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VG landowners causing delay in Lee Road project

Residents are forced to manoeuvre through the water that has pooled on this sections of the Lee Road on Virgin Gorda. (Photo credit: BVI News)

Landowners on Virgin Gorda are said to be behind the delay of the Lee Road sewerage project, which was expected to be completed some two months ago on the sister island.

Deputy Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Communication and Works Jeremy Hodge said the matter has become a ‘challenge’ to authorities.

“We have a matter that we are trying to rectify whereby the project requires us to repair the drain through somebody’s property,” he explained.

“It [the drain] already existed there but we need to do some work on that if we are able to get consent from the owners. There are about two owners.”

Hodge said he was unable to give a timeline when the project would be complete; noting government has to receive compliance from the landowners first.

He said any agreement between government and the landowners in question would not involve the landowners getting compensation.


Back in February, residents were told they would have had to wait till April to see the lingering issue of water pooling on the Lee Road addressed.

The water has been the cause of much discomfort to Virgin Gordians since the 2017 August floods.

Residents believe the water pooling is as a result of drainage issues; particularly after a nearby pond was dumped with soil.

At the time, Permanent Secretary in the aforementioned ministry Anthony McMaster said discussions with property owners were ‘positive’ and he was confident the issue would be rectified by April.

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  1. Cart B4 Horse says:

    Again these bureaucratic blind mice don’t have an IOTA of anxlue how civil projects are executed and planned! Why wasn’t consent or eminent domain utilized once communications between land-owners and Government broke down? This project is for the greater good of the community; so compulsory purchase would be a viable option for this much needed civil works. MCW with all their degrees and fancy job titles have as much a clue about what they are doing as they did with the fire situation down Cox Heath! Absolutely a down rite shame how in-effective/efficient tris ministry has been ran for the past 7 years now! No wonder the territory looks in shambles and 4th world going into another hurricane season! But hey – they all dress and look good going to the Admin Complex each day in their fancy rides to donduddky squat all day long!

  2. VG says:

    Why are you not asking the la— owner to stop contributing to the problem

  3. Eartha says:

    In Tortola where ponds were filled in with knowledge and approval of Gov.for personal and financial benefits. As expected,when it rains, the water reclaims it path
    Landowners who did not contribute to this fiasco,those who did not fill in the wetland should not me penalized and should be justly compensated while those who did without the proper approval,should be fined.
    This tyoe of situation is a demonstration of Government failure,..both parties

  4. crooks says:


  5. Diplomat says:

    Absolute poor project management. How could such a critical but simple step be mismanaged; ie, failing to negotiate access through private property? Was drainage through the private property the most practical option? Was the project design to minimize the land value? Are property owners being unreasonable? Is government making the property whole for any loss of property? Is the access needed for the public good? if all else fail eminent domain may be needed.

  6. Me again says:

    Virgin Gorda will NEVER be the same again
    Its those ———- dont want the “ run off water “ going in the marina .
    Now is the time to put in a Public Sewerage System as the whole Lee Road is slowly becoming an open Festering sewerage dump . Thankz to Overseas Countsultants/ Engineers and Local Contractors and people in Gov. Depts who dont care or give a s**t as long as they collect their salary

    I cry for my Virgin Gorda

  7. hmm says:

    well the beaches are nice.. that is about it

  8. Questions says:

    Where will this water be drained?? Into the sea??? How will it be filtered so it does not RUIN the beach??? Simply running a drain pipe through private property will not resolve the problem. Virgin Gorda DOES NOT have a public Sewerage Treatment plant so it is strange that there is a sewerage project that should have been completed two months ago.

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