in public because they are in fear of losing their jobs etc…

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    • @p says:

      I agrée,the voting public have a right to blow fire under their behinds. You want to be in politics, then you have to take whatever heat is thrown your way. In Politics, only the strong will survive.

  39. soso says:

    you really believe people will vote for wade smith, who do not know him, might, but that man has a lot of ? marks over his head, h**l no, no no no…

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  40. AKA says:

    Smith and dreads should have stayed out of the mess.Anyone who can stand up on stage with Mitch the unstabe, needs there A** whipping. No one is going to vote for a party that is align with a person like Mitch. It is not to late to dismantel this Blue WAVE of embrassment. Go back to the drawing board BLUE Wave, take some vocal lessons and start over in the next couple of years. The leader of the BLUE WAVE helped created the problems we are now facing. Now he want to sit on his Throne and act like he is squeeky clean. Ronnie, I am begging you and your crew to please don’t come around my home election time, my pitbull Oscar freaks out when he see’s or sniffs anything BLUE.

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  41. Lmaoo says:

    Once she anit running for the eight district cause she did nothing for us for those years.

  42. Hungry says:

    Power Hungry party. Its not about the people, its about PVIM.

  43. Young voter says:

    Congratulations to all.

    With regrets, I am so disappointed with seeing a young and promising pastor getting himself involved in politics. All you need to do is to pray for our country for good direction. You say you were called by my god and your purpose in this earth is to win souls. I am seeing the devil is trying his very best to destroy our churches. Pastor we are in perilous times let us go out in the highway and byways and do what our god wants us to do.

    Politics is not for pastors. All we want from you is serious prayers and repentance

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    • @youngvoter says:

      So sad that you think pastors should stay out of politics. I beg to differ for the more prayer and prayer warriors we can get the better. Hon. H.L. Stoutt, Hon. T.B. Lettsome and many of our stalwart late politicians were pastors. I wish to see more pastors involved in this election process and many other proceses in our society. The devil is certainly involved so we need Jesus in the midst. Pastor Fahie, we welcome you and like me I hope you are praying without ceasing for this community and your fellow running mates and all others in what will be probably the ugliest election battle in our history.

      • Young voter says:

        They were lay pastors. He has a flock to take care of. Look on our churches today. Are you satisfied with them. Many of our pastors have lost focus and get involved deeply into things that they not suppose to get into. A lot of prayers and repentences need to happen in our churches and our country will be better. When god say if my people who are called by my name should humble themselves and pray and turn from their wicked ways then we shall hear from heaven, it is not the bvi it is those who has repented and turn. Pastors, deconstructions, we call on you to pray and repent for our country and then he will heal our lands.

  44. Jokey says:

    Where is —- ——— Going?? He cant support his Son by the —– girl and he wants to try and help run a country….WHAT A JOKE!! If PVIM have any chance of winning it wont be with ——- ————– or —————

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