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USVI tightens COVID screening for persons travelling from BVI

USVI Governor Albert Bryan Jr

Anyone travelling from the British Virgin Islands to the neighbouring United States Virgin Islands (USVI) will have to submit a negative COVID-19 test to USVI authorities within 48 hours of departure.

USVI governor, Albert Bryan Jr made that announcement Thursday afternoon while updating the public on the concerning COVID-19 outbreak in the BVI, which now has more than 1,500 active coronavirus cases.

He said the USVI’s new screening policy becomes effective Monday, July 19.

“I’m asking the people who are coming over, whether on water taxis or whatever — captains we will arrest you. If you don’t have a COVID negative test, please do not enter our waters. We are not playing. Report to Customs [and Border Protection] as you’re supposed to do and we’ll have personnel there to check you for the portal,” Bryan Jr said while further appealing to fraudsters coming from the BVI.

“Please, don’t try to game the system. We’ve already made one arrest and we’ll make others for people trying to forge they way into the US Virgin Islands,” he added; also noting that USVI are also accepting positive antibody test results.

As for persons from the USVI looking to travel to the BVI, the USVI governor advised against it.

But if they must travel, Governor Bryan Jr urged them to stay safe. He further said USVI officials are “under full watch for what is going on in the British Virgin Islands”.

BVI’s current situation far worse than anything USVI ever experienced

He explained that his concern is that the BVI’s current outbreak is multiple times worse than anything that has ever happened in the USVI since the pandemic began more than a year ago.

The BVI’s positivity rate is currently 17 percent while the USVI’s positivity rate is at a much lower three percent.

“I want you to pay close attention to that because the most active cases we’ve ever had in the virgin islands is around 200, and we are three times the size of the British Virgin Islands,” the USVI governor stated.

In the meantime, Governor Bryan Jr said the USVI is working to try to assist the BVI which has recorded at least five COVID-related deaths in the last few days.


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  1. You missed this says:

    “A lot of people have called me and try to say now is the time to get even with the BVI for what they do to our sailors”….. look what they’re thinking in a time like this SMH

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  2. Omg says:

    You only had 200 plus cases because you did not do contact tracing. African countries did that which is why they few hve cases LOL.

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    • Facts says:

      Not only did they not do contract tracing, but the only people getting tested were those with symptoms. In the VI, we currently have testing by the THOUSANDS in just a manner of days— the USVI (aka the Danish West Indies) could never!

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  3. Foy says:

    Foy wait for a few thousand to die before you ask for help. Don’t ask the Brits because they will help even though your an ass. Don’t ask the US. Wtf are your Cuban buddies. You deal with that government while the people scream for freedom. You are a total waste. Haven’t heard from you. Must be dwindling away on your fasting. Lmfao.

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    • ?? says:

      What are you even on about? I swear you people talk just for talking sake. Do you think the UK is doing any better than we are? And as a British Overseas Territory the UK will always give its assistance WHEN we require it. We have not asked them for assistance except in the form of providing us with vaccines (which they have done without hesitation). There would not be death by the thousands if people get vaccinated.

      Further, what is your obsession with the Premier? You do know that his elderly mother is sick with Covid right? Also, what exactly are you expecting him to say that has not already been said by the Minister of Health and the Health officials? Is he suppose to repeat their statements and repeatedly call for people to get vaccinated? Oh wait, he has BEEN doing that!

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  4. Pressure Bus Pipe says:

    Wow….so much for BVI-USVI Friendship and relations. Now you know how they truly feel about the BVI.

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    • Tim says:

      I just completed a week in the BVI.
      I have spent lots of time reading the local news and politics before coming in.

      From it, I learned how much hate the BVI have to offer to white, Americans and USVI.

      Lucky, didn’t feel it while visiting.

      As I left, I spent a day in the USVI and asked random people on the relationship with the BVI… asking if they view them as competitors or friends ..

      They all said friends , explaining they have friends and families in the BVI.

      #9 stop focusing on them and focus on home and how much hate between vaccinated and none

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      • Bandit says:

        Its the BVI people that has a chip on their shoulder against the USVI and the USA although they try to birth their children in the USVI to obtain citizenship. Most people in the USVI have no beef with the BVI but in recent years people in the BVI has been showing their nasty face.

    • @Pressure bust pipe says:

      Don’t go planting bad seeds because the USVI Governor looking out for his Residents. The ignorance of some of you all living in the BVI is just disgusting.USVI and BVI will always be unite. We all Belong!

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