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Vanterpool notes: Seven Seas now operating BiWater

BiWater plant at Paraquita Bay, Tortola

BiWater plant at Paraquita Bay, Tortola

Minister of Communication and Works Mark Vanterpool yesterday declared that Seven Seas Water BVI Limited has taken over the local operation of BiWater; this amid recent confusion over who the government thinks has been in control of the water-producing entity.

Premier Dr D Orlando Smith recently shocked some members of the House of Assembly back in December when he effectively contradicted Seven Seas’ declaration that it had purchased BiWater BVI.

The premier told parliament that BiWater was not sold, and ‘there is no change in the ownership’ of the said private company.

Also, after Seven Seas made the declaration, Vanterpool himself stated last year that BiWater was still in charge of its local operation. “Legally, according to the contract, BiWater advised us that another company (Seven Seas) had bought shares in it, but BiWater continues to operate the plant,” Vanterpool had said.

In an interview with BVI News Online yesterday, however, Vanterpool stated that there are technicalities involved, and Attorney General Baba Aziz is the best person to explain.

But he is sure Seven Seas is now in charge.

“It is a very technical thing. Through whatever legal means they have taken over BiWater BVI. Seven Seas is who is operating BiWater BVI now… Essentially and effectively, the principals of BiWater are no longer here operating; it is now being operated by Seven Seas,” Vanterpool said.

He also noted yesterday that, despite the Seven Seas takeover, BiWater BVI Limited is still responsible for the terms of the existing contract it signed with the former Virgin Islands Party administration in 2010.

“The contract that we have is still with BiWater. But Seven Seas has taken over BiWater BVI… It is a very complicated legal matter,” added Vanterpool.

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