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US businessman found with gun at airport fined $50K

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A United States man who was held at the Terrance B Lettsome International Airport with a firearm and 15 rounds of ammunition was sentenced in the Magistrate’s Court today, June 20.

The offender, 52-year-old businessman Richard Shanahan, was slapped with a $50,000 fine for Carrying a Firearm without License and 55 days imprisonment for Unlawful Possession of Explosives.

Considering that Shanahan has been in custody since the time of his arrest in late April, Magistrate Christilyn Benjamin said he can be released after the fine is paid.

What happened

It is reported that Shanahan was at the Beef Island-based airport on April 26 of this year. Security personnel reportedly held him inside the IAM Centre of the facility on the suspicion that he was carrying a firearm. 

The police were summoned to the airport where they met Shanahan and conducted an official search of the US citizen’s luggage.

While searching the bag, the Shanahan pointed to a grey shirt. It is reported that the police officer conducting the search took up the grey shirt and discovered a black 9mm glock.

The court was told that when shown the weapon, Shanahan responded, “yes, that’s my firearm”.

And when asked whether he has a license to carry a firearm, Shanahan responded by saying, “yes, I have a concealed license for the United States”. 

He handed his license over to the police who observed that Shanahan was licensed to carry a concealed weapon in the state of Florida. The license had been expired since 2019, the court heard.

The police then informed the businessman that his US license is not valid in the BVI. Shanahan was further informed that it is illegal to carry a gun in the BVI without a license to which he replied, “I did not know I had to declare the firearm”.  

He was then arrested and charged.


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  1. Ignorance says:

    Or just plain stupid?

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  2. Exchange says:

    This gunslinger was incarcerated around the same time inmate Fahie was arrested in Miami.

    Quick thinking HOA should have arranged a prisoner exchange with USA. Fahie comes back to BVI and gunslinger with plane goes back to USA.

    Alas quick thinking never occurs in the HOA here!

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  3. Silent Majority says:

    One rule for them. Another for us. Should have got 10 years.

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  4. Wow says:

    BOBBY,BOBBY we need you

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  5. GTFOH says:

    A fool and his money is soon parted.

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  6. The oppresor says:

    He is white he will get out easy

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    • Bullcrap... says:

      If he was a Black US Businessman he would have met the same penalty. This racist crap needs to stop.

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  7. Irma Chisit says:

    Bunch of hypocryts. When it’s a LOCAL they get off because of first offense. No consideration the person had a license in US. STFU

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    • Dumbo, his license was EXPIRED SINCE 2019!!! even so why didn't he declare it, he should have gotten 10years. says:


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    • bvi says:

      they had a license in the US what that got to do with the BVI…HE GOT OFF BECAUSE HE white END OF STORY!!! they got ppl in jail they aint find nothin on local and non locals

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  8. Expired License says:

    Expired license is the same as no license.

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  9. Problem is... says:

    Many Americans think the world revolves around the US especially those that dont travel internationally. Seeing as the gun wasn’t hidden its highly likely he had no bad intent. Not an excuse I know but surely some consideration had to be given for this. But…ignorance is no excuse for breaking the law – a tricky situation.

  10. mnnm says:

    “I did not know I had to declare the firearm”.

    What in the world?! 100% lie.

    Plus arent fire arms mandatory 5 years? Its as if we are regressing not progressing.

  11. your news site has the story all wrong. says:

    he came in yes with the gun but if the airport had done their job. he wouldn’t have step off that plane. please write your story with the truth in it. you have people thinking cause he white he got away that not truth. i seat on this case and the security system in place at the airport is to blame.

    i am gonna make sure the other new sit know the truth cause you only post what you want too.

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