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Vanterpool promises better roads; no quick fix

Works Minister, Mark Vanterpool.

Repair work is now being carried out on several roads damaged during the hurricanes with a promise by the Government that they will be better fortified to withstand future floods.

Works Minister Mark Vanterpool said this will be done by lifting the roads two to three feet higher in low-lying areas prone to floods.

“The public is understandably impatient and we are trying, to the point where we are raising the road probably two or three feet higher. We are working towards making the road more stable, and making it that it is properly drained. Sometime later we are going to re-pave the road, but that is going to take a few weeks more,” said Vanterpool.

No Quick Fix

While calling on the public to exercise patience, Vanterpool said due to damages to the territory’s asphalt plants, his team is unable to carry out “quick fixes”.

“If we had an asphalt plant operating now we could do some quick fixes with asphalt until it is properly done, but we don’t have an asphalt plant. The plants have been destroyed by the hurricane and we are trying to get some new plants up and running in the next couple of months.”

“But in the meantime, we are trying to raise the roads where we think they should be raised and try to alleviate as many potholes as possible. So I want to beg the public and ask them for a little more patience,” said Vanterpool.

Brian Russ

In the meantime, Road Officer at the Public Works Department, Brian Russ said plans to lift the roads in low-lying areas have been long in coming.

“What is happening here should have happened a long time ago, but it’s better late than never. The heavy floods have given us the idea of what exactly we have to do,” said Russ.

“Our approach has to change in order to create better roads, but drainage is key. Drainage is extremely important, especially in these low-lying areas. So we are hoping that whatever we do here going forward is going to be the solution for many, many years.”

Sections of the roadway now being worked on include the road in the vicinity of the H. Lavity Stoutt Community College to Fat Hogs Bay, East End, Long look, and Carrot Bay. The roadways in Purcell and Huntums Ghut that are also in a bad state will be getting attention soon, Russ promised.

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