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UPDATE: Police confirm BVI’s first murder for 2019, says other gunshot victim stable

Crime scene investigators process the area of the shooting on February 3. (BVI News photo)

Police have confirmed the death of one male and the injury of one other who were both shot in Huntums Ghut on Sunday night, February 3.

Police Information Officer Diane Drayton said in a brief statement to BVI News Monday morning that the aforesaid injured male is in stable condition at Peebles Hospital in Road Town.

She was not able to provide the names of the gunshot victims up to press time and made no mention of a third injured person.

She said the Information Unit of the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force will be debriefed later today so more information could be provided to the public.

Meanwhile, the death of this unknown male marks the first murder for the BVI for 2019.

More information to come.


One person is feared dead and two reported injured after a shooting in the Huntums Ghut community of Tortola on Sunday night, February 3.

The shooting happened near the community’s basketball court sometime before 10 pm.

When BVI News visited the area, police were still processing the scene while onlookers gathered.

Police were unable to give details of the incident up to press time.

BVI News will provide additional information as this breaking story develops.

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    • Karma doesn't knock,it rushes in says:

      It is so sad to see what the once quiet and peaceful BVI has come to and what’s more sad is that the government seem to turn a blind eye to the increase of gun violence even after the the west end murders,everyone was tight lipped except maybe 3 ministers…not even a peep from our dear Premier or the Governor. But for those of us who still remember the victims,we pray justice will come.

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      • Jody Boothe says:

        Well now is the time to exercise your vote for your voice of change, so some one new will be sitting in that chair, and show them that the people is actually the power.

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        • To Jody says:

          Did you say vote??????????????? Which candidate did you hear talk about tackling crime or had some sort of plan or solution? Cause I don’t recall anyone of them take on that topic. Karma got my vote cause it never fails…now I’ll watch as it takes on these so-called gangsters and their gangs,maybe they’ll eliminate each other. I only pray they don’t take another innocence man or child’s life while they play cowboys and Indians

          • Prohibition says:

            I want to know which one is for legalizing cannabis

            Hard truth is that will put crime culture down alot. Less young adults exposed to shady bussiness. Less money for people who do bussiness in shadow.

            Less distractions, more time for the police to focus on guns and coke.

            Less people hating the oppression of police. More people ready to co-operate.

            Once they stop oppressing the people over a healing plant, then the men-folk will co-opperate with the police on all levels.

            Most of us are christian, we know what the bible says about herb bearing seed and we dont want stealing, guns, dangerous drugs, and we dont want violence.

            Even as caribbean people (black on black) there is a disconnect prevents us from seeing the police as 100% friendly.

            Is there a politician that can be real with us and say what needs to be said in this modern era??

            Are any of them brave enough to say we made mistakes and lacked vision in this area?

            Who really wants the youth vote?

            Alcohol prohibition caused great violence in america and spawned many gangs, let us reflect.

            Condolences to those in grief right now.

  1. Smh says:

    Such a cruel world !! This is so sad

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  2. Kye says:

    Vote for me

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    • Funny thing says:

      When the first article came out about him fixing up the court and I noticed g4L name was part of the clean up crew,I made a comment asking what is being done to eliminate gang activity in the area but my comment was never published. But it’s ok cause I’m just an average person who saw this coming from a mile away cause we ALL know that are isn’t exactly a peaceful spot

  3. Smh says:

    G4L stays taking L’s

  4. chain says:

    is it really over a chain?

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  5. Wow says:

    What a thing to tell the King. Lord have mercy on Us

  6. Mask says:

    So Dirk! What’s the plans on this issue? How or what are you willing to do? What kinda FACTS can you provide?

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    • Question says:

      Why you asking Dirk? Ask the man who rejuvenated the court! He should say what the plans are for giving the criminals light adding more problems to the problem. What’s the plan to make their safe for all residents in the area and the children who now want to play on the court.

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      • Stupidity says:

        So because he rejuvenated the court means he facilating the crimes? Light bring criminals? That what you saying? Then how about we don’t fix the roads and pot holes so the criminals can’t drive as well?! Don’t fix the lamp posts and the stop lights either? Those going help the criminals too? Damn fool

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        • @stupidity says:

          You the damn fool! I notice you didn’t answer none of the questions – So, what is the plan for the area to do away with the unwanted activity it attracts? He gave them there arena back without any consideration as to the unwelcoming activity that went on there in the past. So lights on and problem is illuminated. What is the aspiring politician going to do about this to make the area safe for families, children and residents?

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          • @Question says:

            Why don’t you run for politics, so we can vote you in. Because you seem to have some good suggestions on ya mind. I totally agree with stupidity. You must be a d**n fool which such small minded comments.

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      • Please says:

        Why not ask the police, if up there is a hotspot why haven’t they gone up there several times and shake it down. Drive by atleast every two hours.

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        • Hmm says:

          I guess something cannot happen within the 2 hours. Only takes a minute for a crime to be committed. Police can’t be everywhere at every given time.

      • @Question says:

        Try and go pick up a book because when common sense was sharing you were hiding behind a rock

    • state of emergency says:

      ask juggy, wade and kye too

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      • Weir D. Playne says:

        Ask NDP what did they do to combat crime during their 8 years. They promised 10 year automatic sentence for guns instead the son of their party member got $2000 fine. They had the police begging for help until the governor had to go in his bag of tricks to get the help that was required. Now watch them all use this as a moment to score political points.

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        • Yohan R. Sole says:

          Can you ask Mr Wade Smith if he takes any responsibility for the gun crimes on the island as he was the Chief Customs Comptroller for decades. How are these guns getting here???

    • @mask says:

      Leave Dirk out of this.

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  7. Me me says:

    Why people have to be so foolish he is some one child politics has nothing to do with this.

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    • The Future says:

      While I agree with you that we should remember the deceased in this story, we have to ask the politicians about their plans to make sure this doesn’t happen to anyone else’s child. We have lost too many of our young men and women over the years and things seem to be getting worse. I know politicians can’t solve the whole problem but they do have the power to put measures in place to decrease these occurrences. Too many fallen youth, too many youth full of potential lost, too many unsolved crimes, too many criminals getting away with these acts and feeling confident enough to do it again. #JusticeNeeded

    • Slackness says:

      Sorry to say he wasn’t the first and from how things work in the BVI, he wouldn’t be the last to me gunned down. We were hoping the west end killings would have been the last,but it wasn’t. Until serious action by both government,police and the community are taken,our children will continue to be gunned down

  8. dfdfdf says:

    Cardcaptors of the Clow,
    Expect the unexpected now!

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  9. Talk that.. says:

    Where is the arm police that suppose to patrol the hot spot areas like they doing side jobs or they gone lodge meeting.

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  10. Peace says:

    What we all need is jesus!!!

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  11. 5th district says:

    Let me start by saying condolences to the decease family and a safe and speedy recovery to the injured ones…. I’m not blaming any politician for what happen last night or I’m trying to make my post political in which families are grieving for the lost of their love one..Now my 2 cents surrounding the basketball court issue from invention it was an issue from day one what it was used for other than playing basketball just putting a court and say it’s for the youths then turn your back doesn’t really say much,first to begging with I think the property needs to be properly fenced and gated.We have responsible people in the 5th the likes of, Kennedy Bass,Jason Edwin,Eggar,china man,Bim and so much more persons the youths will look up to I’m saying that to say this these youths need guidance check the youths who assembled by the bathroom and the activities they are engage in that area is only used by drug dealers and gamblers.. some days ago a political candidate was taking praise for the refurbishment of the court I’m just wondering if he will take the praise for the shooting incident which clearly shows such candidate is not formiliar with what goes on at such location but with it been out of commission there wasn’t an excuse but now it’s back up and running it will always used as an excuse like in the pass “I going on the court”. Its time to play hard ball people will talk you can’t please everyone so if it means to have the car wash remove from there so be it because once the car wash is there it will attract idlers…fence the place put someone in authority… Sunday-Thursday open from 4:00pm-8:00pm Friday&Saturday 4:00pm-10:00pm lights off and gate locked. When there is special function then the time frame could adjust… I hope this problem gets rectify and soon too…. And not to mention these are young men and no one would ever believe how often police visit such location from since the 2017 storms even with the dogs it’s a shame to see that such area have become an interest to the police…

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    • SMH says:

      A Youth has lost his life…tell the gun smingers enough is enough! Why blame the young man who assisted in rebuilding the baskettball court. Some of you parents needs to start taking responsibility of your sons and guide them along the right way. Instead of pointing fingers…the RVIPF should have tbese so called hot spots being monitored. People who living in the area needs to be vigilant and report suspicious behsviors.

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      • To SMH says:

        I don’t really think people are blaming him,but I am sure like everyone else Kye knew that area is mostly occupied and controlled by a gang because it’s no secret and if you check the comments after most of the shooting that occurred,the same said gang name is always mentioned. So now if a gang controls that area and you fix up the basketball court do you think the gang will magically disappear or will they cluster in the area more and enjoy the new luxurious court???

  12. Joke! says:

    I am not sure what is more sad. The shooting, and injuries over a chain, the non exitstent parenting of our young, or the gangster punks blogging and mocking the deceased. Sick, pathetic f’ing society we have here.

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  13. Wow says:

    Bikes down, guns up

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  14. Rum-dawg says:

    That dude with the long head up there ain no leader, coward! #stop thief

  15. dfdfdf says:

    Cardcaptors of the Clow,
    Expect the unexpected now.

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  16. Proposition says:

    Somebody up there need open up a printing shirt business one time to ease the stress on nova and crazy threads so la flare could rock a new one every day/week

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  17. Anonymous says:

    There is no serious law enforcement strategies in effect to deal with, confiscate and limit gun violence in the territory.

    Absolutely none. The current policing apparatus has proven over and over that it is either complicit in or is completely incompetent in solving the gun and gun problem of the territory.

    Indeed, it is evident that law enforcement administrators give this issue mere lip service, confiscate a gun here or there when the public cry gets to loud, put it in the news to make a show and fool the people, and then that is the end of gun policing until the next death.

    We shall not be made aware of clandestine and or undercover activities relative to firearms interdiction, but there appears no measure or strategies in place by law enforcement to interdict illegal smuggling of weapons into the territory.

    On another front, often an undeveloped and or unguided mind torn between materialism and no means to acquire except work which is not always sought after leads to arrogant and ignorant thoughts and actions.

    Often, indifference to the raising of the male child, often leading to self raising parenting, create such a mentality more often than not when juxtaposed with peer pressure, external and media influences.

    More often than not, insufficient love and care is/was absent from the raising of the male child contributing to many psychological and emotional voids, which often create normal coping inabilities.

    Lastly, and there are more, but the inability to understand and engage in conflict resolution without resorting to violence is the major issue the youth confronts today.

    There is a direct correlation between the items above and last night’s unfortunate incident.

    Indeed, the Ministry should seriously consider conflict resolution classes beginning in elementary school and all through high school.

    Frankly, we must take this bull by the horn and tame it ourselves. Law enforcement will only do the least of appeasing the public policing in this matter, but no serious work, because the head of administration do not care if and when we kill each other.

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  18. We all guilty says:

    N****s gonna keep their mouths shut. Same s**t here. Blame everyone else but your family member who you protecting. Mouth runs bout everything else in this world but your criminal family members be cool.

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  19. Dark Smoke says:

    Keep playing with our group sh**ts get tragic

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  20. lawyer says:

    Young a**holes with a gun. They don’t know how to settle disputes without violence.

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  21. Rashawn says:

    All the oops goofy that sh**t a happen

  22. Disgusted voter says:

    Why not ask the parents who children are committing how to combat their behaviors? If we raise our children right we would have little to no crime of this nature. The politicians did not birth or raise them. We have to learn to sweep around our own front doors.

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  23. yuh muda says:

    i really dont give two frig bout this cause this s**t not going stop

  24. OG says:

    these young bucks don’t know how to settle stuff anymore, dead is forever but an azz whoopig only lasts a few days

    • The real OG says:

      Hey FAKE M…er F…er,please don’t be using my screen name our quotes. Where I am from,you will get bucked on or a buck fifty for doing S..t like that. There is only one OG.

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      • OG says:

        Shut up idiot. The public is ready to stomp people like you right about now. Ready for a new BBC story?

        No gangster can stand against the public.
        When we work together the public and the police are the most powerful. We are sick of people ruining this place.

        And your screen name belongs to no one.

  25. @ Weir D. Playne says:

    I agree with you 100%. Crime flourished under this NDP Government. They starve the crime fighting facilities such as the Police so much so that the previous Governor had to get involved. Look what happen after Irma…the Police was never a priority even though they were KEY right after Irma to maintaining law and order…did they get a big thank you like how the electricity people got a thank you…I think not…and then they put in legislation to punish the whistleblowers…come on…come on…come on…NO POLITICIAN SEEM TO BE DEALING WITH THE REAL ISSUES IN THIS COUNTRY…everybody just talking putting up concrete jungles…deal with the issues…God have to help us this election…because it over-boiling and the so-called leaders are blind, deaf and dumb to what time it is.

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  26. The State of the Nation... says:

    And another thing…it is time for the police to stop turning a blind eye to crime in this country…people running red lights, breaking traffic laws, police passing and smelling people bunning weed and keep driving…not enough stop and search…police setting bad examples…maybe even rogue cops…this island to small not to have caught the major drug and crime lords…people know including the police…but you see there is a Man..when He get fed up He going do what He have to do in this country…too long He been waiting for many in this country to put away the evil from them…and the time is running out…some of them going end up like Jezebel…watch and see…and then we going feel sorry for them and their family…but these things got to stop if we are going to move forward and recover…God Himself will step in and not a man would be able to open them mouth and say anything…them didn’t learn from Irma with all their greed, injustices, witchcraft and blood sacrifices…God Himself will put them to flight.


    Let me explain something to all who are involved in crime and murder.

    — God knew you before you were formed in the womb. You are a child of God and should be living a life that is pleasing in His eyes

    — when you mess with evil it rewards evil back on you and your generations to come

    — do you care about your life, your family’s life, the lives of your future children and grandchildren

    — You can break the cycle and turn from doing wicked. It can stop with you.

    — What does it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul

    — taking a life may cause you temporary pleasure but is it worth it to burn in eternal damnation – it IS NOT

    We care about you. God cares about you. He’s giving you a chance to turn to Him before it’s too late. Whatever you are facing, crime is not the answer, violence is not the answer.

    There are various groups on Facebook that you can join to be encouraged to stay on the right path. Don’t give up on yourselves.

  28. CW says:

    Lots of experts pointing fingers. Show some respect for a dead person. Typical BVI trying to make it about yourselves. Shame on you talking politics. Bury this person and then you can be experts all you want. SMH. Pitiful behavior and you wonder why all this negativity and evil surrounds you.

    • Heekup says:

      My rong walwin not saying any ting about his boy them on their action the bvi was crime free all along but as the ndp come in power it start , nobody no notice that ?..

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