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USVI senator to advocate legalization at Foxy’s marijuana fest

Aspiring USVI Governor, Senator Positive Nelson. (Photo by USVI government)

Well known advocate for the legalization of marijuana in the US Virgin Islands (USVI), Senator Positive Nelson, is slated to address the first-ever cannabis festival on Jost Van Dyke, BVI.

Just last year, Nelson led a pro-marijuana rally on the island of St Croix in an effort to have the weed decriminalised in the USVI.

“He (Senator Nelson) has agreed to come [to the BVI] and be a speaker on the topic, which will lend a certain gravitas to the discussion and we have about 25 vendors who have committed to having an interest in it,”  said Thomas Warner, General Manager at Foxy’s — the event organiser.

BVI residents are said to be eagerly anticipating the marijuana event, which is being dubbed Extrava-Ganja 2018: A Virgin Islands Hemp and Cannabis Festival.

The event is confirmed for July 7.

“The interest level has been fantastic. When I go to town it’s really what everybody wants to talk about right now. I am very optimistic about the festival,” Warner said.

He said the festival is to revive discussions about legalizing or decriminalising marijuana in the BVI.

“The festival isn’t to make money or to sell weed or anything like that. We want the conversation to be more upfront and honest with respect to the legalization of marijuana and just announcing that festival has achieved that goal.”

Local authorities have also responded positively to the festival, Warner added.

In the meantime, the area known as the waterfront stage at Foxy’s beachfront will be used to host live musical entertainment, while Foxy’s Uppercrust will be converted into the ‘cannabis conference room’.

Foxy’s Outback will be the designated area for a vendors market for farm produce, local art, and literature.

The event will be free of charge.

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  1. Economic Right says:

    As long as we the people, our society and our government will be the sole financial benefactors of, continue on.

  2. Respect says:

    The 6th district official has put on a day of repentance for the Territory are we still going to go on with this Foxy’s marijuana fest its a slap in the face of God. Calling for repentance and still going on still unchanged. Have mercy Lord

    • Cartman says:

      Listen here you bible thumper – you haven’t a clue about the medical benefits nor do you care to become enlightened. So drink yuh brandy, read your KJV bible and relax. Way too many setty fowls clogging up the comments board with religious dogma.

    • @respect says:

      Jesus never said not to smoke weed. in todays world there are sooo many health benefits to cannabis. The THC’s which causes the high in cannabis can be removed and can then be used for oils and teas to help alleviate a number of health conditions. do the research, many countries are now allowing this to be sold, why can’t we?
      can you believe the cigarettes you smoke and the rum you drink is more harmful to your body than cannabis?

  3. TurtleDove says:

    We are doing ourselves a disservice in both the BVI and USVI by not decriminalizing small amount…..I want the police paying attention to people with guns and other crimes….I have never met a violent person on marijuana….they are either too deep for me or eating up everything…….to me a clean way ro have fun….did it in high school and later …..never wanted to do other drugs…have a masters degree…house…and will make more than most working people in retirement….and I dont do it now…

  4. Hark the harold says:

    For god sake go sit down god created the ganga tree bunch of hyprociates gathering gathering for and still hate each other go and get high

  5. Smarts says:

    Legalise the thing… before we get smart and use it for our agriculture incentive, we are following common law in many other terriroties to ban a plant. A PLANT! Tobacco isn’t illegal, does it not grow from a seed, into a plant, then dried to smoke? Or is it because historically we were enslaved to grow it, is what makes this smokeable plant ok? Guess the older heads in the government sitting and waiting to see what other countries are doing with this legislation issue. When will the BVI step up and make a change for its citizens? Irma has passed and left all of us suffereing and there had been a lot of political and economical debate about how and what should be done in the country. Take a page from the USA and their tax incentives for recreational/medical marijuana, this can help out tax, our funding, or production or wildlife. Even if we don’t sell bud (smokeable marijuana) there’s hemp materials, ropes, clothes many stuff that can be used from this same illegal plant. It’s high time people open their minds and stop being a victim to misinformation. I get that you older folk grew up with this being wrong and disgraceful, but thankfully to media and exploration of science on these issues are being viewed in a different light from misinformation and stigma attached to them are slowly breaking. I hope one day we will all laugh at the thought that a tropical country such as ours, can’t even use a present resource (the sun) for not even one of the 365 days ee get to call a year to grow something that we choose to consume. I guess this arguments lacking it’s social signifance Within the territory, granted, however if your making it illegal to grow a plant because of its physiological and psychological effects you’d have to ban growing coffee, mushrooms, peppermint as all have effects on both (to a lesser or greater degree). So why not let this plant just be a plant, detach the stigma and decriminalisation. We are not slaves anymore, the “man in charge” should not dictate how we think and view what’s given to us by the creator.

  6. Wow says:

    Sad state of affairs…what’s next campaign to legalize crack cocaine?

  7. rastarite says:

    Where’s the best quality ganja going to be – the Upper Crust or the bar. Hash is also ganja too. Hoping for free samples. How we judge honestly without a taste? Bring it on…

  8. Hmm says:

    Whole set a crazies , after weed psychosis kicks in .. Amazing

  9. JYD says:

    Poor Tortola a small place of 30-32,000 people all want the things that making lives hard soon we have a GUN festival also , why cant we have places to shop malls to go and work fast food places so we can stop going US VI have the Government really calculate how much money leaves this country and goes to the US VI that could be spend hare in the same shops so come on people look on the bright side let get Tortola clean and find jobs for the youth

  10. Expat says:

    Eureka! Just in time to replace the broken financial services economic pillar.

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