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UPDATE: Premier details Ronnie Skelton’s firing as Health Minister

By Davion Smith, BVI News Staff

Premier Dr D Orlando Smith has fired Minister of Health and Social Development, Ronnie Skelton.

In detailing the circumstances under which Skelton was sacked, Premier Smith said this morning: “Over the weekend after reading an article in The [BVI] Beacon — which indicated that Ronnie Skelton confirmed [that] he will head a new party to contest the general election — I wrote to the governor advising that the honourable member’s appointment as Minister of Health & Social Development be revoked. This the governor accepted.”

“Following a conversation with the honourable member this morning (November 19), out of courtesy, I subsequently received a letter of resignation from the honourable member dated November 14,” Dr Smith added.

This is the clearest indication that Skelton is indeed the leader of the Progressive Virgin Islands Movement (PVIM) — a breakaway organisation from the governing National Democratic Party (NDP).

Skelton’s sacking comes days after government legislators Archibald Christian and Melvin ‘Mitch’ Turnbull resigned from the NDP.

Christian was subsequently fired as Junior Minister of Tourism while Turnbull indicated that he will now be sitting on the opposition side of the House of Assembly.

Both Christian and Turnbull have since confirmed their alliance with the PVIM.

Previously published article

Ronnie Skelton is no longer Minister of Health and Social Development.

Skelton’s position as government minister was revoked this morning, November 19, BVI News understands.

Acting on a report in the BVI Beacon wherein Skelton confirmed his plan to lead the breakaway political organisation — Progressive Virgin Islands Movement (PVIM) — Premier Dr D Orlando Smith reportedly wrote to the governor recommending that Skelton’s ministerial post be revoked.

The premier’s recommendation was accepted and Skelton was subsequently sacked.

It is understood that the PVIM leader still tendered a resignation letter.

BVI News will provide more information as this story develops.

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  1. Voter says:

    Good! Time for NDP to regroup and move forward.

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  2. bAY bOY says:

    Another one bites the dusk !

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  3. ndp heckler says:

    The NDP done with it…They cant win again

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  4. the thing start says:


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  5. A man says:

    Who’s next? Dr P has said he will be loyal to Doc to the end, but is he really going to stand with Myron?

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  6. Hopefull says:

    Anyone else looking on the wrists of all these politicians?? Myron the best he must have a whole draw of them but this is about the 4th $20K watch I seen on Ronnie wrist…..

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  7. Oneil says:

    Perhaps the Premier will fire his Minister of Finance next for for his repeated mismanagement and his failure to release several years of audits.

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  8. KD says:

    It’s about time he got fired . I think it was very unfair that he well knew he is no longer a believer in the current party and still had the nerves to sit on the same side as them. I would have respected him more if he and his fellow colleague who would be forming the new party had all resigned the same time and step out and made the announcement since they think that this current government NDP is not doing the best for the country.

    However I hope this is a eye opener for those two guys Mr. Turnbull and Mr. Christian that they are running under someone who did not had the guts to come out the same time they did. I wonder how it felt to them sitting on the opposite side of the table from their supposedly leader of their party! And who knows how much longer he would have been sitting there if they did not fired him !

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  9. Now That's Balls says:

    Who say the Premier ballsless. Apolgize!!!!!!

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    • @Now that’s balls says:

      You are slow. Ronnie practically begged him to fire him. He did everything and Doc still waited this long.

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      • Tell the truth says:

        No he was begging to not get fired. Him and his band of traitors wanted the whole Thanksgiving meal for themselves with all the trimmings. Bye traitors. They really thought they had people fooled.

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  10. Welsa says:

    It’s time to dissolve the government.

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  11. My Run says:

    It’s no hard feelings. I just needed him removed as he stood in the way of my 6 figures dentist man. I also need to get my hands on some more cash as I need to pay these little fools around the place for their vote, haha I know they don’t know better, that’s why the education system is the way it is. My lawyer brains on all, they say I can’t do it, but I will show them, the be wi I is full of illiterates and I’m here to turn it into a dictatorship! Watch and learn!!

  12. Reply says:

    Mr. Skelton’s sacking was a foregone conclusion. Again, the Premier in concert with the Governor acted properly.

    Mr. Skelton’s actions begs this question:

    Why did he have to await being fired or turning in his resignation now when he knew all along he was apparently covertly plotting to create and be a part of his own political party?

    His behavior here does not speak well to his character. I don’t see how these folks can expect people to trust them with their vote again when they have shown themselves to be non-trustworthy.

    I am happy to see that the Premier did not hesitate to act immediately when he had sufficient information/cause to do so even if it meant he had one less member in his government.

    Right is still right, and wrong is still wrong. If there are any snakes left in the NDP, they need to slitter out now.

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    • So says:

      Wondering why Skelton’s letter took five days to reach Premier Smith?
      Did the firing give it some wings?

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      • Reply says:

        Looks like his letter suddenly became Express Mail this morning for certain. If he had any integrity, he would have walked over to the Premier’s office, and handed in his resignation directly shortly after he wrote it.

        The Premier should not have had to read about his intent in the news. Mr. Skelton should have been man enough to approach the Premier directly.

        Whatever the reason he delayed handing in his resignation, the Premier has beaten him to his game, and sacked him first, and in doing so tarnished his record.

        They say pay back or karma is a B. Case in point.

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        • oh well says:

          Oh yes. Karma? Oma laughing.

        • @Reply says:

          They all was running around snickering about DOC being asleep at the helm.No, they were the ones asleep. I guess they didnot read the Memo saying all shut eyes is not sleep. Good riddance to the deserters, they were just useless weight on the ship.

          • Reply says:

            Some people mistakenly believe that if someone is not yelling and screaming to make a point, they are somewhat weak.

            Nothing is further from the truth, especially when you are dealing with an educated person who handles themselves differently.

            The Premier has demonstrated strenght and risen to the occasion in dealing with these resignations.

            Who did not get the memo, need to look for theirs now and read it.

            These developments I am certain are probably not easy for the Premier given that these are people he worked closely with, but imo, he has handled each situation well.

      • VI political says:

        lol I wonder too

    • RBL says:

      Do you people realize that there is a process? Everything is calculated and planned. there is no cowardice or no behavior, everything is just strategy and timing. Is amazing how people forget that it is Ronnie who start the NDP on the block by his mother’s house in town. He is leaving what he started? That seems like a principled person to me who is full of integrity and put integrity ahead of loyalty. That is no coward or no snake. Probably the most principled leader in a long time.

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  13. Brad Boynes says:

    They need to stopen effing up the country.this is sickening.

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    • AGREE says:


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  14. Facts says:

    When it comes to have ever heard his name in any controversy with spending money? Think from wayyyy back now, When he was the Minister of Finance was the country the way it is?

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  15. So says:

    Wondering why Skelton’s letter too five days to reach Premier Smith?
    Did the firing give it some wings?

  16. Political Observer (PO) says:

    The NDP is in a fragmented and dysfunctional state and is beyond the point of being able to function as a stable and effective government. In the interest of the territory, call an election now. Ronnie firing was a fait accompli. It boggles the mind why he waited to be fired before bolting from the NDP. Like Archie, was he forcing the hand of the Premier. What happens next? Currently, the government has a 7-5 advantage, dangling off the cliff. Which minister will be fired next, ie, MCW, LNR, and MEC?

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  17. Call A Spade A Spade says:

    Something is definitely wrong within the NDP and we are casting a blind eye on the PROBLEM that may very well bite us in the butts in the foreseeable future. Instead, here we go again nit picking and not looking at the real problem that may be staring us in the eyes.

    My advice to us all – open your eyes, people. These are crucial times and we cannot play around. Our future (and the future of our beloved children…and islands) is at stake.

    Wake up, BVI!!

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    • 6th District Delegate says:

      What’s wrong with NDP? The persons that lost the internal elections for leadership just a few months ago have defected and started their own party and all you can come up with is something is wrong with the NDP? Is something also wrong with the VIP because Fraser, a member of over 20 years along with many of his supporters have left? Why is anyone surprised at these moves anyway? The NDP was golden until the Clines got fired and Walwyn put Hon. Turnbull in his place for disrespecting the Premier. The final straw was Turnbull/Skelton getting their asses whooped in the internal election for party leadership. Looking at the facts I think something is wrong with those people, not the NDP.

      Ask Turnbull/Skelton/Christian what could have gone so wrong since June 2018, just a few months ago? Just 5 months ago Turnbull/Skelton vied for the leadership and lost. Just 5 months ago Turnbull was elected AND ACCEPTED the position of Chaplin of the NDP. 5 months ago Christian was elected and ACCEPTED the position as Treasurer in the NDP. 5 months ago Shaina was elected and accepted the position of Chair of the Women’s Association of the NDP. Michael Turnbull was elected Vice Chair of the party a few months prior to the leadership elections. Ask them what happened in 5 months. They are trying to fool us into believing the started the new party only one month ago. The truth is if we all use our common sense, they started forming their party the moment they lost the leadership elections and all hopes of the power grab were dashed. How can they say this is about country? Don’t be fooled my people, the facts are there and very clear.

  18. Time says:

    Ok smart man only time will tell if your plan worked. Let’s see if the people will give your party a chance lol. Premier R S sir!

  19. Peter, Paul & Mary says:

    ???? All my bags are packed, ????
    I’m ready to go
    I’m standing here outside your door
    I hate to wake you up to say goodbye

    But the dawn is breakin’ ????
    It’s early morn
    The taxi’s waitin’
    He’s blowin’ his horn
    Already I’m so lonesome
    I could cry

    So kiss me and smile for me
    Tell me that you’ll wait for me
    Hold me like you’ll never let me go
    I’m leavin’ on a jet plane
    I Don’t know when I’ll be back again
    Oh, babe, I hate to go

    There’s so many times I’ve let you down
    So many times I’ve played around
    I tell you now, they don’t mean a thing

    Well sah! Can’t wait for the new chunes and campaign jingles. What does the remaining NDP front bench have to say on the defections? They’re all awfully silent. Oh well this would make some very interesting reality tv show or a fiction book about our ‘Saragassum Republic Politics: BVI style’….might just put pen to paper and write this!

  20. LMB says:

    You all know that they all talked about this right? This is no surprise between them. We on the outside acting like this is breaking news meanwhile they in there like ho-hum. Everything totally planned. Ronnie needed to sign off on a few things and set somethings in order before he could resign. Told Premier to fire him so it doesn’t look biased. Blah blah. Only we on the outside acting like this is news. Make sense out of nonsense people! Stop being so naïve. They are all friends and family and Rotarians and Lodge brothers.

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  21. Political Analyst says:

    Now it is left to be seen what type of leader the Hon. Skelton will make but thus far his actions spell WEAK. More than ever the BVI is in need of a bold, courageous leader at the helm to chart a new course. Its bad enough that he resigned after being fired but his resignation should have been immediately followed by a press conference or statement to the people of the virgin islands explaining his position and actions and formally introducing HIS party and its platform. He still seems to be feeling around in the dark trying to figure out what to do. Time to come out of the dark and into the light Ronnie. Your game is up.

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  22. Apprentice says:

    Dr. Smith,

    If you and Trump were friends he would have been so proud of you…. You have waited a little too late to put your foot down though…

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  23. Way to go says:

    Ha, you finally took the famous drive of shame in the Bently and let out at the curb Mr.R. The next one to take the ride to the curb is the Shark Whisperer.

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  24. @PVIM says:

    You can paint the streets gold and hand out gold coins, This family of ten is voting for NDP. Anyone from your party or VIP need not come into my yard with the fake S**t. You do, make sure everyone is wearing their NIKE RUNNING SHOES.

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    • Yep - 2nd District Voter says:

      Me too, my family of 8 rolling with Myron and the NDP! I’m not taking any chances with Andrew/VIP and the new party is just grasping at this point. I like Andrew but his team is weak and they are only getting a free pass because all the focus has been on the NDP break up but once everything starts heating up you will see. Mitch had so much promise and just destroyed himself by listening to the wrong people including many close family members of his. Myron and NDP all the way!

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  25. Just Curious says:

    Now the plot thickens. Who next? So effectively there are seven members in the HoA that forms the ruling government and five other elected representatives on the opposition side. If another NDP elected official decides to jump ship, then there will be a 6/6 on both sides. Does this means that a general election would have to be called immediately to resolve this impasse? I think Dr. Smith need to just dissolve the House call early election andbkwtbua start to refocus on rebuilding the BVI. This political turmoil is turning out to be worst that hurricane Irma and it will leave some people political dead at the polls and it will causes political suicide before some reach the polls. Let us have the elections now and let the chips fall where they may.

  26. bAY bOY says:

    Everything that was wrong with the NDP is now leaving.

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  27. Time will tell says:

    I wonder when he is going to revoke —- ———— Ministerial appointment for stealing that all that money?

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  28. Haha says:

    If the members of NDP is admitting that NDP has failed this country this should be an easy decision for voters.

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  29. International Eyes says:

    This is such a shame…all these actions by NDP and former NDP elected officials are de-stablising this Territory….the international eyes keep watching and these men don’t seem to get it…we get hit by Irma…had to deal with UK ordering public registers…now they plan to hit us as a Second IrMaria…come on you 12 Men…please put country over self and stop this in-fighting…it is only HURTING the BVI…Don’t claim is expats and foreigners bring your country down…is you the born here politicians who bringing this country down will all this unprofessional behaviour.

  30. DdJ says:

    If there was a coalition government, wouldn’t Cabinet be made up of people from different parties? Party affiliation is not a pre requisite for during in Cabinet. Your interest in serving the country is not based on which political party you belong to.

    None of these men absolutely had to lose their portfolios. They resigned as members of their political party that’s all. That doesn’t mean that they, as individuals couldn’t earnestly still do their jobs.

    Our political climate in the BVI is still so immature and juvenile. We have a long way to go!

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  31. Tell the truth says:

    No he was begging to not get fired. Him and his band of traitors wanted the whole Thanksgiving meal for themselves with all the trimmings. Bye traitors. They really thought they had people fooled.

  32. Look melee says:

    Captain the ship is sinking

  33. bAY bOY says:

    Hope you people understand that Ronnie Party is also the NDP with a different name. So be careful…SAME S#!+ DIFFERENT BOOK COVER.

  34. @bay boy says:

    I wonder why the bloggers killing on Ronnie so? Could it be he’s the threat? I don’t hear VIP supporters knocking on Hon. Walwyn or NDP supporters knocking down Hon. Fahie. Looks like Hon. Skelton, an independent thinker and finance wizard is the got new tucket. He has my vote. All five of them.

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  35. Interested says:

    Oh what a tangled web we weave,when first we practice to deceive.Mr Premier you calculated and schemed to make Walwyn the new chairman of the NDP.Although the internal elections can be manipulated,let me see them do the same in the general election,Ronnie would not have minded if Walwyn had won fairly and squarely,but we all know that it was not so.I have been a staunch supporter of this party from the onset,but I have been sorely disappointed in Dr Smith and their performance.I always considered him a person of integrity hands down.Not any more Doc you have let me down,Ms Eldra would cry in her grave if she could.

  36. Boo says:

    Mark next?

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