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US deems 5 Eastern Caribbean countries safe for travel

The United States Centre for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) has so far deemed five Eastern Caribbean countries safe for its citizens to travel.

The countries that have no travel notice issued against them are Anguilla, Grenada, Montserrat, Saint Kitts and Nevis and St. Lucia.

The CDC said the COVID-19 risk in these countries is ‘very low’.

Meanwhile, despite having only one confirmed COVID-19 case, the BVI is still listed as Level 3 destination, which means that the risk of contracting the virus is “high very high”.

UK gives positive travel advice for BVI 

The UK government has, however, updated its travel advice for the BVI. A social media statement from the Governor’s Office this month said the territory is now “exempt from the UK’s advisory against all non-essential travel”.

“The Governor welcomed the news and thanks health professionals and public officials for their ongoing work to contain [COVID] clusters,” the Governor’s Office said.

Back on the CDC front, Antigua & Barbuda, Barbados, Guadeloupe, Martinique, Puerto Rico, Saint Martin, Sint Maarten, Trinidad and Tobago, Turks & Caicos Islands, and the US Virgin Islands also fall on the list of Level 3 countries.

For these countries, the CDC urges travellers to “avoid” and consider postponing non-essential travel.

The US regularly issues travel warnings and alerts against countries because of widespread violence and natural disasters. But this doesn’t mean that persons are banned from visiting any country flagged by the US.

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, almost all countries have been placed on the CDC’s COVID-19 Travel Recommendations by Destination.

Due to proximity and cheap airfares, the United States is one of the most essential locations for Caribbean tourism.

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  1. Rubber Duck says:

    Ministers should stop speculating on how many hidden cases there might be. 1500 was it? While they make these wild uneducated guesses the tourist industry is dying. Shut up.

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    • Tourism says:

      Where is the announcement of the entry protocol for tourists Dec 1. 45 days away and nothing. Tourists were excited about Dec 1, now all inquires have gone dead. There is no tourist season this year. Let’s all give Andy Foy a big round of applause. He single handed killing more than the virus. What sector you going to destroy next Andy?

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    • How says:

      How can this be. The BVI has the finest health care in the world. We have state of the art Cuban doctors. They came equipped with sun tan lotion and Cuban rum. The BVI has the one day tests from Somalia and everyone has been tested twice.

      The reality is that Covid is rampant, there is no testing and the medical situation to deal with Covid is barbaric at best. Those infected tell no one of their illness so they aren’t quarantined and have to pay the Foy quarantine fee. Sooo, now you know why you are a high threat area. You all think nobody is watching what you are all doing. Think twice!!!

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    • Not Dying. Its been Murdered. says:

      They have no idea, no experience in most things especially tourism, yet they keep shutting the people with the experience who know out…They are murdering the tourism industry..They will be held responsible, for their irresponsible behaviour…

  2. strupes says:

    Who the h**l them think them is going on like america safe to travel….

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  3. AskingForMyself says:

    “Meanwhile, despite having only one confirmed COVID-19 case, the BVI is still listed as Level 3 destination, which means that the risk of contracting the virus is “high very high”.”

    Does this also mean that BVI residents cannot travel to the USA anytime soon?

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  4. Tola man says:

    The question is (Dose the CDC have any travel restrictions on the USA?

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  5. Real says:

    This high very high risk level for the bvi is because the borders have been closed since March we have not handled or had to deal with this cov19 and remember we don’t have the infrastructure to handle a lot of cases so we will always be considered high risk loction.

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  6. Struppes to the USA says:

    Who on earth are the United States of America to measure countries on covid? They need to be quiet. The most unhinged country that is so loosed on this matter know what to tell other people? Stuppes. Hope BVI ban then from coming here. Let the U.S trump supporters come and they violate every covid protocol and see what youall will do. Keep them out of here please, they are toxic right now

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    • Good says:

      You hate the US so buy your food, clothes, building supplies, computers, medical supplies, vehicles etc from Cuba. By the way stop dropping your unwanted little s**ts in the US when you impregnate your women.

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    • Dan Madro says:

      That is pretty arrogant of you, we came 4 times spent $ 60000 to charter sailboat, spent another $ 10000 on food,drinks,supplys,bars and restaurants and you want to keep us out?! Well good luck surviving!

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      • Arrogance says:

        How very “American Dream” of you. You have been raised to believe that having money should make people treat you differently. The truth is there are good people and bad people in every country. You just happen to not be one of the good ones.

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  7. VIsLander says:

    I deem the USA as unsafe to take tourists from.

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  8. Quantum says:

    CDC ??? Are we still doing what they say

  9. Norris Turnbull says:

    Funny the US dictating where to travel when they are leading the hemisphere with vovid cases. Thry are so full of s**t.Hmm.

    • Heap of Ignorance I have to read says:

      These things I have to Read are so low ignorant and brainless…People, Thats why countries have safety protocols to screen visitors and accept only the healthy ones, thats why, they take their test before they Travel, Take a test ipon arrival quarantine until their arrival test is known…And if their arrival test is positive they have to pay for everyday while they in quarantine until they recover, so they better and best for them to make sure their test is genuinely negative before they come….They safety measures upon arrival are whats really important, not where they are coming from…Then we have to enforce the mask wearing law…..Even CDC aint making sense…Thats why its important for us to know the protocols early, let the public have their say, because they have brain also…This app you have to eown load is nonsense, not everyone computer literate or have the appropriate phone now you sending them to spend money to buy a phone Making bill gates and Steve Job Richer…U all see the set up connection…The Negative tests and law enforcement is enough..Quit the complication, keep it simple and effective…

  10. Bad Marketing.. says:

    The BVI is on almost every country High risk list….I wonder if we are not doing a good Job of marketing the country and the good job our health workers and citizens are doing to successfully combat and eliminate this Virus..We like St kitts only have one case… Yet St Kitts on every country exempt list but we are off.. something is wrong….

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