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UPDATE: Police recover firearm, bullets in botched attempted robbery

The right leg of one of the accused men was severely wounded during the attempted robbery. (Photo provided)

Police have recovered a gun as well as ammunition in connection to the botched attempted robbery in East End on Saturday afternoon, August 4.

The RVIPF further said the attempted robbery suspects are in custody and are now receiving medical treatment for the injuries they sustained during the incident.

It is said one of the accused men was severely beaten while another sustained a leg injury consistent with chop wounds.

Previously Published Article

A man has been severely wounded in what is said to be a botched attempted robbery on the eastern end of Tortola on Saturday, August 4.

Eyewitness reports are that the wounded man is one of at least two men who allegedly tried to commit a robbery in the area.

Amateur video footage sent to BVI News shows the alleged robbery suspect with injuries consistent with chop wounds to his right leg. A section of his leg appeared to be acutely wounded.

Another man who is believed to be involved in the reported robbery attempt is seen in the video lying on the ground. He appeared to be in pain.

Unofficial reports are that residents attacked the two men, who they claimed were trying to rob a business establishment in the area.

Details are still sketchy.

Police have confirmed the incident but did not provide additional details.

BVI News will provide more information as it becomes available.

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  1. Oh... says:

    Not that Family cuz….svg community.

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  2. Sxm says:

    Good for them. .it should have been their hands got chopped….what they doing going to Rob…….

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    • Depotation Crowd???? says:

      Where is the deportation crowd? Their silence is deafening. Here you have 2 locals having been caught right in the act, and the usual suspects are not crying deport them. Why not? Bunch of hypocrites.

      Here is a newsflash for all those deport them yelling hypocrites: crime/criminals is not limited to nationality/or country. Locals commit crimes too.

      Regardless of who the criminal is, they should all be seen for who they are: criminals, and the law should deal with them appropriately without fear, favor, or prejudice.

      Each allerged criminal deserves their day in court. Whats good for an expat criminal should be good for local criminals too.

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      • stop picking fights says:

        Why are you coming here to pick a fight? Just don’t bring your criminal habits here.

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      • CW says:

        You know that you can’t deport people from their native country, right? ????????????SMH

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      • Anonymous says:

        Deport all the foreign thugs BVI. USA deports the misfits all the time no one barks why can’t BVI. Deport the thugs whence they came. How it chooses to deal with its local thugs is not your business.

      • @Deportation crowd says:

        Of acourse we can’t say deport if they are from here. We know that there are criminals from here too. Thatbis not an issue. Can’t you see that no one is supporting these criminals and BVIslanders have are happy that these guys are caught. They have been dealt with. There is a sense of entitlement from some expats. We are responsible for dealing with our own criminals. Why should we have to take on the burden of others. In a family if you have a bad child you deal with them and discipline them. You will not have the same tolerance with a child that has no connection to you coming into your house disrespecting you and wreaking havoc. Eventually you will let them go. Just think. Let them try these antics contnually i n the US and UK and tell me if they wouldnt eventually be deported. Many crimals sent back to the Caribbean from these countries.

        • Thank God! says:

          Some of them can’t deal or handle their own child. They spoil them from before they are in their mother womb.

          Then they i blind to fake love from parents. Most time is the Parents behavior and lack of parenting is what bring the children to the standard they are.

          Having them listen and watching certain things before they can understand right from wrong. Before they can actually know how to read… come on most times in the PARENTS to blame…

      • Stupes says:

        You must be a bitter fool. If someone commits a crime at home why would you post such a stupid blog.

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      • No says:

        Go back to your country and commit crime. DEPORT EXPATS!

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      • islandgurl says:

        You sound very foolish. When did you hear anyone say locals don’t commit crimes? Why is it hard to understand that deportation is always an option when you go to another man’s country and commit crimes? Post something with sense or don’t post at all. If you are unhappy with treatment in the BVI go back home or to another country and see if the same rules don’t apply. YOUR IGNORANCE IS SHOWING AND ITS NOT PRETTY!

  3. Uh oh says:

    Uh oh. They going get name and shame now. Wonder if they can be tied to the other robberies that happened in the territory.

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  4. No pitty says:

    These thugs better think again before attempting to rob hard working local businesses! Get a job and work for your money like everyone else!

    Glad they got them!

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    • Really says:

      I think you meant to say “hardworking people”-local or not.

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      • Oh Really says:

        I meant exactly as is stated, it’s a business within the bvi therefore it’s a local business! stop picking on petty things your comment brings no value. these thugs need to be dealt with and that’s the point, the BVI Government and the people of this Territory cannot allow crime to take over.

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        • Uncle Buck says:

          If every business is local then there is little need to specify the business as being local. It is like saying the business business. It makes no sense in the context you put forward as justification for your bias. Would you refer to Harney’s as a local business? I very much doubt it. You’ve been called out, admit it and accept it.

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          • @Uncle Buck says:

            Are you bored? Go fly a kite

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          • MY2C says:

            Well actually the Harneys that is located in Road Town is a local business but Harneys is an international brand. Every business isn’t local. A business that’s within the territory is local. That’s why you always hear businesses in the BVI saying to shop locally instead of going to St Thomas. Don’t confuse homegrown with local.

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          • Lolol says:

            Robbers are local too????

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          • How now brown cow says:

            Harneys is based in London not in the BVI.

          • oh yeah says:

            Harney is a local company it was started in the BVI by three gentlemen. Harny, Westwood, and Riegell. Did you know when it was called HWR. Sometimes you all should spend a little more time doing some research.

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  5. Pissed says:

    Both of them have jobs, one of them owns a trucking company.

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  6. The lord says:

    Is real and finally has stepped in to deal with the sins of the island

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  7. Ok then says:

    It’s about time someone stop them I bet they’ll never rob again

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  8. Fluffy says:


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  9. Batman says:

    Under NDP crime is down?

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  10. Brad Boynes says:

    They will Rob again. They wutliss. They are Demons. Belly full but still hungry.

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  11. Good! says:

    I wish I could find an ounce of sypathy, but I am struggling to muster much. They got what sounds like a good $ss wooping. People are tired of these thieves. They should count their blessings that they are still alive.

    Now, that looks like a nasty compound fracture one of them suffered. The little sympathy I have for them hope the doctors can save the leg and not have to amputate it.

    Gun toting potential robbers beware. Think twice before you try to rob as this could be your fate too, and you may not be lucky to just get a good $ss wooping. It could be much worse.

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  12. What!!! says:

    Great job by community public . Second time in a couple of months that armed robbers have been beaten by people around at the time. We are taking our country back from these low life.

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  13. well meh boi says:

    Socks with holes? No wonder he was robbing!

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  14. The truth says:

    “It’s easier to raise good children than to fix broken men”… kill them if we have to. We have no place for people like this to be in the society. They came with guns and ammunitatiom, hey will willing to take a life if they had to. They serve no purpose to society and provide nothing valuable to the territory. Jail will be too merciful for them. 3 square meals a day and a roof over their head? That’s not punishment.

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  15. Hodgie says:

    These local criminals. Makes me feel so shame.

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  16. Well,well says:

    NDP send them

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  17. Uncle Buck says:

    Hopefully the business owners will be pardoned by the law for their violent assault on the thieves. Vigilante justice is sweet but it cannot become a norm, let’s not start a trend please.

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    • Vigilante Justice - Not Here !!! says:

      The BVI has no history of vigilante justice which is prevalent in many Caribbean countries. It is common for crowds of people to pursue thieves and beat them within an inch of their lives.

      Here we will hold the person(s) until the police arrives and deals with him.

      This is definitely unacceptable conduct, and should not be condoned.

      A firm warning should be issued by the police, and the legal community should express its consternation in defense of due process.

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      • You was there says:

        Let someone try to go with your child and tell me what you’d do !!

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      • Reasonable Man says:

        I would view the beating as stopping a crime in progress. It was the robbers that had the gun, it takes some effort to subdue and make sure they are not still able enough to shoot it or do anything else that might harm innocent people.

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      • Vigilante Justice - Right here says:

        Get used to it. We fed up. In the space of weeks it happened twice. Level curtail. I feel no mercy. None whatsoever. Persons should should never be subjected to armed robbery.vigilante justice right here.

      • Yuh is family ah wa says:

        Vigilante justice in dey skin. Should break they arms and legs.

      • Wake Up says:

        Let me tell you something about due process. The very police and legal community don’t follow due process themselves.

        Don’t act brand new now

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    • Are you crazy says:

      These gunmen tried to kidnap their kids the police took forever to arrive . Would you sit back and let your child be taken ?

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    • STFU uncle says:

      Let someone try to kidnap your child and tell us if you’d sit back and watch ! STFUP you know nothing of what actually took place

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    • Okay uncle buck says:

      So you would sit there and watch your family member get attacked ?

  18. Well well says:

    Looks like that V guy did not leave his bad habits behind in America. His lifestyle was the same. RObbing people at gun point. This is why he came home… and the other guy… he is mentally sick nd his parents know it. He is also home because they could not control him back in America. These two mental fools met in the BVI and hatch a rediculous plan to kidnapp someone’s child for a ransom. Hmmmmm ..very audacious of them. .. but GOD does not sleep. Justice was served! Amen.

    Jesus is ALIVE. Death has lost its victory and the grave has been denied. Jesus is forvever. HE IS ALIVE and watching. GOD BLESS THE VICTIMS OF THIS BOTCHED ROBBERY.JESUS IS ALIVE!!!

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    • Officer says:

      How the hell people like this can return n noone keep a check om them in first couple years we need that system n how the hell he get a gov job then n still doing s**thhhh

    • Stop Lying says:

      The V guy did not rob nobody by gunpoint in America. He ain’t built like that for real. He not even about that life. You just making stuff up. Talk facts you got receipts for otherwise shut the F up.

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  19. Ayo says:

    Well good thing is was amateur night. Locals he knew the people they was robbing and didn’t want to kill. So they nearly got killed themselves. Which would have been good for their behind. But we know if this was stt Stx st kitts man they would have unloaded that weapon. Maybe they would die but it would have some dead heroes too. Thank goodness it was amateur night. Double edge sword cause it showing the robber man they got to kill somebody immediately to get the crowd to cool out. Be mindful public robbers will adapt and be more ruthless.

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  20. PRAYER says:

    We need to pray for the younger generation. Things arent the same.

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    • Prayer says:

      For the “Christians” who are hypocrites..

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    • The Observer says:

      Maybe you think you should stop praying? And see what happens?

      Everything is getting worse. Find out who you are praying to.

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    • Respect says:

      I remember the days when we as a community feared God and was careful about what we said and now it’s as though people feel they are untouchable especially since they survived Irma. God sometimes gives us a warning to do better.

      No-one knows the hour. So many have passed away and not even that gives cause to be reverent,

  21. true says:

    Ali should of let his dogs have them

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  22. I know says:

    D—- Working at the registry the pet of the registrar.

  23. That’s good says:

    They messed with the wrong family

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  24. what a ting says:

    I have read all the comments: stop blaming NDP! Stop blaming active citizen as vigilante! Stop blaming churches! – The HOMES make the community; the communities make the nation. Where should it start first- Parents. Yes, it takes a village to raise a child and it takes a community to help stop the crime. Yes, lots of christian are hypocrites but lots of christians are God Fearing.

    Parents do not wait until your children are teenagers to put balance and boundaries in their life; begin as soon as they are in the cradle. Spoiling children is not training, giving children material objects is not training, teaching children prejudice is not training; gossiping in the presence of your children is not training; involving your children in adult conversation is not training. cheating on your spouse is not training, cutting corners on the job and lying about it in(saying you are else where) the presence of you children is not training, Abusing your wife and swearing at her is not training, (likewise the wife)sleeping at home and sending the children to church is not training, cooking and cleaning as parents while your child crawl out of bed after ten looking food to eat is not training, going into bed and have our young girls in our house with a young man after ten or sleeping with our children in the next room not knowing where our young sons are after twelve in the night, having our children walking in and out of our homes with no accountablity….. Is it any wonder why the BVI society is sliding down a slippery sloop? We have failed this generation. If parents do not take it back soon a lot of us would be sleeping behind all kind of bars on our house and is still not safe. How many as parent you are guilty of? WE can all change our parenting style and save this generation !!!

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  25. Bango says:

    “in connection WITH the botched attempted robbery”, not “TO”. Or just “connected to”. Just thought you should know.

  26. Dont know nothing says:

    If you don’t know what the F you talking about why don’t you shut up dude. V was not in America robbing nobody at no gunpoint. He not even built like that for real. He not even about that life. So before you go spreading lies get your facts STRAIGHT A HOLE!

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  27. Local says:

    Every festival time this’s what they want to go
    Around and not sorry for them.

  28. Yoo says:

    Type his real name in the american crime data base… see what comes up.. you will need a credit card to see his actual crimes. Hope you have one! They are that bad. So you shut your mouth. FOOL! That is his life style.

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    • Stop lying says:

      Type his name in the database he ain’t do sh-t in America. Get off his d-ckk and find you some business. You don’t even know what the helll you talking about. You the FOOL!

  29. CW says:

    A community gets the law and order it deserves. Do nothing, get nothing. I see lots of typing. That doesn’t count. This is the same reason BVI has had a lousy storm recovery. Do nothing, get nothing.

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  30. Ausar says:

    Fingerprints fom —- fellas should be matched to other crime scenes including m— scenes

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