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Vaccinated persons still required to quarantine when entering the BVI

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in the United States has recommended for mandatory quarantine to no longer be required for persons who have been fully vaccinated for COVID-19. However, the British Virgin Islands will not follow haste with the updated decision until the majority of its population has been vaccinated.

In a COVID-19 update on Wednesday, the CDC listed a number of new COVID guidance measures which outlined changes following new developments of treatments for the virus.

“Fully vaccinated persons who meet criteria will no longer be required to quarantine following an exposure to someone with COVID-19. Additional considerations for patients and residents in healthcare settings are provided,” the United States public health institution stated.

Herd Immunity necessary

But, responding to questions on whether vaccinated persons will be exempted from quarantining in the territory, Acting Chief Medical Officer Dr Ronald Georges said the BVI will first have to reach the stage of herd immunity in its vaccination rollout.

Herd immunity is, effectively, a condition acquired when most of a population becomes immune to an infectious disease, thus preventing the spread of the disease. This can be achieved if a high proportion of individuals have previously been infected or through vaccination.

“With regards to the BVI, we will get there but it is important for us to all get on board with the vaccination because the thing is, we have persons entering the territory but we have to make sure that we are also protected,” Dr Georges stated during government’s media conference to commence its ‘COVID-19 Vaccination Roll Out’ on Thursday.

“The governor did mention in his brief remarks that not only does the vaccine protect those who are vaccinated, but it reduces the risk of transmission. So if we have sufficient of our population vaccinated to reduce the chance of transmission, then we can look very seriously at looking at our current restrictions, how those change and how those impact our opening of the territory,” the Acting CMO further explained.

Dr Georges also said the majority of the BVI’s population vaccinated will be a game-changer for the territory as it will allow for the full reopening of the territory, its economy, and society.

The BVI presently follows its health guidance from the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA).



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  1. Don’t Follow the Masses says:

    The Oxford vaccine had appeared the biggest promise against the virus since the pandemic broke last year. Now none seems more controversial, or less convincing, on the record so far.

    Britain itself is relying on the Oxford vaccine less heavily than India. It approved Pfizer first, and now appears to be rolling that one out faster than the Oxford vaccine, which is widely regarded across Britain as a poor and less preferable cousin to the rest. The Oxford team is now holding out new promises looking ahead but six major problems have been flagged around the Oxford vaccine.

    1. Other vaccines are reporting about 90 percent success while the Oxford trial showed 62 percent success. This effectively means a two in five chance you can get the vaccine and still get the virus, though studies show the infection would be less acute.

    2. The Oxford trial claimed 90 percent success through a part of the trial where a smaller dosage was given by mistake. Just what was Oxford doing making a mistake like that, in a trial such as this, remains unclear. After all, few trials have mattered more.

    3. That 90 percent claim came from a better result with no more than three individuals. Oxford averaged the results out to claim 70 percent success. Those claims of 90 percent and of 70 percent were both rejected by the MHRA, the Medicines and Healthcare Regulatory Authority whose task it is to approve vaccines in Britain.

    4. And now a huge ethical issue has come up – it turns out that Oxford did not tell its volunteers through the trial that it made a mistake in giving them an incorrect dosage. It suggested in a note that this may have been a part of the plan, in blurry language intended clearly to cover up its mistakes rather than admit them openly.

    5. Not least, Oxford never tested the most vulnerable. Its trials were conducted almost entirely in the 18-55 group, in which the overwhelming majority recover naturally. And so now France and Germany are refusing to use this vaccine on anyone above 65 on the grounds that it has never been tested among the elderly – who need it most.

    6. To add to all of this, now results show it offers only limited protection against the South Africa variant of the virus.

    This week, the under-pressure Oxford team held out two new promises. One, while offering some protection and lessening the severity of an infection, it also reduces transmissibility, by about two-thirds. That difference is important; a vaccinated person may be protected, but still may infect others; vaccines can protect the lungs but the virus can persist in the upper respiratory tract. Second, it plans to develop an updated vaccine to protect against emerging new variants of the virus. It hopes to have this in place later this year.

  2. Strupes says:

    Sick of this place

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    • @Strupes says:

      Better to be sick of this place and live than to be sick of COVID-19 and die.

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      • 2cent says:

        Stop the foolish hype! Getting COVID does not equal death. I am living proof.

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        • @2cent says:

          Do you have any after effects from COVID? Are you feeling the same as pre covid?

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          • 2cents says:

            I must say my symptoms were mild. I had a low grade fever for a couple of days and was very tired. I slept a lot. Lost my sense of smell but that is coming back. I am 12 days in right now but feeling no worse than if I had a cold or flu. I know it’s not the same for everyone but 98% end up like me. Ps I am no spring chicken.

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        • Rubber Duck says:

          Yes it’s a 98% survival rate. But about 10% of those who get it need to be in hospital, that’s potentially 3000 people in the BVI. And 2% die of it. That’s potentially 600 plus people in BVI

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          • cut and paste says:

            hope you are not a medical care giver. cause it seem like you like spreading fear. your figures seem to assume the hold BVI will catch it. which you know that will never be the case.

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          • SB says:

            Your statistics are laughably wrong. The infection fatality rate is about .3%. For anyone under 60 it’s essentially zero.

      • @@ Strupes says:

        A flu with a 98% survival rate where a high number of so called ‘cases’ didn’t even feel any sickness and you call death? So the other chronic diseases are not important? The covid lockdowns have caused more long-term health problems than COVID itself and that’s a fact if you even care about facts.

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      • PB says:

        Seriously, if you are vaccinated you have positive antibodies. If you have positive antibodies, the virus cannot replicate and cannot duplicate. FAUCI’s words! That is the entire point of vaccinations. Has anyone paid attention to the CDC flip flops since all this started?

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    • Dickie Fahie says:

      I operate a tourist based business. I have so many inquiries from people in the US that have had the vaccine and want to come and spend dollars but they simply won’t because of the multiple testing….if any of you have had a test you will know why they don’t want to do that.
      You all have a right to stand up and let the government that represents you know what you want. Have you all forgotten how those dollars feel in your pocket? All i see is stupidness.

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      • 007 says:

        People need to ask why this government is doing everything it can to ruin businesses in this country.

        And there is not only the Covid excuse. . This government is currently quietly trying to pass legislation give itself powers to seize businesses like Zimbabwe did, to put existing enterprises out of business by refusing to renew trade licenses, making trade licenses harder to get and costing up to $1500 a year for belongers and $15000 a year for non belongers, removing hotel aid, pioneer status and exemptions from trade licenses for finance and others, massively increasing bureaucracy by making people pay for trade license applications that must be accompanied by certificates of good standing from revenue, Heath, social security, and the FSA, and expensive Certificates of incumbency etc etc. and interestingly taking it on itself to reserve certain businesses for unspecified individuals ( the cronies ? )

        You think I am making this up?

        It’s called the Business Licensing Act and is in the Gazette where you can check it out for yourselves.

        There is a definite government agenda here that reads very like an attempt to create a communist state run by an elite.

        You have been warned.

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        • Hilarious says:

          Your post is hilarious! It is indeed. All I see is by the Government mandating the various certificates is a government desperately trying to collect tax revenue which for years many persons have been delinquent in paying or just not paying at all. Alternatively, so many persons have multiple inactive Trade Licenses and this is also an area which needs to be addressed particularly when there are quotas on certain types of businesses which is preventing new entrants into the fields while many with trade licences never actually started the businesses for which they have licenses, or the businesses are inactive and have been for a number of years. Stop with the nonsense, I get it that you dont like the current Government, that’s your right but the inaccurate information in your post is ALARMING. Zimbabwe really? Go kick rocks and pay your taxes!

      • Hmmm says:

        And you need a test to get back to the US. We have to protect us. No one else will.

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      • @Dickie Fahie says:

        ..and all I see is greed and stupidity when reading your comment.

    • Not2Sure says:

      So in short: do everything we possibly can to stop tourists coming here.

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      • Comment says:

        No Tourist is more important than my grandmother. This world is SICK and this virus is exposing the Evil Sickness within many of you.

    • Puzzled on Tortola says:

      Can someone explain to me why the on line vaccination application asks what race you are?

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      • @Puzzeld on Tortola says:

        First, sorry the down thum was accidentally touched.

        Second, the nefarious dubious an wicked intent is identified right ere in that in that question. No authentic proof, but no doubt either.

    • State the Facts says:

      Why the Minister of Health advertising on Facebook to get vaccinated and stamp it out when CDC has stated vaccination does not prevent you from becoming infecting or spreading the virus.

      It only improves the chance of not becoming severely ill from the virus.

  3. The nation says:

    All of this just proves vaccination is not necessary because vaccination does not prevent you from getting covid. It is not even clear that it will save your life if you do get it…in some cases the vaccine has killed people. Don’t know why the pushing the vaccination agenda if drugs like invermectin if has a higher rate of effectiveness? It’s a plandemic

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    • @the Nation says:

      Yes there is a Plandumic,

      Vaccines work. This is why polio was stopped. Plus many other examples

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    • Reason says:

      Ok, here’s the thing. Vaccines work. Being vaccinated against COVID-19 means that the vaccinated person will not get sick however, they can still carry the virus and potentially pass it on. Therefore, until the population of the BVI is vaccinated, having people in without quarantine is still a bad idea.

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    • BNuckols says:

      Do you have a source to support your assertion that the virus had killed *anyone*?
      There’s a recognized failure rate, however, for most, the vaccine does prevent disease. If there’s no infection, there can’t be transmission.
      Bad regulatory response to the science of vaccination is no excuse for spreading misinformation.

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    • Why says:

      … do you spread lies? The vaccine has NOT killed anyone. Nobody. Period.

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  4. LMAO says:

    Horse and pony show! When will you guys realize this thing is all a big farce?

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  5. WEW says:

    So tird world.

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  6. BIG QUESTION says:

    Dr. Ronald Georges needs to ask himself, how will we get herd immunity if the borders are closed for Covid-19 and 80% of the population does not want to get vaccinated? Perhaps he does not really understand this medical dilemma..

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    • Winston says:

      The problem around the world is that it is only the educated sector of the population that are willing to take the vaccine. Too many people are thinking only about themselves and not looking at the bigger picture.

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      • Rubber Duck says:

        Only 1% of the UK population has refused the vaccine. 15 million have been vaccinated. No one has died through vaccination. Infection rates are dropping there. The vaccines , all of them, reduce the risk of infecting others by two thirds. Once vaccinated no one , even the old, has severe symptoms even if they are one of the one in ten who do catch Covid after vaccination.

        Vaccination has removed many killers from the world, smallpox, polio and many killer diseases no one even remembers now like diphtheria.

        Please do not listen to the rabid anti Vaxxers, juju men and idiots.

        Get the jab.

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      • @Winston says:

        Wisdom is not thought and some of the most educated people in the world are evil, racist, psychopaths and evil to the core!

  7. Reply says:

    This decision is not scientifically sound. It should not be necessary for a person who has been fully vaccinated and had sufficient time for the body to develop protective antibodies to be quarantined.

    Once fully immunized, a person should be able to mount a defense against a covid infection. To treat such immunized persons as if they had no immunization at all makes no scientific sense.

    Now immunized persons should continue to wear mask, socially distance, and wash hands appropriately because they are surrounded by largely non-immunized person and still can come in contact with the virus only difference being they can mount an immunological defense. Those actions should continue until heard immunity is realized.

    Speaking of heard immunity, its unique to a population. Heard immunity in the BVI will not be the same to lets say heard immunity in the USVI, the US, or U. K.

    As such, immunized persons need to keep their mask on and that is dependent on the achievement of heard immunity where they are currently at or wish to travel.

    IMO, that policy should be rethought and revised.

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  8. Charter Operator says:

    Based on this information at not following CDC guidelines, it appears that the BVI does not want the economical boost in the arm that it desperately needs. Vaccinations in the US are occurring. I have already had both doses. As a fully COVID-19 vaccinated US citizen and potential BVI tourist, I am now forced to cancel upcoming BVI charters for me and my guests as they cannot afford additional days spent quarantined in hotels or aboard charter boats. We would love to spend our tourists dollars there, but not locked up in a room for 5 days. Please change your policy Honorable Carvin Malone and Governor John Rankin. It would be easy to present stamped CDC COVID-19 Vaccination Record cards for individuals who have received the vaccine. This should be as easy as presenting all other inoculations that various countries require upon entry.

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    • Read The Protocols says:

      If you charter a boat you are not locked up in a room; you are allowed out on a boat to about 12 anchorages. Read the protocols!

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      • Nope says:

        But can’t go ashore…

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      • Charter Operator says:

        Dear “Read the Protocols”,
        Understood, but also being on a 40′ catamaran with only the ability to swim/snorkel within 30′ is essentially being locked up. Try it for 5 days, I wouldn’t consider that a nice vacation having spent thousands of dollars to get there.

  9. Many Have a Need to Know. says:

    Many need and want to learn if the vaccine sent here from, UK is safe to put inside their bodies.

    The VIP government has decided to subject its people to the world of experimental objects and guinea pigs.

    Given the history of medicines and vaccines, where both were/are used as deadly weapons against Black people, the VIP government should have independently tested those vaccines for their safety, and then inform the public.

    Such a verification would have done a lot to improve the confidence and reduce the skepticism of those who will not take the vaccine because of well founded fear.

    Foe example, The Tuskegee syphilis horror is not fake news. The dead bodies in India and Africa in particular, and the unknowing and secret willful sterilization of women across Asia, India, Africa, and the disfigurement of millions of children and young adults are real occurrences that humans lived as a result of diabolical minds.

    However, despite outcries and calls for such a procedure to be undertaken, the VIP government has decided to ignore those calls, put their confidence in the UK, and place the people of the BVI at risk.

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    • Reply says:

      The Tuskegee experiments done on blacks was an unethical criminal act perpetuated on unfortunate black men in the name of science. A disgraceful period that scared science. Hopefully something like that will never happen again.

      However, this covid vaccine cannot be seen in the same light. For one it’s offering is transparent, and secondly, it’s being offered to all people in various parts of the world.

      The covid vaccination program is not an experiment. This is about saving lives from a deadly virus that has killed 2.3 million people worldwide as of February 6, 2021 with millions more infected.

      To take or not take any covid vaccine should not be based on ones race as you wish to see it. And just a reminder, covid is infecting and killing more blacks percentage wise relative to population size than any other races.

      So if there is any ethnic group that should seriously consider protecting themselves, it should be black folks.

      Folks need to do their own research, speak with their personal doctors, and make their own decisions.

      I have received both my Phizer shots along with many other people I know. My symptoms were minimal mostly related to soreness in my arm where the shot was given. For that I took 2 tylenol and I was good.

      And no, it did not change my DNA. I did not turn into a monster or feel as if I being controlled by Bill Gates by some electronic means. My DNA remain intact and I am doing the same things I did before vaccination.

      Being fully immunized, I still wear my mask and socially distance because I am surrounded by many non-immunized person, and I simply don’t want to have my body challenged to fight off any potential infection although I have a better fighting chance.

      I am grateful I am fully immunized from covid. I almost died from it back in April of 2020. I fought it for a month on my own, but eventually had to go the hospital. My life has been altered by it forever; I am grateful I made it thru.

      I consider myself a survivor of covid, and I thank the Lord above for guiding me thru.

      I would encourage anyone considering getting the vaccine to get vaccinated. Trust me when I say you do not want to get covid.

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      • Agree Wholeheartedly says:

        I too have received both doses of the vaccine (Moderna in my case). You are correct in your statements. I too have not turned into a monster or had any alterations to my DNA. I feel great and the mental relief of knowing that I am now safe cannot be underestimated. Open your doors BVI and adjust your quarantine policy to those who are fully vaccinated. Your logic to keep the existing quarantine policy to fully vaccinated persons does not make sense – scientifically. I just read on that Top of the Baths is closing due to lack of visitors. This is one of those tell tail signs of your tourism industry going under. Shocking as this is probably one of the more visited businesses by tourists visiting the “world famous Baths”. If you want to salvage and retain businesses from closing, change the quarantine policy. Now that I am vaccinated, I couldn’t transmit the virus to a Belonger or anyone in the world even if I wanted to, which I never would.

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        • @ agree wholeheartedly says:

          You are wrong. Being vaccinated does not stop you catching and spreading the virus. It means you will have much reduced symptoms but you can still give it to others. The majority of us here I am sure agree that until the majority of us are vaccinated the protocols remain in place. When we are all vaccinated it will be a dfferent story as the risk of our health services being overwhelmed will be gone.

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          • @@ agree wholeheartedly says:

            Totally correct. You can still spread the virus if you have been vaccinated, but chances are slimmer than if you hadn’t been vaccinated.

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          • Agree Wholeheartedly says:

            I understand your point of view. I guess that I struggle with understanding the reasoning from the BVI government in continuing with the quarantining period for vaccinated persons. Meanwhile, the USVI, which doesn’t have a quarantining period, has no new cases of COVID-19 infections as of writing this, and they are reaping the financial dollars of tourists that would be going to the BVI. There are repercussions for living in a bubble that will do more damage. Finally, I haven’t heard much news of vaccinations beyond the initial vaccination story of the minister of health and governor getting the poke. What about the rest of you?

      • @Reply says:

        “Hopefully something like that will never happen again.” LOL….

    • You’re insane says:

      You want the BVI to independently test a vaccine? First, that requires capable and educated people. The BVI has neither. Second testing the virus requires people to volunteer. Are you volunteering? Third, perhaps you should look at the number of people in the UK that have been inoculated prior to the vaccine being sent to the BVI. The only thing that the Brits should have sent you worthless people is some stem cells that might help you grow some brain matter. Keep the vaccine for the worthy.

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      • Reply says:

        Surely you know that it’s wrong..very wrong to paint an entire population as non-capable and non-educated.

        I am a proud person of BVI origin, and I certainly don’t see myself or my people in that wide net you have casted, and I am not alone.

        There are plenty capable and educated BVIslanders out here, so please don’t don’t throw around generalizations and insult our intelligence. It’s unjustifiable.

        There is a way to handle people we disagree with. Smart, capable, and educated people do not go about insulting and disparaging an entire population of people.

        Remember when you point a finger, 3 are pointing back at you.

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  10. CDC (USA) guidance says:

    Updated quarantine recommendations for vaccinated persons. Fully vaccinated persons who meet criteria will no longer be required to quarantine following an exposure to someone with COVID-19. Additional considerations for patients and residents in healthcare settings are provided.

    Interesting that the BVI did not get this memo..

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    • Tourist says:

      I hope the BVI government is subsidizing its people since they are forcing them to shut down and placing ridiculous restrictions on tourism that is driving tourist dollars to neighboring islands. What are they going to do when less than half of the island residents don’t get the shot? Stay isolated from the rest of the world? Continue to live in fear of the Corona virus? All the while, their people are suffering financially and emotionally. It’s ridiculous. I desperately want to come to the islands and show friends the beauty of the islands but until these protocols get lifted, I won’t be coming. USVI is where I will be.

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    • @CDC(USA) guidance says:

      But fully vaccinated persons can still spread COVID – hence the continued requirement for quarantine & testing here.

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  11. Common sense says:

    The arrogant and amateurish behavior never ceases to amaze, the BVI has the audacity to suggest they know better than the CDC. Unbelievable.

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  12. Anonymous says:

    There is no logic to that decision. Dumb dumb dumb…
    I suppose you’ll have to get the swab jabbed up to your brain still? No ones ever gonna come visit. Why get vaccinated?

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  13. Anonymous says:

    Is the assumption here that vaccinated inbound people will also still have to have the swab jabbed up their brain before and after arrival? If so, why get vaccinated? Might be years until the BVI’s open back up…

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  14. Eric Shemwell says:

    So inbound VACCINATED people will still have to get tested before and after arrival? Geez, it’ll be years before things get back to normal down there.

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  15. Middle finger says:

    This article and the statement it’s concerning are directed at tourists. What they said was “Hey, even if you’re vaccinated, you have to jump through our silly hoops.” What we heard is “Hey, even if you’re vaccinated, we don’t want you here.” Message received loud and clear. Good luck!

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  16. Dafuq says:

    So the BVI knows more than the CDC? Always doing the most.

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  17. Wow says:

    So whats the point of taking the vaccince seroiusly i am asking i dont understand.

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    • Reply says:

      Taking the vaccine in full (2 shots) with the current vaccines Phizer/ Moderna offers immunity(protection) against serious infection and death from covid.

      One shot only gives about 57% immunity. The second shot raises that immunity protection up to 95%.

      Unfortunately the stated quarantine policy for fully immunize persons traveling to the BVI confuses things and makes it appears that non-immunize people and fully immunized people are the same. They are not.

      Its important to note that since these vaccines are not 100% effective, rather 95%, up to 5% of vaccinated people can still get covid although one can anticpate they will have a milder illness. This still does not justify quarantine so long as the appropriate screening is done upon entry.

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      • 95% Protection says:

        Here is an interesting fact per the CDC. The CDC conducts studies each year to determine how well the influenza (flu) vaccine protects against flu illness. While vaccine effectiveness (VE) can vary, recent studies show that flu vaccination reduces the risk of flu illness by between 40% and 60% among the overall population during seasons when most circulating flu viruses are well-matched to the flu vaccine.
        The current Pfizer and Moderna vaccinations have an effectiveness of 95%.
        Those are great odds. BVI, reconsider your quarantine period for fully vaccinated persons (like myself). It just makes sense.

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  18. Trevor says:

    This dude is going to sink the BVI just trying to ensure he is never blamed for a decision.
    Please someone take control!!

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    • The dark side says:

      I don’t wish death on no one but how many of you react to something for your own good is a shock to me.

      Get Covid and come to the dark side. Then you will stop blogging crap!

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    • Let's be trend setters says:

      Time for us to set the rules for other to follow,,,,You take the vaccine upon arrival and already took the vaccine u
      with your negative test,. Two days quarantine,, People will start following us, and be saying the BVI has this and it’s working, We now become leaders and not always following,, Let’s be courageous and brave,,, this is the balance our health and our economy,,, Let’s think positive so we can move forward, negativity will always Pop up to create doubt and to hinder progress,,

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  19. HOW STUPID says:

    These people are idiots.

  20. SMH says:

    The CDC guidance applies to exposure not entry screening:

    Fully vaccinated persons who meet criteria will no longer be required to quarantine following an exposure to someone with COVID-19,” the CDC said in updates to its web page with guidance on vaccination.

    The guidance is aimed at exposure quarantine and not travel quarantine.

    All international travelers coming to the United States are required to have a negative COVID-19 test before entry and the same goes for travel to Hawaii.

    • SMH says:

      Thanks Doc. useless – the BVI wants to have full quarantine apply for vaccinated persons as opposed to standard negative PCR on arrival

  21. xyz says:

    BV[ does know more than CDC but they ate moving with caution. Even CDC is not 100% sure of this pandemic. Still experimenting.

  22. Ain't making sense says:

    If this the case that you have to Quarantine after talking the vaccine,, What’s the point of taking it,, Taking the vaccine is huge health risk,,Wish you all the best of luck. U all need to rethink this,,, People coming in with their negative test, get the vaccine one day quarantine,,You all will see how quickly what you have finished,,,,

  23. xyz says:

    Bvi does not know more than CDC. They are just moving with caution. Even CDC is not 100% sure. Every one is still experimenting to see what will work.

  24. 2cents says:

    At some point the government will go broke. Not sure of the date but when they can no longer pay people that’s when they will need to reverse these policies. Hopefully the destruction left in the wake of bad decisions will not be insurmountable

  25. Thoughtful Sailor says:

    Denmark, which is currently under it’s strictest lockdown, to date, is also rapidly administering the vaccine to its population. It is intending to start issuing Covid passports, for those thus treated, in the next few weeks. It is currently planning on just how to do this, taking into account the various negatives and positives of such a program. The stated reason is that one third of their jobs are dependent upon international travel (Sound familiar?). What they are doing is called “planning ahead” and the BVI Government should look up the definition of that and take heed of Denmark’s example.

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  26. Wondering says:

    Why is it impossible for me to like or dislike 80% of the comments here? So much mis information. China Virus is here to destroy our economy so the Golbalists can buy up the BVI. Go look at the and the video will tell you that by 2030 you will own nothing and be HAPPY. Go on and watch it for yourself. This is all for the Great RE SET. If this comment is actually published please go check out that web site and think.

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  27. Ausar says:

    With so many of you in this population refusing to be vaccinated, when will this country really be ready for tourists?


    ORRRRR, 2028??

    I mean, really, it’s 80 percent of the country vaccinated thats going to be the game changer!

    ORRRR, is it that this country wants to remain with the same game?

    It’s up to you folks, to do the right thing!

    Or it’s all of our businesses-tourism based, going belly up!

  28. Will never Understand says:

    The government of the BVI has ruined the economy to a point it will take years, not months, to return.
    The people of the BVI are to blame as well. They complain about the restrictions the government has put into place regarding tourism, but refuse to get vaccinated. Irma was a cool breeze compared to what the local government and residents have done to kill the only economy the territory has.
    If a visitor has been fully vaccinated and follow social distance and mask wearing guidelines, there is no reason to quarantine.
    In their ignorance, the government has said what is required for the territory to open. A majority of the residents need to be vaccinated. Unfortunately, the residents don’t want to get vaccinated, they just want to complain.

  29. Anonymous says:

    “They complain about the restrictions the government has put into place regarding tourism, but refuse to get vaccinated.”

    “Unfortunately, the residents don’t want to get vaccinated, they just want to complain.”
    Sad…just sad. A lot of this misgiving about getting the vaccine comes down to misinformation, skepticism, mistrust, conspiracy theories, and quite frankly ignorance of science.

    Some people most definitely could pay potentially with their lives for their decisions not to protect themselves.

    As the saying goes, you can lead a horse to the well but you cannot force that horse to drink. So it eventually die of thirst.

    I gather some would rather die of thirst rather than drinking some water to save their lives. Nothing much anyone can do to save such persons other than to wish them well. They on their own now.

  30. Scientist says:

    Early raw data shows that vaccinated individuals may be transmitters but at much lower rates. Therefore, consideration should be given to having people fully vaccinated get tested before arrival, and call it good. No, it’s not perfect, but the consequences of trying to achieve zero risk come at at price-tourists don’t want to come, but that’s not stopping of going to other places like the USVI, where there are active cases, but where they have been able to keep things from getting out of hand.

  31. Eyes open says:

    After postponing another sailing trip to the BVI Last year, I was really looking forward to returning this year.
    Because of the pandemic, I have been reading posts from the BVI news to see when it would be a good time to return to the place I love.
    After follow these posts for months, I have realized how much the BVI people dislike Americans. They think we are arrogant, stupid and entitled.
    I never knew this is really how they felt, going there for years and always feeling welcomed. Now I see it has always been smile, take their money, pretend to be friendly and when they leave, talk behind their backs.
    I am sure I will return to the BVI, but with a different perspective of the people there.

    • Reply says:

      I am sorry that you feel this way. It’s unfortunate. Reading the blogs here of which I have been a part for over a decade can lead one to such conclusions.

      However, may I suggest that you consider the fact that everyone blogging here are unknown, and some of my fellow bloggers may not be local folks blogging.

      Now, I admit, as a BVIslander by birth, I am troubled and often speak out against what I consider to be xenophobia. I also dislike the them vs us mentality expressed among some, the tensions with expats, especially those from other islands something I consider silly.

      Nevertheless, I know this much: the larger percentage of BVI Islander are welcoming and friendly people. We have always been welcoming and friendly people.

      They reason I suspect people don’t say things to your face while you are here is because you are running into the larger good folks who have no such issues with people.

      Its just the ignorant and cowardly few that come on here and say things that they would not normally say in public or to ones face.

      With that said, I say: don’t allow such persons to discourage you from returning and enjoying yourself in the BVI like you always have in the past. If you allow that, the ignorant few wins. Don’t let them.

  32. Pat kolvek says:

    Rescheduled our moorings charter twice and now planned for November. Lots of time to work with moorings and airlines but excited to get to the trip. But will we be allowed to step on shore and enjoy the islands. We were supposed to leave on April 20. If November is same quarantine we will never go as US airlines will likely stop free flight changes. And Moorings too…. so sad. We all will be vaccinated.

    Such a disappoint and sorry for BVI businesses.

  33. Captain Jack says:

    Yea, love the people of the BVI . AS A US Citizens I have and will always love their smile and give when I can to those who welcome me and my crew with a smile. With that being said, fully vaccinated persons are little to no risk to anyone who is sailing . They come in take possession of fully stock boat and off they go . The four day test is really and over kill! Period! People in the tourist industry who want to make money and feel safe get the shot ! Make money.:-) otherwise really your still very safe using all the protocols . The government, with a few changes could make the island steam ahead economically. First only admit fully vaccinated persons in. Keep the gateway test 1, test 2 and test going out drop the four day quarantine! This will reduce the strain on the labs. When ferry sail there will be more folks being tested putting greater strain and choke the already slow response in testing. It will be a snow ball effect. In other words a mess. For those who don’t want to be tested stay home, simple. This should work for hotels as well. Sad to watch all this go on ! We are all frustrated , my next call is to my crew we are cancelling our April 30th Charter.

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