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Vanterpool receives summons to be sworn in

Vanterpool (left) and Willock

After months of a costly legal battle, member-elect for the Fourth Electoral District Mark Vanterpool will be sworn-in at the next sitting of the House of Assembly scheduled for Tuesday.

This is according to a July 10 letter addressed to Vanterpool from the Clerk of the House.

The letter said: “In Pursuant to Standing Order 10 (2), I have been directed by the Speaker of the House of Assembly [Julian Willock] to summon you to attend the Fifth Sitting of the First Session of the Fourth House of Assembly. This summon is inviting you to be sworn into the Fourth House of Assembly.”

Late last month, Speaker of the House Julian Willock wrote to the High Court indicating that he wished to discontinue his case against Vanterpool.

That letter to the court was submitted within 24-hours of Premier Andrew Fahie publicly asking the Speaker to swear Vanterpool into the House.

The controversy began when Vanterpool submitted a resignation letter addressed to the Clerk of the House shortly after being re-elected into office.
After sending the letter, he changed his mind after learning that his letter had to be addressed to the Speaker of the House in order for the resignation to be valid.

Willock, however, said he ‘accepted’ Vanterpool’s resignation and refused to swear in the member-elect. Vanterpool later took the matter to court who ruled in his favour. However, Willock filed an appeal to overturn the ruling. That appeal was still before the court when the Premier asked him to swear in Vanterpool.

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  1. Eagle eye says:

    Willock needs to pay out of his pocket for causing district 4 residence to go through months of unrepresentation.and because its the town district he needs to apologize to the bvi.shame

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    • Ribbit says:

      Y’all well know the b—– isnt going to pay a cent…I don’t know what secrets he’s holding for VIP cause I’m sure they could have found someone else to be speaker

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  2. Smh says:

    This government has bring nothing but shame and disgrace to the country. The Honourable premier should have stepped in long ago. Who is his adviser. This government have no plan for the country. Thank you for coming in Mr Vanterpool because we really need a opposition. There’s no voice , no backbone in government.

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    • :) says:

      Lol is this a poor attempt at a joke. Shame and disgrace is the words I would use to describe someone that begged to be elected and made his constituents stand in long lines to vote for him then made a video stating that he quit a week after winning. If this is your saviour I have a plane to sell you.

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  3. any bets? says:

    Sheep will have to swear him in because the esteemed one will be conveniently out of office/country for that particular day

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  4. vip heckler says:

    The dolly house is emptynow

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  5. vip heckler says:

    The dolly house is empty now

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  6. hint hint says:

    If the Bayside Blazers will be playing basket ball in St.Marteen around that time please do the maths

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  7. down hill says:

    Our country is at an all time low. I don’t know if we see where we are heading. How can someone like this be made the —– of the Honorable — of A——? Someone who was terminated from the Public Service. Someone who went to Jail. Someone who uses — news site to bring division and strive in the country along with all the other awful things we know about this individual. These positions everywhere else are usually for persons of good and decent character. We are going down hill really fast and we seem not to know.

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    • Not like m & m boys says:

      Thank god mr willock is our speaker at least he has integrity compared with some in office in the last 8 years

      We with our esteemed speaker he is one of us

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  8. abc says:

    Willock sell out he should not swear in Mark…Jail anyone?

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  9. Summons? says:

    You all remember the story we read when we were kids about the black tar baby in the middle of the road to catch Brer Rabbit?

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  10. 911 says:

    Mark needs to go!!! all you who thinks he should be sworn in will regret

    We love our esteemed speaker

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  11. BuzzBvi says:

    Once sworn in and with a Speaker in place he will now be able to resign properly as he originally intended.
    then bi election. Resulting in someone that wants to represent the 4th.

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  12. Put money down says:

    Any bits that mr Willock will be in office for 8 years?

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  13. Go and sit down says:

    It is time for Mark to get out of Politics and go chill somewhere and enjoy his $$$$$. Mark,your spring chicken days is running out. After a certain age men/women should just sit back and relax.what’s the use of having everything and not enjoy.All the money and toys will be left behind for others to fight over.

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  14. sam the man says:

    It was only a matter of time before Mr Pillock had to start eating his large slice of humble pie – its disgraceful the waste of money his stupidity and vain attitude has resulted in….

  15. Ausar says:


    After what seemed like a lengthy battle, based on vindictive politics, finally, FINALLY,Honourable Vanterpool will be sworn in!


    Welcome back, welcome back, welccoommee bbaacckkk!!!

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  16. Reality Check says:

    Ha! Ha! Ha! Ah wonder if because they hear Calypsonians start the ting on dem (Premier and Speaker) they start to listen. I hear a song on Zee Bee Wee Iee from King Paido bout THE LETTER. I believe they hear that. That one they hit a spot so at last they hearing Calypsonians. WOOOY

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  17. Pat says:

    Shame on fahie and Willock for wanting to swear in Vanterpool

    Who will account for the 40m overrun???

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  18. Well says:

    Hungry for power say I don’t need this sheet am out for good but you still want it so bad you will take it any.

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  19. My 2 cents says:

    Willock looks like a hero in all this. He was guided by principles and not politics like most

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  20. Boat Boy says:

    Will Vanterpool get a new car now?

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