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UPDATE: No cause for alarm, JVD dump fire out

The dump on Jost Van Dyke.

The fire that had ignited at the Jost Dyke dump has been extinguished.

Manager of the Department of Waste Management, Greg Massicote said the fire was small and “nothing to get alarmed about”.

“By the time contractors got to the site this morning, it (the fire) was already out. So, they just continued from where they left off yesterday (August 21).”

Workmen have been at the location to undergo a debris cleanup exercise.

Previously published article

Reports reaching BVI News are that a fire has broken out at the dump on the sister island of Jost Van Dyke.

The blaze reportedly started sometime Tuesday evening, August 21.

Manager of the Department of Waste Management, Greg Massicote, told BVI News he is not sure how the dump caught fire.

He, however, said the fire started at a time when the Department has begun debris cleanup at the site.

“Works to remove the debris from that site officially started [yesterday] (August 21). But, of course, depending on the extent of the fire, we will have to delay that work until the fire is out,” he told BVI News Tuesday night.

Amateur video footage sent to our news centre shows what appears to be a relatively large fire at a location believed to be the Jost Van Dyke dump.

BVI News will provide more information as it becomes available.

Meanwhile, this is at least the second dump to have caught ablaze in recent months.

There was a massive fire at the Cox Heath dump on Tortola back in May. That blaze lasted nearly a month before it was put out.

Residents in surrounding communities felt varying degrees of effects from the thick clouds of smoke the fire had produced.

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  1. Humpty Dumpty says:

    Our current leaders have abandoned us and left our infrastructure broken and on fire. How worse can this get?

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  2. Reality says:

    funny how fires mysteriously happen when there are stock piles of waste…consider West End debacle….these are intentional in my opinion! no management at all and the local people suffer with all the toxic fumes – we really show how 3rd world we are, yet there is still a push for independence!

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  3. Native says:

    Burn this one again to access the scrap metal. Just say so!

  4. Where’s Waldo? says:

    Orlando, our country is broken and on fire. What’s your plan to fix these problems? Why haven’t you stepped forward to help? A longer runway won’t solve these problems.

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  5. E. Leonard says:

    Over the past 30 years, the VI has experienced significant economic growth and development; it population has also increased, exploded. Economic growth and development, coupled with population growth, has generated more waste. However, its small size is posing challenges to its solid waste management. Unlike large developed countries, it does not have the acreage to construct a landfill that is designed to last at least a 100 years.

    Nonetheless, it must look at practical and affordable means and methods to effectively reduce waste and manage its waste streams, including waste from sister islands. The VI must employ and practice the 3 Rs——-Recycle, Reuse, Reduce. Effectively employed, the 3 Rs decreased the cost of managing solid waste. This should be another item on any government’s bucket list.

    In regards to the “Dump” fires, suggest that the Solid Waste Mgt. stand down and continue to take a close look at the causes of these fires and take action to remove the leg(s) of the fire triangle that is causing them.

  6. Just ice says:

    Open burning is the new norm….there has been an open fire in the pond coxheath since Jan 16 th and it is burning red again tonight… put out the red carpet for fDisney while you poison your own people you disgusting bad…

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