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US can do more to stop guns entering the BVI

US Customs and Border Protection, Air and Marine Operations.

As the community continues to reel from the effects of this week’s murder in the East End community, Premier Natalio Wheatley said he believes the United States should do more to stem the flow of guns into the BVI and the wider Caribbean.

At a press conference earlier this week, Premier Wheatley said CARICOM continues to struggle with this issue where guns from the US continue to wreak havoc in many of the region’s countries.

“It’s long been a cry by CARICOM, most of the guns that you find in the Caribbean originate in the US. It’s a concern for all of us and we do believe the US can do more to stop the proliferation of guns in this region. Certainly, it’s something we all have to take into account,” Premier Wheatley explained. “In the very same US, they face the same challenge with guns being used in mass shootings.”

The Premier also said CARICOM continues to lobby the US to do more to stop the illegal weapons that leave their shores and are bound for the Caribbean.

“We’re going to continue pressing along with our CARICOM brothers and sisters for greater control of guns in our region and the US has to play a key role in that,” Premier Wheatley emphasized.

Earlier this week, Governor John Rankin expressed deep concern over the proliferation of illicit drugs and guns in circulation and the challenges faced in effectively managing the territory’s porous borders.

He said there is also a need for attention to be given to the territory’s youth through training, education, and effective social services, so that they will not become involved in gang culture or connected to the drug trade and gun violence.

While the BVI remains one of the safest Caribbean jurisdictions, the community has seen a rise in murders and drug-related crimes in recent years. Fear of reprisal also prevents many people from giving information about crimes that happen in their communities.


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  1. Here we go says:

    Sure, put the blame on the US for BVI gun problems. What measures are you suggesting they should use to end the proliferation there? You really think they’re going to listen. Their take will be it’s up to the BVIs to secure its borders. We could also blame the Colombian highland farmers for the narco trafficking around here.

    NEWSFLASH: the need for better education in the Territory and appreciation thereof has been talked about for 40 years with little to show for it. What’s the action plan? More talk?

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  2. Reality Check says:

    Mandatory minimum sentences for possession of firearms and ammunition. No trial, straight to jail. Same for anyone with the person possessing the firearm.
    The only way to wake up all the firearm owning residents in the BVI is to start putting them in jail!!

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  3. Blamegame says:

    Everyone in government knows every single ‘businessman’ in Tortola, make gun crime punishable by 30 years mandatory if you are serious about resolving any of this..

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  4. The border says:

    I can bring an armory in via water taxi. Dress like a tourist and I don’t even need to get off the boat at customs. What else is coming in?

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  5. Kokane says:

    Guns are never the problem. Idiots who causing the guns to be used on them are the problem.

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  6. Water Taxis says:

    Are the new business model for smuggling. $1M dollar boats now with trade licenses running below costs to ship ‘goods’ through ports in USVI and BVI. No check on source of income or wealth check, 20+ year olds owning boats outside of their real income..not rocket science people!

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  7. JOKER says:


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  8. SMH says:

    That’s the type of intelligence y’all voted in

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  9. Jim says:

    Who the f wrote this???!!!!

    Freaking whiners. Guns are a problem worldwide. It’s how the host country chooses to implement laws and procedures to stop their impact on the public

    Corrupt customs and port authority officers are initially to blame. I have personally watched them pull bags to the side on the ferry from STT. They are not inspected, scanned or opened. Why? Drugs and guns are inside of course. Those bags go directly out to waiting taxis and personal vehicles. That’s the problem

    Then add local “fisherman” and “taxis” who routinely smuggle goods. Which sometimes, not to their knowledge, may contain drugs and guns.

    So blame the US for OUR PROBLEMS? How very third world of this writer

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  10. WEW says:

    Always someone else’s fault.

  11. Business says:

    Why would the US want to reduce their weapons trade with other countries? Legal or illegal in the weapons trade does not matter. Cash money, gold, drugs and other commodities pay for US made weapons.

    Also the criminal activity on Hispaniola and in the Leeward islands contributes to the proliferation of gun/weapons in the BVI.

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  12. Big Richard says:

    If you take notice that U.S. boat is on top of the water. Unlike the BVI’s that’s sunk at the dock.

  13. Resident says:

    stricter gun laws, consequences for apprehension with guns, stop cars and scooters and search. Confiscate vehicles, Boats, planes with unlawful guns or drugs. And dont give them back, sell on auction as soon as possible , not two years later.
    JUST Uphold the LAW.
    Bring in UK Police recruits for 6 months at a time.
    it can be done easily.

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  14. ReX FeRaL says:

    NOT going to be any minimum mandatory nothing. White people get convicted for firearms and get to pay fines while local people get jail sentence. Wake to hell up people. Read the dam news

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  15. Skepticism is All says:

    Look, Hashish is made and cultivated in the far East. So, how does it get to Tola’s streets?

    Just one, is an example of the international nature of the smuggling business.

    And, its benefactors begin at the top. From the elected to the non-elected official, to the head of state to the head of public institutions it is believed know what is going on and could benefitting therefrom.

    Some are always questioning how come we have big house, land and car, yet the high positions officials do come here, get their land and buys their yacht and no one never questions them>>A few, probably came in just after the pandemic, that have quickly purchased yachts and other.

    But no one is and had better not question that. But were those Black VIslanders, the questioning would be all over headline BVI news.

    Look, there is some shenanigans going on here masquerading as law enforcement. Question is who polices the police and higher ups? It leaves a strong taste of skepticism in the taste buds of the mind.

    As, drugs and firearms do not move by themselves and they are not cheap and are billion dollar business..

    That alone should inform the public that what we read on news sites are mere distractors from the business at hand.

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  16. @Kokane says:

    You are either American or an id**t

  17. @Rex Feral says:

    As far as I am aware there has only been 1 white person arrested in the BVI in possession of a Firearm in the last 10 years, he was an American citizen who was arrested when he arrived at the airport. During the same period there has been hundreds of Belongers and Caribbean Nationals arrested for murder by shooting, attempted murder by shooting, armed robbery, possession of firearms etc, and many of them are on bail or on the run.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Prison sentence yes but in a real prison.
    A suggestion would be to house them impr Haitian prisons.. This will greatly contribute to dire the Haitian economy.
    UK imprisonment could also be an option.
    BVI does not have the capacity to house all the prisoners.
    They need a reality check..send them off island..anywhere will do.

  19. What!!!! says:

    Is this guy crazy or stupid?
    Does he really think that the US has any responsibility to protect our borders.

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  20. Rubber Duck says:

    The US believes it is the right of every person to carry a gun.

    There are more gun shops in the USA than Mc Donalds, KFC and Taco Bell added together.

    The US has zero interest in gun control.

    And could not care less about minor Caribbean countries or their people.

  21. @ WHAT !!!! says:

    He needs somebody to hook him with the holy one CSC , OOOOOPS that would be a FRIG ) so I will go with the consultant , turned psychic to rent some of yhose SOPHISTICATED BARGES , so we can be safe again ? ?

  22. Not Tough says:

    Mandatory sentencing and after imprisonment Deportation. Check how many people after imprisonment are allowed to be here and continuing their criminal behavior. Let’s clean up this place and keep it clean.

  23. Untrue says:

    Guns are not a problem worldwide.
    Many countries have incredibly low problems with them.
    It is places like the US. That have the biggest problem.

  24. Coach says:

    Start within. Last time I checked, Coach was making arrangements to allow guns to pass through the BVI. Some would have remained here. Who else in your government is doing the same? Coach was not working alone!

  25. Rex FeRaL says:

    @@ReX Feral…Noted but Many are in jail for illegal firearm, first offense and all Are locals.

  26. Colonial Thinking says:

    I am SO TIRED of the way we scream for the help of mama England – and now Uncle Sam – to solve all our problems.

    Let’s first fix our police department- and yes, we will need help from the parent country to do it, but it at least puts the onus on US to fix our own dang problems and not scream (like some) for a UK battleship to patrol our waters or (here) the USCG to patrol our border.

    Seriously, it’s not like those bad Thomians are forcing guns on us peaceful people; guns are being imported by fellow citizens. We just don’t want to take responsibility for weeding out our own rotten apples.

  27. Yes but says:

    I’m all for putting people in prison, but remember that it costs money. US costs run around $ 25k per person per year. Take a 20 year old found guilty, put him in jail for 40 years, and there goes $ 1 million. Think about it…young guy gets busted, and society is happy to spend a million + for his life time lock-up

  28. @ Skepticism says:

    You can buy hashish in US dispensaries.

  29. @ YES BUT says:

    Well I can offer a suggestion hand cuff their hand to their foot and put them in their family care if caught outside their house seize the house and set them free , no offence ,

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