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Vendors galore | Easter Fest a record-breaking success

Scene from the 2018 Easter Festival on Virgin Gorda.

Despite the severe scale-down of the Virgin Gorda Easter Festival this year, the three-day event turned out to be a record-breaking success.

According to Chairwoman of the Virgin Gorda Festival Committee, Lyra George, this year’s Easter Fest food fair had the largest number of vendors in the history of the event.

“The food fair was awesome. For the first time we had 22 vendors in the village,” George announced during the final day of the festival.

The food fair opened the 2018 festival on a high note Saturday; paving the way for a successful parade, hat competition, and Easter egg hunt on Sunday.

Easter Fest culminated with a family beach day on Monday with more fun, food, and entertainment.

George said she is pleased with the overall turnout for this year’s festival given the circumstances.

“It was really great … Despite everything that happened with the hurricane and everything, I think people just need to feel a sign of normalcy,” she told journalists yesterday, April 2.

This year’s Virgin Gorda festival was downsized in recognition of post-hurricane circumstances still affecting the BVI.

Below are highlights of the final day of the event:


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  1. Snoppy says:

    First thing on the menu: turtle.

    • Gumption. Official says:


      noun 1. the arts and other manifestations of human intellectual achievement regarded collectively.
      “20th century popular culture”
      synonyms: the arts, the humanities; intellectual achievement(s), intellectual activity; literature, music, painting, philosophy “20th century popular culture”


      adjective: endangered
      (of a species) seriously at risk of extinction.
      “legislation to protect endangered species”

      At some point we will have to put knowledge in front of culture, capturing sea turtles for food should be off the list. Ps is your not going to your your real time to comment or not (then what you write have zero value in Allington Gumption Creque book.

      • vg1 says:

        you are brain washed by Branson

        • VI to the bone says:

          Easter is about the only time of the year you see sea turtle on a menu. Sea turtles in the BVI are protected by the closed season..They are thriving. Eating sea turtle is part of our culture. They are farmed as a source of food in the Cayman Islands. Hunting and eating whale meat is part of the Japanese culture. Eating dogs and rats is part of the culture of a segment of the Chinese population.No need to be alarmed Gumption.Its all good

  2. Ah ha says:

    Success my foot

  3. Gumption. Official says:

    We appreciate the support and very thankful for something on the island. But calling it a success is way too much. Give a Hi 5 for trying. But this ain’t close to anything in the bracket of success. The future should be better.

    • Gumption. Official says:

      WTF! 2nd time you’ve done that! Why tho?

      Myself & friends had an amazing weekend on VG. I’m proud of their effort. I made the best of it with my family and friends. Congratulations VG festivals for giving it your best. I know we’ve been hit by a cat 5. But for what it was it was perfect. I’m proud of effort Next year we stronger. Allington “ Gumption” Creque

  4. VG says:

    Best in a while. ALL THE MONEY STAYING IN THE BVI.

  5. VI to the bone says:

    They should have a scaled down version every year. We don’t need to go over board and spend no big amount of money to have a good time. Make it a family affairs so that people could go out and enjoy themselves.

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