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US citizens claim unfair, unsanitary detention in BVI! DPP denies it

The building that houses the Office of the DPP.

Some American media outlets have been airing video clips released by four US citizens who were detained after their boat illegally entered BVI waters. In the videos, the US citizens say they are being unfairly detained under unsanitary conditions by BVI authorities. 

The BVI’s air and sea borders are closed to any visiting US citizens until December 1.

The four persons Nicholas Cancro, John Hines Jr, Lynee Ann Hines and Jeanne McKinnon said they travelled to the United States Virgin Islands (USVI) on a sailing trip. 

They claim they “accidentally” entered BVI waters but were heading back towards the USVI when they were stopped and detained by BVI authorities.

In one of their videos which appears on, the US citizens said they haven’t been told why they were detained and have been slapped with two fines — each amounting to $10,000. 

They claim cockroaches are in the hotel room where they are being held, adding that they have to wrap jackets around their legs to stop bugs biting. 

They also filmed broken bathroom fixtures and said the kitchen sink fell off the wall.

A sister of one of the detained has also spoke to US media outlets, claiming the US citizens are being detained without reason.

BVI denies claims

Following the claims made by the US citizens, the BVI Office of Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) released a statement on Sunday calling the claims made by the detainees “erroneous”.

The DPP’s Office said the US citizens are being held under a mandatory 14 day-quarantine and are being treated with “BVI Love”.

“All four persons are safe and are being cared for with BVILOVE and with the finances of the Government and people of the Virgin Islands,” a statement from the DPP said. 

The DPP’s office also rebuffed claims that the US citizens haven’t been informed of the charges against them.

“The persons were charged with illegal entry without the permission of an Immigration Officer contrary to section 20(3) of the Immigration Ordinance Cap 130 as amended,” the DPP office said.

The statement also said: “The matter was submitted to the Office of the Director of Public Prosecution on the 27th November 2020 by the Commissioner of Customs at 11:15 am following which the matter was processed and forwarded to the Magistrates’ Court via the Police Prosecution Unit, for an urgent hearing date.”

One US media reported that the court date is set for today, November 30. However, BVI news hasn’t been able to confirm this. 

The DPP office is reminding the public that the territory reserves the right to apprehend and prosecute any person regardless of nationality, race, gender etcetera, who violates the laws of the British Virgin Islands.  

It also said: “The allegations being circulated by the press and persons are without merit and can easily attract civil and criminal liability”.


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  1. Trevor says:

    This is a disaster, even if the BVI is correct, this will end up costing both their reputation and financially through lost tourism.
    Wrong administration for the current situation.

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    • BVI regular says:

      No it won’t. Any decent sailor knows where the borders are and that the bvi was closed to US citizens. No one gives a crap about 4 SC yahoo’s that are whining and lying about being quarantined on the govt dime.

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      • @bvi regular says:

        You are a special kind of idiot
        And you are one of the first to run to the US and the UK them ppl should chase your a** from them country

  2. Blowing smoke up my a$$ says:

    There ain’t no criminal or civil liability in the BVI for things said in the US.

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  3. Wow says:

    And according to d new these people posted a video of broken bathroom and kitchen. A most of these places do hav roaches cus day are not cleaned and maintain like day shud bvi. Love to hide day faults and try cover so now u report dats these people is well treated wit bvi love ha ha ha i guest dats d bvi roach love u gat to give

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  4. bvilove says:

    They treat BVI murderers and drug runners better than these 4 old amateur sailors

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  5. Trump says says:

    “ The allegations being circulated by the press and persons are without merit and can easily attract civil and criminal liability”

    What a total nonsense!

    Are we in Trump land here?

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    • Bvi love? says:

      Regardless of who is right and who is wrong, it appears that the boat in question did not land and did not endanger anyone in the BVI. These arrests and fines have spread through the USVI like wildfire. It would seem effective to escort the boat back into US waters with a warning. That is BVI Love. Given the increasing costs and lack of forgiveness by authorities, it is increasing difficult to justify going to the BVI. I have had boat captains tell me they are rediscovering the USVI. When this pandemic is over, they will be offering other, less expensive and more friendly options to their guests. I know airports open tomorrow. I highly doubt the BVI will see an influx of guests. My advice to authorities, protect your borders but look at the long term consequences of your actions

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  6. Treated with BVILove says:

    That whole BVILOVE campaign is a farce.

    Nobody feels any BVILOVE.

    That portal isn’t working. No department is responding when it isn’t working. If that’s BVILOVE I feel for this being kept prisoner by the DPP.

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  7. hmm says:

    US Citizens feel they can go anywhere and disrespect and ignore the laws of where they are and think because they American nothing supposed to happen… I highly doubt they really didn’t know they was breaking the law… the mentality is just how dare you punish me because I American.

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    • @hmmm says:

      No they don’t. If you read the story and know the laws there is the right of innocent passage. These sailors have sailed through BVI waters before under this international agreement before with no problem. They tried researching whether this was going to be an issue this time and couldn’t find anything on the BVI government websites that said that this international treaty was no longer valid.

      The fault of this lies directly at the doorstep of the BVi government with its lack of communication and aggressive policies.

  8. karen's says:

    White privilege’s at its best

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    • @karen says:

      What white privilege? The got arrested, sent to jail and fined. Hardly a privilege at all.

      The real privilege is getting arrested and crying racism when you have broken the law based upon their skin color. They didn’t do that at all. Some other people do however

  9. idlewanderer says:

    Hope they aren’t being guested at P******e S****s.

  10. Bree says:

    I saw these news clips and would like someone to answer this question for me. What hostages you know have access to a phone that they can call their families and friends several times a day. When held captive most people cannot walk around as the please. Some American feel they could do whatever the want in other countries and not be held accountable for it. They run to the media crying foul whenever they get caught and some media house put out these sensational headlines rousing up the population unnecessarily . Please behave your selves in other people place. Stop this nonsense and let the real hostages have our attention in freeing them.

    In term of their accommodation, I sorry they have to endure this. I still maintain the captain fully well know the boundaries but chose to ignore this.

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  11. Coincidence says:

    The 4 prisoners complaints appear to be an exact repeat of the complaint by the USA captain recently released by the DPP.

  12. So what says:

    US media outlets also say it was a fair election and Biden won. How you like the same treatment?

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  13. Charnele says:

    Hmm, I agree with you.

  14. USA says:


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  15. BVI Citizen says:

    A groups of folks who believe that their white privilege and being US Citizens should allow them to circumvent BVI Laws and not be punished. These folks are something else.

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    • @bvi citizen says:

      You are the true racist. You bring up race, they didn’t. Show me something that says they thought they could get away with breaking the law based upon their skin color. None of us think that.

      Only you think that you filthy racist. Get out of your own head

  16. Rubber Duck says:

    They almost certainly strayed into BVI waters by accident and were met by BVI customs officers demanding $20,000 in cash. We become more like some banana republic every day. BVI customs has a bad reputation with US boaters and with BVI sailors too. They harass ordinary sailors and citizens and yet never catch any major drug dealers.

    They urgently need new leadership.

    Another nail in the coffin of BVI tourism.

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  17. Anonymous says:

    You’re really a quack for real. Jumping from article to article chatting manure.

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  18. Anonymous says:

    My son-in-law / daughter regularly go to BVI, USVI etc. I’m sure they will think twice about going to BVI due to the harsh enforcement against accidental infraction.

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  19. Bob Williams says:

    My son-in-law / daughter regularly go to BVI, USVI etc. I’m sure they will think twice about going to BVI due to the harsh enforcement against accidental infraction.

  20. NO BVILOVE says:

    ‘BVILOVE’ is just a term that maybe minister w******* came up with to express through sarcasm the way him and they… feels about expats/tourists. What BVI love? the fake kind they have for you. you not from here get out mentality. to run the country to the ground kind. maybe god should send another hurricane to give them more BVI love – a dose of their own medicine.

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  21. Anonymous says:

    Customs immigration. Let’s 5,000lbs of coke in and all these
    Illegals slip through, so they act like nazis to some sailors from our neighbor Usvi, where bvi have their children, work , do their business? How stupid can you act? Ruined season for all. Time to sue the gov for blatant mismanagement and corruption. Hotel folk coming for you sc——. And not inviting bvicha in opening planning, gonna win the case for them.

  22. Norris Turnbull says:

    Bob Williams you need to shut up, the hell yp

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