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Vanterpool, Willock clash after swearing-in | Politician trashes Speaker outside parliament

Vanterpool (background) being sworn in on July 16, 2019.

Even as the legal battle between Speaker of the House of Assembly, Julian Willock, and Fourth District Representative Mark Vanterpool officially concluded, their dispute manifested in another form moments after Vanterpool was sworn into the House on Tuesday, July 16.

This disagreement between the two clashing officials had to do with ‘when’ Vanterpool would be allowed to make his swearing-in statement in the House.

The Speaker told Vanterpool he would be allowed to speak under ‘other business’ – a segment that typically happens at the very last stage of the House’s proceedings.

Vanterpool requested to be heard earlier but the Speaker said his position remains the same.

“In keeping with what happened on March 12th where all the newly sworn-in members were allowed to speak under ‘other business’, I would prefer that you speak then,” Willock told Vanterpool.

Vanterpool, however, said the Speaker was being unfair. He further called for support from other legislators, who did not oblige.

He said: “On that day (March 12), the only business of the day was ‘other business’. Today it is a long list of things to be carried out and I think the people of the Fourth District — in the spirit of democracy — should hear from their member who has just been sworn in”.

“If I cant speak, I will walk outside and speak to the press. Please allow me to speak, Mr Speaker,” Vanterpool added.

Vanterpool, who kept insisting to speak, prevented the proceedings of the House’s Order Paper to continue. The Speaker, therefore, called the House into a short recess.

Up to press time, Vanterpool was outside the House delivering his speech even as the proceedings of the House resumed.

In the said speech outside the House, Vanterpool said he was concerned about the behaviour of the Speaker who he said participated in nepotism while serving in a different role of the public service. He also said Willock was imprisoned for “financial impropriety”.

“It is not for him to be in the Office of the Speaker,” Vanterpool said while addressing a group of residents gathered outside the House.

More to come.

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  1. D says:

    Look drama!

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    • Speak What is Discerned. says:

      By virtue of his office, he speaks and acts for the entire country.

      Unfortunately, what is at stake now is more important than caring for the elderly, jobs for all, but especially the youths, across the board wage and salary increase, price control legislation, protection of the borders from exploitation of our sea resources, adequate teaching facilities, tax cuts or regulations, or any policy issue of the day, but personal politic agendas disguised as regular orders of business.

      In this moment, what are at stake are the nation’s ideals, its very soul. Its pride in fostering and upholding decent, clean impersonal politics.

      As such, those righteous minds among us must speak out, whether affiliated with the ruling party, a different one, the clergy or the average citizen. We all must be friends of our country.

      In the end, “we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.” Dr. King.

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    • Ha says:

      The self proclaimed “esteemed” should be quietly eating his humble pie whilst Mark basks in the glory of complete and utter victory.
      Now let’s find out how much legal cost was wasted by the s***y speaker!

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    • Ezekiel (SLJ) says:

      Blessed is he, who in the name of charity and good will, shepherds the weak through the valley of darkness, for he is truly his brother’s keeper and the finder of lost children. And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who would attempt to poison and destroy my brothers.

  2. Ausar says:

    Honourable Vanterpool, it’s now clear for all to see that this debacle bordered on vindictiveness!

    Even in humility, you’re still not allowed to speak as you had requested!

    I think we have all seen that Mr. Willock is very injurious in his position as Speaker!

    And, perhaps, we need to “change course now” to prevent further injurious actions against others not politically allied!

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  3. LOL says:

    are we playing dolly house in the circus now?

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    • Seeker says:

      The Premier made a grave error when he appointed this gentleman as Speaker. There were much better choices. I would have appointed Mrs. Smith-Thompson as Mrs. Hodge -Smith. It’s was a sad day when this man was sworn in as Speaker. He lack humility and that will be his downfall. It’s only a matter of time.

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  4. BVI Old Folks says:

    Cocoabay pon top a yaws

  5. VICKIE says:


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  6. BVI Old Folks says:

    Cocobay on top of yaws … problems on top of problems. Figuratively denotes calamity.

    Cocobay = leprosy; yaws – disease of tropical origin characterized by skin eruptions.

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  7. Hmm says:

    Willock need to go. He is a conflict of interest.

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  8. Circle says:

    Based on this article, it is clear that Mark needs to retire.

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  9. Well sa! says:

    I agree that Airport chair appointment is questionable.

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    • Amazed says:

      I mean how can you appoint someone like that who was jailed for c———? What is this government telling its citizens that because we are family friends I will place them in whatever positions they want? Then you place the other family member on two boards…why are people not protesting these appointments?

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    • @Well sa says:

      Considering that he was involved in some legal drama surrounding that same airport. It is going to be a rough 4 years.

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  10. I'll say says:

    My,my, things is heating up in the HOUSE OF FREAKING CARDS. I HOPE THEY HAVE SOME PORTABLE AC’s, ambulance and a medic on standby.

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    • I know right? says:

      So true, have a Ambulance and a Doctor standing by because one of them is going to pass out for sure up in HOA if they don’t control themselves. After all Mark and the speaker is no spring chickens.

  11. Wow says:

    Hon. Vanterpool dropped some serious bombs today.

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    • @WOW says:

      For real, he sure did. I get nervous when Mark get lit like that. I’m just saying Mark, it is to hot and you have to be careful your pressure don’t hit the boiling point.

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  12. facts says:

    I hope the esteemed speaker is suing for libel..Mark out of order, Willock is the best man for this job

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  13. Question says:

    Let’s be honest here. If the NDP had appointed someone that got fired as a Senior Civil Servant as Speaker of the House, would you be okay with it? If they appointed someone who plead guilty and served time in Prison as a Senior Government Official for c——— on the Airport project, as the ———- of the Airport Authority, that would be okay? Whatever you think about NDP or Hon Vanterpool should be set aside and let’s look at this as a Country. WRONG IS WRONG! Hon. Vanterpool has his own questions to answer but he was right today in that the Premier is travelling globally talking about what we are doing as a Territory to combat corruption and money laundering but look at the actions? Let us all continue to play politics until the UK steps in and we all become cleaners and waitresses in our country then.

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  14. Oh dear! says:

    Mamacita, WOW!

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  15. Anonymous says:

    D*m it

  16. Saddened says:

    It is completely embarrassing how low our politics have sunnken.

    This is beyond shameful.
    And to think, four more years of this type of governance is still to be played out

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    • @Saddened says:

      Politics was alway dirty. In the past, the dirtiness was simply kept from public view and by means of victimization. Remember when you couldn’t even call certain names … how the people them use to be in fear of Obeah being cast on them?

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  17. All I am going to say says:

    It is obvious that both men have some type of bad blood between each other. Tell you what, have a paid boxing match and settle whatever is going on and donate all proceeds to a local organization.

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  18. Dear Mr.Premier &Governour says:

    You two need to lay down the law and get HOA in order before you have RUMBLE IN THE HOUSE. I agree, you all better have a medic and ambulance on standby.

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  19. Just Wrong says:

    Did I read correctly that the business of the Order Paper was delayed because of this nonsense?

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    • Goodsense says:

      It was delayed because they wanted to know if they should show the people that two sitting members of government are now in contracts with the government….unconventional indeed

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  20. what a ting says:

    The chickens have come home to roost. Marlon is too soft and inexperience -That is why he wanted to keep Mark out.The chickens have come home to roost.
    “Neopitism” and “Friensotism” must stop.

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  21. Humble Pie says:

    I does really want to know which child Willock got in HOA?????

    He quick to stand up like he scolding a child.

    Watch his upper lip when he called the 5 minute recess.

    Sitting government, this is the worst mistake you made and your own elected officials know it.

    Premier, don’t overdo it with the security. Let them learn where to stand. It looks ridiculous now.

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  22. Anonymous says:

    I pray that God will have mercy on the BVi

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  23. Fjdjdj says:

    Let’s be honest. Only in the BVI can a Minister remain standing and attempt to talk over the Speaker of the House even after the Speaker has stood up.

    There are procedures that need to be followed. I implore some of you to watch a session of the UK’s House of Commons. I have never seen a minister in the HOC remain standing when the Speaker has exerted his authority by standing or hitting his hammer.

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  24. LOL says:

    The BVI buy cat in bag with the VIP and Fahie. Fraser is really having the last laugh!

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  25. Mamacita says:

    “Watch his upper lip..”

    Serious serious allegations but fo true,it is imperative that we know the conditions and details and disposition of the money laundering issue and the current premier.
    Lord, and Mamacita…is Mark hinting that Andrew is paying heavy dollars for silenceon the issue.

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  26. Strupes says:

    Now it’s very clear why mark wants to be back, just to disturb the proceedings and this will always be his agenda. Mr Speaker, I admire you professionalism.

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  27. :) says:

    This was an embarrassing circus. Never before have I seen and heard people cheering what is supposed to be terrible news if true.It is not so surprising because sheep will follow anybody that looks like a shepherd. Mark made so many harsh accusations then stated that “they can say that he stole the Ports money if they want, he dont care BUT UNTIL THEY PROVE IT he isn’t concerned.” Do you see the irony of this. So many accusations were made by Mark most of which have never been proven or pure gossip so when should we believe unproven allegations? Should we believe the Pier Park and BVI Airways allegations of corruption although unproven because we are against NDP (like Mark said until they prove it he isn’t concerned) or should we believe the unproven allegations made by Mark against the Premier because we support him. When should we believe unproven allegations?

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    • ok says:

      so andrew can call call him a thief and thats ok, take that in all yo vip fools, what mark should us today is that he got nothing to hide. tell willock and andrew defend themselves now, if you live in a glass house dont throw stones, if you cant take blows brother don’t throw blows.

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    • To - :) says:

      That’s some pretty sharp analysis. I don’t think the average person caught half of that. Mark is playing the reverse psychology game and I’ve been saying it from time his rant started….

  28. No bull in the fight says:

    All of this unacceptable and disrespectful behavior by Mark just confirms how this country has been operating over the past 8 years – by persons who had no regard for God the law nor man. Nowhere else in the world can Ministers behave like this and get away with it. Even the Member for the -th has behaved in the same disrespectful manner all because they only respect who and what laws and rules they choose. A fine example to our citizens and young people.

    When you look back at both situations with the Member for the 8th and this member any neutral person can see that the stance and directions given by the Speaker were not improper. These guys are behaving like children who’ve lived a privileged, selfish, undisciplined and wild life for several years – actually that’s really how that previous Government behaved.

    Grow up guys. You lost the election, you don’t like the Speaker and we get that but he is the Speaker and so far your clashes with him in the house have been childish and not honorable.

    These behaviors are also signs of men who don’t have their very own house in order – old people say what you do home you going to out. Get it together.

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    • Yo says:

      shut the F..k up, tell andrew and willock to grow the h**l up,they can call him all kind of S..t, but now he strikes back and he needs to grow up, take that and smoke it!

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  29. Sam says:

    Mark let vip move on you show be a shame of your self bvi need held , you take you need to shut your mouth

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  30. SMFH says:

    So many questions that need to be answered after this tantrum by Mark.

    Fahie started in 1995 and Mark 1999 and they have been on opposing sides throughout most of their 20 plus years political career. Why would Mark keep such damning information away from the public for so long when it was in his party’s best interest to reveal all. It does not make political or common sense. Fahie has been a huge critic of Mark’s handling of the Pier park and even called NDP corrupt a few times why would Mark remain silent all these years knowing all he claim to know about Andrew. This makes little sense.

    Mark seem to imply that the elections may have been tampered with during the transporting of the “electronic boxes” Is he now claiming that the elections office was in cahoots with VIP. How long have they been in cahoots or only when NDP lose.

    In 2003 where was Mamacita? In 2011 where was Mamacita? In 2015 it was only Fraser and Fahie alone so where was Mamacita when Fahie most needed her? Does Mamacita go on vacation when NDP win or is this just a figment of a sore loser’s imagination.

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    • Yo says:

      if you live in a glass house dont throw stones and uf you cant take blows dont throw blows, them push the man, let them take that, it shows mark got nothing to hide.

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  31. I'm loving it says:

    I love to see when two male cat start circling and sizeing each other up before they clash. The way those two is going they are going to clash.

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  32. SHAME says:

    Mark, you are an embarrassment to this f’ing country. You are … apparently and need to retire. What the f*@k you talking about. Is there not a more civilised way for you to communicate and to get your point across?

    You are sowing your misery, bitterness and strife into the community when we have enough shite to deal with. What the f*@k is your purpose. You have no substance. You are bitter. You acting like Skelton-cline of a few years ago. I guess that’s where he learnt his arsy behaviour from.

    Look at yourself in the video…look at yourself and let me know if you are proud.

    May the young people of this nation, the young men NEVER take after you. Improper, barbaric, desperate, delusional, sickening!

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  33. The irony says:

    Mark is one to talk bout mamacita after he done have some c—- out of w—– for a treal mamacita and unlike his claims there is actual proof all of them are wrong and should be held to a better standard mark need to be careful before Andrew them clap because from what I hear it sound like andrew hide he stuff good meanwhile I could drive Down to price raising o— m— and hear all the tea

  34. Another thing says:

    Mark were you one ah dem who increase food price in supermarket after the hurricane. You were one of the a***s telling the international community, we have plenty food and we don’t need help? you said to the media, we have food? You watch people hungry, suffer and poor but you didn’t want them to have access to free food. You wanted them to buy from your store? Go sit yourself down..I don’t give a fluck what Andrew do in 2003. I had give a fluck about my hungry belly after the hurricane though, more than you and your cronies did.

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    • This! says:

      this is why fools like you will always remain fools.
      fools like you sold us into slavery for shiny objects and fools like you sold jesus for 40 pieces of silver.

      where the heck were you when Mark open his store up and was giving away food?
      one thing you can never accuse that man of is lack of generosity. We hear about only some of the things he has done for people who come to him for help and we dont hear about the majority because not even he speaks about it.

      give jacky jacket.

      you small minded thing you.

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      • @This says:

        Your statements are ironic. You talk about being sold into slavery for shiny objects but that’s what most of the people that have voted for Mark have been doing for years. People believe because Mark will provide fridge and stoves and other stuff when his constituents want that makes him a good representative for his district. Look at the state of Road Town and Long Bush. Are you proud of our capital? Did you read the article from Bloomberg where they insulted our capital Road Town? Out of all the terrible and false stuff that the editor said the only thing we couldn’t deny was that Road Town is a mess. Look at the state of our roads, Power went recently in New York and it was like the world end for them how rare it is but for us it is as common as a supermarket sale. Daily water issues and poor internet service, all of these were part of Mark’s portfolio. Sewage overflow in Road Town shouldn’t be a normal part of life. This was the captain of the Pier park $30 million overrun. Why was he re-elected? Which part of his job as a district rep or Minister did he do well besides providing assistance to some families? He is a likeable guy, someone I would call a good guy but if we are honest he did not perform well during those 8 years and that’s a proven fact.

  35. vip heckler says:

    This drama looks like it will continue for the rest of the term

  36. Issues says:

    The Speaker knew a head of time what questions mark was bringing and the premier. That is why he did not want mark to speak. The Speaker was protecting the premier and himself.

    The premier was the one that said his life was treaten up to now the commissioner of police yet to tell the public if an investigation was launched.

    What happened to our special force in the police force?

    If the premier speaking of get rid of money-laundering and corruption why put to convicted persons as speaker and chairman of the airport board of authority.

    Where is the transpancey? He did say the NFL is corrupt

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    • Anonymous says:

      Too many emotional comments ignoring facts and common sense. The speaker told Mark that he could give his speech in the other business segment later during the day. Mark wanted to give a speech right away which was the problem.

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  37. SMH says:

    Disruption of the House Of Assembly looks like the 4th District Representative’s Agenda. He needs to focus on working for his Constituents. Apparently, his vindictiveness and personal grudges are his priorities. He is not new to the proceedings of the Order Paper. No matter what has happened, the Representative is displaying behavior of that of a disgruntled soul. How can the people condone such behavior is uncomprehensive. He should have stayed out of the General Election.He has no intention of working for the people,but more so, disrupting the HOA from doing so. SHAME and BLAME.Ting to Talk! The World is Watching.

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  38. Anonymous says:

    What a disgrace. My beloved BVI is in a mess. Both Mark and the Speaker are to be blamed for this nonsense. The 4th District Rep. knew he was no longer interested in representing the people of the fourth district yet it decided to contest the last election. It was clear that his resignation was null and void, hence the Speaker should have accepted the advice of the Honorable Attorney General in this regard. In my humble opinion the Honorable Speaker should not have been appointed Speaker as he clearly had some penned up resentment towards the NDP Government and possibly Honorable Vanterpool. Further, this Government has made a number of poor choices in some of its appointments including Chairman of the Airport Authority Board, an individual who was imprisoned … This alone says a lot about the Government. Lastly, the House of Assembly is a mockery and it now less than Honorable.

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  39. I keep saying says:

    Now is the time for Women to put aside their differences band together and run all the Men out of Politics and the HOA. These Men is making a mockery of this Island. I am willing to put 10 million on the table to prove that a Woman can and will be better fit to run this Country. Women lead with their heart and passion. Men let their OVER FLATED EGO’s step in the way of doing what is right.

  40. Hmm says:

    The Governors and the UK have done a real bangedup job. St.Thomas US Government and FBI dont play what kind of culture has been created here.

    Everything bad here is always swept under the ground allegedly. Every investigation started on Government Corruption goes away liked it never happened. Never given a proper explanation to the people why charges have not been filed.

    To hold an office like Head of State one needs to be of a certain age and experienced not just on paper. How could the head of Cabinet allow some of those appointments that Mark spoke about.

  41. Wellsaw says:

    Ayo Der Ting star now.

  42. #@@ says:

    The long and short conclusion is…
    Where else in the world u see/hear this B***

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  43. Mark says:

    Mark please do the honorable thing and submit the correct resignation letter. We the people don’t have time for drama. We need to see results and a better BVI. You clearly have your own agenda that has nothing to do with the people.

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  44. Sam says:

    Mark this is. 2019 we don’t have time to play ,play time finish .you no good. You shame the bvi all the time You not from here and it so.

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