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UPDATE: Resignation letter was invalid, I’m coming out of retirement for the people

“In spite of my desire to resign as previously stated for personal reasons, I have listened to your calls and wish to put those personal reasons aside … Please accept my apologies” — Vanterpool

The letter that NDP legislator Mark Vanterpool submitted to resign as Fourth District Representative has been marked as ‘invalid’ because it was not submitted to the Speaker of the House of Assembly, as mandated by the Virgin Islands Consitution.

Section 67 (3a) of the Virgin Islands Constitution

After discovering this invalidity on Thursday, March 14, Vanterpool backpedalled on his decision to resign — a decision the recently-elected Speaker Julian Willock was reportedly prepared to accept.

Vanterpool’s resignation letter was submitted to the clerk on March 5, days before a Speaker was appointed.

“The Speaker, who was subsequently elected, wrote to me in a letter dated 13th March 2019 — received by me 14th March 2019 — pointing out that my resignation letter had to be addressed to ‘the Speaker’. His letter further stated that he accepted my resignation,” Vanterpool explained in media statement on Thursday.

“However, since I did not write to him originally, today, 14th March 2019 in a letter addressed to ‘the Speaker’, I advised him that I wish to be sworn in at his earliest convenience as the representative for the Fourth District as declared by the Supervisor of Elections on the 25th February 2019.”

I’m coming back for the people

Vanterpool further said he had a change of heart based on what he claimed was “the many concerns expressed” in relation to his decision.

He said he believed rescinding his resignation was “in the best interest” of the territory.

“My people of the Fourth District and my people of the territory, in spite of my desire to resign as previously stated for personal reasons, I have listened to your calls and wish to put those personal reasons aside … Please accept my apologies for any confusion or inconvenience that I have caused,” Vanterpool said


It appears as if retired NDP legislator Mark Vanterpool has had a change of heart about retiring as the territory’s Fourth District Representative.

Highly-placed sources told BVI News this afternoon that after submitting his resignation letter this month, the Clerk of the House of Assembly refused the letter.

BVI News understands that Vanterpool — who had retired for ‘personal reasons’ — later asked to be sworn into office.

It is further understood that his request to be sworn in has been accepted and will be honoured.

This news comes just days after Governor Augustus Jaspert announced that the territory will have a by-election to fill the seat that Vanterpool resigned.

BVI News will provide more on this breaking story as it develops.

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  1. Lol! says:

    Wha di aaam!?!?
    Drama for your mama!

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  2. LOLOLOLOL says:


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  3. SMDH says:

    This is a sick man. The Governor needs to intervene.

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    • @SMDH says:

      The Governor don’t need to intervene, No law was broken.Seems like a lot of people is starting to run scared. Mark need to be sitting right up in the HOA.

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    • @SMDH says:

      He is no sicker than you SMDH. If it is not illegal, even if he resign he have a right to make a come back. People is starting to run scared. NDP is not going anywhere. Mark is needed in HOA.

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  4. @Lol! says:

    That is an understatement.

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  5. BVI Jokes says:

    Behind Trump and the USA, BVI is the next best arena for Tom foolery politics ? . Mark playing Jesus, gone only to rise again but Easter still a ways off he early LOL

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  6. :) says:

    Somebody need to check on Mark quick because something aint right with this whole situation. First he wasn’t going to run, then he ran and got elected, then he ran away, now he coming back all within a span of a few weeks. Something going on behind the scenes and the confusion isn’t helping the territory.

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    • Accra says:

      Shut up until you know the reason

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      • @Accra says:

        I agree with that. Mark,if there is no law saying that you can’t, go for it,I am loving it. LOL,”Let them Talk”. Keep them guessing.Love it.

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        • Dee says:

          And you think this is good for the country?

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        • SMFH says:

          Accra this no damn game. This is people like you playing with. There is nothing to keep us guessing. The f**l resigned and did so in public. You might like the government that is in but the election is over and we all need to move on.

  7. Guest says:

    BVI early April Fools??

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  8. Even so says:

    What de h**l??????!!!!!

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  9. Hmmm says:

    To V**O quite on this one.

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  10. Well... says:

    The Governor needs to be consulted on this. We the people of the 4th voted for you, you abandoned us soon after, now you want to come back…we don’t want you back. Be gone, stay gone!

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  11. ndp heckler says:

    The prodigal son has returned

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  12. LOL says:


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  13. joker says:

    It seems like this man doesn’t know the law because how can he write a letter to a speaker that doesn’t exist…The house was dissolved at the time so therefore it had no speaker

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  14. wow says:


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  15. ndp heckler says:

    He was sent back to help cover the NDP tracks via the PAC

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  16. Please Read says:

    “the Clerk of the House of Assembly refused the letter”

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  17. Poppy Show says:

    This is the height of nonsense!!! His return should not be consisdered. Even “IF” his resignation was submitted to the clerk and not the SOTH, principle alone says it was your intention to resign. You not only did it in writing sir but also publicly via social media. Because MP supporting the government you want to come back to be OL…. we’re not having it!!!! GUH SIDDUNGGGGG!!!!

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  18. They Taking BVI People for joke says:

    Shameful. Lead by example and not by emotions. Let someone who wants to do the people’s business lead the fourth. We do not need you! Poor representation and act of responsibility. The people of the fourth will not be played twice and are ready to go to the polls. NDP investigation needs to come to a speedy close.

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  19. Order says:

    Bottom line is yo keep Luce on the loose. Go siddung!!!!!!

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  20. Reply says:

    Lord ham mercy. Drama. Just when I thought there was nothing interesting in the news today that warrant a comment on, up comes this “Breaking News”.

    Apparently, Mr. Vanterpool’s “personal reasons” for initially resigning from his newly re-elected post has been resolved, and quite quickly I might add.

    If indeed the Clerk of the House of Assembly did refused his resignation letter, then technically, he never did resign as his resignation was not accepted, and he remains officially a re-elected member of the House.

    Now, one has to ask, since Mr. Vanterpool did make his intent clear that he did wish to resign his re-elected post, now that he has apparently reconsidered, will his heart be in it? Would he be giving his best, or would the people of the 4th get short changed?

    I have never heard of something like this before. This has to be a first.

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    • It's Unconventional says:

      Why so many so surprised?

      It is the reign of an Unconventional Government in unconventional times.

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  21. Blah says:

    The worst employee that you can find are the ones that don’t like their job, don’t care about their job and don’t want their job so don’t expect a job well done.

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  22. Diana says:

    Can someone clarify this for me. He resigned and as far as I understand it was accepted. Did the Governor not set a time for election within 2 months from his resignation date? How can he now say it was rejected when the election process has begun again.

    Please Governor and Speaker of the House accept this man resignation and send him home. Do this as a favor for the people of the 4th district. We cannot take 4 more years of nothing. We would greatly appreciate it especially me. Thank you.

    On another note, rumor has it that no one wants to run under this party in the 4th.

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  23. Hmmm says:

    Willock done start. I could tell you.

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  24. A Reader says:

    It seems as though the BVI Parliament is a Circus and they could not operate without their clown.
    This sort of indecisive behaviour ought not to be accepted from a grown man.
    He should be made to stay in retirement.

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  25. SmithSmithers says:

    Trust me there is something big he is trying to hide, or his party, and that is why he is not wanting to resign. He never cried for the people when he resigned, now he say he is for the people, and don’t want to resign. People, these are the signs………they should investigate him and his party, right to the core. They hiding something and not wanting to be exposed. These are clear signs of the corrupt NDP. Don’t be fooled people!!

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  26. CONSTITUTION says:

    The Constitution is the answer. Can anyone please look at the highest law in the Land?
    Section 67(3) said the letter of resignation should be addressed to the Speaker.

    If the letter was not addressed to the Speaker, simple and clear, this letter is void abinito, fom the inception.

    Mr. Speaker, you are now overstepping your authority and calling for by-election. Did you not go to law school at one time?

    Wheel and come again, let the law of the land stand. Hail, hail to “the Rule of Law.” All men are subject to it, even the Esteemed Speaker. Mark, come and take your position.


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    • Wow! says:

      This is a grey area. The constitution drafters did not foresee that an elected official would have resigned prior to being sworn into the HOA. Therefore, no provision was made. The Clause you are referring to has nothing to do with this unforeseen circumstances that was created by a mad man.

  27. Air Jordan says:

    You think you are the Michael Jordan of BVI politics???

    Better start. Campaigning up Ball!?????????????

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  28. *Hmm says:

    “My people of the Fourth District and my people of the territory”

    My ppl my @ss!!! Fools you take the ppl for. Ain now this man flip flipping no wonder he got dubbed the “grasshopper” years ago & he still doing p**s!

  29. BVI says:

    I bet most of you thinking the Opposition weak and thinking the Government will walk all over them including the Speaker but with Hon.Fraser and Mark Hon.Penn,Maduro,and Turnbull they will have their hands full.God works in mysterious ways.

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  30. Yoyo says:

    He was a minister and doesn’t know the rule! God please save us.

  31. On behalf of the BVI says:



  32. #4 voter says:

    Come back mark we need youn

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  33. Wow! says:

    This is a grey area. The constitution drafters did not foresee that an elected official would have resigned prior to being sworn into the HOA. Therefore, no provision was made. The Clause you are referring to has nothing to do with this unforeseen circumstances that was created by a mad man.

  34. Louise HM says:

    I believe the people of the British Virgin Island should stop blaming Mr. Willock, who is now Speaker of the Houes. There is no need for the name calling. Mark Vanterpool knew exactly what he was about when he resigned from his week old victory as elected 4th District Rep. What is the true reason he wants to retract his resignation. For the “people” is not true.
    Speaker Willock should stand by his decision and move forward with the By-election. Mark should take care of his personal problems in the meantime.

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  35. Road Town Rebel says:

    Invalid letter to clerk ok fine. Was his intent to resign invalid? I think not.

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  36. Meme meme says:

    Mark is the best.
    Action man.
    Let Lucy go sit down.
    Yea mark.

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  37. Short Memory? says:

    This ain’t gonna be a popular comment but it’s true.
    Genuine or convenient Memory lapse is the leading cause of ungratefulness. Mister Sp—– has clearly forgotten that during his ”tour” of the jail cell, when his own turned on him, tiss d Action Man had to go bail he. Now look at he esteeming he authority! He should be the first to say this man has served the people well and gave no regard to political affiliation when it comes to their needs. Therefore, if he has decided to reconsider his decision let us give him our support. How many of us made decisions and changed them for whatever reason?

    Mark the lesson in this is when you sorry fa Buffalo them turn and buck you.

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    • @Short Memory? says:

      The Speaker is not the issue here AT-ALL only Mark and his mockery of democracy and his disrespect to the people of the 4th District and the wider BVI. Mark said before elections that he is now retired and his nephew will run in the 4th District in his sted. When he realize that his nephew wasn’t going to win he came out of retirement. He won and eight days later he resigned. Now because his party is afraid that they will lose the seat in a bi-election he has now once again come out of retirement. This man have our parliament as a circus. He needs to be removed from politics once and for all. This is not a joke. This is people’s lives he is playing around with and this is not acceptable. So stop the political blame of trying to blame the Speaker for a man whose actions are disrespectful and unsatable.

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  38. Meee says:

    Donald Trump is making the us look like idiot’s and so is mark and the ndp doing to the people and the wider bvi

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  39. We says:

    Donald Trump is making the us look like idiots so is mark and the ndp doing to the people and the wider bvi.

  40. SMH says:

    On your Mark, let him in, Noooo! His mouth is his downfall.He should think before he speak(act)!

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