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Use other people’s money to expand airport — Skelton Cline

The Terrance B Lettsome Airport on Beef Island.

Political commentator and former government consultant Claude Skelton Cline has insisted that government should not use its own money to complete the planned airport extension project.

He argued that successive and future governments have and will have no monies to build the airport so financing should be sought elsewhere.

“You don’t spend your own money to go build no airport. You don’t go borrow no $200 million to go build no airport. Governments are not in the airport business,” Skelton Cline said on his Honestly Speaking radio programme this week.

He said the airport project needs to finally go out for a request for proposals to ‘finance, design, build, and operate’.

“Use other peoples’ money to develop that airport,“ Skelton Cline urged. “Make some concessions that will benefit and bless and advance your country on behalf of your people.”

Meanwhile, the talk show host lambasted plans to engage in further consultancy regarding the airport.

Skelton Cline expressed the concern after noticing that the Recovery & Development Agency (RDA) issued an expression of interest for consultancy services for route development and traffic forecast for the TB Lettsome International Airport on Beef Island.

According to Skelton Cline, it had already been disclosed in the House of Assembly years ago under the previous administration that at least $10 million had been spent on the development of the airport.

He said the airport has already been studied extensively with regard to lengthening and redirecting.

Skelton Cline also claimed that all the consultancies that are being conducted by the RDA are going to UK companies.

“You mean to tell me to this day we are still here talking about engaging consultancy services for route development and traffic forecast?“ Skelton Cline asked.

The talk show host said this tells him that the territory has no intention of building an airport and is not serious about the initiative.

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  1. vg resident says:

    Who do think will build you an airport and how are they going to get repaid? DReamland!!

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  2. @ CSC says:


  3. Kato says:

    I suppose that would be similar to what was done for the Pier Park, but people are not getting their dividends, so why bother with another Government project like this.

  4. 🙃😂 things to tell. says:

    Bring in China under the disguise of a reputable company who will and a 100 years deal…. sooooo ….. chupit.
    Clown. Should be banned from the always for being sooo stupid. All of a sudden he got brave again. Bring back the COI to deal with him. Can’t belive you lead a congregation. Shameful.

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  5. Bing/Google says:

    I agree with him but please dont go to china for help. thats the worst idea ever.

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  6. Common sense says:

    You have no idea what you are talking about, no corporation is going to complete a BOP without a foreseeable stream of income, unless of course the government provides minimum annual income guarantees going out 25 to 30 years. No wonder the Pier Park operation was a disaster under your watch.

  7. afraid says:

    Don’t take money from China. They are like locus invading countries around the globe. They come bearing gifts and then take over everything and demand full control. They are evil.

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  8. Why? says:

    Why do the news outlets keep reporting CSC’s jibber jabber. Do we really care what he says?

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  9. Citizen says:

    Do not take Chinese money like Antigua and others. They will live to regret taking the short term investment over longevity and security.

  10. What a ting ! says:

    I thought the BVI is so self sufficient that they do not need help from anyone else . Neither expatriates, other Caribbean neighbors , nor the UK

    I thought they existed on a part of the world all by themselves.Wow !!

    Well of course borrowing to expand the airport is a great idea , but the terms of repaying should be one that is convenient and comfortable for the country .

  11. What’s the point? says:

    Bvi govt hates tourists and the tourism industry. Why bother expanding an airport when you are just trying to run people away from here?

  12. Clause is Right says:

    Why would the RDA issue a new RFP.. Pick up the *******g work that over 10 million was spent on, and start form there.

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